Hair Colour Ideas for Natural Brunettes

Highlights, lowlights, single procedure, or gloss — a brunette can do it all.

While it’southward debatable whether or not blondes actually take more than fun, it is very much a fact that brunettes have more options — at to the lowest degree when it comes to their hair.

Colour-wise, there’s no shade that’s more versatile or primed for a refresh than dark-brown. Wisps of dominicus-drenched highlights for summer? You got it. Shiny cocoa lowlights for New year’s day’s? Why not!

brown pilus color ideas

The merely question that remains is which sultry shade best suits your vibe?

To help you out, nosotros asked 4 top stylists to help the states navigate the deep bounding main of brown hair color ideas, too as how to put your own spin on information technology for your side by side look. And lucky you — the sky’s the limit for a brunette.

Cranberry Brown

Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Emma Stone rocks this versatile colour with ease.

“I have to say I actually love a warm rich-toned brunette, and so many brunettes are hesitant of warm tones. As a colorist you constantly hear requests for no red and no brassiness,” says master colorist at NYC’s Marie Robinson Salon, Angela Haight. “Simply at that place is a huge departure between faded, boring, oxidized brown hair that’south turned red or orangey — no one wants that — and an intentional rich amber or deep auburn tone. Warmer tones reverberate light and give the hair a petty sparkle.

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Rich Chestnut

Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

“I’k obsessed with a perfect chestnut brown,” says Nick Stenson, Matrix’s artistic manager. “It’south the perfect combination of warmth and depth without always appearing flippant and it looks great on most peel tones.”

Ash Brown

Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Not interested in frequent trips to the salon? Opt for a tone that will grow out gracefully, says celebrity colorist and Redken brand ambassador, Matt Rez.

“I love ash chocolate-brown brunettes that have a cool tone base color with cool golden reverberate,” he says. “Information technology can flatter nearly everyone because there’s a tonal residue of cool and warm that tin be personalized to compliment the predominant skin tone and eye colour of any customer.”

Glossy Leather

Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

“For darker pare complexions, the most flattering shade of brown is a leather brown. It’s not too cool and not too warm,” says Richy Kandasamy, colorist and R+Co commonage member. “Adding in some very seamless sun-kissed highlights will add dimension and freshness to the skin.”

Rich Espresso

Hair Colour Ideas for Brunettes

Think a single all-over shade is a snooze? Recall again. Stenson shares he’s been fielding requests for a darker brunette this season. But what does this shade wait like, exactly? “Recollect hovering just above black, just with all the shine and intensity,” he explains. Say no more than.

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Cinnamon Spice

Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

To bring lightness and incorporate a kicking of color, but still maintain an overall cool girl, natural vibe, become with a less-intense colour, like auburn or amber, to add vibrant dimension and depth.

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Golden Honeycomb

Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

The tried-and-truthful brown with sunny highlights is a classic for a reason. “It’s a not bad way to introduce anyone to a color change. It’south much more low maintenance than an all over color, you tin get away with doing them one time a year if you don’t bring them all the way upwards to the root and go along them very tone on tone and subtle,” says Haight. “The beauty of a highlight is once you’ve pre-lightened the pilus you have many more options of shades to try out.”

90s Revival

Pilus Color Ideas for Brunettes

This year, 90s-inspired bold, streaky colored high and lowlights are making a comeback for a more contrasted wait, co-ordinate to Stenson. Go far modern past blending the contrast color away from the root and so you’re far from that streaky, zebra-esque await, and focus on keeping your hair healthy to avoid unwelcome brassiness.

Sandy Brown

Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

“My favorite shade of brownish is a sandy chocolate-brown because information technology’s a very chameleon shade,” says Kandasamy. “It works well with both warm and cool pare tones.”


Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

Fun, confront-framing reds add a splash of pizazz and the mix of warm and bright shades lighten the confront. And according to Haight, it’s “a bully way to slowly innovate warm tones into the hair.”

For the Color Commitment-Phobe

Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

“For someone not gear up to commit to an all over colour, I recommend a loftier-smooth gloss, with just a hint of colour or a subtle balayage that gives but a kiss of brightness,” says Stenson. “Both options are low commitment with simply the correct amount of refresh.”

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