15 Basic Loose French Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair in 2022

Braids are really in right now — and there are tons of different kinds of braids and braiding techniques to go inspired by. Some will keep your pilus tidy, others will transform it into a work of fine art — while others volition practise both! If y’all don’t have much time to spare for creative braid hairstyles – don’t worry. Even with a basic loose French braid you lot tin can create countless trendy styles in no time at all!

Loose French Complect Video Tutorial

Hither is a simple tutorial in which I volition explain and show y’all how to create a loose French braid on yourself – but if you lot wanted to do it on someone else, the steps will exist identical. A loose French complect works on hair of whatsoever length — and will look stunning even on short locks!

At present you know how to french complect your ain hair, so let’south move to the creative hairstyles with simple french braids I’ve prepared for The Right Hairstyles’ readers! Go on reading!

How to Create Hairstyles Based on a Loose French Braid?

Use these ideas considering they’re like shooting fish in a barrel, quick and stylish! Even if you’re not good at braiding your own hair, I promise these styles volition become your favorites!

#1: Diagonal French Braid

A first easy variation would be to offset the braid on one side and get towards the reverse angle of the caput, for a diagonal French braid.

Diagonal French Braid

#2: Loose Side French Braid

You can spice upward the style by moving the French braid to the side of your caput. Continue braiding as with a normal French braid merely start taking pilus from the peak of one side and continue braiding it downwards, while standing to add hair from both sides.

Loose Side French Braid

Loose Side French Braid

#3: Low Side French Complect

Another way to end the braid on i side would exist to beginning braiding behind one of the ears, and go all the fashion downward, angling the complect towards the opposite side of the head. This results in a depression braid which will frame the nape of the head and will then lay on your shoulder. Very like shooting fish in a barrel fashion which can be very sophisticated as well!

Low Side French Braid

Depression Side French Braid

#four: Double Loose French Braids

Using a side French braid, yous can part your hair in the middle and do two braids instead of 1, and so to have these piggy French braids.

Double Loose French Braids

Double Loose French Braids

#five: French Braids into Braided Buns

Catch your French braids and roll them into ii braided buns, which you lot tin go on in place with an elastic or bobby pins. You will then have this cute way – which is perfect for warm days, so not to have any hair sticking to your neck!

French Braids into Braided Buns

French Braids into Braided Buns

#half-dozen: French Braids into Pigtails

Another choice is to terminate braiding at the base of your caput and tie both braids with elastics, leaving the rest of the hair as a pair of elementary pigtails. You tin as well cover the elastics with pocket-size strands of hair, and keep each strand in place with a bobby pivot, topsy tail or a new rubberband. You lot tin do that even with a unmarried French braid!

French Braids Into Pigtails

French Braids into Pigtails

#7: Mohawk French Complect

Another way to do something original with a simple French braid is to part the top of your head taking just the hair from the middle, and so braiding the balance – but stopping to add more hair when you reach the crown of your head. It creates a really dainty effect and information technology is the perfect base of operations for a lot of edgy styles, as you can get in messy and bigger depending on the look you are aiming for!

Mohawk French Braid

Mohawk French Braid

#8: Mohawk French Braid Ponytail

The mohawk French braid is the perfect base for a ponytail mode. After doing the mohawk braid, you lot but take to put all your hair in a ponytail (high or depression – that’s up to you) and include the braid in the ponytail. You could even leave the braid out for a different style, and so that information technology volition fall adjacent to information technology – yous make up one’s mind!

Mohawk French Braid Ponytail

Mohawk French Braid Ponytail

#9: French Braid Pull Dorsum

Another super easy hairstyle could be accomplished by French braiding from the front of your caput, every bit yous would practice for a headband. Simply braid the meridian and proceed going on one side, but complect merely the upper part. Then plait the rest and hide the end of the plait under the hair on the dorsum of the head, on the opposite side.

French Braid Pull Back

French Braid Pull Dorsum

#10: French Pull Back into Pony Tail

This style is very versatile — and could fifty-fifty be wrapped into a cute ponytail!

French Pull Back into Pony Tail

French Pull Back into Pony Tail

#xi: Side French Cornrow

If you are looking for something a niggling edgier — simply all the same elementary and fast to create — try braiding the hair on the side of the head towards the dorsum and finishing information technology when you’re satisfied with the length. The balance of the hair would exist kept loose.

Side French Cornrow

Side French Cornrow

#12: French Braid into Bun

A French complect is very elementary and is a perfect way to create an updo. To start, French braid the top of the head, from the middle or from one side – and necktie it with the remainder of the pilus in a ponytail (which you can and so transform into a messy bun, too)!

French Braid Into Bun

French Complect into Bun

#thirteen: French Braid Updo

And here’south a like style, which is very quick to practice and is actually elegant. It can exist done by French braiding one of the sides of the head and the nape towards the opposite side and catastrophe the style with a twisted bun. I love twisted buns, because y’all tin make them very big and fluffy – a bonus for someone whose hair is thin and oftentimes appears flat!

French Braid Updo

French Complect Updo

#14: Upside Downwardly French Complect

Another option for using the French braid in a fancy style is turning information technology into an upside down braid. This one is a picayune bit harder, peculiarly if you try to do it on yourself. Essentially, information technology’southward a normal French braid, which starts at the bottom of the nape so goes up. Staying in a position where your head is upside downward will make things easier. Function your hair and then that you will have to braid just the dorsum of information technology upwards to the crown of your head. Then tie everything into a ponytail! You can too wrap the braid around the elastic.

Upside Down French Braid

Upside Downward French Braid

#15: Upside Downwardly French Complect into a Bun

Instead of leaving the hair in a ponytail, you can twist it into a lovely bun for a dissimilar style! Or effort a unlike kind of bun!

Upside Down French Braid into a Bun

Upside Down French Braid into a Bun

These styles look fantastic with long hair, simply about of them volition wait super cute on short hair, likewise! We promise you lot’ve been inspired by these trendy loose French complect styles, and that you’ll be experimenting with them later on!

For more unique and cute braids, follow FraN’s braiding on Instagram and check out her channel on YouTube!

15 Basic Loose French Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair in 2022

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