Hair Color Ideas for Long Hair

Hopefully, you’re not looking for a listing of cute and unique hair colors for long hair because such a list is never-ending.

Some hues are more heart-catching than others, still, and some color combinations are more than unexpected, thus making them i-of-a-kind. Long pilus gives you a roomy canvas with which to experiment.

Your hair is the ane thing on your body you lot can easily modify, and if you hate what you practise, information technology grows dorsum in time. What’s the harm in trying a unique new color?

Unique Pilus Colors for Long Hair

There’s a whole wide world of unique pilus colors for long pilus. What’s your idea of unique?

Think almost the shades that actually stand out to you lot. Recollect nearly color palettes and combos you rarely ever come across in the real earth. Be bold, get creative.

Don’t limit yourself if you’re genuinely searching for a splashy, attention-grabbing color. You can become with a traditional hue, such as a rare shade of red, platinum, or caramel. Mermaid colors and unicorn locks work beautifully with lengthy locks, too.

ane. Oxblood and Dearest

Honey Unique Hair Color Idea for Women

Recall, cute and unique pilus colors for long hair come in all hues, styles, and designs. Only because you have long hair, information technology doesn’t mean y’all have to go for an all-over colour.

Eye-catching highlights and streaks change the unabridged appearance of your coiffure, but they’re easy to practise, and maintenance isn’t equally time-consuming or expensive. Look at how the dearest highlights burnish the hair, but the burgundy streaks bring the drama.

Dark & Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas

2. Darkly Dramatic

Dark Unique Hair Color Idea for Women

Dark, non-traditional colors look spectacular on dark hair. This shade isn’t quite carmine, nor is it burgundy, precisely. It’s a rich mix betwixt the two with a few well-placed highlights in gilt tones.

3. Caramel Drizzle

Caramel Unique Hair Color Idea

Caramel colors are on the cusp of a tendency explosion at the moment. It’southward because they’re so versatile. Caramel is the perfect balance between chocolate-brown and blonde with so much dimension that it about ever looks natural.

Chocolate-brown Hairstyles with Caramel Highlights

4. Almost Gray

Gray Unique Hair Color Idea You Love

Experimentation is one of the best parts of having lengthy locks. In boosted to playing around with the cut and style, you lot can also try out fun and unique pilus colors for long hair.

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The platinum blonde one-half of this cute ombre look is then stake that information technology’s almost gray, which allows you lot to go away with a fantasy color that’due south still technically acceptable in about professional surroundings.

Platinum, Copper and Chestnut Blonde Hairstyles

5. Buff Blonde

Buff Blonde Unique Hair Color idea for Women

This colour is so gorgeous with her skin tone. Though it’s blonde, the ombre keeps it nighttime at the roots, and some highlights and lowlights throw off flashes of butterscotch and caramel, too. What a sweet treat!

6. Regal Pelting

 Purple Unique Hair Color idea for women

To go majestic and go on it looking about similar you were born that style, take a page from Selena Gomez’s stylebook. Regal over a nighttime base of operations is luminous and lovely. Information technology’south dramatic, sleek, and toned downwardly, unlike brighter shades of violet, which often seem violently purple.

7. Hints of Pinkish

Pink Unique Hair Color for women

This isn’t really, truly pink. When yous blend unique hair colors for long hair, you terminate up with magic. Here, streaks of ash and deep burgundy cerise blend to create a haze of highlights that appears millennial pinkish nether the right lights and from the right angles. Bravo!

viii. Molten Streaks

Flaxen blonde, blood cherry, copper, and mocha streaks plough obviously blood-red-brown locks into a lustrous coif of molten red and gilt. Look at this artistry. Needless to say, merely ask a stylist you trust with your life to practice this. Flawless blending is a must.

ix. Dark Teal

Unique Hair Color

Granted, this cut isn’t long, exactly, but what works for medium-length pilus works just every bit well for longer tresses. Besides, can yous resist this color?

Kylie Jenner helped brand it explode later stealing the expect from someone else, but at least now we tin can all enjoy it.

10. Neon Sunset

Unique Hair Color

Doesn’t this look like a perfect sunset at the beach or in the desert? The fade to coral is phenomenal. Information technology’s the perfect complement to the brighter pink and the Fuschia near the roots. You can’t deny that these are cute and unique hair colors for long hair.

xi. Rainbow Slick

Unique Hair Color

Something about the iridescence resembles the oil slick technique. It’s a different fashion to pull off rainbow hair because the gradient runs up and down, not side to side.

12. Almost Black

A chocolate-brown the color of unsweetened chocolate, so dark information technology’s nearly blackness, is a beautiful shade for long locks. It’due south lush, dramatic, and sensual, somehow. Don’t you think then?

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13. Burgundy and Peach

 Unique Hair Burgundy Color idea for black women

Burgundy and peach are ii remarkably unique pilus colors for long hair. The combination’s been around for longer than you might think. These tips are everything. The 2 shades expect particularly natural against a dark backdrop.

14. Likewise Blue

Again, this haircut isn’t long, but the color will work for lengthier tresses. A cobalt or midnight bluish at the roots, transitioning down to night brownish or black pilus, is always a fabulous selection. Check her eyebrows—they friction match flawlessly.

15. Teal Tips

We really can’t go plenty of this color. Here you can come across how a teal ombre looks with chocolate-brown-blackness roots, rather than fantasy-colored ones.

16. Under the Sea

Blue Unique Hair Color for girl

Mermaid locks are meant for long hair. Turquoise is and then vivid but, as y’all tin see, a darker aqua ombre at the roots will tone down the cheeriness and plough it into something fantastical and loftier fashion.

17. Going Gray

Gray Unique curly Hair Color idea for women

Gray is still ane of the most trending pilus colors for long hair. It might officially exist a classic now. It certainly erases the trouble of combating the inevitability of devious grays, doesn’t it? Go for a silvery tone and embrace your dark roots—they assist, non hinder.

18. Candy Coated

It’south hard to say what’s more than precious—the bow or the colour of the dip-dyed tips? Either way, it also highlights the seamless mix of coral, pink, and imperial hues.

19. Mauve and Chocolate

Unique Hair Color

Here are two relatively new but unquestionably cute pilus colors for long pilus: chocolate brown and mauve pink. Who knew they could complement each other so beautifully?

20. Rose Gold

Rose Gold Unique Hair Color idea for women

Rose gold looks gorgeous on any pilus length, but it’south especially dazzling on long locks. Function blonde, office pink, it glitters on its own. No wonder this is one of the top colors of the season.

21. Long Crimson Hair

long red hair

This item shade of ruby-red is an edgy addition to straight layered pilus. You can fifty-fifty switch it up by keeping it darker near the roots and fading information technology to a lighter shade as information technology nears the ends.

22. Long Balayage Hair

long balayage hair

Light and dark brownish make up this balayage hairstyle, although it would look just as pretty with blonde and caramel. The colour stuns on a long wavy hairstyle with a braided half updo.

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23. Long Silver Hair

long silver hair

Silvery hair color used to exist seen mainly on older women, but the trend nowadays is for young women to rock the color as well. Your long hair volition wait amazing with this unexpected and fresh gloss of colour.

24. Long Brown Pilus

long brown hair

If yous’re a woman who prefers neutral pilus colors, you can’t go incorrect with brownish. Whether it’s a light or dark shade, on long pilus and with any skin tone, information technology’south a bang-up colour.

25. Long Copper Pilus

long copper hair

You lot don’t need to exist built-in a ginger to rock red or copper hair anymore. Gather your pilus into a loftier ponytail to add together a little pep to your step and brand sure to continue your bangs straight for chicness.

26. Long Dark-green Hair Color

While dark-green isn’t a hair color frequently seen these days, if you lot have a job where unusual colors are acceptable, at that place’southward no reason yous shouldn’t try out this lime look on a short, wavy haircut.

27. Long Pilus with Highlights

long hair with highlights

If your natural hair color is brown, opt for caramel or auburn highlights for a special touch of style. These soft waves on long pilus bear witness simply how sexy the color combination can exist.

28. Long Ombre Hair Color

long ombre hair color

Want to endeavor blonde pilus colour just don’t want to requite up your natural brown? Add blonde in whatever shade as an ombre. This style features long wavy pilus with tight ringlets at the ends.

29. Long Pastel Hair Color

Pastel hair colors are increasingly becoming more and more popular. This soft majestic is piece of cake on the eyes and y’all’ll love how it flatters your pale or light skin tone.

thirty. Long Directly Hair Colour

long straight hair color

Want to be really daring? Combine lite greenish, pink, and regal for rainbow highlights. Make sure your base color is blonde to get these colors to testify up in the best way.

Let your long locks tell a story and reveal secrets nigh your personality and personal style. Of all the cute and unique hair colors for long hair, which are your favorites?