Jimmy Two Shoes Hair Brained Idea

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Ex. 2 Combine the nouns with the adjectives given in brackets. Utilise them to brand the sentences of your ain. Pay attention to the utilise of the articles

a. hair (short, long, fair, dark, grey, direct, curly)

b. face (round, sparse, oval, square)

�. effigy (tall, brusque, well-built, sparse, slim, stout)

d. nose (turned-up, long, brusk, straight)

Complimenting People

1. – You exercise await well, Connie!

– Practice I? I’m afraid, I’ve gained some weight.

– Have y’all? It does not spoil your looks. Your complexion is marvellous,

– Thanks.

2. – Y’all actually look beautiful, Pat.

– Prissy to hear it. I’g merely back from my holiday.

– That explains your wonderful tan.

– Thanks.

iii. – Glad to see you looking so fit, sometime man.

– Cheers. It’s very pleasant to hear information technology

– My pleasure.

4. – Linda, honey! Y’all look quite new and very mannerly.

– Exercise I? In fact I’ve changed my hair-exercise.

– Oh, you actually take and it is very becoming.

– Many thank you.

Ane can look:

well skillful prissy not bad

mannerly terrific beautiful marvellous smashing

smart fit lovely

elegant fantastic super


“It’south been long”, “How are you lot”, “Complimenting”.

Allow�southward compliment each other

I – You do wait well, Betty (nice, Jack charming, Nora marvellous, David)

– You really look beautiful, Alice.(fit, Jimmy elegant, Dolly , smart, Neb)

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– Glad you looking and then fit, (cute, Suzy smart, Mike)

Human action out the conversations

– Do I? I’k afraid I’ve gained some weight.

– Cheers. It’s very pleasant to hear information technology.

– Do I? In fact, I’ve changed my hair-practise.

– Do I? Nice to hear it.

Ex. 3 A. Report the table below, showing adjectives and expressions we use to

Draw people. In some cases, these are used only for men or only for women.

Notation that we seldom use the less attractive words for people we know and like or nosotros qualify them:
‘He’s not very tall.’ (He’s rather curt.) or ‘She’due south non very pretty.’ (She’s rather obviously.)

Men Women
historic period former, elderly, middle-aged, young, looks about (xxx)
Height alpine, of boilerplate height, short
Figure broad-shouldered, muscular, well-built …has a good figure
Shape fat, thin (critical), plump, slim (favourable)
Hair bald, dark-haired, off-white-haired, red-haired; long, brusque, straight, curly, wavy blonde, brunette
Face round, long, square, oval, wrinkled, freckled
Complexion tanned, pale, sallow, fresh
nose long, hooked, snub (flattered)
lips sparse, full

I can get tired of men, merely never of compliments

�. Use adjectives from those listed in a higher place to complete this description of a human being

He used to be quite good-looking when he was
y_________He wast________and
s_________- he looked then elegant in evening dress. He used to play a lot of games and then and so he was
from spending and then much fourth dimension in the open air, and of course powerfully-built,
yard__________ and
He had a mass of
�_______hair and
h_______ people, a pleasant,
f_______face, with a funny picayune
s_______ about
r______ and
f_____lips, as if he wanted to buss you. I’m afraid you wouldn’t recognize now! He’s only
m________-a_________but he looks about sixty! Of course when mentheir pilus and become
b________, it always adds years to their existent age, but his face is and
west______now, and since he gave up sport, he has put on a lot of weight, rather
f_______. Autonomously from that, sitting in that office all day has given him a unhealthy complexion. Even his lips wait
t______now; I expect he’s got false teeth.

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The cosmetics firms spend their time trying to get people to modify appearance. If girls are dark-haired, they persuade them to dye their pilus and get
b____. If their hair is straight, they will make it ‘naturally’
due west____ can brand
s____complexions the colour of peaches and cream. If you havenose, they will straighten it. If yous take
t____lips you tin can learn to suck In
to make them wait
It’south the aforementioned for men nowadays. You lot can go to clinics where they with you from going
You can do exercises to become
b____-shouldered. Ann a lamp you can become
t____without going outdoors. But the biggest craze these days is that all girls must be Grandfather’s twenty-four hours, men liked women to exist p____; their idea of a good effigy was dissimilar. Merely now, if I looked like that, Jack would say: ‘Yous’re getting
don’t you go on a diet?’

Ex. four. A. Read through the post-obit descriptions of Janet, Donna, Colin and Robert.


She’s sophisticated. Well-dressed, expensive hairstyle and and then on, she is in her tardily thirties or early forties, merely she looks younger. She’s about average pinnacle and very slim. Her hair’southward very blonde, dyed, I think, merely I’m not sure nearly that. It’s always very neat, not long. She’s got pale grey eyes with thin eyebrows. Her face is ever sunburned and very well made up. It’s not really beautiful, but very bonny, you know what I hateful. High cheekbones, small chin … oh and yes, there’south a beauty spot on her left cheek. She�s areliable sort of person, very sociable and always very, very polite.

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Well, she’s quite a lively, talkative person in her … in her late teens. She’due south alpine with a … a proficient effigy. She’south got a heart-shaped face with a small, sort of turned-upward olfactory organ. Information technology’s very attractive really. She’s got long, black wavy hair and blue optics with very long eyelashes. Her complexion is … well, she’s olive-skinned. Her lips are very total… and she’due south got dimples … dimples in her cheeks.


He’s a very large guy, you know, well-congenital with very broad shoulders. Not fat, actually, really … simply well-built. He’s in his early thirties. He’s got a long face with sparse lips. Oh, and a small scar on his mentum. He’s got very brusque, off-white pilus but with long sideburns and a moustache. Eyes … I haven’t really noticed the colour, he wears classes. He’due south got thick eyebrows and a kind of a long, straight nose. He’due south adequately reserved, thoughtful, sometimes even moody.


Robert’due south a wonderful person really. He’south elderly simply not old … still very lively and amusing. He’southward probably in his early seventies. He’s got white pilus, receding a bit, and a small white beard. He’southward of medium build, a little overweight perhaps. He’south got very dainty, large, brown eyes and he always seems to be smiling … lots of wrinkles circular the optics, laughter lines I think y’all call them. He’s got a very high, lined brow which makes him look very intelligent, which he is, of course.

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