9 Easy Changes that will Make Your Hair Salon More Sustainable

Creating a more than sustainable, eco-friendly salon is much easier than yous might think. The world nosotros now live in gives us much more pick when information technology comes to protecting our planet, whether that be the products you stock or your chosen free energy supplier. In fact, being eco-friendly is fast transitioning from a trend to a core value modernistic generations cherish. And it’s loftier time for hair salons to lean in!

Whether you want to make your salon more sustainable, choose to get your pilus done past the environmentally responsible business, or seek information on how your preferred salon tin cut downwards on the negative impact, we have many helpful tips to share. Enabling ourselves, and those around us to make sustainable choices will help us protect our planet in the long term.

Sustainable Strategy

Sustainability is something that we need to be aware of without thinking and then that it becomes our 2d nature to recognize potential pitfalls and alter them. Creating a sustainable strategy will enable you to easily identify potential “leaky holes” in your salon and ways to make a change.

A firm strategy helps you effectively communicate your vision to the employees and customers, design a plan as to what direction you want to steer your green practices towards, and set a time frame. It provides a level of consistency to follow, even though further development and growth are always welcome. Hither are 10 simple steps that can brand function of this strategy.

#1: Go Digital

Our industry has a plethora of digital systems that allow us to easily rails and manage data. This tin can be for resources such equally:

  • Grooming Guides
  • Consultations
  • Record Cards
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Receipts/Invoices

Non only does this reduce unnecessary newspaper waste, but it likewise allows for accessible resources for staff and efficient marketing for old and new clients. Check with your suppliers and banking company if they offer paperless billing/statements, as most now do.

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#ii: Look in Your Bin!

Look at what you are throwing away. Tin can it be recycled? Tin it be repurposed? Or are there other options on the market that mean less waste product?

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Check with your local quango what they volition recycle for y’all, each council differs. Or at that place are dedicated Salon recycling services such as The Green Salon Collective.

Comport in mind, that many biodegradable advertised items tin still have months or years to biodegrade and must be in platonic weather condition to do and so. Then do thorough inquiry if you lot are looking to stock biodegradable items.

Alternative to Foils for Salons

#3: Choosing Your Cadre Brand

Choosing a core range that reflects your values and ethos is arguably the most important chemical element of creating a sustainable salon. One time you have determined what your values are, and where yous want your salon to be on the sustainability spectrum, you tin can consider what brand to carry that compliments this.

Things to consider when searching for the make that best suits you and your salon are:

  • Packaging – is it recyclable and/or recycled?
  • Is it organic, or even ameliorate bio-dynamic?
  • Is the brand owned by a bigger corporation that doesn’t take the same values?
  • Is it vegan and cruelty free?
  • Does the design of the retail product enable you lot to offer a refill service for your clients from your backbar stock?
  • Is the brand visibly sustainable beyond their social media channels and/or website?

Salon Using Vegan Hair Products

#iv: Reduce Chemic Waste

Any make you stock for color, in that location is no getting past that it is a chemical. At Dark-green & Co nosotros closely monitor our color usage, this is not to say we are tight, but only to limit the amount of waste material that will go down the sink.

Switching from a measuring cup to digital scales volition allow you to accurately counterbalance out smaller amounts of color. This is specially benign when it comes to creating custom formulas, as you can measure minuscule amounts that we all know make a lot of deviation to the end result.

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Set your team incentives for minimized waste matter, pour all mixed and unused products into a jar every calendar week, and prepare goals to reduce it calendar week on calendar week. Getting your team on board is then integral to whatsoever sustainable strategy you put in place. While elements of sustainability must come from a persons’ heart, it doesn’t hurt to incentivize and reward the squad endeavor.

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#5: Support Other Local Independent Businesses

Greenish & Co has always firmly believed that creating a sustainable local economic system is only as important as creating sustainable working practices within your salon. Supporting other local, like-minded businesses creates an incredible working relationship with the customs that helps you lot get your message out there and that will pay you dorsum tenfold.

Some examples of local contained businesses that you can support are:

  • Tea & coffee suppliers
  • Chocolate / biscuit / cake makers
  • Local tradesmen/tradeswomen
  • Cafes/tearooms
  • Artists
  • Graphic designers
  • Milkman

Example of Hair Salon Supporting Local Community

#half dozen: Green Energy

Free energy is oft an overlooked matter because information technology is just there, doing its affair to go along our hairdryers on and our water warm. All the same, it’due south something nosotros use every single twenty-four hours, and we use a lot of it.

Switching to a green energy supplier such every bit Bulb or Octopus, supports sustainable energy and reduces your carbon footprint.

Eco Hair Salon Design

#7: The Team

Without a doubt, it is crucial that your team are on lath with your vision and sustainable strategy. Multiple brains are ever better than 1, and while y’all will be the driving force behind the strategy, they will exist the ones carrying it forrad in the day-to-day practices of the salon. Too, they will be the ones communicating the values of the salon to the customers and alluring new clientele that can relate to the idea of sustainability.

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#8: Listen & Communicate with Your Clients

Clients provide us with invaluable insight that we, as stylists and owners, don’t encounter or experience. Clients will always prove to be a fantastic source of inspiration and change. And so when a client says, “What practice you do with all these foils?” that’s a lightbulb moment to brand a change.

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As a salon, you have an incredible audience to exist communicating your initiatives and practices to (something many other industries aren’t as fortunate to have). We spend long periods of time with our guests on an often personal level, giving us fourth dimension to convey and educate them virtually our values and practices.

Example of Recycling in Hair Salon

#ix: The Nooks and Crannies

This is what I like to call all those little things that we tend to easily forget almost, just are often used in high volume. The listing is endless just here are some things nosotros looked at and changed for more sustainable alternatives:

  • Cleaning Products – Koh
  • Laundry detergent – Eco Egg
  • Milk – Milkman (Glass bottles)
  • Toilet newspaper & tissues – Who Gives a Crap
  • Foil – Paper Non Foil
  • Lighting – LED Lighting
  • Hair Cuttings – Bully for compost
  • Shredded paper -> Great for pocket-sized animate being bedding
  • Coffee pods -> Used java grinds are perfect for composting and the aluminium outers can be recycled
  • Tea Bags – Plastic-free tea bags
  • Water – Ecoheads showerheads

Have a walk through of your salon, looking at every minute item, and consider whether it can exist inverse to offering a more sustainable way of operating.

Shower Heads Reducing Water Consumption

Creating a sustainable salon doesn’t always happen overnight, it tin exist a multi-faceted operation, only the smallest changes make a big deviation. Whether information technology takes yous days, weeks, months or years – you’re making an unbelievable difference to the manufacture and our planet.

Creating a sustainable environment is ongoing, it never ends – there will always be something we can adapt and improve on. Experience free to follow our Greenish & Co story through our website and social media.

9 Easy Changes that will Make Your Hair Salon More Sustainable

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