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Color processing at a salon can cost anywhere from $75 to more than $500 — which can be worth information technology if you want to completely alter your expect, just for those who simply want to add subtle highlights or touch on upwardly those pesky grays for $x or less, you tin admittedly do this at home.

at-home hair colour options are easy to use and offering a quick and cheap way to update your look
without the cost and hassle of a trip to the salon. The all-time calm hair dyes from tried-and-true hair colour brands terminal throughout regular shampooing, sunday exposure and regular hot tool usage to remain shiny, healthy and vibrant.

After picking out the best at-habitation hair dye, there are a few things y’all’ll want to practise to go along your color vibrant and true for as long equally possible. Starting time, the product analysts at the Good Housekeeping Found Dazzler Lab recommend
cut back on washing your hair as much as possible, since contact with water causes dye to leach out of strands. Try applying a dry out shampoo on days in between washes, and when you practice suds upwardly, make certain to choose a shampoo and conditioner formulated or color-treated pilus. Y’all tin can as well give DIY hair colour a heave to extend its life between dye jobs with an
calm gloss that matches your shade, suggests Rita Hazan, a celebrity colorist and owner of the eponymous salon in New York Urban center; according to her, these glazes deposit subtle color pigments and enhance shine. Effort L’Oreal’south One-Stride in Shower Toning Gloss, bachelor in 9 shades.

How we test at-home pilus color

The GH Dazzler Lab regularly tests at-home pilus dye with both consumer testers and controlled Lab tests. In the Lab, scientists dye swatches with brown, blonde, red and blackness shades and evaluate them for their gray pilus coverage in particular. We then challenge each production’s color stability over a four-calendar week period with a series of tests including
20 wash and dry cycles and x hours of UV light exposure.
After, we
check each swatch for last grey coverage, smoothen and fade-resistance.

Nosotros also send box dyes to a console of women all over the country who
evaluate them on factors such as ease of apply and colour performance, including grey coverage, color richness, uniformity and accuracy compared to the prototype on the box. They likewise provide real-life feedback on resulting hair shininess, softness and smoothness, as well as colour fade over four weeks.

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Hither, the Skillful Housekeeping Beauty Lab’south
peak-tested at-home hair color products you can buy, plus editor and consumer picks, including boxed drugstore dyes for all shades and needs, from dark, gray, and thinning pilus to natural and semi-permanent formulas.


All-time Overall Home Hair Colour

Natural Instincts

Numerous shades — especially dark hair similar browns and reds — from Clairol’s popular demi-permanent drugstore colour impressed the GH Beauty Lab. In Lab testing, the at-home dye
offered even coverage,

left hair shiny, and was fade-resistant
when used to cover up grayness.

  • Great value
  • Colors grey evenly and resists fading
  • Leaves hair shiny


Best Domicile Hair Color for Thinning Hair

Olia Oil Powered Permanent Hair Color

A height performer in GH Dazzler Lab testing, Garnier’s permanent color is
made with no ammonia and a high concentration of nourishing oil and then it’s gentle on thinning pilusor pilus that’south damaged from treatments like keratin. The formula scored high for its pleasant non-chemic odour, ease of rinsing, and non irritating, and it didn’t fade over weeks afterwards application. “Made my hair feel extremely good for you and looked very natural,” one tester raved.

  • Ammonia-complimentary and not-irritating
  • Contains conditioning ingredients
  • Pleasant odor
  • Resists fading


Best Abode Hair Color for Gray Hair

ColorSilk Beautiful Color

You can’t vanquish this bargain: The GH Dazzler Lab was especially impressed by Revlon’due south formula and gave this boxed dye
perfect scores beyond the board

in all our rigorous tests. Information technology covered grays completely
, retained polish, and didn’t fade later four weeks. Great for brunettes and red-heads, its auburn shade, Burgundy, was a top performer in our Beauty Lab tests, covering grays well. The real hair information technology was tested on on kept its shine later on multiple washes.

  • Bargain cost
  • Complete grey coverage
  • Maintains smoothen


All-time Natural Pilus Dye Without Chemicals

Radiant Hair Colour Kit

In addition to boasting an “eight-costless” formula (meaningthe brand claims it’s
 formulated without eight of the more controversial or chemical ingredients often found hair color: ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, parabens, phthalates, gluten, SLS and titanium dioxide), Madison Reed is also certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny, a coalition of animal protection groups that have created an internationally recognized standard for identifying animal-friendly products.


Best Blonde Home Hair Color

Overnice ‘due north Easy

In GH Dazzler Lab testing, experts institute that Clairol Prissy ‘n Piece of cake was the best pick for light hair and has a gentler, more workout formula. While all brands we’ve tested for blonde shades have only scored average (or worse) for roofing up gray, Dainty ‘north Easystood out for fade resistance
 and keeping its smooth.In Lab evaluations, information technology scored high for giving a natural look; 79% testers said it left pilus soft and shiny, and xc% said it didn’t cause irritation.

  • Full coverage for blonde hair
  • Natural look that resists fading
  • Conditioning


Best Home Hair Color for Roots

Hair Color Limited Retouch Grayness Hair Concealer

Hide grays between coloring with this GH Beauty Honor-winning Garnier root camouflage, with a sponge applicator to precisely utilize pigment. In GH Beauty Lab evaluations, information technology
scored loftier with testers for non transferring or flaking, and staying in place. “Like shooting fish in a barrel to use and very targeted,” a tester reported.

  • Temporary color
  • Precisely targets roots to cover
  • Transfer- and flake-resistant


Best Home Hair Color for Highlights

Superior Preference Glam Lights

Highlighting your hair is pretty tricky to do on your own (nosotros support striking the salon for the best results), simply L’Oréal’due south Glam Lights promises to arrive easy by reducing information technology to 2 steps.
l the included highlighting castor with the formula, and then castor
it through your hair from root to tips. Nosotros haven’t tested this in our Lab, but reviewers note that this DIY option can add together brighter blonde to already-highlighted or lighter-colored hair.

  • Includes highlighting brush for like shooting fish in a barrel, targeted application
  • Brightens hair colour


Best Red Home Hair Color

Color Boosting GLOSS+ Deep Conditioning Treatment

A reviewer favorite, this semi-permanent color intensifier from dpHUE takes effect in as piffling equally three minutes and
comes in Copper and Auburn shades perfect for tinting or boost ruddy hair
. And although the shades won’t cover grays, the brand’south creative director, Justin Anderson, says “the deep conditioning volition get out your hair feeling amazing.”

  • Semi-permanent color
  • Enhances ruddy shades
  • Pricey


Best Home Hair Color Booster

Davines Alchemic Conditioner

When you’re trying to stretch out your time between salon visits, plough to this cult favorite from Davines. It’due south substantially a 5-minute conditioning pilus mask with 1 additional perk: Information technology
gives your hair color a temporary heave every time you use it,
which can help to keep your shade from looking faded.

  • Tinted to enhance pilus color
  • Revives faded color
  • Pricey


All-time Bold Home Pilus Colour

Creamtone Perfect Pastel

It seems every brand is making mermaid hair hues these days, just
Manic Panic has 40 years of experience and a loyal post-obit for fun hair colors. The veteran fantasy-color company’south Creamtone semi-permanent temporary colors are best for those who want a more pastel look when they go pink, blue or annihilation in between.

  • Semi-permanent color
  • Array of vibrant and pastel shades


Best Bold Home Hair Color Enhancer

Daily Conditioner

All hair color fades, just it’s especially noticeable with fantasy colors. An piece of cake way to go along less natural shades vibrant: these color-depositing conditioners from Overtone. Made in a wide assortment of punky and pretty colors, it’southward
intended to

replace your normal daily conditioner
to maintain unique hair colour.

  • Revives bold or pastel pilus color
  • Piece of cake to use

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