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The arrival of autumn brings about the change of many things: iced coffees to PSLs, dark-green leaves to multi-colored foliage, swimsuits to sweaters. Another shift that tends to happen with the libation weather is a change in hair color. With so many choices, we chosen on four experts for their input on the best hair colors for Autumn 2020.

“Nosotros’ll exist seeing a lot of deep browns with cinnamon tones, blonde tones mixed in with deeper base colors, and lots of plums,” says Sess Cannon, owner of Flourish Pilus Salon in Dallas. For those concerned with what the winter could bring and whether or non salons volition stay open, you’ll want to opt for color with minimum budget. “Consider keeping a darker root, with fresh face-framing highlights using low maintenance outgrown balayage,” says New York-based colorist, Faye Coronado. ICYMI: Balayage is a technique for coloring hair that involves directly painting the hair by hand. Interestingly, all 4 colorists emphasized that this method is the way to go if you’re looking for less noticeable regrowth (Read: fewer salon visits). Basically, await to see richer, warmer tones, grown-out roots, and playful deep hues.

But before you starting time collecting inspo for your next salon engagement, brand sure you’ve starting time chosen a colorist that specializes in coloring your type of hair, as placement is primal and unique depending on whether you lot take straight, wavy, or curly strands. “Different coloring techniques for textured and curly hair such as balayage, pintura highlights, and bigger weaved foiled highlights can give that texture and curl more dimension without the colour getting lost in the bumps and coils due to density, reflection, and absorption of calorie-free compared to a directly or wavy texture,” says colorist and curly hair specialist, Natasha Rivera.

For the latest and greatest autumn color hues, keep scrolling.

Lived-in Sun-kissed

A proficient balayage will simply look like y’all spent the summer in the sun—every bit seen hither. Tell your colorist you lot desire grown out sunday-kissed balayage. And, for those who were lucky enough to take
spent the summer in the sun, simply let your naturally sunday-kissed hair grow out!

Money Slice

The money piece is a asking lots of colorists are getting and will certainly stick effectually for fall. Feeling bold? Take this trend to a whole new level and let your face exist lit up past a rainbow. To continue this style looking…well, money, be certain to invest in the proper products that’ll keep the vibrancy. It’ll be worth the payoff.

Light Chocolate Brownish

If you lot have a dark brownish base and desire to add some dimension, consider adding a few balayage pieces two or 3 shades lighter than your natural color. And, when it comes to textured hair, balayage even so reigns as the best pick. “I’ve found that manus painting colour is less harsh and more flattering in the finished expect,” says Cannon.

Chocolate Tones

Have naturally nighttime brown hair? Heed upwardly: “Brunettes should go on an eye out for a subtle change of more neutral tones”, says Coronado. To achieve this expect, ask your colorist to paint bleach into your hair until it develops into caramel and ashy tones.

half dozen
Root Smudge

Only because the seasons are changing, doesn’t hateful “[blondes] should feel obligated to rid their sandy blonde color,” says Melissa Condurso of MC Salon in New Jersey. “Adding depth to their hair with a root smudge tin requite the slight fall change they might be desiring while still feeling bright.”

Platinum Blonde

With the cooler temperatures on the way, indulge your inner ice queen with a platinum blonde even Elsa would exist jealous of. While information technology’south def not depression-maintenance, information technology could be the major change y’all’ve been itching for.

Charcoal Greyness

Starting to find a few grays peaking through your dark hair? Instead of covering the grays, embrace them, and opt for a smokey charcoal clouded.

Dark Dark-brown

Dark chocolate-brown hair is classic. And classic colour never goes out of style. ”Every twelvemonth when fall time comes around every client thinks to color their pilus one colour: dark rich brown,” says Condurso.

High Contrast

This expect, dubbed “high contrast” past Rivera, will certainly change the reflection you’re used to staring at in the mirror! The goal here is to but focus on “face up frame piece,” says Rivera.

Love Blonde

Rather than jumping from blonde to chocolate-brown, Condurso recommends considering just choosing a different tone of blonde similar a honey or low-cal toffee color.


Toffee is a great shade for blondes who want to become a chip darker for the fall flavor. Seeing that you aren’t climbing too loftier on the color spectrum, you’ll exist able to easily go back to blonde (if you want to) without causing major impairment.

Burnt Cinnamon

Born with naturally carmine hair? Well,”Get prepare!”, says Coronado. “Burnt cinnamon is the way to go this autumn”.

Bronze Caramel

“While a rich chocolate-y brown is cute on its own, this fall more clients will be request for bronze hair painting to complement their rich brown base and still keep them feeling highlighted and dimensional,” says Condurso.

Cold Mash Highlights

Highlights in a
different tone help add dimension just blend in then well that they don’t require major budget.

Subtle Balayage

Have natural light brown hair, but want to darken up a bit for the colder flavour while non compromising on dimension? Condurso advises that “a client can get a little darker while staying in the cool spectrum and add some lighter cool brown painted highlights throughout.” Also, exist sure to specifically ask your stylist to paint the colour in, or simply inquire for balayage. “Hair painting will allow clients to go longer between services with a natural entreatment, opposed to foiled highlights that will leave y’all with a line of growth.”


Babylights—aka teeny, tiny highlights—give a similar low-maintenance end as balayage but you lot get the color payoff all the fashion up to your roots.


Personally, I nonetheless can’t get over the time Nicole Richie had lavender hair. I never imagined a color so brightly hued could look so good and, cartel I say, natural? But if you’re similar me and accept dark roots, this look is a fleck harder to achieve. Try blending the colour from the summit down, as pictured hither.

Toned Highlights

Looking to keep your visit to the salon quick and inexpensive? Transform your summertime color with a gloss that will give yous an overall deeper hue while maintaining a soft dimensional alloy.

Pumpkin Spice

Just like your favorite fall treat, the PSL, many things go into creating this beautiful blend. To attain this look, you’ll demand, “an all over base color or balayage highlights toned with a rich cinnamon hue,” says Coronado.

Fiery Reddish

Medium pare-toned ladies, mind up! Y’all take the perfect complexion to play with unlike tones of carmine. Whether y’all decide to try a subtle scarlet red, or a blue-red (as pictured), these colors will look tearing on you.

Rooted Blonde

Low-maintenance blonde sounds like an oxymoron, but it doesn’t have to exist. Have your colorist paint your hair from the mid-lengths down while blending with your base. To really burnish up your face, make sure the confront-framing pieces begin at the root.

Medium Auburn

When Fall rolls around, ruddy is probably one of the well-nigh popular colors to dye your hair. And if you prefer to stick to colors that appear more natural, and then this one’due south for you.


Sombré is basically the nearly subtle mixture of ombré and balayage. If you are trying out color for the first time, or just want a very born-this-fashion look, this could be for you. Consult with your colorist to choose a color that is a couple shades lighter than your natural colour.

Ripe Plum

It’due south hard to get bright colors to show up when you begin with a deep base, but certainly not impossible if you notice a skilled colorist. If you do decide to enter into the earth of purple, be certain to observe a shampoo that is sulfate-gratis, as sulfates strip the color from your hair.

Updated Auburn

Slightly lighter ends brighten up this normally neutral tone.

Base Breaker

These babylights start just off of the root to brand for a more lived-in finish.

Pop Of Color

Get your color set up past opting for a shade that blends in with your natural hue and using information technology as an accent for a fun change that won’t require too much maintenance.

Pop Of Color Pt. 2

Here’s the same idea on blonde pilus: barely-there pink.

Face Framer

Face up-framing highlights not simply burnish up your pilus, they can also requite the illusion of volume thanks to the added dimension.

Goldie Locks

Balayage lets you brand your ends several shades lighter than your base of operations while yet giving a natural stop.

Subtle Face-Framer

Tiny highlights effectually your face add together a sunday-kissed finish and lighten up your await without being too harsh or being too obvious when information technology grows out.

Bong Bottom

Take your colorist become heavier-handed with highlights on the bottom half of your strands for more than of a color boost that won’t effect your roots.

High Low

A mix of highlights and lowlights gives the almost natural, silken finish and helps keep your roots growing out a petty more naturally.

Curl Pop

Bring curly texture to life by lightening upwards your ends. Information technology’ll give each of your coils more than definition.

Balayage Bangs

Yes, bangs require a bit more upkeep but on the flip side they likewise help hide your roots!

Caramel Swirl

Streaks of caramel give the usual deep brown fall fave a glow-upward.

Rooted Ombre

Go ahead of your roots by going all in on the look before you even go regrowth.

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