7 Fabulous Long Gray Hair Ideas and My Journey to Natural Color

Ever see a woman proudly flaunt her natural grayness pilus and think “I wish I could do that!”?

Well, you certainly tin can! Young women dyeing their hair ash gray has become the hottest trend – while older women are embracing their natural long gray hair every bit a sign of cocky-acceptance.

Whatever your reasons for having gray hair – it is definitely one way to push the status quo.

Read on to find out how I started embracing my long silverish hair, how I wait afterward information technology – and why I love it!

How My Greyness Hair Journeying Began

I was sitting in the San Fernando Valley with a friend, watching our kids play, and discussing life. I was on the verge of divorce – vacillating between despair and excitement. I knew I was ready for a big change and we excitedly discussed and fantasized – as simply women can do.

How tin can nosotros make OUR marker?

It was 2010 and I was 40 years one-time. There was much talk at that fourth dimension – although we at present read it daily in countless memes – of the idea that the path to success is through discovering and being our most “authentic” self.

I liked it – and information technology made sense.

Equally I drove domicile pondering this, I wondered how I could apply this to my life. I had just enrolled in a yoga teacher-training programme. Through the yogic philosophy, I began to merge with the person I wanted to get – instead of the adult female I was expected to become.

And then, afterward over 20 years of dyeing my hair, I decided to begin living genuinely!

Being my true self meant I was no longer going to cover upward who I was. I was no longer willing to fight to keep my spousal relationship – nor fight to go on what was supposed to be a “youthful appearance”.

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It was an deed of defiance to embrace my truth. I made the choice to cutting my locks short, and go through a year-long process of growing it out.

Past 2011, my pilus was more salt and pepper than gray – but two years into this process, and I finally had lovely and natural long silver hair. I was poised to begin my new career as an older model. Inbound the market as a archetype gray pilus model immune me to utilize this platform to contribute a sense of liberty to women over 50.

How I Look After My Gray Hair

My routine has changed radically in the by two years! I went from voluminous long gray locks to thin and breakable hair due to fluctuating hormones, life stressors, and diet.

The summer climate in Southern California lends itself to shorter hairstyles. So, to give my pilus a fuller appearance, I have transitioned away from long gray hairstyles – and at present the hairstyle I wear is a little shorter.

To improve scalp health and help prevent pilus loss, I recently began using Pura’dor every two days. People always tell you lot that the less you wash hair, the healthier it will be. What I personally discovered was just the reverse – the oils were causing my strands to fall out by blocking the hair follicles!

I believe it’s important to besides look after your hair from within. I make certain that my hair gets the nutrients information technology needs by taking a Biotin vitamin supplement.

I likewise use Aveda Thickening Tonic to add volume and thickness, and Clairol Shimmer Lights shampoo to refresh and brighten my silver hair. My styling routine involves a lot of hair brushing, and rarely using heated tools. One time a week I likewise treat myself to a kokosnoot oil scalp massage – information technology feels wonderful! I am hopeful that my nurturing hair routine will strengthen my hair, and restore its original luster.

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Hair Products for Long Gray Hair

My Favorite Silverish Hairstyles to Article of clothing

When it comes to hairstyles, I like natural and easy looks that compliment my confront.

Most days, an piece of cake French twist with a chopstick does the trick. However, there are days that call for a more sophisticated, sexy or youthful hairstyle.

#1: Messy High Updo

If your hair is wavy similar mine, here’s a styling hack for you. When looking to create a messy updo, use big soft sponge rollers to smooth out the kinky pilus. You won’t need that if you’ve had a blow-out – your updo will naturally look effortless and elegant! When your hair is nice and polish, loosely swirl information technology into a bun on meridian of your head and employ bobby pins to concord the bun in place.

Messy Updo for Long Silver Hair

#2: Brushed-Back Voluminous Locks

Brushing and combing in whatever direction unremarkably creates plenty volume for me. When I have to rush out the door – just desperately demand to add a scrap of “oomph” to my locks, I use dry shampoo. It works every fourth dimension!

Long Silver Locks Brushed Back

#3: Soft Hollywood Locks

As women, we sometimes love to splurge on beauty. Luckily, I work with a hair stylist in my business! In this photo, you are seeing my friend Donna’s creation. She used a large curling iron on clean and dry hair. She wrapped my layered locks loosely and effectually the iron. Nosotros generously sprayed hairspray – and the look was complete!

Long Gray Wavy Hairstyle

#iv: Casual Pony

I clothing my hair up equally frequently as possible! However, I have heard that the pulling back weakens the hair follicle. I always make sure information technology’due south loose and not likewise tight – but I love having hairstyles away from the face up!

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Silver Gray Ponytail

#v: Glamorous Side Function

When it comes to hairstyles, I honey mixing information technology up! A side function can be sexy and fun. I love a sweeping blindside and it’south easy to reach that with a side part. Whether your hair is straight or wavy – y’all tin can still create this elegant look.

Long Silver Side Parted Hairstyle

#6: Any Hairstyle – Plus a Hat!

I love wearing hats!! They immediately brand a await more intriguing – and are such a fantastic accessory. Hats are likewise my go-to when at that place is a chill in the air and you demand to protect your locks from the conditions – merely you don’t need a reason to habiliment a chapeau!

Long Loose Silver Hair with a Cap

#vii: Bardot Bangs

I’ve e’er idea that bangs are playful and youthful! One time a year, I await for trendy bangs to get inspired past, take a stack of photos to my stylist and ask for mine to be done! I am lucky because I tin always castor my pilus back when needed. Bangs are flirty – and they tin easily transform a monotonous look.

Natural Gray Shoulder Length Hairstyle

If you want to follow me for more than fashion and styling ideas, you can find me on Instagram or visit my website. Embrace your long gray hair and permit’s habiliment cute silver hairstyles!

7 Fabulous Long Gray Hair Ideas and My Journey to Natural Color

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