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Practice y’all have hair that’s feeling limp, or are you desperately trying to grow your hair out? What if I told y’all that rice h2o you merely discard when cooking rice may exist your secret to strong, boisterous, and shiny hair? Permit’s chat about why you need to try a rice-water rinse today, how to prepare one and how to use it the right way.

Benefits of Rice Water for Hair

The use of rice h2o for hair originated in Heian, Japan (794 to 1185 CE). Women had floor-length hair that they regularly bathed in rice water to maintain hair length and forcefulness. This practise isn’t only limited to Japan; women of the Yao tribe in electric current-solar day China cut their hair once in their life, maintaining their long pilus by bathing it in rice water. There’s a reason why this traditional rinse has been used for hundreds of years and is nonetheless in utilise today – it works.

The upshot of rice water on hair health is due to the amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants present in the grain that release into the water when uncooked rice is soaked or boiled.

The growing anecdotal testify, too as the known touch on of individual components, propose that rice h2o can:

  • Strengthen pilus:
    Rice water is high in protein that repairs damaged hair, reduces hair breakage and improves elasticity;
  • Add together polish:
    a lot of women agree that rice h2o makes dull pilus shinier;
  • Reduce tangling:
    the starchy h2o coats hair shaft and seals the hair cuticle, making damaged, porous locks more obedient and less prone to tangling;
  • Promote hair growth:
    antioxidants nourish and repair damaged cells and support a healthy scalp environment, preventing pilus loss and thus helping you maintain hair thickness;
  • Amend whorl structure.

With so many benefits of rice water, one may exist tempted to use information technology as a regular natural addition to a hair care routine. There are some precautions to beware of, though.

Dry Scalp and Protein Overload Consideration

There are ii cases when yous should employ rice water with caution. First, if yous take scalp irritation, inflammation, or more than serious conditions similar eczema or psoriasis, the rinse can actually make the matters worse. If you have a dry scalp, rice water pilus treatment is not recommended either and may pb to flaking on some occasions.

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Too, while rice water is safe for all hair types, y’all should definitely be aware of poly peptide overload, which only means that as well much of a good thing tin have the opposite event and go out hair lifeless and brittle. How to sympathize if your pilus needs protein or not? Well, if you take relaxed natural pilus, bleached or color-treated hair, damaged or sparse locks, chances are high that you do need it. Anyway, the all-time approach is to use rice water for hair in moderation and research your own hair needs.

Rice H2o for Hair DIY Recipe

There are three means to prepare rice water for hair: via soaking, boiling, or fermentation. For all the methods, you commencement with rinsed and strained rice to make certain any clay is removed from the grains. Thus, yous either soak or eddy ½ cup of rice in two-3 cups of h2o. For fermented rice water, the rice should be left soaking for two days.

I prefer the boiling method then I can line this rinse upwards with my dinner. The below recipe works for short-to-medium-length pilus. Double the ingredients for longer hair.

  1. Rinse ½ loving cup (97g) rice in a strainer. Add to a pot with 2-three cups (472-717g) of water.
  2. Rice Water for Hair Recipe Step 1

  3. Bring pot to a eddy on medium-high heat. One time you accept boiling h2o, plough it down to depression. Encompass and simmer until fully cooked, about 10-15 min. Brand sure to keep an eye on the pot so that the water doesn’t cook off completely.
  4. Rice Water for Hair Recipe Step 2

  5. Use a fine-mesh strainer to strain the water into a clean bowl or jar. Fix in the fridge until cool. Utilise immediately or store information technology covered in the fridge for upwards to ane week. (Save the rice for dinner.)
  6. Rice Water for Hair Recipe Step 3

How to Use Rice H2o Pilus Rinse?

There are two ways to use rice water for hair: as an after-shampoo rinse or as a deep conditioning treatment. If y’all think that your pilus can get over moisturized, stick to the rinsing method and do not let rice water sit in your hair for too long.

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#one: Rice Water Rinse

  1. Wash hair using shampoo as normal.
  2. Employ rice water to soaking wet hair by scooping information technology onto your hair, dipping your head in a bowl, or sparing rice water onto your pilus using a spray canteen.
  3. Rake rice h2o from roots to tip and brand sure that strands are fully coated. Leave on for 5 minutes.
  4. Once the v minutes are up, rinse completely. Status and manner as usual.

Rice Water for Hair in a Jar

#2: Deep Conditioner

  1. In a small-scale bowl, scoop in one portion of deep conditioner. Use the amount that you’d typically use when deep workout your hair.
  2. A spoonful at a time, add together in your rice water. Make certain the mix doesn’t get too runny. For me, this is about 3 spoonfuls. Mix thoroughly.
  3. Shampoo hair equally normal.
  4. Utilise deep conditioner mix on your length; skip the roots when using this method. Rake through your hair to ensure information technology is fully coated. Leave on for x-xv minutes.
  5. One time the fourth dimension is up, rinse completely. Status and way as usual.

How Oft Should You Use Rice H2o on Your Hair?

Once a week would exist the shortest amount of time in between rinses that I would recommend, but it’south important to recognize when your hair needs information technology. To sympathize how oft you can do a rice water rinse, you have to understand the concept of protein-moisture balance, mentioned above.

Hair products and DIY treatments tin can comprise ingredients that are moisturizing and/or contain protein. Rice water falls into the protein category. If you use too much of either category, your hair can get off-balance. As well much moisture tin can lead to limp and lifeless hair, whereas also much protein can lead to hair that feels dry, straw-like and frizzy.

And then, how do you know when your hair needs what? To give a personal example, I have curly hair and have a TON of different styling products in my arsenal. If I use also many moisturizing products in a row, I find my hair becomes limp and lifeless, which means it’south in need of a protein treatment.

I also have a lot of loftier poly peptide stylers that I honey using. If I do a rice-water rinse after consistently using my favorite loftier-protein gel, my hair may start to feel a bit dry and stiff. In this instance, I would hold off on doing a rinse and deep condition instead.

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By paying attention to how your hair feels and what products you are using on a regular basis, you lot can judge when information technology’s time for another treatment! For me, every 3 to 4 weeks seems to be my sugariness spot.

Rice Water Results for My Pilus Blazon

Subsequently doing a rice water rinse my hair IMMEDIATELY springs up. There is such a difference in how the curls conduct; my style lasts for days subsequently a treatment.

Hither are my results after ane of my first rice water rinses. These photos were taken mere days apart. You tin actually see only how much torso I’ve gained in the subsequently.

Before and After Rice Water Rinse

Hither are my results after a contempo handling. Note the differences in my curlicue pattern, particularly about the ends of my pilus!

Curl Pattern after Using Rice Water

Rice H2o Alternatives

Don’t desire to go through the trouble of making rice water? There are plenty of other protein treatments that work simply as well with similar benefits.

  • Add together high protein products into your rotation:
    While this method won’t necessarily give you the immediate results that a rice-water rinse does, it’south a great mode to keep your hair balanced and stiff! Take a look at the back of your hair products and expect for the words protein, keratin, amino acids, wheat, rice, soy, silk, quinoa, oats or peptides. If you see these words near the tiptop of an ingredients list, that’s a high-poly peptide product.
  • A gelatin handling:
    Similar to a protein treatment, a gelatin treatment involves coating the pilus with a gelatin mixture, leaving on for a few minutes, and then rinsing.
  • Using a premade protein mask:
    My absolute favorite is The Mender past Botanika Beauty. Other recommendations are Aphogee Two Infinitesimal Treatment and Elizavecca cer-100 Collagen Protein Treatment.

A rice-water rinse is an awesome way to requite your hair a boost. Information technology’s inexpensive, piece of cake, and y’all probably already have everything y’all need in your pantry.

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Rice Water for Hair Recipe and Benefits You Will Love – The Right Hairstyles

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