Do Hair Bun Make You Look Older

A meliorate head of hair starts here.

If you’ve been looking to alter upwards your expect a new hairstyle volition certainly exercise it. From pompadours to taper fades, undercuts and more, y’all’ll be glad to know the options for men’s hair are quite countless. There’due south no meliorate way to refresh your style than by treating yourself to a new haircut.

The question is, what style practise you get? You lot could part it down the middle, shave one side, grow it out or go yourself a war machine cut and shave information technology all off. The possibilities are countless with men’southward haircuts.

To help with your decision, we’ve collected 100 of the best hairstyles for men in 2021. Have a browse and selection 1 that suits.

one Centre Parted Pall

Source: @thatguyontheinternet via Instagram

As the name implies, a drapery hairstyle is parted downward the heart to give the illusion of having defunction on your head. It sounds stupid merely is in fact a pop and like shooting fish in a barrel way to wearable your pilus. This style all-time suits people with a symmetrical face and mid-length hair.

2. Off Eye Parted Curtain

Off Center Parted Curtain Haircut for Men

Source: @nicholasricciardi via Instagram

If you can’t exist bothered getting your hair exactly parted downward the middle, go with the off heart function. It creates a more natural and coincidental expect and is keen for those with little time to style their pilus. Platonic for those with a widows peak.

3. Messy Undercut With Quiff Haircut

Messy Undercut With Quiff

Source: @jackgreaves_ via Instagram

The quiff is a highly underrated men’due south hairstyle and i that’southward kept Scott Cann in business organization for years. Pair it with an undercut for this awesome look. Keep the sides curt and the quiff overflowing with hair to create a messy “merely got out of bed” style.

4. Messy Undercut With Spiky Hair

Messy Undercut With Spiky Hair

Source: @vahid.jazebe via Instagram

I know what you’re thinking, “spiky hair?” Well the hairstyle of about teenage boys in the 90s is back in style, so why not become ahead of the game and visit your local barber for this retro cut. Undercuts and spiky pilus pair well together, with the dissimilarity creating an attractive, if boyish, look.

5. Cornrows With Bun Braid

Man Bun Braids Hairstyle

Source: @shakersbeauty via Instagram

If you lot’ve got long hair and want to alter it up without losing your locks, give cornrows a attempt. These top of the head braids expect fab, but are even amend when put into a bun.

6. Blond Highlights With Dark Facial Hair

Man With Blond Highlights and Dark Facial Hair

Every bit we’ve seen over the past few years, bleached hair never really goes out of fashion. Justin Bieber anyone? Instead of just changing the colour of your hair, why non abound a healthy dose of facial hair? The contrast between the light and the nighttime accentuates your facial features and is another unique way to mode yourself.

vii. Human Bun

Man Bun

No men’s haircut has been more than divisive in recent years than the man bun. Loved by hipsters and loathed by simply almost everyone else, the man bun is a fantastic style for anyone with long locks to manner their hair. The best thing is it’s super easy to maintain.

8. Top Knot

Men's Top Knot Hairstlye

Similar to the man bun, the top knot is for those with short to medium length hair. Pull the hair into a mini-ponytail at the top of your skull to reach this style. Made famous by the Samurai of Feudal Japan, it’s another hip look that’due south a big hit with the cool kids.

9. Short Hairstyle With Ponytail

Man WIth Short Ponytail

Information technology’s not merely men with long locks that tin can take part in the ponytail trend. All you demand is a decent handful of hair you can put a hair necktie around and y’all’re in business. Brusque hair ponytails can be worn in many ways and add a bear on of difference to your appearance.

10. Undercut Ponytail

Men's Ponytail With Undercut

Source: @ringowong22 via Instagram

I had an undercut in school but was never cool plenty to attempt to put information technology in a ponytail like many men do today. This is now a very popular men’south hairstyle that is convenient when you desire to keep your hair in one place or evidence off your shaved sides.

11. Box Braids

Box Braids on Natural Hair

Source: @braidslay via Instagram

Originating in Africa over 5000 years ago, box braids have made a come up back of late. All-time suited for those with tightly curled hair, box braids offer an alternate to normal braids and are big with hip-hop culture.

12. French Crop

French Crop Hairstyle

Source: @lima_mike86 via Instagram

Popularised by British gangster serial
y Blinders, this simple yet menacing men’southward hairstyle will give you an edge. Basically short dorsum and sides with a small fringe, this cut will goes well with a thick moustache and a flat cap.

13. Edgeless Fringe French Crop

Blunt Fringe French Crop

Source: @guraykesman via Instagram

Instead of the unruly look of your normal French Crop, why not make the fringe blunt. This creates a square, masculine shape to your face and is another fantastic way to accentuate your facial features.

xiv. Bald With Bristles

Bald With a Beard

Source: @markhasabeard via Instagram

Shaving your head is great, but for many men information technology brings attention to areas of your face you lot’d rather nobody notice. The best way to combat this is by growing a lush beard. Not only does it await cool, but the baldheaded/bristles philharmonic is too very popular these days and sure to impress the ladies.

fifteen. The Viking

Viking Hairstyle for Men

Source: @rolandb95 via Instagram

Made popular due the success of shows such as
The Last Kingdom, the Viking way of cutting is achieved by pairing a long, ofttimes braided ponytail with shaved sides. This is a dynamic expect that will have people request if you come from Nordic blood.

xvi. Shaggy

Shaggy hair for men

If long pilus is your matter simply you can’t exist bothered looking after it, the shaggy await is for you lot. Shoulder length is platonic, but you can grow it longer if yous like. Y’all only demand to wash information technology once or twice a week. Add together a trimmed beard for European chichi.

17. Mid Temple Fade

Mid Temple Fade

Source: @adrian__cutz1991 via Instagram

The fade is a timeless men’s hairstyle with many variations, but the mid temple fade is the pick of the bunch. It allows the fade to be more than composite as the hair grows back and doesn’t dominate the face.

18. The Quiff

Quiff Hairstyle for Men

If yous accept a thick head of pilus this might be the style for y’all. The quiff is a voluminous cut with a defined fringe that’s usually swept to ane side or styled up. Use a expert amount of hairspray and blow dry if enough time.

nineteen. Asunder Comb Over

Disconnected Combover Hairstyle

Source: @thegentlemennick via Instagram

The edgy cousin of the classic comb over has a more than defined line where the hair is combed over. It might await jarring at start, but the clear straight line complements the rest of the hairline and also allows for a great fade.

twenty. Slicked Dorsum

Man With Slicked Back Hair

Seen in countless gangster epics, the slicked back style is a manly looking cut. Brusk on the sides with the length on top pushed back with product, it has a 40s feel to it and is some other men’s haircut finding a resurgence thanks to
Peaky Blinders.

21. Fasten Blowout

Spike Blowout Hairstyle

Proceed it brusk on the sides and longish on top to accomplish this look. Utilise a blow dryer to enhance the pilus, then once dry, style with wax or gel to create a truly unique mode.

22. Pompadour

Pompadour Hairstyle

Named afterwards Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of Male monarch Louis 15 of France, this recognised cut involves a large volume of hair swept high over the face up. You can keep it neat or messy and combine with an undercut fade for extra cool points.

23. Twists

Man With Twist Hairstyle

Every bit the proper name suggests, this way is basically pilus that’s been twisted into small knots on the top of the head. Favoured by men with thick pilus as it’s easier to twist, this is a elementary style that’southward requires little to maintain it.

24. The Mullet

80s Mullet Haircut

The mullet never seems to truly go out of fashion. Often sported past those who alive in the South, it’s all virtually business concern in the front and party in the dorsum. The original mullet, equally worn past many in the 80s, features a good amount of boofed upwardly hair at the front and long locks at the dorsum going past the shoulders.

25. The Modernistic Mullet

Modern Mullet Haircut

Source: @barber_k2t via Instagram

What sets this apart from the traditional 80s mullet is the absence of fringe and faded sides. This new estimation of the mullet with super short sides means the hair down the back flares out, giving the mullet a different texture.

26. Combination Mullet

Combination Mullet Haircut

Source: @payne_white via Instagram

This is essentially a mullet at the back with a different hairstyle at the front. There are many unlike combinations, from a mullet/quiff combo to a mullet/spiked fringe. The main thing is the pilus at the dorsum is unruly and longer than the rest of cut.

27. Mullet With Tattoo Hair

Mullet With Hair Tattoo

Source: @kken_f via Instagram

No, this doesn’t mean you have pilus tattooed on your head, merely a pattern shaved into the side of your caput. Usually reserved for hipsters and athletes, this style keeps the traditional mullet while introducing a fun design. The merely downside is if your pilus grows fast the hair tattoo is sure to disappear within a few weeks.

28. Undercut Mullet

Mullet With Shaved Sides

Source: @salongoldmn via Instagram

If yous really want to turn heads and then why not abound out a mullet and shave the sides? This eye-catching style really accentuates the long hair at the dorsum of the head and has a real rockstar feel to information technology.

29. High and Tight

High And Tight Haircut

Source: @_alytristan_ via Instagram

Favoured by those in the armed services, the high and tight is as curt as you can get without going baldheaded. The sides are shaved extremely brusk while the top is a few millimetres college to give it hat-like advent, with those in the war machine sporting this short men’southward haircut oftentimes referred to as “Jarheads.”

30. Crew Cut

Crew Cut Hairstyle

An American archetype, almost everyone looks practiced with a coiffure cut. Tapered on the sides with a slightly longer length on peak, information technology’due south some other favourite of those in the military or for anyone who wants a no fuss cut that requires zero maintenance.

31. Buzzhawk

Buzzhawk Haircut

For those not confident in sporting a total mohawk, the buzzhawk is for you. While the sides are short, the hair on top of your head is a slightly longer buzzcut that mimics a mohawk. Like shooting fish in a barrel to look after without the in-your-face up intensity of a normal mohawk, this is another piece of cake to master look.

32. Short Haircut With Spiked Fringe

Spiked Fringe Haircut

Add a scrap of flavor to your crew cut past adding a curt spiked fringe. Grow your hair out a picayune and employ your favourite production to push the pilus upwards into a vertical style. Yous can combine this with a fade for a slick looking cut.

33. Ivy League

Ivy League Hairstyle

If y’all went to a private school you probably had your hair styled like this at some stage. Very similar to the crew cut, the main departure is the pilus is a little longer and can be parted or styled to the left or correct. This ane is timeless and often favoured by Matt Damon.

34. Apartment Top

Flat Top Haircut

Source: @vasiljanto.hair_ via Instagram

Every bit fabricated famous by Will Smith in
The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, this square haircut was big in the tardily 80s/early on 90s and has made a improvement in recent years. Information technology takes a niggling looking later on this is a great mode of haircut if yous desire to standout from the crowd.

35. Crew Cut with Highlights

Crew Haircut With Highlights

The crew cut is common amidst men, and so for a touch of difference, why not add highlights? Normally known equally the Californian Crew, this accept on the archetype cut provides some welcome color, creating a lord’s day kissed appearance.

36. Curly Coiffure Cutting

Curly Crew Cut

Another variation of the crew cutting, this i is for men with a detail pilus type: curly locks. Instead of keeping them super short, allow your curls grow while maintaining a fade on the side. Allow your curls run wild on the top of your head and add product if y’all desire to style them.

37. Asymmetrical Crew Cutting

Asymmetrical Crew Cut

If you observe yourself with an irregular hairline expect no further. The asymmetrical crew cut doesn’t require much styling – only push the pilus to one side and forget your hairline bug. Looks great when paired with a beard, as almost haircuts do.

38. Slicked Dorsum Platinum Haircut

Slick Back Platinum Haircut

The slicked back mode of cutting is oft worn by men with thick black pilus, so why non modify people’s perspective by rocking this style with platinum colored pilus. Information technology’s a hitting choice and non for anybody, only if yous tin can pull it off the compliments will be forthcoming for days.

39. Slick Comb Over

Slick Comb Over

Non but for people with a bald spot or thin hair, the slick comb over is all the rage these days. Similar to having your hair slicked back, this manner is all nigh getting your pilus pushed to one side. Apply a niggling product and information technology’due south easy to accept your hair stuck in identify without as well many problems.

xl. Highlighted Spikes

Hairstyle With Highlighted Spikes

Spiked pilus might non be as pop these days as when I was in high school, but information technology’south still a regular fashion that’s corking for anyone who doesn’t accept a heap of time on their hands. Whack in some product, push your hair up and you’re skilful to become. Add highlights for something a trivial different.

41. Curt Dreadlocks

Short Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are back in vouge these days. No longer only associated with weed smokers, this bob mode haircut is more common than you lot’d think. Easy to maintain, curt dreads only have a few months to abound and don’t require any styling. Bang-up for those who want to spend less time in the bathroom getting ready.

42. Mid-Length Dreadlocks

Man With Dreadlocks

If y’all desire to rock long dreads but tin’t be bothered growing them all the fashion down your back, why not get for a mid-shoulder length? This is great for people who want thinner styled dreads. Add hair accessories to change up your wait on the daily.

43. Long Dreadlocks

Man With Long Dreadlocks

If you’re not prone to getting your haircut often this might be the style for y’all. Long dreadlocks oft reach waist height and can be rocked a number of ways, be it in a ponytail or left complimentary. The only problem is they do require a flake of maintenance so they don’t go ane massive knotted entanglement of hair.

44. Mohawk Dreadlocks

Short Mohawk Dreadlock Hairstyle

This wild look combines two different styles that are certain to catch the eye of everyone you come in contact with. Create some short dreads on pinnacle and pair with shaved sides for a fresh look best styled at the barbershop by your local barber and not yourself.

45. Braided Dreads

Braided Dreads

Yous complect dreads the same way you would a normal hairstyle, except your hair is much thicker in appearance and holds its style improve. This hairstyle is reminiscent of the Viking style of cut, specially with shaved sides.

46. Caesar Haircut

Caesar Haircut

Named after Emperor Tiberius Julian Caesar, this cut offset became fashionable in the 50s and has continued to be a staple of modern barbers. Substantially a riff on the brusque back and sides cut, the hair on the height is left slightly longer and brushed forrard to give a sophisticated look.

47. Fizz Cutting

Buzz Cut

If you’re going bald but don’t want to completely shave your head than settle for a buzz cutting. This manner it still looks like yous have a little hair left that’southward easily styled and takes no time to wait later on. Best thing is y’all can do information technology yourself and save a trip to the barber.

48. Completely Bald

Completely Bald Haircut

Going bald might be scary only you shouldn’t worry. Some of the biggest celebrities take made beingness bald sexy. Just look at Jason Statham or The Rock. The razor shave is a keen and unique style that volition brand you stand out and looks much better than a receding hairline.

49. Surfer Shag Haircut

Surfer Shag Haircut

While near surfers rock the archetype long locks, why not effort this shaggy way for something difference. Great for those with naturally wavy hair and who don’t like to wash their locks ofttimes, the surfer shag is swept across pilus that requires piddling maintenance.

fifty. Short and Messy

Short and Messy Haircut

Go on the sides nice and trim and grow the hair out on the summit of your head for this playful style. Use some gel to the longer hair for a messy look, creating a natural way that’s piece of cake to maintain.

51. Jheri Scroll

Jheri Curl Hairstyle

Created by legendary barber Jheri Redding, this classic cutting became a staple throughout the 80s, especially for African American men. Everyone from Ice Cube to Rick James and Lionel Ritchie has sported this look. You’ll want a professional to sort this 1 though, with the cut requiring the utilize of a number of hair products to create permanent curls that can be styled numerous ways.

52. The Greaser

Greaser Rockabilly Hair for Men

Coming to prominence in the 50s, rockabilly gave birth to a new hairstyle known as the greaser. Simply put, this rock and roll inspired style involves using a heap of production to slick back your pilus in various styles. Pair with a black leather jacket and straight-legged jeans for the ultimate rockabilly look.

53. The Side Part and Greaser

Side Part Mens Thick Greaser Hair

This style combines the classic slicked back greaser style with a side part. Instead of slicking the hair all the fashion back towards the back of your head, a part is created to give the fashion its distinctive wait.

54. Big Hair

80s Glam Big Hair

Editorial credit: agwilson /

Re-live the 80s by making your pilus the dominant indicate of focus with this hilarious look. Glamorised by hair metallic acts of the 80s, big pilus is essentially long layered hair chock full of pilus product to make information technology expect larger than it actually is. Recollect Bon Jovi in his prime.

55. Wet Style

Middle Aged Man With Wet Hairstyle

At that place are a number of styles involving wax or gel to slick back the hair, but the moisture style takes things onestep further. In essence, your hair looks similar information technology’s notwithstanding wet thanks to the use of product. You can button the hair back or to the sides, with the more product you utilize the more risk the of the illusion of having wet hair at that place is.

56. Side-Parted Bleached Blond

BTS Bleach Blond Hairstyle

A favourite of G-pop fans, this modern hairstyle involves bleaching your hair blonde and departing information technology at the side. Yous’ll need mid to long length pilus and a willingness to experiment with your hair color.

57. Tousled Bleached Blond

Shaggy Blond Hairstyle With Mid Length Locks. It Is A Great Look If You Want To Highlight The Angular Features Of Your Face

Source: @yoshi.disco via Instagram

Another for those who don’t mind coloring their hair, this style requires a nice length on pinnacle that is tousled to create a messy appearance. This is another popular hairstyle amongst G-pop stars and fans.

58. Half-Up Half-Downwardly

Man Long Hair Ponytail

If yous have a decent corporeality of pilus this is an interesting mode to style it. Create a pocket-size ponytail that uses only some of your hair, with the rest kept untamed. Information technology’s an piece of cake to fix style that is swell for those who similar long hair but want to effort something dissimilar.

59. Modernistic Rounded Haircut

Blond Bowl Cut For Flaxen Haired Dudes


This reminds me of a bowl cut. The hair goes all the mode effectually the head, covering the fringe and slightly across the eyes. The distinguishing feature is the many layers of hair, creating a blend between the sides and superlative. Great for those who dear My Chemic Romance.

lx. Asymmetrical Ii-Shaded Cut

main with dyed hair in fohawk hairstyle

This is some other style for those with a bit of hazard. Another cut large amidst the G-pop community, this style involves coloring the pilus different shades.

61. Artistic Coiffure

Trendy Hair For Men With Shaved In Sides Lines

You have to take balls to pull this one off. This typical side-swept cut includes some artistic designs shaved into the side and back of the head. Information technology’southward a artistic style that certainly stands out, although it’s certainly not for anybody.

62. Modern Elephant Trunk

Mens Shaved Side Medium Long Haircut

It’s obvious where this haircut gets its proper name. You demand to have long hair that is swept to the forepart and hangs over your confront, resembling an elephant trunk. It looks like something out of
Cyberpunk 2077
and looks bang-up when paired with a beard.

63. Side-Swept Taper Fade

Taper Bald Fade Haircut

This popular modern style is great for those with mid-length or fine hair. The hair on summit of your head can be swept to either side and the tapered fade gives it a naturally cool vibe that doesn’t require much production, unless you desire it to stay in one position.

64. Combed Back Undercut With Beard

Wavy Thick Medium Guys Undercut Hair And Beard

A hipster staple, this sleek looking style is all about the beard. Keep the hair super short on the sides, sweep back the long hair on superlative, and grow out a full bristles to create this Viking themed expect.

65. Bro Flow

Dapper Mens Bradley Cooper Business Hair

The Bro Flow came to prominence a few years back thanks to Bradley Cooper. It’s basically hair that appears to flow backward and is ideal for those with naturally wavy hair. You can apply a accident dryer for a fuller await or just casually use your hands to push button dorsum the hair when moisture for a more natural appearance.

66. Mushroom Haircut With Undercut

an Asian man wearing a haircut resembling a mushroom. It features mushroom-like top hair starting at the middle with the rest half clean-shaved

The ultimate bowl cut. This style was big in Asian countries a few decades back and has had a slight resurgence of late. As the name suggests, this cutting looks like someone has placed a bowl on your head and cut effectually it before shaving the sides, giving a mushroom event.

67. Swept Dorsum Quiff

Quiff Messy Medium Hair Style Men

This is a great look for people with a round face up. It compliments your facial features while shining a low-cal on your pilus. It’due south basically a quiff at the front with the residual of the hair swept to one side.

68. Side Part

Young man with Bryce Harper inspired side parting hairstyle

Source: @124hairbynikki via Instagram

Here’s a mode of haircut that never seems to go out of way. The side part, every bit the proper name suggests, involves combing your pilus to i side and can be done with long or brusk hair. For a curt haircut it’s best to shave the sides. This is a style for any occasion.

69. Vertical Cut

Quiff With Taper Fade Mens Hair Styles Medium Length

Like to the pompadour, this haircut is all about book. It’south ideal for those with thicker hair. It’southward best to use some form of men’s grooming product such as wax or matte pomade to style the hair to keep it in place.

seventy. Fringe

A Fresh Fringe Styled On Platinum Blond Hair. The Fringe Is Trimmed Perfectly To Cover The Entire Forehead

Source: @hairarthaven via Instagram

It’s not merely the ladies who can rock a fringe, with the cut becoming increasingly popular with men over the last decade. While a straight fringe is risky, mayhap try one that’south choppy or messy at start to encounter how it looks. A slap-up style when paired with shaved sides and a piddling stubble.

71. Curls & Bangs

Man With Medium Short Curly Fade Haircut Modern

Those blessed with curly hair might one to give this cut a try. Similar to a fringe, naturally curly pilus looks cracking when styled into an extended fringe. These textured bangs bring attention to your eyes and create an athwart face shape.

72. Man Bun & Beard

Man Bun

Source: @jonastheger via Instagram

The hipster calling card, this trendy combo is i of the most popular styles of the modern era. Fashion your long locks into a bun and grow out a decent bristles to create this rugged look. Add a flannel shirt and you can laissez passer as a lumberjack.

73. Casual Shag Cutting

Shaggy Haircut For Medium Hair Men

Similar to a fringe, this look has a slightly longer length that covers the sides as well as the front. Notably worn past Ashton Kutcher during his time on
That lxx’s Show, the coincidental shag cutting creates a versatile and laid back expect.

74. Layered & Wavy Shag Cutting

A vintage shag haircut for men featuring messily styled wavy hair with side manes covering the ears

If you’ve got a flake of growth and are not sure what to do, try this cut on for size. The long hair is layered to create waves and tin can be pushed to either side of the face up for this casual style. The big difference between this and the coincidental shag is the pilus covers the ears and flows downwards the nape of the neck.

75. Shag Cut & Beard

Shaggy Hair

Everything looks improve with a bristles. Combing a messy shag cutting with a thick bristles gives off a rockstar vibe. It’s very masculine and empowering and is sure to bring yous a lot of positive attention.

76. Twists in a Man Bun

Hair Twists in Man Bun

Twists are a peachy manner to standout, simply if you want to make even more of an impression, why not put them in a man bun? This stylish fashion statement creates a bold, modernistic wait that goes well when paired with a beard.

77. Twists Paired With a Loftier Top

Twists Paired With a High Top Hairstyle

This take on the classic 90s high top fashion gives information technology a modernistic feel. Instead of the high height beingness trimmed flat, turn your hair into twists to create this imaginative await. Best for those with thick hair.

78. Bleached Twists

Haircut With Top Bleached Hair Twists

Made famous past Odell Beckham, bleached twists are another inventive way to style your hair. Yous tin either bleach just the terminate of the twists or get the whole squealer and bleach everything; with either manner making certain you’ll get noticed.

79. Blond Mohawk

Blond Frohawk

While on the topic of bleaching hair, turning your mohawk blond is some other slap-up manner to standout from the oversupply. You tin can bleach the tips or the entire Mohawk, leaving the high taper fade natural to create a contrasting effect.

80. Messy Textured Haircut

Trendy Messy Haircut

Ideal for men with curly hair, messy textured hair is not every bit messy as the name implies. The manner involves creating a naturally ruffled look using product.

81. Modern Textured Fringe

Blunt Fade Haircut

There’s a fair few angles with this cutting. The style involves keeping the sides curt and texturing the hair on top so it’south unlike lengths, resulting in the different lengths of fringe. Can be swept to the side or worn across the brow.

82. Page Boy Cut

Page Boy Hairstyle

Although named after the pageboys yous see in church building on a Sunday, this cut is a favourite amongst mods. To achieve this await, abound your pilus into a bob, cutting a short fringe and add a lot of texture.

83. Loose Curls

Loose Curls Hairstyle

This is a super easy mode to reach is ideal for those with curls. Shave the sides and crop the top and you lot have a super like shooting fish in a barrel to maintain style that looks fantastic. As they say, curls get the girls.

84. Mid Fade with Slick Back

Mid Fade With Slack Back

A fairly easy manner to maintain, this cut involves your hairdresser giving you a mid fade you and so pair with slicked back hair. The hair on top is cut to complement the fade then it seamlessly combines. Neat whether in the office all day or on a boys night out.

85. Mid Fade with Design

Mid Fade With Design

The mid fade is sported by many men these days, so to standout, add a design shaved into the side and back of your head. It’south certainly an eye-catching mode that will accept people talking and can easily be erased by a pair of clippers if not to your liking.

86. Faux-Hawk Bald Fade

Faux-Hawk Bald Fade

Unlike a normal fade that’southward a seamless transition between short and longer hair, a bald fade or skin fade starts at pare level and slowly combines with the pilus on top of your head. Information technology’s a great way that goes with almost any cut, such as the faux-hawk, creating a very manly looking hairstyle.

87. Top Knot Bald Fade

Top Knot Bald Fade

Part surfer, role metropolis dweller, this is a great pick for men with shorter hair who nevertheless desire something a little different. Information technology’due south easy to maintain and allows a variety of other styles that can be worn with your hair downwardly.

88. Bowl Cutting Fade

Bowl Cut Bald Fade

Usually referred to as an undercut, this is what I and nigh of my friends rocked during our teenage years. Information technology’s essentially a mop of hair on top that looks like it was cut using a basin, with the sides shaved. Despite what you lot retrieve, this style is making a comeback and is once again big with the kids.

89. Baldheaded Fade Comb Over

Bald Fade Comb Over

This 1 looks a footling radical. While your standard comb over is usually worn by older men trying to encompass their bald spot, at that place’southward no escaping the shortness of hair on the sides of your head. It can be styled with short or long hair and is another great hairstyle to rock in 2021.

xc. The Overgrown Perm

Men with curly hairstyle

A favourite of rockstars and models, this is the well-nigh popular style of perm with modern men. It’s a elementary mode that doesn’t require much up keep and creates a very natural look and oozes coolness.

91. Shoulder Length Locks

A textured haircut featuring shoulder length hair with layers to add volume

I hairstyle that never goes out of fashion is long hair. From the long flowing locks of the 60s to the shoulder length cuts of the 70s, long hair has e’er been a tendency among men. These days shoulder length hair is the mode to go. You lot don’t have to practice any maintenance likewise washing information technology once a week and getting it trimmed every vi months.

92. Geometrical Haircut

A 1960s men’s haircut featuring geometrical shapes styled around the ears and cheeks

Big in the 70s, this style requires a lot of conviction to pull off. It involves styling shoulder length pilus with artistic triangle and angular cuts into the hair, creating geometrical shapes. Information technology’south strange and a footling eccentric, but will help you lot standout in a oversupply.

93. Long Straight Hair with Bangs

A haircut featuring long straight locks paired with bangs in front covering the whole forehead

This is the expect perfected by the Beatles and copied by millions of men worldwide. It’s basically long hair with bangs that cover the forehead. It looks a niggling dated at present, but is a classic 60s hairstyle still rocked past many.

94. Baldheaded with a Moustache

Bald Man With Moustache

A shaved head or skinhead style come often see as menacing. To soften this masculine wait endeavour growing a moustache. Whether information technology’due south a porn star ‘tache class the 80s, a Tom Selleck number or a trimmed caterpillar, the addition of a moe is a peachy mode to residual your facial features.

95. Braided Mohawk

A Braided Mohawk Featuring Two Long Braids On Top Spanning From The Front To The Back And Short Braids On The Sides Cascading To The Ears


Inspired by the recent release of
Cyberpunk 2077, this futuristic style takes the mutual mohawk to the next level. Instead of shaving the sides, the hair is braided, resulting in a wild look that certainly appears to be from another time.

96. Directly and Sleek

Straight and Sleek Hair

Essentially long hair, directly and sleek is hair that goes fashion past the shoulders and sits at breast level. Favored by skaters and 90s rockers, long hair is one time again a popular way among the youth.

97. Blond Beach Perm

Surfer Long Curly Guys Hairstyle

This is the best type of perm for men with medium pilus length . Even if you don’t surf, this style will have anybody thinking y’all’re a pro who loves to hang 10. If you’re not blonde, add some highlights to create the natural event of embankment pilus and accept the ladies swooning.

98. Blowout Temple Fade

Blowout Temple Fade

Source: @steellegbarber via Instagram

Also known as the Brooklyn fade, this manner gives the advent of your hair existence windswept. Using a mixture of products and a accident dyer, the blowout temple fade does take some fourth dimension to go right, merely once complete, looks fantastic. All-time suited to those with a triangular confront.

99. Bleached Blond Buzz Cutting

Bleached Blond Buzz Cut

The all-time matter about a buzz cut is it’s a no fuss style that’due south easy to maintain. It’s too pretty boring. To spice things up, bleach your hair blonde. This is a elementary yet constructive style to requite this military cut some spark.

100. Mod Haircut

A page boy haircut featuring a bob and short fringe and a lot of texture throughout

This iconic haircut was fabricated famous by British men of the late 50s who were considered modernists because they listened to jazz music. The subculture extended to fashion, music, scooters and hairstyles, with many sporting a short fringe with longer hair over the ears, like United kingdom musician Paul Weller.


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