5-Step Plump Method to Dry and Style Unmanageable Curly Hair

The Plump Method is a styling technique for people with naturally curly hair to create big, boisterous and fluffy curls. I have found that if I take my time with it on a wash twenty-four hours, I can attain 24-hour interval 2/3/4 curls with a minimal-to-no refresh. My hair type is 2c/3a, but I’m sure these tips work for all kinds of curls, then keep reading!

My Curly Hair Experiments

Part of what worried me nigh going full-time curly is that I tend to get bored with my hair. I’m always chopping it off, growing it out, changing the color. I’ve been then pleased to learn that I tin utilize different methods and techniques and have different curls because of it. Rake & milkshake, rake & scrunch, and the plump method all give significantly different results. Personally, I liked my curls on each of these wash days, but this is also proof to not give up on your curls if you aren’t happy with how they await. It may just be you haven’t stumbled upon the correct hair technique for your curls.

The Plump Hair Method Tutorial

You lot will demand:

  • Co-wash OR shampoo and conditioner of your choice
  • Wide-molar comb
  • Styling product(southward) of your choice – wax, gel, mousse, hair lotion, etc.
  • T-shirt for plopping + pilus tie
  • Diffuser (optional)

Total time:

  • 10 minutes for washing and applying product/styling in shower
  • 20 minutes for plopping
  • Fourth dimension to air dry or diffuse (varies from person to person, approx. twoscore minutes)

Stride one: Co-Launder/Shampoo and Condition as Usual

With the co-wash, or conditioner, in your hair (whichever is your last step), flip your head over and gently finger-comb your hair so it is all going forrard. Use a broad-tooth rummage to distribute product evenly; this volition besides smooth your hair and prevent frizz.

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Stride two: Class Curl Clumps, Use Product, Finger Curlicue

With hair yet flipped upside down, rinse the conditioner out of your hair. Let the water assist your curls form into big clumps. Use your fingers to guide your hair, simply let the water practice most of the piece of work! Optimally, you lot should have 6-8 big clumps. Those big clumps volition assist you go big fluffy curls one time it is dry.

While even so in the shower with pilus still pushed frontward, gently press the excess h2o out of your curl clumps. Your curls should notwithstanding exist soaking wet. Use a praying hands technique to apply your product(s). Now would be the time to apply a leave-in conditioner or pilus balm, if you choose. Once your production is applied, finger whorl each clump for more than definition. Adjacent, smoosh a small corporeality of gel into each curl clump.

Footstep three: Time to Plop

Plopping your curls will help “set them” and will also assistance with volume. I’m then thankful to the first curly to come upwardly with this method! I utilize a soft T-shirt; the primal hither is to permit the curl clumps coil every bit you set them in the plop. I let my curls sit down plopped in the T-shirt for about 20 minutes.

Step iv: Fourth dimension to Dry

My preferred method is diffusing, however, you can air dry. I highly recommend diffusing, I discover it gives me the best volume. Practise Not split up your curl clumps when they are still wet! Instead, gently move the curl clumps from side to side while you are drying. The roll clumps should starting time to separate on their own as yous diffuse.

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Stride 5: Finishing Touches

Once my curls are nigh 80% to 90% dry, I start to pull apart any curls still clumped together. Optionally, you tin can do this with a modest amount of your favorite oil on your hands. Once clumps are separated, continue to lengthened until dry out.

Once your curls are 100% dry, use your fingers to gently shake your curls out at the roots. This will help with volume and besides assistance lift curls from your scalp.


Throughout my curly hair journey, I’ve institute answers to a lot of painful questions, so permit me approximate some difficulties yous may run into and help you find the perfect solution to each!

Curls Are Non Big/Fluffy?

Make bigger whorl clumps. You lot should have approximately vi-8 ringlet clumps. The larger the clump when wet, the larger the curl!

Undefined Curls in Back?

I use this method if I have an surface area of hair in the back that is undefined. Simply re-wet the section of pilus yous want to define, add a fiddling more than product of pick, if needed, then curl the pilus around your finger. Once the hair is curled to your scalp, slide a bobby pin in to secure the curl to your scalp. Air dry out or lengthened, and remove the bobby pin one time fully dry.

Curls Stuck to Scalp?

Be sure to gently motion the curl clumps from side to side every bit you lot are diffusing or air drying! Once curls are 100% dry, flip your head over and gently shake curls at the roots. This will help elevator the hair off your scalp.

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