Hair Colour Ideas on Black Hair

Black hair with highlights is when a lighter color is added to strands of the darkest hair color shade. They can be painted on using foil, balayage, or chunking.

To get the most out of your highlights, getting the correct corporeality of contrast against your raven mane that can flawlessly complement your complexion is the key cistron. Dark hair makes your face up color more prominent and adding the right color of highlights makes a huge difference on the overall mode.

That’south right – your skin tone plays a big role in rocking a blackness hair color. Neutral and fair pare colors become best with warm highlights such equally golds and reds. Darker complexions, on the other hand, blend excellently with both cool and warm tones.

If y’all’re going for a more natural await, black highlights, ribbons of deep brownish, and darker shades like anecdote, can create a voluminous and dimensional advent, particularly when styled with waves and layers. You as well need to take notation that a truthful saturated black base will e’er have a stark contrast even if the added classic highlights for blackness hair are soft and subtle, making this dye job really doable and a super-easy process!

So before your next hair appointment, bank check out these popular photos of black hair with highlights color ideas.

Black Pilus with Platinum Highlights

Instagram @tommyamazinghair

Wearing black hair with platinum highlights is a chic style to flaunt a dimensional color. Information technology requires minimal maintenance if tresses have a natural dark hue. These added streaks create instant texture that’s sure to be eye-catching. Accentuate the platinum highlights on black hair on a daily basis by styling the tresses with waves.

Blackness Pilus with Red Highlights


Black hair with ruby highlights is a must-try for a different alternative to the regular blonde highlights. For darker-haired women, toning the highlights to a cherry-red tone is more achievable than ashy blonde highlights. Crimson highlights on black pilus pull through warm colors, making a warmer tone an platonic selection to maintain the pilus’due south integrity.

Black Hair with Blonde Ombre Highlights

Instagram @texasbalayage

Black hair with blonde ombre highlights creates depth and lightness in all the right places. An ombre technique is great for women with night hair considering it gives a gradient blend from dark to light that is low maintenance. Blonde ombre highlights on dark pilus give brunettes loftier contrast blonde highlights while leaving dimension and depth.

Honey Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

Instagram @thaoandhair

Honey blonde highlights on black pilus are great for night brunettes needing some sunshine in their hair. Warm, gilded, love tones are an achievable hair color goal for naturally dark-haired women. Balayage and babylights are techniques your stylist can use to help you achieve the maximum lift and brightness when working towards lightening blackness pilus.

Short Blackness Hair with Highlights

Instagram @summerevansstudio

Brusk black hair with highlights is saucy and total of move. Soft, warm-toned highlights give a beautiful blend on dark brown or black hair. Attempt out a lob haircut with layers, this adds texture and makes toffee-colored highlights stand up out.

Subtle Highlights for Dark Mane

Instagram @igorkhonin

Subtle highlights for dark mane include the utilize of warm brownish tones. Chestnut brown hues expect stunning on blackness hair and give a subtle tone on tone coloration. Soft, rich, brown highlights are realistic and achievable for women with naturally blackness hair and are relatively depression maintenance.

Natural Highlights on Black Tresses

Instagram @romeufelipe

Perfect natural highlights on black tresses are warm blonde tones. For a soft, sun-kissed wait on naturally deep dark hair, opt for sandy aureate hues over cool-toned highlights for a natural, realistic stop. Ask your stylist for gilded, dark blonde highlights to frame your face up along with hand-painted balayage, that will get out dimension in your hair and allow the honey tinted highlights to contrast beautifully with your dark hair.

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Blackness Hair with Anecdote Highlights

Instagram @theconcept_salons

Blackness hair with anecdote highlights is the perfect style to add dimension to darker hair. Adding in a lighter shade creates dimension and beautiful dissimilarity while keeping a adult female still in the brunette family unit.

Balayage Highlights for Black Pilus

Instagram @andrewthedenton

Balayage highlights on black hair create an exquisite hair trend! Who would have thought that dark tresses can yet have dimension? Thanks to natural highlights. Adding these subtle highlights carry out a soft dimension that’s suitable with subtle waves.

Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

Instagram @romeufelipe

A shade of dominicus-kissed blonde highlights on black hair is trendy and always looks staggering. The dimension it makes adds warmth and shine to dark tresses. To keep brightness effectually the face, feel free to ask for a coin piece.

Silver Highlights on Blackness Hair

Instagram @get_nellafyd

Splashes of silver highlights on black hair create a deeper ashy tone and a smokey dimension. These highlighted strands on black pilus tin make a fun and dramatic modify. Jazz the hair upwardly with texture and waves to accentuate the silvery streaks.

Ash Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

Instagram @colorbysandraaa

A few ash blonde highlights on black pilus comport out a smokey consequence. Such a shade flatters absurd and pink skin tones. Products with UV protection ensures black hair with blonde highlights lasts longer.

Dark Hair with Sandy Brown Highlights

Instagram @leothehairalchemist

Beach waves on dark brunette hair are perfectly complemented with warmer highlights. The sandy chocolate-brown highlights on blackness hair show off the pilus’s movement and texture.

Darker Hair with Grey Highlights

Grey highlights on blackness hair give a cool, smokey issue to the hair color. There’s no need to go through a full-color transition just to add radiance to night locks. Hints of grey expect more natural and dreamy, plus they can be matched with other hues such as blueish.

“Black hair with grey highlights is a balayage with a nighttime root stretch and a greyness toner. The accents give the tresses a lighter shade without going blonde,” says hairstylist Rachel Spindle of Herndon, VA.

“Balayage is a low-maintenance coloring pick,” she adds. “The use of demi-permanent color for the root stretch and toner is ideal for girls who aren’t set up to commit. It will slowly fade over fourth dimension leaving the lightened balayage pieces to exist toned once again. Either with the aforementioned color or something dissimilar.”

Blackness Pilus with Pink Highlights

Instagram @teasedandtaylored

Black hair with pink highlights suits a loud and fun personality. Pink adds a flirty just fiery touch on to dark tresses. Stylists recommend washing the hair with cold water, so its vibrancy stays for a while. But if it fades, use the opportunity to try another color every bit it won’t need lightening. Pretty convenient, right?

Dark Pilus with Rose Gold Highlights

Instagram @paintedhair4ev

Dark hair with rose gold highlights is feminine and a little flirty. These highlights for black pilus are swell for adding dimension to a darker brunette. Add curls to the ends and they’ll announced stunning with whatever length of hair, besides!

If you’re planning to add highlights to your black tresses, don’t think that blonde is the only shade to become for. Streaks of rose gold are fun to wear, too.

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Black Hair with Dark-brown Highlights

This black hair with dark-brown highlights balayage is rich and dimensional while still looking natural. The highlights complement a darker pare tone and natural pilus colour.

This is low-maintenance light black pilus for a adult female who only colors 2-iii times a year. A balayage is perfect for the on-the-go girl, and the grow-out is super soft and leaves no harsh lines or roots to be touched upwards.

If you lot highlight black pilus, use professional person shampoo and conditioner for color longevity. Overtime highlights tin plow brassy, so incorporating a purple or blue-toned shampoo into your routine will go along your highlights fresh and truthful to tone.

Golden Highlights on Black Hair

Golden highlights on black hair are, no doubt, very sophisticated and versatile. Styling is a huge thing when it comes to high-dissimilarity black hair with blonde highlights. Wear them with beachy waves plus texture, and hair would be perfect for a casual date. Simply if with glamorous and flawless curls, the result makes the hair prepare for a formal consequence.

“The golden highlights with black hair create a pilus color with a multi-dimensional golden blonde balayage. The blend of golden blonde tones with ribbons of chocolate brown accentuates the highs and lows of the hair,” explains balayage and color specialist Michael Silverstri of Toronto, ON.

“Keep the dark roots then that when you look back you lot will ever encounter some of the natural hair,” he notes. “In add-on to this, keeping your nighttime root will allow your hair to grow out softer and more blended.”

If you’re considering this color, proper habitation care is necessary to keep hair shiny and good for you.
One time your naturally dark pilus is lightened, the reality is that it comes along with a new haircare regime.

“For blonde women with medium-length or long pilus, employ purple shampoo every iii-iv washes to maintain brass-gratuitous hair. Starting time using sulfate and paraben-gratis shampoo to maintain your color besides. Plus, they volition assist keep your pilus healthy and strong,” he adds.

White Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

White-blonde highlights on black hair tin accentuate wavy styles. If wearing a layered chop, those blonde streaks can emphasize the layers. Aside from its dazzler and dimension, women with thin locks will love this black blonde hair tendency. These soft highlights are what make fine, natural night tresses seem thicker and fuller.

These white-blonde highlights on black hair are a silvery/ashy balayage and were created by hairstylist Jess Bolella of Mahwah, NJ.

To maintain this color, Bolella says to get a deep regal shampoo and a shower filter. “These will help to cancel out any unwanted tones from the minerals in the water.”

“This is a must for any woman looking to maintain an ashy tone,” she advises. “Become a deep conditioning handling done at least in one case a week to maintain the health of the hair. Get professional shampoo and conditioner, and professional styling products, also.”

One last thing Bolella wants y’all to consider is that this color tin can not be accomplished if box dye, henna, or whatever drug store color has been used. “Have a consultation with a hairdresser. Inquire to have a test strand done to see if your hair is capable of lifting lite enough without being compromised. Your barber knows best! Trust their judgment, plus they know your hair amend than you!”

Balayage Blackness Hair with Auburn Highlights

This lived-in balayage blackness hair with auburn highlights was created by stylist Angelina Navarro of Clearwater, FL.

“The loveliest thing about information technology is how the rich browns complement the natural hair color. The waves assist to showcase the dimensional colors and allow for an aesthetically pleasing appearance,” says Navarro.

This balayage of night pilus with auburn highlights is for women who want a low-maintenance color, only having to maintain information technology a few times a year versus every six-eight weeks with traditional highlights. The waves are a elementary way to dress up the pilus.

Copper Highlights on Black Hair

This copper foilayage with a textured bob cut for black brusque hair was cutting and colored by hairstylist Amanda Wright of San Diego, CA.

“It’s cute when trying to grow out a very brusk cutting such as a pixie,” says Wright. “The best thing most information technology is the pops of color beingness able to not have to get information technology touched up every 6-8 weeks. Brusk black pilus with highlights like this is a must-try!”

“These copper highlights on black hair were doable on black box died hair, knowing that blonde highlights were nearly likely not going to happen on the first visit while keeping the integrity of the hair. It’due south as well a look that’s low-maintenance simply like any balayage while already creating that rooted wait,” she explains.

Black Hair with Blueish Highlights


Flaunt black hair with blueish highlights and get a unique dimensional color! The combo of black and blue shades makes the mane look richer while adding a dissimilar kind of radiance to it. To actually accentuate the highlights, styling hair with waves creates magic.

Black Pilus with Caramel Highlights

Glow up with these caramel highlights on blackness pilus that bring out a rich, sultry brightness. The pilus color’southward warm tone complement neutral and golden skin complexions. With soft waves and curls, the stunning dimension is emphasized even ameliorate.

This black hair with caramel highlights makes a low-maintenance dimensional hair colour. “It has high contrast created by the bright highlighted ribbons. The depth is kept at the root so you can become 4-5 months of color without having to get it redone,” explains salon owner and hairstylist Sue Ryrrell of the Cayman Islands.

“This dyed blackish pilus with caramel highlights was achieved during the first date,” she notes. “Nevertheless, for most women, information technology tin accept multiple appointments and can be expensive. It’s important to talk with your colorist to see if this is the right caramel color for your hair type.”

Dark Burgundy Highlights on Very Dark Hair

Instagram @ashlovebeauty

Wear dark burgundy highlights on black hair and ain an edgy manner! I of the all-time highlights for black hair is a reddish hue, creating that eye-catching result. The finish is so strong, it offers additional flair to long, wavy hair. Keep these burgundy highlights on blackness hair moisturized while avoiding oils to maintain their most vibrant state.

Black Bob with Chunky Pink Highlights

Instagram @colormecocola

A blackness bob with mesomorphic pinkish highlights is the perfect style to add a assuming interest to an otherwise nighttime and sometimes dull looking colour. The chunky pink highlights add fun and color to the face and pause upwardly the darkness and then the black hair doesn’t look then harsh against the pare. Dark hair tin launder low-cal toned skin out and look quite harsh, so past adding the pinkish yous tin can soften the overall look while withal keeping the intensity of the black hair with highlights.