5 Rules to Safely Go from Brunette to Blonde Hair Color

As a stylist, when you have a brunette customer and hear their goal is to get blonde, automatically, you start to think of multiple dissimilar scenarios and outcomes. Unfortunately, bleached hair falling out is always there, at one end of the spectrum. At that place are many factors that can play a role, and they brand brunette to blonde pilus transformation a win or lose endeavor.

This article is to inspire you to believe that your desired shade is perfectly achievable. At the same fourth dimension, information technology is to inform you that going blonde from natural brunette pilus is not equally easy as it may seem. If yous aim for stunning results like the ones featured beneath, nourish to the top 5 rules to consider.

#1: Make Sure Your Pilus Is in Adept Status

Allow’s start with some basics of hair color science here. Stylists recognize 10 levels of hair color, from dark brown to light blonde pilus shades. Applying blonde pilus dye on a brown base will not help yous accomplish any alter – earlier you dye your brown strands lighter, they should be “lifted,” which is stripped of their naturally dark color. As you might have guessed, the more than dramatic the change, the more than harm to your pilus. This is why the rule of thumb is to go just two shades college within one appointment and never to apply bleach to hair that is already compromised.

This takes usa to the next dominion, which is discussing your color ideas in advance and getting ready for the alter. To avoid a bleaching nightmare, do non contemplate blonde pilus without making your hair stiff and healthy commencement. Move to your ultimate goal in small steps, and you are sure to love the result!

#2: Option Up a Flattening Shade

There is a blonde hair colour for everyone, the trick is to find the best shade for your pare tone. Basically, you need to understand if a warm or cool tone volition be the best fit for your complexion. You tin can do this by looking at the undertones your skin has. If it has pink undertones, yous tin run into blue veins, and your eyes are blue or absurd brown – become for cool blonde colors like ash blonde, icy, and platinum blonde.

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Warm tones of blonde like caramel, creamy, and honey blonde will flatter women with yellow and golden undertones and hazel eyes. It doesn’t mean that toning your brown hair platinum blonde is a big no – it may piece of work uncommonly well in some cases. If you really desire a particular shade of blonde, go for information technology, and don’t hesitate to ask to tone your pilus again if the experiment doesn’t prove a success. A warmer or cooler tint tin be accomplished with semi- or demi-permanent toners, that do much less harm than bleach.

#three: Have an Honest Chat with Your Colorist

Seek consultation virtually going blonde well in accelerate of the hair color appointment and be frank with your colorist virtually your hair history. It may seem irrelevant for you, but information technology is very important for a stylist to know if your current brown tone is your natural, or if your hair has been color-treated, box-colored, or pre-lightened.

Nearly of my own personal clients looking to go from brunette to blonde go far with a great canvas and more often than not virgin brown hair. If you, as well, wish to dye your hair blonde for the first time, your stylist will apply a strand test with a 20 volume bleach to see if your hair volition be able to lift. Thus, you will be able to discuss the timeline for reaching the desired shade of blonde.

Withal, if your hair is box-colored or color-treated, your hair will accept a bad reaction to the lightener and your stylist will most likely come up with a longer-term programme. This can mean something similar having appointments every viii weeks for an Olaplex treatment and a trim and using hair intendance products at home to nurture your locks.

#iv: Acknowledge Blonde Hair equally Long-Term Commitment

Even if you lot manage to go blonde in one appointment, you should understand that this color requires frequent and often costly salon visits and quality hair care dorsum at dwelling. This is one of the cases when beauty comes at a cost, and y’all should amend be ready to assume information technology.


I always give my client the heads upwardly and never guarantee no breakage whatsoever. Even if your colorist uses Olaplex every footstep of the way, there is a bang-up chance that pilus ends volition exist compromised due to the process of bleaching and toning your locks (by the way, my tip is to go rid of dead ends and have no breakage moving forward). Thus, get fix to pamper your hair and style it without whatsoever hot tools. Store skillful quality, sulfate-gratis shampoo and conditioner and apply a leave-in conditioner on each and every wash 24-hour interval. Afterwards a total blonding service, a hair mask once every two weeks will also exist a must. Yous will also have to employ purple shampoo to maintain the salon results at home and keep any yellow and orange tones away betwixt the salon visits.

Brown pilus regrowth will be very much visible on blonde hair colour. Root concealers can at present assist you out with that, but don’t let them delay your touch-upward appointment! Larger regrowth is a huge claiming for a stylist, as rut from your scalp will brand hair near the roots procedure faster, and then there is a risk the applied hair colors won’t match. Modern pilus colour trends like balayage and shadow roots get in easier to maintain brown to blonde transformation, merely information technology doesn’t mean y’all can get away with no maintenance at all. Thus, it volition still be a audio move to pre-book the next visit to the salon vi to 8 weeks afterwards the blonde hair color service.

#5: Consider Gentle Hair Color Techniques

Ever exist specific about your ultimate goal and what shade of blonde y’all are trying to achieve. Believe my experience, blonde highlights on brown hair take you lot very far from the colour yous are used to, so why not endeavor it before committing to all-over brown to blonde hair change. Balayage, foilyage and hand painting all provide impeccable results and bring y’all closer to the wait you want to attain.

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For virtually of my clients, I choose a foilyage method with some added mitt painting depending on the amount of elevator I am trying to achieve. I beginning in the dorsum of the caput using diagonal back sections and work my way to the crown of the caput to ensure a seamless blend. Later that, I will smudge roots with a shade that’southward a fleck darker than the client’s natural color. And I get a gorgeous brunette to blonde await with a seamless blend!

This photo is an case of foilyage that ensures brightness with seamless results, incorporating various amounts of natural and added dimension and giving beige blonde vibes.

Foilyage for Brunette to Go Blonde

On this customer, we had to colour correct, since her natural hair was dark brown and very elevator resistant. I toned her downward to cut out all warmth, leaving off with this gorgeous rich brunette balayage.

Caramel Highlights in Dark Brown Hair

In that location are stylist’s tricks that help to further minimize the harm, too. For example, the best way to achieve bright blonde ends like these is to wet balayage the hair afterwards you have done your full balayage. This way yous can elevator speedily and with less damage to your locks.

Dimensional Blonde with Light Hair Tips

After all, do non try to get blonde at any cost. Instead, ace your color appointment for subtle yet chichi pilus colour transformation. Hither, nosotros accept a scenario where the client had previously darker hair that was resistant to elevator. We had to work with what we take and nonetheless accomplished these beautiful brown highlights.

Hairstyle for Brunette Whose Hair Won’t Lift

My journey in the hair industry hasn’t ever been an piece of cake one but I have always paved a pathway to differentiate myself and my skills. Through years of pedagogy and work ethics, I am very pleased with knowing I tin make brunettes’ dreams come truthful. They say blondes have more than fun – well, now brunettes can besides. Thanks for taking the time to read my article. Follow me at @jacquelineciulla for even more hair color tips and inspiration.

5 Rules to Safely Go from Brunette to Blonde Hair Color

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