Curly Hair Looks Thin When Wet

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Figuring out a hair routine that works for me has been a long and winding road. Doing so is sort of complicated, but not entirely so (there are worse things in the world), and yet my hair however takes a bit of dear to coax it into looking its best. My natural hair texture is actually fine, only also quite curly. Then yous can run across how that may lend to a hair product conundrum. Do I use formulas that attend and hydrate the curls (but leave it greasy and limp) or those that volumize and lift (simply don’t address its susceptibility to dryness and breakage)? I have curly hair, but it’s not coarse or thick, and information technology’s certainly not strong. For a long time, I only used hydrating and nourishing products and hated the results, and so years after but volumizing, and my pilus broke off. It wasn’t until fairly recently that I figured information technology all out, constitute a routine that works for me, and invested in products that target my specific concerns.

Here, I’ll go through each 1 from first to end. The shampoo, conditioner, and masks (which are most important for the health of my hair), as well as the styling products to give everything a little boost—lift at the root, fluffy ’70s texture, et al. Of form, this routine is not i size fits all. Similar to skincare, haircare never is. But, if you lot observe your hair, at one point or another, to be thin, dry, processed, curly, or breakage-decumbent, y’all’ll be able to pull out some helpful recs. This is
all the information I’ve amassed on how best to work with (not against) my pilus.

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Start with Shampoo

No. four Bail Maintenance Shampoo



Masking with Olaplex became a lifestyle for me, courtesy of my ofttimes-bleached dry, easily-damaged hair (and sound advice from my hair angel, Matt Rez, a colorist at Mèche Salon in Beverly Hills and Redken’s newest make administrator). I apply it once a week, like clockwork, to reverse the impairment and nourish my brittle strands. More on that below. Then—as if to answer my prayers—the brand launched a shampoo. It repairs the damage, softens, adds shine, and all that other proficient stuff (while protecting my color) daily instead of simply once every seven days. The about magical component, though, is the fact that it’s sulfate-complimentary and withal foams upwards in the virtually satisfying of ways. I don’t know how it’southward possible, but Olaplex has done it. Information technology’s a formula that won’t weigh downwards my hair, protects my dry out ends, softens and nourishes my curls, and keeps my color intact to kicking.

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Heal Your Strands

Olaplex Bond Perfector

No. 2 Bail Perfector



As Martine Robertson, director of education at Olaplex puts it, “Olaplex is for anybody, literally. All hair goes through stress that tin can pb to breakage. Imagine that Olaplex is like a gym routine for your hair—the more you use it the stronger, healthier, and shinier it will exist.” So here’s the run-downward: The hero ingredient is Bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate (I know it sounds scary, only it’southward pretty much magic). Come across, it’southward a patented ingredient that actively restores broken bonds in your hair. “Olaplex is repairing each pilus strand every bit a whole (from base to ends),” Robertson explains. “It’s finding bonds that accept been broken down by whatsoever means (hair color, chemical straighteners, blow dryers, etc.) and reconnecting them both ionically and covalently. This means that broken or weak bonds, located anywhere on the hair shaft, are targeted.”

Maleeka Robb, the manager and owner of the Four salon in London, adds an analogy for what the formula actually does. “If your hair is over-processed, peculiarly for those who are blonde, it becomes similar a crumbling brick wall. In order to become the bricks to become back in, you need some cement. This is what Olaplex does—information technology helps to reinforce your hair strands.” I utilise the mixture to my hair mail-shampoo in the shower and leave it in for every bit long equally possible (the bottle says 20 minutes, I usually arrive to ten or 15). Then, the directions instruct y’all to wash your pilus again and follow up with the conditioner. Since I began this process, my hair has grown exponentially and is visibly healthier than always before. You lot tin just get information technology at the salon, and so click hither to detect a location near yous.

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Don’t Forget to Condition

Olaplex conditioner

No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner



Much like the aforementioned shampoo and mask handling, Olaplex’s conditioner is highly moisturizing and reparative. It re-links cleaved bonds within your hair to strengthen each strand and add together polish and softness with each use. Here’s the matter: Information technology is thick. And then, if y’all have fine hair like me, make sure to merely utilise information technology from your mid-lengths to your ends (without touching your root).

Avoid applying conditioner all over your hair and strictly focus on the ends. Awarding at the root could potentially weigh hair down if it isn’t rinsed out properly.

I like to brainstorm detangling my hair with my fingers as I apply information technology, massaging information technology into my hair to allow it fully blot and begin doing its thing. After a few minutes—I usually give it nearly v—rinse it all out and yous’ll be shocked at how soft your hair feels.

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How to Gently Detangle

Tangle Teezer hair brush

Tangle Teezer
The Original Detangling Hairbrush



I’ve had issues with tangles and pilus fall-out for a while, mostly considering of the fragility of my ends. The only thing that’s ever truly made a divergence is my Tangle Teezer. It’southward budget-friendly and less romantic-looking than a Mason Pearson, but on wet, curly hair, it’s a godsend. Then, technically, I’ve been instructed not to castor hair when it’southward moisture (it’s easy to cause breakage that way), only I exercise it anyhow. It’due south incommunicable for me to exit it lonely mail-shower. That beingness said, this castor makes the whole process so much easier. I use information technology right out of the shower because information technology’s so gentle and eliminates tangles without ripping any of your hair out.

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Add an Oil to Nourish Strands

Shu Uemura protective oil

Shu Uemura
Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil



Afterwards getting out of the shower and giving my hair a quick milk shake-downwardly with an Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban ($30), I employ up to three pumps of this oil. It’s my accented favorite and has been for almost a decade. It absorbs rapidly and easily into your hair shaft, rather than sitting on tiptop, to rebalance wet levels, smoothing, softening, and protecting against dryness and UV harm. It’s silky, velvety, and made from camellia oil, which provides deep nutrition to the hair cobweb, besides as an enveloping, sensual odour. From there, I allow my hair air-dry and do its thing, flipping information technology from side to side with a quick scrunch all over to add lift (a helpful technique I picked up from celebrity hairstylist Vernon François).

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Add Some Volume

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo in Light Tones

Dry Shampoo in Light Tones



Once my hair is fully dry, I do two crucial things to add in a bit more fluff and volume. Starting time, I spritz Moroccanoil Dry out Shampoo in Light Tones ($26) to the strands surrounding my face and the crown of my head. This immediately adds more lift at the root and texture effectually the forepart of my curls. There are ii reasons this dry out shampoo (IMHO) is better than all the residuum. First, it has options that are specifically formulated for calorie-free or night pilus tones. For light tones, the product blends subtle violet pigments—similar to the concept of purple shampoo—which help balance brassiness and bring out the all-time in low-cal-colored hair. 2nd, the formula is infused with argan oil to keep hair hydrated and protect from UV rays. So there’s the perfect amount of grit and moisture to balance it all out.

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Spray in Some Texturizer

Bumble and bumble texturizing spray

Bumble and bumble
Thickening Dryspun Volume Texture Spray



The last step is Bumble and bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish Book Spray ($31), a translucent, dry texturizing spray for added fullness and airy texture. It’south a godsend—and perfect for those piece-y ends I consistently covet but can’t always pull off due to (cough) split up ends. While I use dry shampoo to my roots, this stuff is for my mid-lengths and ends. The formula includes raw silk powders with light-holding polymers to let the product to adhere instantly to each strand of hair. The results are weightless, full texture—it won’t bog down my pilus but allows my curls to stay at the forefront. Once it’s all said and done, I fluff upwardly and pull apart various pieces of hair to brand my hair look thicker, longer, and give off a more than ’70s vibe.


  • Are there any products you lot should avoid if you accept effectively pilus?

    Try avoiding whatever heavy-duty hair products such as intense oils, as they might weigh down your pilus. Instead, aim for products that add texture and volume and specify they are for thin pilus.

  • Is information technology unsafe to use estrus tools on thin, curly hair?

    Thinner hair is more susceptible to damage from heat tools like blow dryers and curling irons, but that doesn’t mean you lot have to avoid them altogether. Always recollect to use a heat protectant earlier applying heat to the pilus, and try to utilize a repairing mask to help with whatsoever damage.

  • How should y’all style sparse, curly hair?

    If yous are looking to enhance volume, you should consider request your hairstylist for edgeless ends as they tend to brand effectively pilus await thicker and fuller.


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