40 Stunning Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

The most wide-spread medium-length haircuts for circular faces are bobs with longer front end tresses and layered cuts. These provide the richest styling options, beneficial for round faces and consonant to the current hair trends. The gallery below volition provide you with multiple choices of awesome medium length hairstyles for round faces.

Medium Length Hairstyles for a Round Face

Actually, the best length for round faces is upwardly to the shoulders or a little bit longer. This length elongates a round face. Texturized edges are a plus. The forehead may exist either covered with asymmetric bangs or open up. Private features should exist, certainly, taken into business relationship.

Apartment-ironed bobs look fantastic on women and girls with round faces. Side parting and long side swept bangs cover 1 side of the face up, and information technology seems considerably thinner. Straightened shag medium hairstyles for circular faces with loads of layers describe dozens of vertical lines around your face, adding it the desirable proportional length.

Be careful with curls on medium lengths. Sometimes they tend to be overly voluminous which broadens your round face unfavorably. If you dearest curls, make sure they are not also fluffy, while your pilus is teased at the roots. Book on the crown will correct the proportions.

If you want to try messy hairstyles, enquire your stylist not to cut layers too brusk to avert added volume on the sides. Style your hair with gel or strengthen it, slightly raising at the roots. Make sure that locks don’t stick out at the sides. Long earrings are an actress fox.

And at present let’s run into the examples.

#1: Medium Pastel Pink Bob

This pinkish pilus colour is the standout characteristic, but the cut itself is likewise very pretty. The angled bob is styled with a voluminous side sweep to characteristic the graduation of layers and their razored, jagged ends. Straight layered hair has never looked more beautiful.

#2: Wavy Hairstyle for Round Face up

Medium haircuts for round faces should characteristic vertical and diagonal lines which are easily obtained with longer lengths. This hairdo is on the longer side of mid length styles, and so it is a slap-up choice for those who are nervous near losing too much length. It is also excellent for making your face appear rather elongated than round.

#three: Medium Cut with Feathered Face up-Framing Layers

The layered and brushed-forward face up-framing pieces slim the round face and elongate the neck. Pair your cutting with long curtain bangs and you’ll complement yourself even more. This shaped cut adds the desired sharpness to a fuller face up.

#4: 2-Tone Wavy Bob

A hairstyle tin can exercise wonders for your face shape, simply do not underestimate the power of colour. Her dye task helps to shape the face by lengthening it. No contouring makeup is necessary with such an excellent dye task!

#5: Soft Medium Length Waves

When it comes to medium hairstyles for round faces, do not be afraid to experiment with dissimilar hair textures. The best haircuts for circular faces are those that flatter your confront, and let your natural texture reveal beautifully. With a chin-length cut these waves would await too voluminous on the sides, which is not welcome for a round face up, but with a longer cut like this 1 you’ll look gorgeous and feel confident.

#6: Straight Blonde Bob

You might think that a bit of teasing would only brand your round confront appear wider – not with this classy bob. Information technology creates an elongated silhouette thanks to the root elevator, fade of color that runs down, and straight confront-framing strands that hit below the chin.

#7: Shaggy Rummage-Over Lob

On the shorter side of shoulder length hair for a round face in that location is a combover that grazes the collarbone. The indistinct part line and windblown texture are playful and endearing; it’s as if your hair is just screaming to become into a convertible machine. The lob’s milk-chocolate pilus colour with bright blonde highlights gives it a very beachy experience, even in the winter months!

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#eight: Wispy Layered Cut for Fine Direct Hair

A classic shoulder-length hairstyle that works perfectly if y’all accept sparse hair and a round face; the wispy directly layers frame the face, covering its sides flatteringly but not overpowering. Natural-looking blonde balayage tones run downwardly the entire length of the super-directly locks, and a gentle center-part line gives it the cool-girl appeal.

#9: Gray Bob for a Circular Face

These are the right bangs for a round face. They cut the width of a wide face and draw attention to beautiful eyes. Choose a trendy hair color to upgrade your favorite flattering cutting.

#ten: Medium Wavy Style with Side Bangs

When y’all’re searching for medium haircuts for round faces, consider styles with long bangs swept to the side that seamlessly blend into your waves. The chocolate-brown lob should reach the shoulders to frame the face and elongate it.

#11: Messy Choppy Hairstyle for Longer Hair

If y’all’re on the hunt for medium length haircuts for round faces, we suggest that you give a style like this a endeavor. Something about the inclement angles of these big and lush waves can make your hair appear much longer than information technology really is. The balayage style that gradually increases into vivid blonde highlights at the ends besides contributes to the sense of length.

#12: Dark-brown Bob with Subtle Lavender Face-Framing

Just a teensy bit shorter than shoulder-length; this is no ordinary brown bob. Have yous noticed the slightly lavender tone of highlights on the angled front pieces and in the bangs? It’s a fabulous selection if you want to encourage the viewer to see your sparkling eyes and a cute friendly smiling.

#xiii: Blonde Medium Length Waves

Your cheeks are what give your face its characteristic shape. When you’re looking to deemphasize them, opt for something that brings the attending to another part of your confront. Her long tousled waves slim the cheeks and focus the centre on the lips.

#14: Disheveled Brunette Bob with Bangs

A Bed-head has never looked better! Purposely disheveled, the croppy-choppy locks and a deep chocolate dark-brown colour add to the tousled, slightly tomboyish appearance. The over-the-eyebrows wispy bangs switch information technology right back to a girlish and youthful hairstyle. Information technology’s low-maintenance and looks neat when you lot scrunch and finger-rummage it.

#15: Purple Bob

A bob haircut is something that all ladies with round faces should try at least one time. To go her ‘do, enquire your hairstylist to requite you a medium length angled bob. To add more edge, take inspiration from the black to magenta ombre.

#16: Cute Black Bob with Choppy Ends

Bank check i of our favorite medium haircuts for round faces. Information technology’south the jet-black bob with a sharp side office. The unmarried long wave of the angled cut goes from slightly shorter in the back to swooping in right at the jawline, which is a great way to narrow and feminize the lower role of the face up.

#17: Inverted Shaggy Brunette Bob

Shaggy and wispy, this bold, dark-brownish bob has secret waves tucked in all the right places. The collarbone-length of the cut, angled, and parted to the side, the stacked layers and curvy side-swept bangs really exercise an excellent job of framing your cute face and enhancing its best features.

#18: Side-Parted Wavy Blonde Bob

Nothing spells confidence better than an uber-blonde and sultry bob with a deep side-role. Your curly (or loosely curled) locks are just what brand a bob hairstyle the perfect way to outline and correct a rounded face. The bent of the waves is angled directly towards the cheekbones, which has an elongating effect that is very rewarding.


#19: Medium Disheveled Hairstyle with Subtle Highlights

A disheveled lob is i of those classic medium hairstyles for round faces that never fail. Loosely parted to the side and uneven in length, the tousled appearance of this dark-brown cut actually works to flatter a fuller face up. No chance of information technology beingness ho-hum; just enquire the rusty copper babylights!

#20: Disheveled Textured Blonde Bob

The directly cutting ends of a archetype bob hairstyle are what arrive piece of work and then well for fine pilus. The disheveled ash-blonde to nigh white locks enhance the eyes and forehead. It’s an ideal medium length for a rounded confront.

#21: Medium Brown Shag with Bangs

Reminiscent of the classic 1970s shaggy hairstyles, the choppy locks work to frame the round face up giving information technology the sharpness and edge it needs. The temple undercut is a surprise particular that may be subconscious or exposed. An almost-black base color with night-reddish balayage keeps the fashion vibrant and interesting.

#22: Brunette Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

Medium-length hairstyles for circular faces don’t get better than this wavy black haircut with drape bangs. The mesomorphic layers whorl gently around the face cartoon attention to the cheekbones and optics and covering the fuller cheeks. It’s a symmetrical manner of working with your hair’s mid-length if you desire to elongate the face visually.

#23: Classy Layered Haircut for Brunettes

One of the nearly successful haircuts for circular faces is a soft layered haircut for medium pilus with layers that start beneath the chin. Catherine Zeta-Jones being over xl demonstrates us a great example of such youngish haircut. The ends of your locks tin can exist slightly curled with a circular brush while you are accident-drying your hair. Use a fluid shine solution for extra smooth of your gorgeous brunette locks.

Everett Drove / Shutterstock.com

#24: Choppy Tousled Bob with Side Bangs

Hither’s a cute tousled hairstyle that barely touches the shoulders while calculation the height and diagonal lines to the look. Pair you choppy bob with tousled styling and current balayage coloring. Bronde seems universally flattering.

#25: Edgeless Cut Medium Haircut for Circular Face

The sweet round face shape of Bella Heathcote is rather her trump card, than a disadvantage. But the actress chooses this simple haircut with blunt cut ends and extra short diagonal bangs for a reason. It looks awesome in complimentary-flowing styles with straight locks forth the sides of her confront. Vertical and diagonal hairstyle lines are a large plus for circular faces.

lob for round face with bangs

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#26: Medium-to-Long Wavy Layered Hairstyle

A striking long layered hairstyle that goes way below the shoulder can really lengthen a circular face shape. Bold and effortless, the middle-part and white-blonde wisps frame the face up and completely draw the viewer into your sultry gaze. It’s a timeless hairstyle fit for a Hollywood starlet.

#27: Subtly Highlighted Shaggy Brunette Lob

Sleek and abrupt, the shaggy lob haircut for round faces works wonderfully for fine hair that has difficulty property a scroll. The choppy layering accents the natural waves. A middle-part lets the mantle bangs flow into the length of the style enhancing an elongating upshot of the downdo.

#28: Delicate Shoulder-Grazing Shag

A shag haircut looks careless and edgy which flatters a girl with a circular face who should shy away from prim and proper styles in casual article of clothing. Shoulder-grazing loose waves are piece of cake to scrunch for an everyday tousled wait.

#29: Beautiful Shaggy Lob for Round Faces

A slightly off-center part brings personality and style to a shaggy lob that features beautiful black waves with copper tips. Easy to style and maintain, it’s a wash-and-wear haircut. The layered waves are a great pick for fine hair that tends to fall flat during the mean solar day.

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#30: Shaggy Chocolate Dark-brown Combover Bob

Straight, finely chopped and shaggy, the shoulder-length hair for a round face works well because it sharpens a round face flatteringly, providing it with a structured frame. The combover offers a coincidental, free-spirited experience, and just the slightest sense of waviness will e’er accentuate your best features.

#31: Blue Medium Length Waves

Check out her beautiful mermaid blue hair. The shoulder-grazing razored cut with shaggy ends works bang-up with the colour reminding us of some stormy waves. All sorts of asymmetry and side sweeps are very flattering for round faces.

#32: Medium Length Wispy Hair

If you pilus is thin and your face up is round, become for a precipitous, edgy cut to balance out the roundness of your face. A set of uneven bangs goes well with the tousled wait of this cute shag.

#33: Curly Bob

A medium length angled bob is universally flattering because it flatters all face shapes and suits practically whatsoever hair texture. If you are after a wash-and-become manner, this is 1 cut to remember in case yous have a like natural curl.

#34: Straight Silver Bob

Some people suggest that shoulder length haircuts for round faces without layers practice not work. Even so, that’south not e’er the case. A lob haircut tin can actually be a vivid wait for those with medium hair and fuller faces. Select a cut with a deep part and face-framing strands that swoop over the face.

#35: Asymmetrical Bob

Practise yous requite much consideration to where you part your pilus? You should. Just parting your pilus at a unlike spot can create an entirely new look. You don’t have to worry about pair of scissors, styling tools or hair products. A deep side part is usually a foolproof option for women with round faces.

#36: Regal Balayage for Medium Length Pilus

This balayage creates a gorgeous dimensional effect: the black seems much deeper than it really is. And since your hair frames your face roofing its sides, your face also appears slimmer and more than elongated.

#37: Medium Textured Blonde Hairdo

It is a common misconception to think that complicated medium haircuts for round faces are the best. In reality, an easy one can sometimes be the better look. This shaggy way supports the theory. The layers and effortless texture are striking and flattering.

#38: Symmetric Bob with Betoken Cut Ends

Before Ginnifer Goodwin switched to pixie haircuts, she was sporting stylish mid-length bobs with pleasure. We take to admit, she looks bully with both. The actress is not afraid to experiment with haircuts and look bright. This mentum-length bob with disproportion will suit girls with fine hair and round confront.

bob haircut for round face

Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

#39: Razored Shag Haircut with Direct Bangs

Stylists warn girls with round faces against straight horizontal bangs, merely Kara Tointon decides to become against the rules. Thank you to the throughout shaggy razored layers and jagged bangs, this haircut variety offers a calorie-free experience and becomes Kara’s face. Do non forget that about every rule has its exception. Non simply the silhouette of your haircut matters. The finish and the accomplished texture may turn out to be more of import.

medium shag haircut for round face

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#xl: Medium Haircut for Round Face with Sharply Angled Layers

Cameron Diaz has fine hair, but the skilful thing is she doesn’t demand any excessive hair volume for her round confront. The medium layered haircut with elongated bangs is her confident choice. Information technology flatters Cameron’s face and provides a good base for unproblematic downdos that look invariably great.

layered haircut with side bangs for round face

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

Wonder whether you lot are going to afford more hairstyles with longer tresses or, on the contrary, fancy trying a large chop? Check the galleries with long hairstyles for round faces and short hairstyles for round faces. As ever, they are full of inspiring ideas.

40 Stunning Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

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