Hair Colour Ideas for Indian Skin

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In this post y’all volition learn:

  • How to cull the correct shade from the LÓreal hair color chart

  • Black LÓreal color shades to try

  • LÓreal brown hair colour shades for Indian skin

  • Red LÓreal color shades to try

  • Blonde LÓreal hair color shades for Indian skin

  • LÓreal hair color price tabular array

  • Pilus care for colored hair

If 50’Oréal believes you lot’re worth it, then so should you! And then whether you want to look as young as you feel with Excellence Creme or find your color crush with Casting Crème Gloss, observe the perfect shade from Loreal hair color nautical chart. When choosing the perfect hair color for your hair and complexion, remember the golden rule of

peel undertones

choose warm hair colors for absurd skin tones, and cool colors for warm skin tones.

loreal hair colour top 10 shades to try

LÓreal Pilus Color Shades in Black

#i. Black – Neutral Black

L’Oréal Hair Color Black Excellence Creme

This shade from the LOreal pilus color black family will suit all Indian peel complexions and peel undertones. If you have soft facial features, this color would aid accentuate them. If you want to clothing a lighter hair color, this tin can be swapped with the L’Oréal dark brown hair colour.

#2. Ebony Black – Neutral Black

L’Oréal Pilus Colour Blackness Casting Creme Gloss

A natural blackness with a tinge of brown, this item LÓreal black hair colour is great for roofing gray pilus.

LÓreal Dark-brown Hair Color Shades for Indian Skin

#3. Aishwarya’s Brown – Warm Brown

L’Oréal Hair Brown Color Paris Excellence Creme

If you have a medium, wheatish complexion with cool undertones, this warm shade of chocolate-brown hair colour will bring a glow to your face. L’Oréal night brown hair colour is a rich shade and gives a beautiful stop to your tresses.

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#4. Natural Brown – Neutral Brown

L’Oréal Hair Color Paris Excellence Creme

In case you lot’re looking for Loreal hair color shades in brownish, this natural brownish hair colour works well for warm and cool skin tones. Women with olive or dark complexions should definitely give it a effort, peculiarly for covering gray hair.

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#5. Iced Chocolate – Cool Brown

L’Oréal Dark-brown Hair Color Casting Creme Gloss

For warm skin tones, this is the perfect cool brown from LÓréal hair colour nautical chart. If your complexion has yellow or golden hues, endeavour the LÓreal chocolate brown hair color to compliment your complexion.

#six. Praline Brown – Warm Chocolate-brown

L’Oréal Pilus Colour Casting Creme Gloss

Are you however confused about which 1 to pick from the LÓreal hair color range? Consider thePraline Brown.  This warm brown hair color suits cool pare tone pretty well. We recommend wearing this LÓreal highlights shade in a balayage mode. Utilise information technology on acme of  L’Oréal dark dark-brown hair color base. These ii are a match made in heaven!

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Red Shades from the LÓréal Pilus Color Range

#7. Burgundy – Absurd Blood-red

Fifty’Oréal Hair Color Excellence Creme

This LÓreal Burgundy hair colour goes best with warm skin tones. Yous tin can either become your hair colored completely or opt for burgundy streaks or lowlights.

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#8. Nighttime Mahogany Red – Warm Red

L’Oréal Red Pilus Colour Excellence Creme

Loreal red hair colour shade in deep mahogany is the perfect red pilus color for cool Indian pare tones.

#ix. Cherry Ability – Warm Cherry-red

L’Oréal Hair Color Paris Preference Infinia

If yous’re looking for an edgy shade of ruby-red, this is it. And if a full head color is too cherry-red for y’all, try streaks or ombre. This Loreal red hair color is perfect for those pilus color styles.

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LÓreal Blonde Hair Colors to Effort


Light Brown – Cool

L’Oréal Blonde Pilus Color Excellence Creme

Here’s some other not bad pilus colour to try the ombre expect. While information technology is more than bronde than blonde, this particular shade of blonde hair colour suits Indian complexions quite well.

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LÓreal Hair Colour Price and Shades in India

Production NAME & Fifty’OREAL COLOR Toll
Loreal Pilus Color Excellence Crème Rs 500
Loreal Casting Crème Gloss – Ebony blackness Rs 500
Loreal Hair Colour Range Paris Excellence Creme – Aishwarya’south Dark-brown Rs 480
Loreal Hair Color Paris Excellence Creme – Natural Brown Rs 480
Loreal Casting Creme Gloss – Iced Chocolate Rs 490
Loreal Hair Color Range Casting Creme Gloss – Praline Chocolate-brown Rs 440
Loreal Pilus Color Excellence Creme – Burgundy Rs 470
Loreal Hair Color Range Excellence Creme – Dark Mahogany Ruddy Rs 1890
Loreal Paris Preference Infinia – Scarlet Power Available in select salons
Loreal Hair Colour Excellence Creme – Light Brownish Rs 490

Last Words on Choosing LÓreal Pilus Color Shades

In instance you have some lingering questions on LÓreal hair color shades, we’ve tried answering a few.

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Is Loreal hair colour harmful?

LÓreal pilus color products are enriched with keratin and ceramide to make the color last longer, and leave your hair silky smooth. However, pilus color products do cause some bit of damage to the hair follicle. You could try

special hair masks

to continue your pilus good for you, and free of breakage and split-ends.

How do I choose a hair colour?

Your pare undertone helps you make up one’s mind the best LÓreal hair colour shade for you. The gold rule is that cool

skin undertones

should wear warm hair color shades, and warm skin tones should wear cool hair colors. Neutral skin tones tin clothing any shade they like!

What is Loreal Casting Creme Gloss?

LÓreal Casting Creme Gloss is a semi-permanent hair colour range of fashion pilus color options. Information technology’s perfect for someone looking for a quick makeover. On the other hand, the The LÓreal Excellence Creme products are a permanent pilus dye range, perfect for grey coverage.

While colored hair is great to look at, information technology is as hard to maintain. Yous accept to work hard to brand your hair color last longer, which means following a

regular hair care routine

, going for pilus spas, and using products peculiarly meant for coloured hair. All this volition help not only improve your hair’s wellness just volition besides

make your hair colour last longer


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