3 Creative Bun Hairstyles for Thin Hair – Video Tutorials

A creative bun hairstyle is the ultimate way to give your fine hair a fuller, elegant await – without having to sell your soul so you can afford countless pilus products. All you need is to learn a few pro tips and tricks to requite it a fuller, Audrey Hepburn-inspired look. Luckily, we’ll be sharing these with yous today!

Read on to notice out how a bit of twisting and tugging can create lovely bun hairstyles with volume your fine hair has never seen!

#1: Elegant Bun Updo: Step-Past-Step Tutorial

Pace i:
Start by separating a small-scale department of your hair at the crown of your head and tying information technology with a small-scale elastic. Make sure it isn’t too tight – tying it a couple of inches higher up the crown will make the next step easier.

High Bun Updo: Step 1

Separate a small section of pilus at the crown

Step 2:
At present, make a pigsty right above the elastic, and ‘topsy tail’ the hair – flip it over and into this gap. In one case you have an inverted ponytail, we’ll work to create the much-desired illusion of fullness. Tug at the pieces forth the crown slightly to requite your hair a lift simply be careful not to pull it apart too much. The desired effect is a volume heave from the roots while maintaining a neat, elegant look. Spritz it with hairspray lightly to keep things extra smooth. Non sure which hairspray to go for? Our shortlist of best hairsprays volition assistance!

High Bun Updo: Step 2

Make a hole right in a higher place the rubberband, and ‘topsy tail’ the pilus

Step 3:
Grab the hair from the back of your head, and brush it downward using a fine-tooth comb to make sure tangles are out. Pull your pilus up and brush it in upward motions to go rid of the kinks, then secure your ponytail with an elastic and a couple of bobby pins (aka DIY hair bungee). What you lot’ll want to do is prepare yourself a hair bungee by hooking the elastic into two bobby pins. Identify the beginning pin into your ponytail on the right side, then wrap the elastic effectually your ponytail a few times. Slide the second bobby pin into the ponytail to hold it in identify. Concord the ponytail up and spray a dash of hairspray under it to avoid whatsoever kinks or flyaways sneakily appearing afterward on.

High Bun Updo: Step 3

Pull hair up and secure a ponytail with an elastic

Stride 4:
An elastic doesn’t expect too aesthetically pleasing, then we’re going to make sure no-i knows it’s there! Grab the hair you’ve tied at the top of your head and wrap it around the ponytail, from correct to left. One time that’due south done, secure the pilus underneath the ponytail with 2 bobby pins, creating a cross pattern.

High Bun Updo: Step 4

Catch the pilus you lot’ve tied and wrapping it around the ponytail

Stride 5:
The following stride – backcombing the ponytail – is crucial for keeping your bun full of life for longer. Separate a section from the top of the ponytail, and tease it using a fine brush. Deport on separating and teasing small strands from the ponytail, until you’ve backcombed the whole ponytail.

High Bun Updo: Step 5

Separate a pinnacle section of the ponytail and tease it

Step half dozen:
Now, take the top part of your ponytail, forming a ‘fluffy’ bun. Secure it with a small elastic and smooth downwardly the residuum of the ponytail with your fingers to make sure the strands are nice and straight.

High Bun Updo: Step 6

Form a ‘fluffy’ bun from the summit part of your ponytail

Pace 7: One time you’ve tied your hair into a loose bun, employ the rest of the ponytail to wrap effectually the base of the bun, nicely hiding the elastic and the pins. No need to wrap it likewise tightly – loose bun will give your pilus expect thicker. Finally, accept the ends of the ponytail, tuck them under the base and secure with a few bobby pins. Stop up by curling the front pieces of your hair with a curler or straightener to give them a more elegant look.

High Bun Updo: Step 7

Wrap the rest of your ponytail effectually the base of operations of the bun

Elegant Bun Updo

Elegant Bun Updo

Elegant Bun Updo Tutorial

#two: Pull-Through Depression Bun: Step-By-Pace Tutorial

Step i:
Start by brushing your pilus with boar bristle brush to ensure shine and knot-free strands. From the right side of your caput, separate the tiptop part of your hair and tie it with a small elastic.

Pull-Through Low Bun: Step 1

From the right side of your head, split the tiptop office of your pilus and tie it with a small elastic

Stride 2:
Equally with the previous hairstyle – yous’ll want to pull through (‘topsy tail’) the ponytail. Once the strands are inwards, tug at them slightly to loosen a fiddling. Echo these two steps on the left side – tying the tiptop part of your pilus with a small elastic, pulling through the small ponytail and giving the strands a little tug to loosen.

Pull-Through-Low-Bun: Step 2

‘Topsy tail’ the ponytail

Step 3:
Now take hold of the hair from the middle of your head, and repeat the same steps, also pulling at the strands to give the mode a volume boost.

Pull-Through Low Bun: Step 3

Grab the hair from the center of your head and repeat the aforementioned steps

Step 4:
Adjacent, take the hair that’s down between the middle topsy tail and the ane on the right, incorporating the forepart section of your hair – and tie it with a small elastic. Invert it the aforementioned style every bit before – this little trick helps us reach more voluminous, retro-inspired hairstyle. Repeat the same pace on the left side.

Pull-Through Low Bun: Step 4

Take the hair that’s down between the center topsy tail and the one on the right, and tie information technology with an rubberband

Step 5:
The same principle will apply as you lot movement down towards the middle of your neck – continue tying the hair that surrounds your ponytails with an elastic, then pulling it through – until y’all’re out of hair on the sides and are left simply with the pilus in the middle of your neck.

Pull-Through Low Bun: Step 5

Go along tying the hair that surrounds your ponytails moving down towards the middle of your neck

Step 6:
The next step is creating an illusion of a thick-looking complect. This is a wonderful little trick for girls with fine hair – doesn’t everyone want a fuller looking braid once in a while? Grab the hair from the sides of the ponytail, tie information technology with an elastic, then invert information technology. Pull it apart slightly to make information technology await fuller and looser – and repeat the same steps until yous get to the end of your hair. Once the braid is done, necktie it with an rubberband band.

Pull-Through Low Bun: Step 6

Catch the pilus from the sides of the ponytail, tie information technology with an elastic, then invert it

Step 7: And now, the most exciting step – turning the braid into a beautiful, elegant bun! Fold it up gently and bring it to the back of your head. One bobby pin should gear up it in identify – just use ii if yous demand to. Twist the ends of the braid effectually your fingers and use a few bobby pins to secure it underneath the bun. If in that location’s any hair left at the nape of your cervix – roll it up and set it at the base of operations of the bun with a few bobby pins. Spritz it with hairspray to brand your hairstyle final longer – and you’ve got yourself a beautiful pull-through depression bun!

Pull-Through Low Bun: Step 7

Course a bun using bobby pins

Pull-Through Depression Bun

Pull-Through Low Bun

Pull-Through Low Bun Tutorial

#three: Twisted Side Bun: Pace-Past-Stride Tutorial

Step one:
Divide a small section of pilus on the right side of your head – that won’t exist touched for a while. Now take the remaining hair and tie information technology on the right side of your head (using a DIY hair bungee we’ve learnt to make earlier!). This is a little handy pull a fast one on to make sure the ponytail doesn’t droop. Pin the start bobby pivot into the middle of the ponytail, wrap the rubberband around the ponytail a few times – and slide in the second bobby pin to set it in place. Then, tug at the top part slightly to avoid the hair sticking lifelessly to the top of your head – that is not the look nosotros’re aiming for!

Twisted Side Bun: Step 1

Take a pocket-size section of hair on the right side, pivot a bobby pivot into the center of the ponytail and wrap the elastic around it

Step two:
Next, divide the ponytail into iii equal parts. Nosotros’ll work with these three sections to create total and loose-looking rope twist braids – the essence of this elegant hairstyle. Frequently perceived to be more complicated than they are (peradventure because of how sophisticated they look!), twisted rope braids are really pretty simple. Take the offset strand and carve up it into two equal parts. Twist each strand to the right, then cantankerous the right strand over the left 1, creating the pattern of a twisted rope complect.

Twisted Side Bun: Step 2

Divide the ponytail into three equal parts and make twists

Step 3:
Continue braiding by crossing the right strand over the left one, occasionally tugging at the pilus strands to create larger, looser loops (but be careful not to pull it autonomously entirely). When you pull at the strands, make sure yous’re holding on to the ends tightly. Once the rope twist complect is washed, secure the end of the braid with a modest rubberband.

Twisted Side Bun: Step 3

Continue braiding crossing the right strand over the left one, secure with elastics

Step four:
Repeat the same steps with the other two sections of your ponytail, turning them both into loose twisted rope braids. Finish with a chip of hairspray to create a smoother look and a longer lasting hairstyle.

Twisted Side Bun: Step 4

Continue the same steps for other strands

Step 5:
Now, let’southward turn our attending to the forepart department of pilus. The principle is the aforementioned – carve up it into ii equal parts, then twist both to the correct, crossing the right one over the left one until your braid is done. Call up to pull at the loops while property on to the ends to create a fuller expect.

Twisted Side Bun: Step 5

Divide the forepart section of pilus into 2 equal parts and twist both to the right

Step 6:
Take the get-go of the three rope braids, and roll it into a loose, flowery bun. Once shaped like a lovely, airy bun, use ane or ii bobby pins to prepare it in place.

Twisted Side Bun: Step 6

Make a loose bun, securing with bobby pins

Step vii:
Take hold of the second braid and add it to the bun, wrapping it around the first complect, so that the bun looks fifty-fifty fuller. Gear up it in place with a bobby pivot, but make sure to hide it well – bobby pins are a cracking tool and can look cool, merely we don’t desire to meet them poking out of this particular hairstyle. Take the 3rd braid and roll it around your fingers, creating a pocket-sized bun. Now add it to the lesser of the bigger bun and fix information technology in identify with a few bobby pins.

Twisted Side Bun: Step 7

Grab the second complect and add it to the bun

Step 8:
Finally, grab the fourth twisted rope complect from the front and incorporate it into the bun, wrapping it effectually loosely from the top down (or from the left to the right). Doesn’t that expect lovely?!

Twisted Side Bun: Step 8

Comprise the fourth twisted rope complect into the bun

Twisted Side Bun

Twisted Side Bun

Twisted Side Bun Tutorial

Video Tutorial How to Create 3 Bun Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Cull the Right Toolkit

Creating these hairstyles isn’t rocket scientific discipline with an easy-to-follow video tutorial, but yous may wonder if there are any other secrets we can share to make your fine hair look its all-time. And – we do! To give your hair an extra heave, yous may want a little assistance from styling products. Not just any products – simply products that really do the job and requite your hair a long-lasting volume boost.

Luckily, we know just the correct toolkit that will assist in creating these lovely hairstyles. The products we’ve chosen volition work perfectly for all three updos, making the hair look fuller and the hairstyles final longer.

  • Nexxus Diametress Book Shampoo. If your hair’southward flat and fine, volumizing shampoo will be your best friend. This Nexxus shampoo, enriched with green tea, will increase the diameter of each pilus strand, making your hair expect seriously thick.
  • John Frieda Luxurious Book Accident Out Spray. This blow-out spray is a blessing for those who haven’t been blessed with thick, voluminous locks we’re constantly seeing on hair models. Activated by rut, the spray gives your pilus a visible boost – and forms the perfect base for a voluminous bun hairstyle.
  • Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Hairspray. Make your way concluding longer with this citrus-scented, 24-hour hold hairspray from Herbal Essences. Spritz information technology lightly over your finished hairstyle or between the steps to ensure a smoothen, long-lasting and flyaway-free hairstyle.

With these book-boosting tricks, a bun hairstyle can transform even the finest hair into an elegant, voluminous updo.

Learning to create a bun hairstyle that makes your hair await full of life can be life-changing for someone who has ultra-fine, lifeless hair. Probably one of the near versatile hairstyles in that location is, an elegant bun volition exist an accompaniment y’all can ‘habiliment’ to any special occasion, from a fancy evening affair to a sophisticated wedding.

And – call back that these hairstyles will be easier to create on fine hair than on very thick (and oftentimes, difficult to manage) hair… so consider yourself lucky!

3 Creative Bun Hairstyles for Thin Hair – Video Tutorials

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