How to Do a Chignon Bun – Easy Chignon Hair Tutorial

A chignon is an updo with a ringlet or a bun at the nape of the cervix. The word is French, but the updo is linked to ancient Greek styles. The biggest confusion that happens to agreement a chignon? It’s taken for a regular bun, while the two styles aren’t the same.

What’s the Difference Betwixt a Bun and a Chignon?

It’s basically about dissimilar occasions when you utilize one hairstyle or the other, the position of the bun on the caput, and its structure also. Chignons are considered more formal, classic, and even vintage, while many buns are viewed as casual updos. The latter are wrapped around themselves, and chignons tin exist looped, twisted, coiled, rolled or tucked. Chic chignons are always low, sitting at the nape of the neck or at least on the dorsum of the head; and buns tin can sit very high, actually anywhere on your head.

Our version of chignon is classic. This updo will suit a formal occasion and fit into your casual looks when you prefer to await elegant and feminine against funky and edgy.

Classic Chignon Bun

Classic Chignon Bun

Chignon Bun How-To: Step-past-Step Tutorial

Stride 1.
Make a part from ear to ear and department off the front portion of hair you’ll later utilize as a wrap for the chignon. From the rest of the hair make a ponytail that won’t sag. Endeavour this simple trick. (Utilise an elastic with two bobby pins strung on information technology. Gather your pilus into a pony and concord it with your hand. Pivot 1 bobby pin in place, wrap the elastic around the base of operations of your pony a few times and pin another bobby pin to secure the pony.) Tighten the pony and check if the strands above it lie good.

How to Do a Chignon: Step 1

Section off the front and make a pony out of the remainder of the hair.

Step ii.
Backcomb the pony strand by strand for added volume and spritz with a light concord hairspray for brushable texture and ameliorate hold. Comb through the top lightly to smoothen the hair. Make a simple loop out of your pony, employ an elastic to hold the loop in place.

How to Do a Chignon: Step 2

Loop your ponytail and secure with an elastic.

Step 3.
Loosely wrap the freely hanging end around the base of the pony; fan out the very end of the wrap and arrange it then that it covers the base of the lopped pony nicely. Pivot the wrap in place to secure.

How to Do a Chignon: Step 3

Wrap the end of the pony around its base.

Step iv.
At present work on the front section you’ve left out in the beginning. Carve up it into 2 sections, tease each at the roots and lightly castor through to smoothen the pilus. Bring one section to the chignon and cover its base of operations with information technology. Pin at the side of the chignon to secure.

How to Do a Chignon: Step 4

Take a piece from the forepart and add to the wrap.

Step 5.
Add together a modest elastic to the center of the section you are working with now to keep it equally a separate piece and forbid from mixing with other strands in the wrap. Now wrap the strand loosely around the chignon a few times and pin where information technology’southward necessary. Let one current of air go closer to the base and the next one a chip lower for a lacier cease.

How to Do a Chignon: Step 5

Wind the strand loosely a few times for a chunkier wrap.

Step 6.
Echo the same steps for the other wrap section from the front. Gently pull at the hair in a higher place the chignon for a looser, slightly messy updo expect. You can fifty-fifty make a sort of pocket-size bouffant, but try non to overdo.

How to Do a Chignon: Step 6

Add another slice from the front to the wrap and secure where information technology feels necessary.

Video-Tutorial How to Do a Chignon Bun

Equally you see, looking elegant, put together simply with a low-cal fashionable undone touch is not difficult. This updo is absolutely doable, fifty-fifty in the mornings when you don’t take fourth dimension for elaborate styling. Practice over the week-finish and be ready to stone a new chic wait for the next work calendar week. Here is your crib to peek at when practicing:

Chignon Bun for Long Hair

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How to Do a Chignon Bun – Easy Chignon Hair Tutorial