How to Sleep with Curly Hair for Healthy and Defined Locks

If yous are blest to have a wavy, curly, or natural curl pattern, learning to preserve your curls overnight is essential to establishing a healthy hair routine. And not just considering of the flattened mess you will need to deal with in the morning. Tossing and turning at dark leads to pilus breakage, frizz, and nasty tangles. Read on for an ultimate guide on how to sleep with curly pilus and wake up with shiny, bouncy locks in the morning time.

Is Information technology Better to Slumber with Hair Up or Down?

It is better to pull pilus up for the night. When you place your curls on top, y’all volition non literally lie on your coils, and the weight of your head won’t nail curls in your hair while you slumber. This will also make curls take the same definition on all sides, fifty-fifty if you prefer sleeping on one side just. You lot may also sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase without doing any additional bedtime hairstyles.

When you article of clothing curly hair to bed in an updo, make certain that you lot practice non wrap or tie upward your hair too tightly – this may cause pilus friction and headaches. Below are the protective hairstyles for sleeping with curly hair along with our step-by-step guidance.

#1: Wrap Your Hair in a Silk Scarf

Wrapping curly hair in a silk scarf is one of the all-time overnight hairstyles a curly girl can manner (also equally the best mode to sleep on curled hair without messing it up).

Hither is how to wrap curly hair for sleeping:

  1. Take a silk or satin scarf and fold it into a triangle. Keep the shiny side out, equally information technology is softer and gives even more gentle care to your curls.
  2. Flip it over and lay it on your shoulders like a shawl.
  3. Become your hair back, bring the ends of the scarf upward and tie them around your head. Your curls shouldn’t stick out.
  4. Accept the triangular piece at the back and pull it upwardly. Hold the end of the scarf with i paw and apply a gratis ane to push all of your curls into a hair buff you accept just created.
  5. At present, pull the end to the front end and tuck it under the knot to secure information technology in place. Then, constrict any other sticking ends or sections.
  6. Take two ends and tie them at the back. Do non make the wrap too tight to avoid whatsoever headaches.

Note that this method helps to retain wet, protect curls, and prevent overnight damage from rubbing your hair against a pillowcase. Thus, y’all might want to wrap a soft shawl around other dark hairstyles as well.

Hair Wrapped in a Silk Scarf for Sleeping

#two: Plop Your Curls

Plopping hair with a cotton fiber T-shirt is often used in a curly daughter method and plump method as a way to speed up the air-drying process or as a style to go to slumber with your hair wet. In fact, it works well for either wet or dry out hair and y’all may employ this same method to sleep with curly hair on the second or third solar day too.

Here is how to plop curly pilus:

  1. Take a cotton T-shirt and lay information technology down flat in front of y’all with the sleeves away from your torso. Do not use high surfaces, equally you will need to flip your hair over the t-shirt; your bed or a chair might work bang-up.
  2. Flip your pilus over and identify it at the center of a T-shirt.
  3. Take the section that is abroad from y’all and put it on height of your head.
  4. Use the T-shirt arms to wrap the head over and tie them at the front.
  5. Tuck any sticking pieces in.

If you want to necktie the wrap at the back, simply start placing the T-shirt with the sleeves closer to your body. If y’all go to bed right after your shower, consider getting rid of moisture by micro plopping your moisture pilus with ane t-shirt and then plopping it overnight with a dry one to avoid discomfort.

Hair Plopped with a T-Shirt

#three: Pineapple and Medusa Clipping

Pineapple is the most mutual practise for curly hair at night. To create a pineapple hairstyle, flip your head over, polish the curls with your hands, and pull your hair up into a very loftier loose ponytail. Use a static hair tie or scrunchie.

Note that pineapple works best only for medium-length hairstyles: if your strands are long, yous somewhen sleep on your curly ponytail; likewise, you tin can be not able to pull all of your short hair up. Medusa clipping is a hack that solves both of these problems:

  • if you take long curly hair, pull sections of your pineapple closer to the acme of your head and clip them with claw clips;
  • if your hair is short, skip the pineapple and only pull sections upward and clip them on top.
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Overnight Hairstyle with Medusa Clipping

#iv: Make a Pineapple Bun

Some other way to modify a pineapple for sleeping with long curly hair is to twist it into a loose bun. Follow these steps:

  1. Flip your head over and piece of work with your hands to gather all of your curls into a loftier ponytail.
  2. Tie the ponytail with an elastic in one case.
  3. When you pull the ponytail through the elastic for the 2d time, stop halfway, not pulling the hair ends through.

For better protection, you may add a satin bonnet or scarf on top of your loose bun. This will go on your hair protected throughout the night.

Pineapple Bun for Sleeping with Long Curly Hair

#five: French Braid Your Curls

French complect allows stretching curls effectually the crown of your head while leaving the ends with a meliorate-defined curl pattern. If this is what you desire to achieve, a French braid should definitely brand function of your curly hair dark routine.

Here is how to French complect curly hair:

  1. Do not brush your pilus; instead, work with your fingers only. Section pilus grabbing several locks together and untangling their ends.
  2. Start braiding past gathering a big chunk of hair at the pinnacle of your head and separating it into three fifty-fifty strands.
  3. Twist the iii pieces as in a traditional braid by crossing the correct 1 over to the center.
  4. Start adding in new hair: grab hair from the side of the strand that you want to cross over and combine information technology with the strand itself.
  5. Go along the process until you reach the nape of your head, then finish making a traditional braid with the remaining length and put a hair tie on the end.

If you practice not want to stretch curls at the crown that much, go for two French braids. Mind that you demand to take ii even braids at night to have curls of the same size at both sides in the morning time.

French Braid on Curly Hair

#6: Make Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a popular protective hairstyle for natural hair. What makes a variant for sleeping different is that you don’t accept to brand the sections or the departing even; thus, the hairstyle takes only a few minutes:

  1. Separate your hair into 7-12 sections well-nigh 3 to 4 inches wide. You don’t need to create all sections right abroad. Offset with creating three or four Bantu knots at the front end, then gradually move to the next raw.
  2. Accept hair from ane section and twist it around itself a few times, creating a coil.
  3. Wrap the coiled strand effectually itself into a tiny bun.
  4. Tuck the ends under the coil or secure them with bobby pins or clips.
  5. Create new sections and twist Bantu knots with the remaining pilus.
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If you lot take wavy pilus and want some tighter springy curls, keep your curled twisted into modest knots. On the other hand, twisting larger sections can help you requite more loose curl definition to tight natural curls overnight.

Bantu Knots Created to Sleep on Curls

#7: Sleep on a Silk or Satin Pillowcase

Equally mentioned earlier, you can preserve your hair by sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Note that the method prevents frizz and breakage, but information technology is yet better to bring your pilus up if yous practise non want your head’s weight to flatten your curls.

If a silk or satin pillowcase is still on your shopping or gift list, or you lot hesitate whether information technology would make whatever change for your pilus care, try this hack:

  1. Lay your silk scarf flat on a surface with its shiny side down.
  2. Place your pillow on peak in the mode that the corners of the scarf protrude on each side of the pillow.
  3. Pull the opposing ends and tie them on top of your pillow. Then, do the same trick with the other two ends.
  4. Smooth and constrict whatever sticking sides and plough the pillow upside down. Voila! A pillow with a silk pillowcase is set!

DIY Silk Pillowcase for Preserving Hair Overnight

How to Wake Up with Curly Hair

For a perfect curly hairstyle on the 2d and third day after washing, moisturize pilus with a mask or a go out-in conditioner before going to bed and revive your curls the next morning:

  1. Pull hair and roots and give your curls some shake to render the volume to the top sections. If you need even more than lift, use hair powder and rub it into your roots.
  2. Give some mist to the sections that need restyling; then, scrunch or twist them around your finger to create tighter coils.
  3. Utilize balm or serum to shine over whatsoever frizzy curls and define the tips.

Spraying Curls to Revive Structure

No way the overnight hairstyle should prevent you from getting a good night’south sleep! After our tips on how to sleep with curly hair, the nighttime should no longer be the nightmare for your curls either.

How to Sleep with Curly Hair for Healthy and Defined Locks