8 Tips for Women with Gray Curly Hair to Embrace Its Natural Color and Texture

After I committed to embracing my natural gray curly hair in 2017, I was not aware that it would require some changes to my (non) routine. My focus was on the grow-out and not on hair health. Needless to say, I was initially disappointed in my results. My silver locks were wiry, frizzy and dull.

However, later on some research, I fabricated several changes to my hair care, and those efforts take paid off with healthy, shiny and defined silverish curls. If you lot are frustrated with your natural locks, focus on your pilus health and follow these tips to achieve silver-curlicue success.

Discover Your Inspiration

Begin past finding your inspiration. Create a vision board, Instagram bookmarks and Pinterest saves and then you can encounter your long-term goal. Seek greyness pilus bloggers who share their journeys and communities where women support each other while, and after, transitioning to their natural hair colour.

The women who motivated me to go grey are unaware of the effect they had on my decision to ditch the dye. I did not actively participate on Instagram at the time so I went to Pinterest and began searching for inspiration there. Here’s the screenshot of my Pinterest folio:

Pay Attention to Products

The first footstep toward healthy silver curls is evaluating your hair products. Products promoted for “curly hair” are not necessarily salubrious for your hair or peculiarly your silvers. Avoid products with silicones, parabens and sulfates. How do you know? Head to one of the curly product apps such as Curlscan, isitcg or Think Dirty to encounter if your products pass the test. If non, end using them immediately and restock with cleaner products.

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Anybody is unlike, and figuring out what works for your hair is paramount. Simply, here are some products and tools I use on my gray curly hair: Curls Huckleberry Bliss Reparative Hair Wash, Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly, Wet Detangling Hairbrush, DevaCurl Hair Diffuser, DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture Conditioning Mask, Scalp Massager Shampoo Castor, Righteous Roots Rx Thickener, Original Moxie Pilus Bling, LUS All-in-One Styler.

Intensely Moisturize

Silver hair tends to exist very dry and breakable, so I adopted a few measures to combat the dryness and breakage. Avoid frequent shampoo use. Typically, I apply shampoo every vii to 10 days. Between shampoos, I “co-wash,” pregnant I wash my scalp with conditioner, massaging the dead pare on the scalp with a caput massager.

In addition, I deep status with every wash or co-launder, alternating betwixt a protein mask and a moisturizing mask. Whenever time allows, I leave the deep conditioner on for 30-threescore minutes. The terminal step to combating dryness is to use an oil to “terminate” styling and to refresh on those non-launder days.

Gainsay Crazy Grays

One of the most discouraging findings early in my abound-out menses was the advent of crazy wiry hairs sticking straight out of my head and not playing nicely with the others. A little research suggested this was due to shrinkage of follicles from the decreased sebum (oil) production around the hair shaft. This began a regular daily routine of scalp massage.

Begin with an oil such equally jojoba, argan, or my favorite Righteous Roots Oil. Using your finger pads, massage your scalp for approximately x-15 minutes daily to stimulate blood flow and sebum product. I had a noticeable decrease in those “crazy” hairs along with amazing hair growth after a few months of consistent massage. I keep to massage my scalp 4-5 times per week (usually on my drive habitation from work because it is also very relaxing).

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Avoid the Yellow

I am often asked if I use imperial products to gainsay yellowing. After consistent utilise of “make clean” products, I have institute I no longer need the regal products. My hair does non yellow with this regimen. To combat product buildup, I perform an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse monthly, and the event is shiny, healthy looking gray curly pilus.

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Observe a Supportive Stylist

Since my dyed hair was so dark, I sought a barber to add lowlights to blend greyness hair and break up the harsh line of demarcation. Adding lowlights definitely helped me feel less bad-mannered and uncomfortable, but I felt that the stylist did not empathise my ultimate goal. The salon, in general, was focused on hiding those silvers, not jubilant them.

Thankfully, I found a truly supportive hairstylist. I knew she was an established and well-regarded curly pilus stylist. What I didn’t know was her commitment to supporting women who wanted to cover their grays. She immediately fabricated me experience comfortable with my decision; I did non have to explain my rationale. I knew I was home when she pulled out Lorraine Massey’s new volume, “Silver Pilus.”

Try Protective Headwraps

Fun headwraps are my favorite way to protect my hair, both day and dark. I wear caput wraps frequently when working effectually the firm to protect the curls and go on hair out of my confront. I likewise cover my hair while working in the garden or hanging at the pool to protect my silvers from the UV light. Finally, I vesture headwraps at night to keep curls intact and reduce frizz. This is why my kids gifted me with three dozen different kinds of headwraps, made by Kalily and Toes Home.


Be Patient

I urge patience in this process as I did non see results overnight. Natural silver curls do require some maintenance just it volition be worth the effort. Y’all really demand to commit to encounter results. Take your time to see what your natural pilus colour and pattern will be. In my opinion, this means you’ve got to get by the “roots ” and ideally to your temples to make this determination.

I hear and so many women say, “I would grow my hair out if I knew information technology would wait like yours”. But, yous cannot make this judgment based on what your roots await like between colorings. Too, “commit” does not mean you can’t alter your listen if you don’t similar how you feel or what you encounter after some grow-out. Instead, you’ve got to commit to giving it fourth dimension, probably at least vi months, to fully make that decision.

Gray Transition Process

I wish you luck on this amazing journey to embracing gray curly hair. Follow me on Instagram (@silverlocdoc) for additional tips, and feel free to DM me for further help and encouragement!

8 Tips for Women with Gray Curly Hair to Embrace Its Natural Color and Texture

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