40 Brand New Asian Men Hairstyles

As Hollywood has proudly exemplified, Asian men hairstyles have a full range of style options. From spikes and mid-length fades to side sweeps and athwart fringe hairstyles, Asian men have plenty of pilus choices that are not always afforded to other nationalities. Stunning, handsome and modern are just a few words that can be used to depict today’south Asian male when information technology comes to hair styling.

Nice Ideas of Asian Men Hairstyles

Let’south meet all that in examples. Below you will find the twoscore hottest Asian men hairstyles, and each of them is definitely worth considering before your side by side visit to the salon. Cheque!

#1: Men’due south Haircut with Cropped Quiff

Wondering what Asian hairstyles men love? Wait no further. Asian men of mixed ethnicity tend to have thicker pilus. This simple even so cool style can piece of work well with thick hair. If y’all prefer a make clean cut look but want to still give off an attractive, grown upwardly vibe, you’ll be a fan of this low-maintenance way.

#2: Spiked Mode

Spiked hair has been made wildly popular over the years with various anime shows, and luckily it isn’t restricted to a certain age range. Whatsoever human with typical Asian pilus can get a cut that is layered into long spikes.

#3: Top Ponytail with Shaved Sides

Asian men hairstyles don’t take to exist loftier maintenance. For this expect, the hair was simply shaved on the sides with the top department pulled up into a ponytail. Pair this with some hipster glasses, and y’all will go to the head of the class!

#4: Party Upwards Top

With the shaved back and sides, exit hair long on the peak for a good spin on a retro, youthful style. This will piece of work on whatever Asian guy that is feeling fun and funky. Perfect for the gym, a college class or even a casual appointment, this hipster look is endearing and attractive without existence too childish.

#5: Unproblematic Cut for Thick Pilus

Korean men tend to have thicker hair than other Asian nationalities, and you tin can take advantage of this texture with specially cut styles. This ane is left a bit wild to give off a laid-back persona that can even so get downwardly to business.

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#six: Romantically Rugged Men’s Cut with Beard

Like other ethnicities, Asian hairstyles for men are currently inspired by the lumberjack look. Girls get crazy for facial hair, and this thick beard paired with loosely styled layered pilus is very popular.

#7: Men’due south Side Part Hairstyle

Mixed-race men can grow a thick caput of hair, and will need a haircut that accentuates it. This side-swept fashion is perfect for medium to thick locks that desire a new look. The side office is really popular now, and it truly stands the test of time. If yous decide to add facial hair later on, you volition take plenty more greatness to work with.

#8: Men’southward Pilus with Design

A fade haircut tin expect amazing on Asian hair. Choose a blueprint to add together some actress fashion to the fade. While you tin can get this done at any barber, you lot may want to consider visiting an African-American salon where they specialize in fade designs.

#nine: Mighty and Spiky Style for Men

Asian men hairstyles don’t need to be apartment or severe. Get some height and personality to match whatsoever flavor. This cut is popular with the younger generation, but older guys with the correct personality tin pull information technology off too.

#10: Unique Shaping

Again inspired by modernistic anime, today’s Asian boys dearest the long and spiked await. Utilizing defined angles on the sideburns and back of the head, this cut is much more progressive than those that have been effectually for generations.

#xi: Chinese Fade

This fade into faux hawk hairstyle is popular with all ages. Inspired by Chinese way, it’southward certainly not limited to only 1 ethnicity. This style works best with thin to medium pilus, as thick hair volition tend to fight against the faux militarist style. Use a strong hair gel to make certain your spikes last all day.

#12: Slicked Dorsum Men’south Fashion

When it comes to hairstyles for Asian men, this no-nonsense, slicked back look is very popular, because it’s reminiscent of styles from the past decades. Asian hair that is straight and soft is perfect when you’re ready to revamp a fade haircut.

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#thirteen: Funky Asian Men Hairstyle

Bear witness off your good looks by adding in some bright streaks of color. From temporary chalking to permanent dye, in that location are many hues and dye mediums to choose from. Become the sides faded and castor the top strands forrard to brand the colour really popular confronting your confront.

#14: Long and Loose

Are you even so dreaming of the rock star life? At least you lot can have the hair with this long, stringy fashion that screams grungy hipness. Abound hair out and you won’t have to do much else.

#15: Short Blow Back

Asian men tend to have very flattering face up shapes, which means you tin can become away with exposing lots of forehead which other nationalities non always can afford. When it comes to Asian male hairstyles, this cut works well even for the receding hairline.

#16: Faded Design

Looking for something different? Embrace warm atmospheric condition days with a fade haircut that features unique shaping. You tin choose from an endless variety of designs, leaving yous with plenty of creative expression.

#17: Serious Spikes

Non quite a Mohawk, this style is edgy and fun for a metro guy prepare to try something new. All-time of all, it can as well exist worn down with length if y’all want a alter of stride or wish to get a bit more coincidental.

#18: Edgy Long Hairstyle

Allow’due south get romantic merely not overly sugariness with a medium length style that the ladies will love. If you’re looking for Asian hairstyles men love, this will reign supreme, thank you to its irresistible sex appeal. Brush it back or wear information technology parted to the side – a light mousse will go on it in identify without making hair stiff or sticky.

#19: Tapered Layers

Become your hair cut at varying angles and lengths to achieve the tapered layers that are fun to clothing and great for photos. The straighter and thicker your hair is, the better this will piece of work. Get hold of some strong product and mess with the layers until you become the look yous love.

#20: Traditional Cut for Dark Hair

Dark, Asian hair is lovely no matter how you wearable information technology, and a traditional cutting is no exception. This boy-next-door await is something you’ve likely been familiar with since unproblematic school, and it fortunately never goes out of style.

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#21: Focused Front Asian Men Hairstyle

Designer Vern Yip recently sported a seriously sharp gelled upwards hair wait at a UNICEF result. Showing that center aged men can still pull off a youthful hair await, this way was accomplished by sectioning off the front end portion of pilus and and then spiking it with fingers while using a setting gel. The rest of the pilus is brushed back for a more pronounced final expect.

Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock.com

#22: Sideswept Longer Asian Fashion

Restauranteur Michael Chow is used to being in the kitchen, merely for a recent black tie effect he fancied up with a longer hairstyle. Asian men with wide round faces and potential hair loss can grow their hair out a bit longer as Grub did, and sweep information technology to the side to remainder the face proportions and give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

Asian men hairstyle for thinning hair

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

#23: Modernistic Front Brush

Styling mousses can be used for styles that have a low-cal elevator, but rather lay downwards flat instead of just sticking up, every bit was exemplified past Jason Zhang Jie at a recent awards prove. Comb all hair to the front and apply the product to flatten hair confronting the forehead. This look is accomplished with short sides and back as a dissimilarity to the longer forepart. Have your quiff angled for a more dramatic look.

Asian men hairstyle with a straight quiff

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#24: Throwback Asian Pilus

Paying homage to the 1990s, Miyavi recently showed upwards at a flick premiere with a stylish undercut, paired with long brushed dorsum top hair. Finished off with perhaps a flake too much gel, this hairstyle is trendy once more for the first time since the 90s along with those overalls and combat boots.

Asian men hairstyle with temple undercut

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

#25: Rugged Formal Asian Men Hairstyle

International and classy, Hiroyuki Sanada added some coincidental flair to his blackness tie ensemble with a neatly trimmed goatee and loosely slicked back hair. His longer hair grazes his shoulders, and a light styling production was used to proceed it brushed back and off the face up.

short to medium Asian men hairstyle

cinemafestival / Shutterstock.com

#26: Youthful Fun Asian Hair

Osric Chau is immature and fun-loving, and in this recent photo he has hair to match his nature. Placing wild spikes all over with strong-agree gel, this youthful hairstyle is quick, easy and fun to wear. Pair it with some brilliant-colored clothes and a leather jacket, and experience like an like shooting fish in a barrel-going high school child again!

short edgy Asian men hairstyle

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

#27: Soap Opera Sweep

Able to play many nationalities onscreen thank you to his multicultural look, the Full general Hospital star chose to play it elementary in life with a backswept hairstyle that exudes both romance and drama. Using a light hold styling product, Shen used a blowdryer on damp hair to reach the cool lift and height on top. I trick to this look – make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed, equally they will appear more prominent with your pilus pulled up and back this way.

Asian men hairstyle with an added hight

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#28: Table salt And Pepper Medium Men’s Hairstyle

Director Peter Chan rocked medium common salt and pepper layers at the Venice Film Festival last year. His hair looks all natural and perfectly styled. If you are an Asian human being with thicker strands, get your hair layered. You can and then reach this style with an off-centered part, blowdryer and circular, large-barreled brush to flip up the ends.

medium length hairstyle for Asian men

Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com

#29: Short Textured Asian Men Hairstyle

This hairstyle is tried and true. Shaofeng Feng recently tried it out at a movie premiere, going with a safe yet stylish look. To attain this cute way, accept the sides of your hair trimmed shorter than the top, and then become the top and dorsum point cut for the subtle spikes. Run a setting gel through your damp hair and let it set.

short edgy hairstyle for Asian men

taniavolobueva / Shutterstock.com

#thirty: Long Pilus Don’t Care

Ko Mori went with an contained expect for the Contained Spirit Awards. With basically zero effort, he worked a styling gel through his hair and tousled information technology while notwithstanding clammy. Let information technology air dry to accomplish this messy, coincidental look that pairs well with a suit or tuxedo.

Asiam men hairstyle for long hair

Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

#31: Strategically Lush Asian Men Hairstyle

When your hair is not as thick as desired, yous may tousle it into strategically placed locations, including the forehead. Take caution with styling gel – while necessary, using too much will rather give away your thinning hair secret than conceal information technology.

Asian men hairstyle with a quiff

Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

#32: Straight Upward Spikes

At a recent Armani show, this Asian male person model had his hair brushed upwards and abroad from the face up while damp, securing information technology with a potent-hold gel. The sides are also brushed back and trimmed shorter than the top section.

Spiky hairstyle for Asian men

Stacey Newman / Shutterstock.com

#33: Boy-Next-Door Look

Who wouldn’t want to bring sweet-looking Brandon Soo Hoo domicile to run across mom and dad? With his classic eye school haircut, he pulls off the boy-side by side-door expect with ease. For this mode, simply get a temple fade cut, and don’t forget to utilize a styling production.

Asian men fade haircut

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#34: Male Box Braids

Non but African-American actresses or that novelty souvenir from a trip to Jamaica, Asian males can as well rock box braids. Tatsuya Nakamura recently did simply that by having his pilus professionally braided in the classic African style. Black hair from any ethnicity looks crawly in braids, and they are relatively simple to care for, making them a pop choice for celebs who are craving to look bully, but rather coincidental.

Asian men's box braids

ChinellatoPhoto / Shutterstock.com

#35: Punked Out Asian Men Hairstyle

Complementing his earring and all-black ensemble, Knuckles Dumont’s hair is short, gelled and reminiscent of the 80’s punk way. If you have fine pilus, this idea will suit y’all well. Add some low-cal facial hair for a more masculine look.

Asian men faux hawk hairstyle

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#36: Long Straight Asian Strands

All smiles at a recent movie premiere, Dat Phan went for a super direct hairstyle with chunky bangs. This look is fairly easy to achieve with a flat fe – the trick is having the strands cutting into chunky layers in the front and on the sides.

Asian men short-to-medium hairstyle

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#37: Funky Asian Men Hairstyle

Asians may wait interesting with blonde pilus, equally is modeled past Chu Ishikawa. Shaved on the sides and teased on meridian, a very light setting product keeps the center department upward and extreme.

Asian men Mohawk hairstyle

ChinellatoPhoto / Shutterstock.com

#38: Edgy Asian Male person Pilus

At that place’s something inherently likeable nigh an Asian actor with a expert boy haircut, and Tong Dawei was no exception to this rule at the concluding yr’s Venice Film Festival. Going with a classic little male child hair cutting complete with subtle center spikes, pilus gel really holds this expect together both in the third grade and now.

short tapered Asian men haircut

andersphoto / Shutterstock.com

#39: Simple Asian Men Hairstyle

PSY is his own prove, and there’s no need for a flashy hair do. His hair is archetype, brushed dorsum and side parted for a clean cut appearance to become with that tuxedo.

casual short hairstyle for Asiamn men

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#forty: Geeky and Thousand

Grant Imahara is geek chic at an awards evidence that celebrates all things nerdy. It almost seems as if he turned a bad haircut into a stylish feat with the tousled placement and a quality pilus product. If you have a broad forehead, consider brushing some strands forwards as Imahara did for a friendly, attractive look.

Asian men disheveled hairstyle

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

So, if you’re a modernistic, fashionable Asian male, rest assured enough of artistic hair options be there to keep you looking handsome and relevant at any gathering. From stylish spikes to the clean cut amuse, accept ane of these ideas with you to the salon at your next visit.

40 Brand New Asian Men Hairstyles

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