Hairstyles With Braids in a Ponytail

A braided ponytail is a sizzling switch-up to your everyday look! On whatever occasion and with whatsoever OOTD, a casual notwithstanding creative complect running down your dorsum volition get you noticed without a dubiety!

Play with the different braiding styles, lengths, thicknesses, patterns, and cute accessories to create a glamorous look. It does take a lot of artistry and patience to put together an exquisite braided hairstyle, but the results are certainly worth it for its low maintenance needs!

Pull your hair back for a day in the gym, a stroll at the mall, or a much-awaited summer vacation to become those strands off your face. This sassy updo on protective styles is a fancy, elevated look to stand out from everyone else’s.

Now is the time for yous to run across through these recent photos of braided ponytails and sport this extravagant hairstyle!

Perfect Protective Braid

Instagram @blisshaircare

With topnotch ponytails similar this one, you tin can be versatile in personalizing your pilus. Utilise combinations of thick and thin pieces and some yarns for a charming result.

Kinky Twist Ponytail

Instagram @crownmeb_

Pile your braids into this commencement-rate high do for a quick elegant style! Totally a way to go everyone’due south attention!

Crochet Braiding

Instagram @irenesbraids

This one is so pleasing to the eye with its cute spiral twists that autumn directly and astonishing from a ponytail. It starts with really sparse evenly spaced cornrows and ends at the meridian of the head to transform into those stunning colossal pieces. Braiding can as well become an art form with a diverseness of means to create beautiful creations.

Fishbone Braided Ponytail for Black Hair

Instagram @braids_for_all_textures

Similar to the other ponytail braids, y’all can get fishbone braids by sticking close to the scalp while doing a fishtail.

Box Braids

Instagram @braids_by_antoinette

Get your plaits even more manageable when you gather them into a lovely height ponytail with a complect! This way you can show off your pretty face neatly and brightly.

Lemonade Braids

Instagram @styledbyglammmaaa

Go tribal with this cool and delicate blueprint of cornrows before pulling it all up into a sleek accessorized pony! A braided ponytail for black hair tin exist infused with braiding techniques similar this and others for a unique wait.

Braided Ponytail Weave

Instagram @taylordddd._

Simplicity at its finest! These exquisite natural braids with a red ombre will wow anyone who sees it.

Goddess Braid

Instagram @queenveehair

We have here a stunningly beautiful accessorized protective style for a ponytail. Those golden metal cuffs and strings and vibrant highlights all create a actually stylish look perfect for royalty.

Jumbo Complect

Instagram @rudysstyles

Have your relaxed hair all pulled into one gigantic tail for an effortless nevertheless sleeker look. This ’90s inspired hairstyle is a dazzling option for prom or for your everyday fashion.

Cornrow Braids

Instagram @im_theantidote

Vibrant colour is a cool way to update your feed-ins than with a ponytail. Employ hair accessories for a trendier fashion, and you lot can as well have ane slice fall in front of your ear for a unique touch.

Cute Ponytails for Piffling Girls

Instagram @aintya_mama

These unicorn lemonade braids are a creative mode to protect your piffling girl’s natural pilus from the harsh sun. Have her feeling like a mermaid when you blend those pieces with purple and pink strands! For some reason, cute girls and ponytails just go hand in manus.

Loftier Ponytail Braids


A Beyonce-inspired peak ponytail hairdo like this starts with evenly made sparse cornrows that spiral a chip from the start for a more feminine result.

Feed-In Braids

Instagram @minyatas_touch

This edgy ponytail has a combination of actually huge and thin cornrows for a bully dissimilarity. The smaller pieces accentuate the intricate blueprint of this await.

Low Ponytail Braid

Instagram @lauraya_coiffure

A low ponytail braid is the ultimate protective style. Braids are ofttimes used in protective styling, simply keeping the ponytail low will also help your hairline. The combination of the two will keep weight off more fragile hairs while guarding your lengths.

Ghana Braids

The Ghana braid ponytail is a sleek and keen protective braid manner that can show off a sassy to classy personality. The greatest thing most this manner is that it is pulled away from the face to show off your natural beauty.

Use a satin or silk scarf at bedtime to maintain a longer-lasting manner and forbid the hair from frizz or dryness. Moisturize the scalp with a natural oil at least ii to three times weekly. This style is for any personality type and tin can be worn during a work out session or business organisation coming together. This is likewise a get-up-and-go hairstyle.

Small Micro Braids

This braided ponytail is sleek and assuming, and because it’s a style inspired by rap queen Nicki Minaj, that bold free energy just naturally comes with the look. The precision parting at the superlative is such a complex design yet simple. The precision is the pattern and I retrieve that’s the best part about it.

Be prepared to draw attention just of positive reactions and looks of awe! Information technology’s a style that is not easily replicated and few can execute well. The upkeep is quite simple and the hair type for African American women should really just be healthy with healthy hair edges. I expect this look to go well with a woman who has an edge in her personality and enjoys nightlife and selfies. Information technology’s definitely an attention-getter!

Mermaid Complect

This ponytail butterfly braid is very conservative but fashionable. I love it because it’due south the perfect way to unleash your feminine side while keeping it basic and keep the heads turning.

This braid, however, is not one that’s very long-lasting. You lot can wear this way for about 7-ten days for naturally straight hair and approximately 3-7 days for kinky/curly “unruly” hair. I advise blowing directly a curly hair before attempting the style. The butterfly braid is great for any occasion. You can get from a daytime upshot to dinner and right back to the role with this versatile manner! Perfect for anybody!


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