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33 Cute Braided Ponytails to Inspire Your Next Hairstyle

From sleek and chic to textured techniques, get inspired past these cute updos for Black women.

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Ponytails are a perennially versatile hairstyle: You can casually throw your hair upwards into one on a hot summertime day, or accept your time to way a chic and sophisticated ponytail for a special occasion. And don’t think that if you lot wearable your pilus in braids, whether colossal braids that swing below your waist or tighter cornrow styles, you tin’t rock a ponytail, too — braided ponytails accept been recently spotted all over the fashion runways, reddish carpets and the streets of cities both large and small. In fact, braided ponytails are an easy protective style that tin can last up to ii weeks — simply won’t disrupt your day-to-solar day activities or workouts.

If you accept fine pilus, you may want to opt for a textured braid with staying power, like a fishtail complect. For curly hair upwardly to type iv, take advantage of your texture and play with cornrows, feed-in-braids or fifty-fifty update your box braids by securing them into a high ponytail. If you want a bolder look, opt for three jumbo braids versus one, or accessorize your ponytail with barrettes, bubbles or gilded thread. There are endless means to style a braided ponytail — and nosotros rounded upward a few dozen our favorites to assistance inspire. Find your next hairstyle here!

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Extra Long Cornrows

Cornrows make ponytail hairstyles look chic — actress Tracee Ellis Ross takes her await to the next level with extra long braids.

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Jumbo Ponytail Braid

Braided ponytails tin can make a statement: Instance in betoken, actress Zendaya, who shows off a sleek jumbo braid on the reddish carpet.

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Ponytail Braid with Bangs

Model Naomi Campbell wears a long colossal complect and adds a romantic touch with long bangs.

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False Bubble Ponytail

If your braid game needs work and you are looking for a ponytail with way but not too much book, then this false bubble ponytail may be for you. Extra Gabrielle Union rocked this short bubble ponytail, but instead of pulling out her hair to make more of a bubble between the elastics, she left it as is for definition sans size.

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Side Mode

Actress Yara Shahidi wears three jumbo Marley hair braids swiped to the side for an updated updo.

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Colorful Cornrows

Colorful hair is trending and actress Amandla Stenberg leans into the look with oversized cornrows in pink and platinum hues.

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High Jumbo Braided Ponytail

Brusk pilus doesn’t have to hateful express styling. Extra Keke Palmer adds a weave to create a jumbo ponytail with a fan stop.

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Blue Braids

Make box braids

style with fun colors, as seeon on Amandla Stenberg.

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Cornrow Cutie

Add together some interesting details to your ponytail style with pocket-size cornrows like singer Rihanna.

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Ponytail Perfection

Existent Housewives of Atlanta
star Cynthia Bailey revels in the versatility of box braids to rock a high ponytail.

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Darling Details

Accessorize your oversized ponytail braid with i cornrow directly down the middle and add some bling to the braid for interesting details similar actress Storm Reid.

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Braided Beauty

Actress Kerry Washington shows united states how a messy complect tin await effortlessly elegant.

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Colossal Cornrow Crown

Lean into an oversized look like actress Issa Rae with her cute bronze braid, styled into a half crown starting at the top of the head.

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Caput-Turning Fishtail

Actress Halle Berry displays loftier manner with a sky loftier fishtail ponytail.

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Four Cornrows

When wearing a weave ponytail, continue it unproblematic and piece of cake with four cornrows that feed into one ponytail like Gabrielle Union’s hairstyle.

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Haute Pilus

Blonde pilus looks striking against nighttime skin tones, every bit seen with this high ponytail on extra Amandla Stenberg.

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Professional person Ponytail

Skai Jackson strikes a pose with her sophisticated ponytail and swept edges.

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Pompadour Ponytail

Actress Simone Missick balances her complect with a subtle pompadour.

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Large Complect

If y’all want volume and length without the price tag (or the time) it takes to wearable a total weave, actress Susan Kelechi Watson sports a jumbo braid that has big style payoff with minimal time.

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Undone Complect Ponytail

Looking to avoid heat styling your pilus? Extend the life of your ponytail hairstyle by unraveling your braids and wearing the hair out like Skai Jackson.

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Updated Box Braids

When wearing your box braids in a high ponytail, wrap some of the braids around the base and slick your baby hairs for an edgy style.

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Sleek Braided Ponytail

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross dons a sleek low ponytail for a sophisticated style.

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Sleek and Chichi

Real Housewives of Atlanta

star Cynthia Bailer wears a depression braided ponytail with a heart part for an elegant look.

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Chimera Complect Beauty

The bubble ponytail may look difficult merely is easy to achieve: Offset by securing a ponytail, then add hair ties evenly spaced to create the bubble effect.

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Major Microbraid

Vocalizer Nicki Minaj wears modest micro braids that are fed into a high ponytail for maximum drama.

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Boxed Braid Updo

Reclaim your time in the morning hours past throwing your box braids into a messy ponytail for an relaxed updo, a la Gabrielle Union.

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A Lovely Loose Complect

How tight or loose you braid can modify the unabridged look. Case in betoken: Issa Ray, who rocks a lovely loose, full braid.

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