20 African Head Wraps for Women and How to Tie Them

Have you ever come up across a photo on Instagram or a gorgeous stranger in a head wrap and wonder, how did she exercise that? Well, we’re here to help demystify those fabulous looks. We’ve got twenty caput-wrap styles with easy how-to videos to show you that tying a head wrap is easier than you think!

What Is an African Headwrap?

An African headwrap is a protective hairstyle that can exist achieved by tying a scarf effectually the head. Past analogy, the very scarves used for wrapping are called headwraps, too. African head wraps have been worn for centuries and are however important for African women as an ultimate cultural argument and commemoration of heritage.

It is one of the most stylish hairstyles that can be used to transition to natural hair, opposite the pilus loss, or simply requite natural hair a stress-free solar day. Substantially, fantabulous colors and patterns of African caput wraps make women look beautiful and total of life.

How to Tie a Head Wrap

Start with selecting a practiced head wrap and prepping your hair. A silk scarf will be gentler on your locks than a cotton one, as it won’t steal the wet, which is precious for natural hair. However, it may be slippery and difficult to tie for beginners. Thankfully, at that place are hacks to help, no matter what fabrics you choose:

  • Silk scarf:
    Put a wig cap on before tying a wrap to avert slippage. Making the wrap tights and tucking the ends will help to keep it in place, likewise.
  • Cotton scarf:
    Use a leave-in conditioner to assist hair retain wet. Y’all may besides complect or twist your pilus and put a silk or satin cap on to minimize contact of the hair with the wrap.

Thus, follow footstep-by-step instructions to different styles and get a knack for wearing headwraps. These tutorials will surely teach you how to look like a existent beauty.

#i: Loftier Headwrap Style for Brusk Hair

Always wondered how someone with short hair can achieve a gravity-defying look? This tutorial will evidence you how to add some superlative to your turban looks without having to abound x more than inches of hair. The trick is to wear a stocking cap stuffed with some cloth – it will not only allow faking a high bun but will also go along everything in identify all day. When your cap is on, kickoff wrapping a scarf: identify it at the back, then bring the ends forward and tie them in a knot. Twist the ends together, wrap around the bun, and tuck the ends.

#2: Marley Hair and Shortie Wrap

Looking for dissimilar ways to spice up your next ponytail expect? @a.dai.sa has got you covered with these 5 quick means to style shortie wraps. Feel free to endeavor these looks without the added hair, as well!

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#3: One-Infinitesimal Tall Crown

Arfican Head Wrap

Have only 5 minutes to get out the door? Attempt out this quick and easy headwrap over a top bun to get moving rapidly and wait fabled while doing it. Just put a headwrap around your head and tie the ends, making the second half knot above the first one. Thus, twist each end, bring it behind the bun, and tuck into the knot at the front. This look tin be your become-to when yous desire effortless glam, as a scarf with African print is a perfect accessory.

#4: Uncomplicated Turban Wrap

Turban Style for Long Natural Hair

Sometimes, the simplest African head wraps are the most fun. @alexandra_nx’due south quick Tinashe wrap tutorial volition have you out the door in minutes and looking gorgeous all day long! Pineapple your hair, and so bring the folded fabrics or a shortie forward and, once more, to the back. Tie the scarf at the back and hide the ends. At present, y’all can get rid of the hair tie – the wrap will keep your hair perfectly in place.

#5: Alpine Turban with Bangs

Headwrap with Faux Bangs

Style your next look with faux bangs with this easy-to-follow tutorial. A twist on a classic turban style, this look is sure to have you turning heads. Pro tip: use a bobby pin to get the preferred length for your bangs before styling your wrap.

#half-dozen: Iii Headwraps for Afro

Scarf Headband with Large Twist at the Front

Twist outs not coming out as planned? @a.dai.sa’s quick tutorial will show you 3 quick ways to take your style from failed to fabled. All yous need is to frame your afro, wrapping 1 of the splendid colorful scarves around your head. Experiment with the three head wraps to choose your get-to way.

#7: Wearing a Silk-Lined Headwrap

Wrap with Several Knots at the Front

Looking for added moisture retentivity? Go for silk-lined headwraps and total wrapping technique, like the one featured in this unbelievably simple tutorial. Place the headwrap around our head and tie the ends at the forepart several times. Thus, button the ends within the turban and tuck the loose fabric into i of the knots. A neat headwrap for women to wear, as it makes your hair protected from all the elements.

#viii: Low Wrap Style

Headwrap Tied at the Back

Business in the front end, political party in the back takes on a new meaning with this cute fashion, as the image is an effortless mix of demure and chic. Start wrapping by placing the center of your scarf at your hairline and secure the headwrap at the back by twisting and tucking the ends. Styling scarves like this is a simple way to encompass your hair in summer.

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#9: Front Bun Headwrap

African Headwrap with High Bun

This style is as simple equally tie, twist and tuck, but the bright accents in fabrics make it full of life and beauty! This flawless bun tin be worn for brunches with girls and drinks with friends. Follow the makeup tutorial at the commencement for fabulous natural glam.

#x: Headwrap with a Twist Around the Crown

Simple Head Scarf Wrap

Looking for no-fuss, simple and beautiful caput scarf styles? This tutorial will have you from bad hair day to queen in less than i minute! Center the fabric at your forehead and tie the headwrap at the back of your head; so bring the twisted ends around your crown. This manner pairs perfectly with jeans and a tee!

#eleven: Flat Bun

Headwrap with Flat Bun on the Crown

Not quite ready to wear apartment twists still? Give your style time to ready while still looking fab with this simple headwrap look. Basically, y’all use the same technique, wrapping the headwrap towards the front end and twisting the ends. Notwithstanding, this time, bo not stack the layers, simply lay them flat around each other. You’ll plough heads while getting your curls ready for your next style! P.S. Get tips on makeup as an added bonus.

#12: Classic Turban

Classic Turban with an African Head Scarf

Ever wondered how Erykah Badu achieves the perfect African headwrap every time? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how. The key is to maintain tension when you tie a headwrap. If you do, you tin can vesture the wrap all day without worrying about information technology getting loose. The all-time office is that archetype wraps look good with all the scarves and prints!

#13: Faux Locks Headwrap

Faux Locks and a Wrap Hairstyle

Sometimes, wearing your hair in simulated locks or another protective fashion can get dull. African headwrap styles can spice upwardly your look within minutes. Necktie your lock high on the crown and secure a headwrap effectually it. Once the ends are tied at the forepart, coil the textile into a sassy flower. Article of clothing the same style in a new fashion by letting a few locks hang loose.

#xiv: Bandana Wrap

Simple Updo with a Bandana Wrap

Not having any large head scarves notwithstanding? Take a simple square bandana, bend it into a triangle and bring the triangular stop to the contrary side. Thus, bring your hair up and necktie a headband at the forepart, not tucking the ends. With this uncomplicated bandana look, you lot tin can add some fun to your messy bun. The best part is thatbandana styles look great with short cuts, also!

#15: Archetype Scarf Bow

Headwrap with a Large Bow

To add together a little drama to your day, tie a headwrap the usual way, merely finish information technology off with a large bow. This bold look will take whatsoever outfit to the next level with a few knots and a fluff. Utilize a vivid scarf, and y’all’ll plough heads everywhere you go!

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#16: Headband with Tied Flower

Hairstyles with a Small Scarf for Wrapping

Edges not coming out the manner you planned or you need to regrow them? @melaninrichnyajal has got the perfect, simple style to get those edges covered. Take a 20″ broad caput wrap, identify it at your neck and bring over your ears to the forepart. Make a half knot, twist the ends tightly, and roll them to create a cute flower. Perfect for wearing a head scarf in summer!

#17: ’70s-Inspired Headwrap

70s Hairstyle for Natural Hair

Want to take your puff to the next level with a ’70s flare? @a.dai.sa’southward tutorial will help you practice just that. Choose among soft satin caput scarves that will be easier to fold and necktie it near the nape of your head, bringing the ends to the forepart. Add twisted curtain bangs with golden elements and you’ll exist set to have on your day with a gorgeous new ’do.

#xviii: Evidence-Stopping Actress Large Head-Wrap

Head Wrap with Super Large Bow

Believe that bigger is improve? Wearing this evidence-stopping bow manner is only what you demand! The clandestine to this gravity-defying headwrap style is the Ankara material used to make it. With some artful fluffing, y’all’ll never have to worry about your look falling flat. Pair the headwrap with a trendy accompaniment like these large earrings, and you’ll create a expect that no i will always forget.

#19: High Bun Headwrap

Hairstyle with Large Front Bun Wrap

Want to add together some meridian to your look the simple manner? And then @kammmmi_’south unproblematic tutorial is just what you need! Just bring your hair into a bun close to your forehead, identify the scarf around your head and cover your bun with it. Thus, coil the twisted headwrap around into a loftier bun at the forepart. This way to tie a headwrap is perfect for beginners, and intricate patterns are sure to breathe in life into your practice.

#20: Headwrap Tutorial with Bow Styling Tips

New Way to Style a Bow Tie Wrap

Looking for an elegant style to drag your side by side headwrap? This dazzling scarf bow looks complicated but is easy to create. Modify the front look of the accessory past turning the loops 90 degrees and stretching them. In less than 5 minutes, you’ll be out the door wearing a whole new wait.

All of the higher up African head scarf tutorials will have you covered, no matter the flavour; yous’ll never have a bad pilus mean solar day again! Follow @ceeceesclosetnyc on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for await inspirations and even more head wrap styles!

20 African Head Wraps for Women and How to Tie Them

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