7-Step Tutorial on How to Tease Hair and Get Volume at the Roots

What comes to mind when you recall of large pilus: the south, the ’80s, beauty queens? I’m hither to tell you that you can create book in your hair that is tasteful and trendy while fugitive looking like a #FlashbackFriday. I tease a lot of pilus, including my own, so I want to share some techniques that tin can utilize to whatsoever style you are trying to attain. I will share with yous a step-by-step tutorial on how to tease pilus, requite product and comb recommendations, and bear witness how to avoid common mistakes.

Choosing the Right Products

The kickoff step to big hair is having the proper tools and products. I’ve tried endless combs over the years, and, while there are many that tin can get the job done, hither are a few that have proven to exist my favorites. The Pink Pewter “Never Let Go” comb is specifically slap-up for stylists because information technology has a handle that allows y’all to go along working without putting it downwards, which is corking for efficiency. I discover that the pointed handle is perfect for creating even sections, while the teeth of the comb are ideal for creating a fuller tease. The “Never Let Go” comb is equivalent to a traditional rattail comb, which is very easy to find, and you may already have one at home.

Some other great rummage is a Lift Teasing Comb and Hair Choice. This comb is two-ended, with both ends serving a purpose. The end with the teeth can be used to tease, whereas the end with the pick is used subsequently teasing to smoothen the top of the pilus without removing the dorsum-combing, which I’ll demonstrate in the step-by-step section.


Next, you’ll need the right products to ensure your style will hold throughout the day. Take you lot teased your hair for it only to fall apartment 10 minutes later? This tin especially be truthful if you have shine, silky hair. By adding grit and texture to your hair earlier teasing, followed past hairspray later on teasing, to lock it in place, volition brand all the departure in the event and longevity of the style. The Sexy Pilus Surfer Daughter Texture Spray and Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray are ii products that are bully for adding texture and dust before beginning the dorsum-combing process.

After teasing your hair, finish with hairspray at the teased root expanse to lock in place. Kenra Book 25 Hairspray is a tried-and-truthful favorite and works on diverse hair types.

7-Step Tutorial on How to Tease Pilus

Now that you’re set with all the tools and products needed to reach the perfect tease, here’s the step-by-step tutorial.

  1. Focusing on areas you will be back-combing, add together the texture spray for grit and hold.
  2. How To Tease Hair: Step 1

  3. Using either the rattail or “Never Permit Become” comb, take a 3/4-1-inch-wide section and lift the pilus straight upwardly with tension. Working with small, even sections is key.
  4. How To Tease Hair: Step 2

  5. Starting near three-4 inches abroad from the scalp insert rummage into the section pushing the hair downwards toward the scalp. Repeat ii-4 times until the comb comes down close to the scalp.
  6. How To Tease Hair: Step 3

  7. Repeat steps ii & three through the mohawk section and sides.
  8. How To Tease Hair: Step 4

  9. Once you’ve finished teasing, spray hairspray only at the roots for hold and structure.
  10. How To Tease Hair: Step 5

  11. Using the hair selection end of the lift-teasing comb, carefully rummage through top sections so as to smooth and remove whatsoever visible tease. Be conscientious not to comb through it also much.
  12. How To Tease Hair: Step 6

  13. Adapt to terminal desired shape and comb through ends to shine.
  14. How To Tease Hair: Step 7

Additional Tips and Mutual Mistakes

Gear up to tease hair? With these tips and some practise, you’ll exist on your way to creating perfect, long-lasting volume in your or your clients’ hair.

  • Always brush pilus prior to teasing, removing knots or tangles. This will forestall damage and breakage.
  • Always work with pocket-sized, even sections.
  • Never tease wet or damp hair
  • When teasing, don’t use an up and downwards motion. Only work the pilus downwards toward the scalp to forestall fierce and tangles.
  • Complete heat styling (curling, straighten, etc.) prior to the teasing procedure. Affect upwards after, if needed.

Annotation: Before shampooing, gently comb through the hair, starting at the ends, working toward the roots to remove tease. Since pilus stretches when wet, information technology has a college hazard of snapping when brushed. Because of this, y’all want to avert combing through teased hair when wet to avert breakage. If yous are tender-headed, you can add conditioner to the teased sections to aid with combing.

I hope that y’all take found the product suggestions and this step-by-step tutorial on how to tease hair helpful. With these tips and a footling practice, you’ll be on your way to creating beautiful and long-lasting volume. Follow along for more than at @kayla_williams_hair on Instagram where I share many more than tips and tutorials.

7-Step Tutorial on How to Tease Hair and Get Volume at the Roots

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