Pink Hair Anime Girl With Red Horns

To all theMen of Culture who take assembled hither to recognize the supremacy of thicc anime girls, I welcome you all.

People may phone call usa degenerate but we have to capeesh the true art and admit the joy that these 2D girls bring to this earth.

In this mail service, I’ll be sharing with yous a list of30 Hot Anime Girls that arethicker than peanut butter.I hope your favorite thicc anime girl feature in this listing. If not, do share her name in the comments below.

1. Rias Gremory

Anime- Highschool DxD

  • Age:Unknown
  • Figure: 38-22-36
  • Species: Pure Blood Devil
  • Profession:High Schoolhouse Pupil, Heiress

Rias Gremory is an absolute Goddess ( pun intended) when information technology comes to cute anime girls. She is a pure-claret devil and heiress to Gremory Clan.

She is a pupil at Kuoh Academy and also the president of a club comprised of demons. She has all the qualities of a leader and is very powerful.

She is assuming and flirtatious and doesn’t shy away from showing her assets to the guy she likes. Her voice is very seductive and her long crimson hair adds to her charms.

All in all, Rias deserves to be on the top of this list of thicc anime girls.

Thicc Anime Chicks From Aforementioned Anime:

2. Lucy Heartfilia

Anime- Fairy Tail

  • Age:17
  • Figure: 36-24-34
  • Species: Human
  • Profession:Mage
Lucy Heartfilia in maid dress

Lucy Heartfilia is a hot anime girl with a curvaceous body. She is plump and has a lot of sexual practice entreatment and prefers to wear revealing wearable. She is smart, kind, cunning and she takes a lot of pride in herself.

Lucy is a mage who can summon powerful spirits. She is a member of the Fairy Tail Adventure order. She doesn’t like fighting and always tries to avoid it but if it’s necessary, she gives her all. She also loves her friends very much.

So if you are into busty anime girls and then Lucy is the kind of you graphic symbol you might like watching once again and again.

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3. Esdeath

Anime- Akame ga Impale!

  • Historic period:23
  • Figure: 34-22-34
  • Species: Human
  • Profession:ArmyGeneral
Esdeath thicc anime girl

Esdeath is a high-ranking full general in the Empire. She is tall, voluptuous, and very dangerous. She likes mortality and loves to fight. She is devoid of empathy and merely knows power due to her strict upbringing.

She is madly attracted to Tatsumi, a guy that is her enemy and she doesn’t shy away from expressing her emotions towards him, even though he doesn’t similar it.

If yous like wild and sadistic anime girls then Esdeath is right upwardly your aisle.

4. Jabami Yumeko

Anime- Kakegurui

  • Age: 17
  • Figure: 36-24-34
  • Species: Man
  • Profession:High Schoolhouse Student, Gambler
hot Jabami Yumeko pic

Jabami Yumeko is one of the hottest anime girls out there. She is a crazy woman with an insatiable trunk. There are so many female person cosplayers faulting their figure by cosplaying Jabami and it’s a treat to watch

Jabami Yumeko is a high school girl who wears a crimson school blazer, with a black skirt and black stockings that beautifully highlight her thicc thighs and she is bosomy.

She is addicted to gambling. She is so passionate almost information technology that she doesn’t care about her own life when playing. She hates cheating while gambling and her personality changes when someone tries to cheat.

5. Busujima Saeko

Anime- Highschool of the dead

  • Historic period: xviii
  • Effigy: 32-24-34
  • Species: Human
  • Profession:High School Student
Busujima Saeko naked

Busujima Saeko is a badass anime daughter who is also sadistic. She has long blue hair. She is tall and very athletic. In well-nigh of the anime, she wore a school compatible which is quite revealing and you lot’ll become a lot of modify to capeesh her sizzling torso as the anime is filled with fan service.

She comes from a family of traditional Kendo fighters and she learned sword fighting since childhood and is very proficient at information technology. She is responsible, kind, mature, and has high morals. In virtually of the anime, she wore a schoolhouse uniform which is quite revealing.

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half-dozen. Albedo

Anime- Overlord

  • Historic period: Unknown
  • Figure: 36-24-38
  • Species: Succubus (Demon)
  • Profession:Guardian of Tomb of Nazarick
sexy Albedo pic

Albedo is a prime example of thicc anime girls. She has a figure fit for a succubus. Her curves are lustrous and the two devilish horns and black wings make her more enticing.

Albedo is the head of Guardians of Tomb of Nazarick and serves nether Ainz. She is very powerful, strict, and loyal but when it comes to Ainz, she acts like a love-ill puppy in front of him.

vii. Lalatina Dustiness Ford

Anime- Konosuba

  • Age: 18
  • Figure: 36-24-36
  • Species: Human
  • Profession:Crusador
Lalatina hot pic

Lalatina or popularly known as Darkness is a woman of many flavors. She at first seems a girl who is upright and benevolent and besides has fat in all the good places. Simply deep inside, she’southward a pure masochist who dreams of being dominated all the fourth dimension.

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Her reason for becoming a crusader was in hopes of being sexually tortured by the Demon Male monarch. Her ideal husband is an calumniating alcoholic who would force her to sell her trunk for coin.

Thicc Girls from this anime:

eight. Hestia

Anime- Danmachi

  • Age: Unknown
  • Figure: 38-24-36
  • Species: God
  • Profession:Caput of Hestia Familia
Hestia from Danmachi

Hestia is thicker than oatmeal. Hestia is a hot anime daughter who is chosen Loli Big Boobs past people around him. She is a small attractive woman that doesn’t shy abroad from showing her voluptuous body.

Hestia is a goddess who lives on earth with Bell, the only member of her Familia. She is caput over heels for Bell and does everything to woo him and uses her full sex appeal on him. She is sweet and kind and very childish at heart.

nine. Irina Jelavić

Anime- Assassination Classroom

  • Age: 20
  • Effigy: 36-22-36
  • Species: Man
  • Profession:Assassin, Teacher
Irina Jelavić sexy black dress

Irina Jelavic is a hot anime teacher that every educatee in the world wished to take. She is an attractive lady who is unsafe equally hell. Irina is a well-trained assassin who uses her lustrous torso to lure her victims.

Irina creates her persona as someone vicious, calculating, domineering person but deep inside she is very childlike and insecure. She had a tough childhood but despite that, she grew up as a strong woman who stands up for herself and her personality is as grand as her thicc body.

10. Hana Uzaki

Anime- Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

  • Historic period: 20
  • Figure: 38-24-36
  • Species: Man
  • Profession:College Student
Hana Uzaki sugoi dekai

If there ane line to describe Hana Uzaki and then information technology is that Hana is the bustiest of all busty anime girls. She is a short girl with mega curves. She wears a long-sleeve shirt with the words “sugoi dekai” printed on the front. This can exist translated as “super large” and that’s her way of flaunting her bosoms.

Hana’south vibrant personality, positive, optimistic, and playful. When she was in high school, she used to exist very shy and reserved but her personality changed when she entered higher and now she likes teasing shy people.

11. Asami Lilith

Anime- Trinity Seven

  • Historic period: 17
  • Figure: 36-24-36
  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Teacher
Lilith Asami

Well! we all take a memory from our school life of a young-looking instructor who possessed blooming curves. Asami Lelith is also one of that kind.

Fifty-fifty though she is small-scale, her buxom body has overly adult curves that are enhanced by her pink hair that reaches her waist.

Her usual attire is like to a school dress that I believe doesn’t do justice to her true beauty. While she is teaching, she wears round famed spectacles that farther add to her cuteness.

12. Asahina Mikuru

Anime- SuzumiaHaruhi no Yuuutsu

  • Age: Unknown
  • Figure: 34-22-34
  • Species: Human being
  • Profession: Student/Time Traveller
Mikuru Asahina

Mikuru is a beauty from the future. She traveled back and forth in time so it is difficult to estimate her verbal age.

Looking at her built she looks well to a higher place xviii. Her aura lies more than towards existence a kittenish, sweet, and cute lady compared to other hot chicks on the list.

Mikuru has been assigned a chore to wait after Haruhi. She makes total apply of her sexual activity appeal to ease her difficulties. Her impuissant nature brings several aww moments during the evidence that induced mixed feelings within me.

xiii. Sento Isuzu

Anime: S Amagi Vivid park

  • Age: 16
  • Figure: 36-22-34
  • Species: Human
  • Profession: High Schoolhouse Pupil, Royal Guard
Sento Isuzu

Sento Isuzu is enjoying the last years of her teenage. She compliments her dazzler by wearing 2 of my favorite color combos. Carmine and Black.

Having seen the anime I am a scrap bellyaching past her expressionless behavior and extremely depression IQ.

But since we are laking about hot and busty anime girls, nosotros’ll ignore those factors equally she perfectly fits into that category. Sento undoubtedly has a striking built and has a tough score to beath in the thicc chic game.

14. Stella Vermillion

Anime: Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

  • Age: 15
  • Figure: 32-22-34
  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Student
Stella Vermillion

Stella is a magical prodigy with fierce powers. But she doesn’t e’er need to use powers to kill. Her enticing courtly built does the play a joke on sometimes.

She is fierce and short-tempered. It is hinted in the anime that despite her slender effigy she eats a lot.

Her outfit reminds me of British Soldiers’ attire. But I do call back seeing her wearing a lot of other stuff during the prove, many of which includes bootylicious dresses.

15. Ikaros

Anime- Heaven’s Lost Property

  • Age: Unknown
  • Figure: 34-22-34
  • Species: Angeloid
  • Profession: Pupil

For those of you lot looking for an angel anime girl. Ikaros is a literal respond for yous. From feathery white wings, roselike hairs, and the body, which is absolute perfection, Ikaros took away my heart in the first place.

Ikaros is the main lead of the show. Her usual appearance includes an odd withal satisfying white slice of article of clothing that exposes her cleavage to her navel. It was not just her looks only her decency and loyalty towards her allies, especially her master Tomoki that led to this absolute fandom.

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xvi. Takeyama Yuu

Anime: My Hero Academia

  • Age: 24
  • Figure: 36-22-34
  • Species: Man
  • Profession: Superhero
Takeyama Yuu

Takeyama Yu remains ane of my milf anime crush that I never got a chance to see in a different expect other than her boring purple dress, which covers her total pare.

I hateful, come on creators! You give such a dazzling shape to a grapheme but never let your audition encounter a glimpse of what the bodily nugget looks like.

Takayama is a superhero but possesses a lecherous side. No doubt saving people can the only thing she tin can do with her powerful body. Put your brain to some utilise peeps!

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17. Kurokami Medaka

Anime: Medaka box

  • Age: 16
  • Figure: 38-22-36
  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Student
Kurokami Medaka 1

Practise I actually need to explain the dazzler of this anime goddess? If your search for hot-looking anime girls doesn’t end here, yous might simply need to skip to hentai instead.

Kurokami is non just any thick anime woman who runs away from existence called busty but effortlessly flaunts her avails and loves getting attention in public.

The internet is mad over her bikini pictures. Don’t skip to that now because you lot might miss tantalizing curvy anime women that await y’all downward the list.

18. Quetzalcoatl

Anime: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

  • Historic period: Unknown
  • Figure: 42-23-38
  • Species: Goddess turned Human
  • Profession: Ex Goddess
Quetzalcoatl Lucoa

Quetzalcoatl is one of the delightful anime characters famous for being engaging personalities. She has turned from a goddess into a human.

However, it appears to me that she has preserved some vital elements to be called a goddess among humans.

Her imperfect sense of dressing exposes a considerable amount of her skin. She often acts flirty and flaunts her curves in every other episode of the prove.

She is an intelligent woman serving joy to people. What kind of joy? Closely check her picture and respond that in your head.

19. Shiraki Meiko

Anime: Prison School

  • Age: Tardily 20’s
  • Figure: 42-24-38
  • Species:Human
  • Profession: Prison Warden, Educatee
Shiraki Meiko

This is where I would have ended scrolling for today, bookmark this page, and come dorsum tomorrow. Meiko is an extremely cute girl who is well aware of the beauty she possesses.

Shiraki has a singled-out look among all characters in the show. She is cruel, sometimes ruthless. Her dominating personality couldn’t have a ameliorate look than that of a thick blonde anime woman.

Prison Schoolhouse is an adult anime. Therefore Shiraki Meiko is oftentimes seen naked in few episodes. That means you have a good opportunity to explore this beauty to the fullest.

20. Shera L. Greenwood

Anime: Isekai Maou

  • Age: 15
  • Effigy: 36-22-34
  • Species: Elf
  • Profession: Slave
Shera L. Greenwood

Shera is an elf. But for some reason, her body forgot to abound like an elf. She has long ears like an elf, only her breasts and thighs are thick. She resembles more similar a man with well-rounded arcs.

Shera’s normal vesture includes a green tunic. Her long limbs are covered till thighs simply her tunic exposes a good portion of her breasts.

21. Yoko Littner

Anime- Gurren lagan

  • Age: 14
  • Figure: 34-22-32
  • Species: Human & Spiral
  • Profession:Kindergarten Teacher, Sniper
Yoko Littner battle dress

Lusting over Yoko tin can become you in trouble. She’s a xiv-year-old girl with large amber eyes, a curvaceous nonetheless slim body, large buttocks, and very large breasts. On superlative of that, her personality makes her fifty-fifty more attractive.

She is a very skillful sniper. She is kind and mature. Amongst all her teammates, she is the most level-headed and thinks before all her actions. All in all, she is a dazzler with brains.

22. Nijou Aki

Anime: Maken-ki

  • Age: Mid 20s
  • Figure: 40-22-36
  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Nurse
Nijou Aki

Nijou Aki plays a second lead in Maken Ki!. She works as a schoolhouse nurse at the Tenbi Academy. Her ravishing beauty is no less than medicine.

Nijou is a nurse and then most of the fourth dimension she can be seen wearing her long white coat. Underneath it is a pink top that is unable to hold her “things” together. Virtually of the time she wears revealing stuff that matches her skin.

Maken-Ki is an ecchi harem high school anime that have majorly emphasized big breasts and large thighs than colorful and dynamic attire. Nijou plays a side function but is definitely the about beautiful anime woman among all characters.

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23. Yamanobe Tomo

Anime: Seikon no Qwaser

  • Age: 16
  • Effigy: 36-22-32
  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Student
Yamanobe Tomo

Tomo and her sister Mayufu is the master protagosist of Seikon no Qwaser. She and her sister Mafuyu are absolute beauties to picket.

Both are entirely opposite to each other. Tomo represents a class of busty women, whereas Mafuyu, on the other hand, is a thin and slender woman.

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This logic fits right in their personalities as well. Tomo is a sugariness personality who refrains from getting into kinky stuff but Mafuyu loves to explore the brilliant side of being a woman.

Had this list been on the nearly perverted anime girls, Mafuyu must have found a like rank as Tomo on the listing.

24. Diane

Anime- Seven Mortiferous Sins

  • Age: Unknown
  • Figure: 36-24-34 (Human being Class)
  • Species: Giant
  • Profession:Fellow member of the Seven Deadly Sins
Diane seven deadly sins

Daine is the type of thicc anime girl that has blossomed beautifully with age but acts childishly. Diane is a member of the 7 Deadly Sins, a very powerful rogue group of Knights. She is also known every bit the Snake’southward Sin of Envy.

She is a member of the Behemothic Association, and that is why her normal body is quite huge compared to an ordinary human. Just she can change her size and becomes bigger or smaller. She is also very strong and cares securely nearly her Helm of 7 Deadly Sins and can do anything for him.

25. Koumi Haruka

Anime: Rail Wars!

  • Age: 17
  • Figure: 38-22-36
  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Member of Peace Keeper Squad
Koumi Haruka

Intelligence is not a trait of existence hot and sexy right?

Admittedly wrong! Koumi Haruka is an example of such an anime woman who wouldn’t but impress yous with sensual beauty just will leave yous awe stunned with her outstanding memory.

Since most of you aren’t here to discuss traits of hot women, we’ll not talk about that farther.

Koumi Haruka is ane of the principal protagonists in track Wars. She is shy and delicate. Due to her youthful appearance, she often finds herself caught upwards in intimate situations.

26. Ikaruga

Anime: Senren Kagura

  • Historic period: twenty
  • Figure: 36-24-36
  • Species: Human being
  • Profession: Ninja Trainee

Next on the list, we have a heavy knight character from i of my favorite ecchi anime Seren kagura.

Ikaruga is one of the five main atomic number 82 girls of the story. Evey other women in the anime are blessed with big breasts.

The plot lays a uncomplicated premise where these five big chest women are in a constant fight with another group of jealous girls.

If you like fan service and ecchi anime, I highly recommend you to lookout this testify as there are many other divas that you deserve to sentry in action.

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27. Narusawa Ryouka

Anime: Occultic nine

  • Age: 17
  • Figure: 38-22-36
  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Student
Narusawa Ryouka

Don’t get confused by her gigantic bust. Narusawa may await like any other curvy anime women but she is a skilled fighter and can move effectually actually fast with her athletic abilities

Ryouka is undoubtedly sexy and sometimes uses her body as a tool to get things done. Her advent isn’t the only matter that differentiates her from other female person characters in the anime.

She is incredibly humorous. Which I call up is a rare trait in anime girls. Don’t attack bombs in the annotate if you don’t agree with that.

28. Celistia Ralgris

Anime: Undefeated Bahamut Relate

  • Age: eighteen
  • Figure: 36-22-35
  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Student
Celistia Ralgris

I might not have done justice with Celistia’s character past placing her so depression. Consider this as a treasure you found by scrolling to till the end.

Celistia is one of the strongest and most cute characters in the show. She never expresses whatever kinky desire because, for the about part, she is shy and socially awkward.

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle isn’t a harem anime, and so you lot tin can’t expect much exposure from any of the characters including Celistia. Maybe that was the just reason I placed her on last. But at that place is no denying the fact that she is a true dazzler to adore.

29. Nakiri Erina

Anime- Food Wars!

  • Age: 18
  • Figure: 34-22-34
  • Species: Human
  • Profession:Chef
Nakiri Erina food wars

Erina is an uptight girl who is acknowledged equally ‘God Tongue’ in the world of cooking. She is a pupil of a prestigious Culinary school. She is one of the about beautiful anime girls on this list.

More than her body which is pretty thicc and banging, what makes Erina so desirable is her Tsundere nature. She comes across equally egoistic and big-headed but in reality, she’s kind and a goofball.

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30. Nozomi Kaminashi

Anime- Keijo!!!!!!!!

  • Age: 17
  • Figure: 38-24-36
  • Species: Human
  • Profession: Pupil, Keijo Player
Nozomi Kaminashi swimsuit

Nozomi is a keijo player, a sport where two players endeavour to push each other off the mat by just using their chest and butt. Nozomi has a big barrel that is an advantage in her sport.

Nozomi is an energetic girl who is very passionate about Keijo. Since the premise of the anime is then pervy, Nozomi is seen using her slender torso to defeat her opponents, and it’s a treat to scout. There’s a lot of fanservice centered effectually Nozomi.