45 Best Curly Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men 2022

Curly hair is pretentious in styling until you lot notice the right haircut and the correct styling products. When it happens, you won’t ever experience unhappy over again with your curly hair. In example you are strongly convinced that curls do non look expert on you, you tin any time go an extra short haircut, but we would recommend that you at to the lowest degree endeavor a brusk haircut with tapered sides, possibly with undercuts or consider short-to-medium styles. There are guys who are happy to sport their curls medium, and they are not ever going to chop them off.

Mens Curly Hairstyles and Haircuts

Anyway, here’s the best choice of unlike curly hairstyles for men. Take a minute to become a new hair idea for your curls!

#i: Faded Curly Undercut

Feel the wind accident through your hair (as well equally on the sides of your head) with a minimalistic curly tiptop. Go the sides and nape buzzed or faded to set off your long curly hair on top. Every male with thicker hair can pull this wait off, no matter the shape of your face up.

#two: Windswept Medium Haircut

Put in minimal effort in this chic, beach expect. Not all curly hairstyles for men need a lot of product to work. Whether you have long or brusque hair, take advantage of your hair’s natural volume and texture by letting it fly. All yous have to do is to give your hair a defining side part.

#3: Long Curly Hairstyle

When working with men’southward curly hairstyles, it’s important to rely on your natural color, volume, and curl shape. Don’t exist afraid to use some products to heighten your await (similar our model does beneath), but continue the usage low-cal as to non overwhelm your curls. Y’all want your pilus to look equally natural equally possible!

#4: Disconnected Cut for Curly Pilus

For a unique disheveled style, part your pilus to the side and flip information technology all into one pile. An asymmetrical curly height is sure to catch attention – the wilder and more stone ‘n’ roll, the better! For the maximum way touch, pair this crazy hairstyle with a neatly trimmed beard.

#v: Curly Hawk with Bleached Tips

Pull your hard punk aesthetic and your fondness for soft, bouncy curls together with this curly hairstyle for men. The ii-tone curls on tiptop add together extra depth to the expect, giving a “natural” highlight to the outline of your hairstyle. Who needs perfect lining when your curly top has that?

#half dozen: Punk Wavy Summit

All y’all need to join a ring is this hairstyle and a little scrap of eyeliner. You tin can blend into any punk ring this way. Catch your instrument and let your pilus fly in the current of air with these long curly bangs. But be sure to keep them trimmed so they don’t overwhelm your confront. Moreover, curly hairstyles for men similar this one look modern and trendy despite the age.

#seven: Fluffy Medium Haircut

This style probably has the about fun shape from all the hairstyles mentioned here. Information technology’southward all-time for relaxing afterward a long weekday – and you always have the option of pulling it dorsum if yous need to. If you’re looking for something to practise with your long, naturally voluminous pilus, only let it grow to its natural shape.

#eight: Razor Fade with Curls on Elevation

When you choose the buzzed sides, the only way to grow is up! Of all the men’south curly hairstyles, we love the hard and soft edges of this one best – the harsh cutting on the sides adds a cool racing stripe mode, and the softness of the curls on elevation is a great contrast.

#ix: Curly Pomp with Temple Fade

Less can be more, curly haired men, so don’t be agape to try a retro await with a modernistic twist. Instead of giving yourself a total jerry gyre, fade the sides, so yous tin yet have a curly top, just with short, soft curls instead. No product required, just hey – it doesn’t hurt!

#x: Side-Parted Undercut

Perfect with a push button-downwardly or to meet your girlfriend’s parents, this short, brushed wait is great for anyone who wants to be taken seriously (without sacrificing too much of their natural style). Men’s curly pilus tin can be difficult to tame, so this is a perfect mode for anyone who wants easy-to-manage hair.

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#eleven: Dark-brown Fade with Curls

Brand curls the focal point of your hairstyle by keeping the sides neatly cropped and the top long with strategically messy coils. Use a hair tattoo at the nape of the cervix to residue the wait with a subtle edginess.

#12: Low-cal Brownish Cutting with Low Fade

To tame your thick curls, opt for a polished peel fade. Not just does it make your hair easier to manage, but it’due south besides a sexy cut that anyone can pull off. Finish it with a groomed beard– always an first-class choice to elevate haircuts for men with curly hair.

#13: Anecdote Taper with a Wavy Top

Maintaining longer hair doesn’t necessarily mean you take to encroach upon the man-bun territory. Grow out a curly top and go along the sides trimmed to embrace your length sans the uber-hipster look. Opting to just keep longer locks on the top is polished enough for the function, but still coincidental to sport day to day.

#14: Deep Brown Asymmetrical Cutting

If yous’re blest with luscious curls, don’t be agape to play up their drama. Permit your locks autumn into your confront, spotlighting your playful side, all while looking effortlessly cool.

#fifteen: Salt-and-Pepper Curly Fade

Curly hair for men can exist suave and sophisticated at any historic period. The natural common salt-and-pepper color teamed with loose curls creates a hairstyle that is total of texture and dimension.

#xvi: Layered Cutting with Long Wild Curls

Unleash your free spirit with shoulder-grazing curls. A universal truth of long curly pilus is that layers are your best friend. The varying lengths keep your hair from sticking out similar a triangle and create a cleaner, more than mature look that radiates artsy vibes.

#17: Black Undercut with Fade

The texture of the curls balances the sleekness and precipitous angles of the undercut. It’s an essential mode for anyone in the market for a dope new cut.

#18: Ruddy Curls with Shaved Sides

For the quirkier curly men’s hairstyles, a roll-filled top is a smashing way to express your personal style. Plus, if your hair is thinning, shaved sides help disguise it. Rely on the voluminous curls to requite the illusion of thick hair. Complete the await with a bristles if you’re feeling hipsterly.

#xix: Curly Blonde Taper Fade

If y’all don’t know what to practise with your thick shorter curls, simply try brushing them forward. Doing then creates textural waves that draw attention to your face, specially when your hairstyle joins forces with a short beard. Its simplicity will effortlessly take you from the office to a date night.

#20: Black Undercut with a Shaved Design

Different types of hairstyles can tell a lot about someone’south personality. A coif, like the one shown below, says that yous are bold and badass. Designs shaved into the side of the head commencement the curly top. The stark contrast betwixt the voluminous and sleek sections makes for a serious visual intrigue.

#21: Side Part Taper Fade

Adding smoothen to men’south curly hair can be equally uncomplicated as creating a deep side part. Slick the shorter side down with heavy duty gel. The minor detail has a major impact; that will keep your crop bang-up.

#22: Dark-brown Curly Pompadour

Short curly hair gives yous volume that’s difficult to achieve with straighter tresses. Equally pictured hither, thick hair well-nigh mimics the looks of the pompadour—sans the round castor styling and hair gel. So, thank your curls for all the effortless hairstyles you can rock.

#23: Blonde Curls with a Sharp Line

Frame your fade with a crisp, straight line shaved into the side of the caput. Almost like a side part, only a lilliputian more modern, this sleek pilus tattoo transforms the coif from meh to mesmerizing.

#24: Undercut with Longer Messy Curls

Undercuts are always a failsafe of the many hairstyles for curly hair, men tin trust. Update yours unleashing a grown-out top with a bevy of springy coils framed by a narrow undercut. The mountain of spirals exudes youthful vibes and cool style. Svelte lines etched at the nape of the neck are a subtle fashion to add dimension.

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#25: Blackness Undercut with Shaved Line

An issue guys with curly hair frequently face is frizz. Keep your cut short and use styling balm so that your haircut and personal fashion takes the stage, not a messy fro. Amp upwardly your curls with a cut that’s every bit dope as you are, with accents like sleek designs in your undercut.

#26: Brown Mop Height

Thick curly pilus is known to exist somewhat unruly, but yous can combat it with good haircuts that take your mane and transform it into a modernistic style. While the fade is a timeless selection, ask your barber for a little actress length upward top and so y’all tin can proudly testify off your beautiful hair texture.

#27: Clean Black Fauxhawk

A well-done faux hawk commands attention. Curly hairstyles for men have the power to play up your swagger, just like the super modern one the model is sporting below. Eye-catching shading and clean lines of the line up requite this sexy cutting simply enough composure to make it role-ready and club-prepare, alike.

#28: Nighttime Taper Fade with Bangs

Looser waves lend themselves to creating perfect male bangs because of how they fall so nicely. In the morning just give your strands a lilliputian tousle with low-cal-hold hair gel, and y’all’ll have that easy, cool-guy mode.

#29: Curled Quirky Quiff Hairstyle

Whether y’all’re somewhat cocked or wise beyond your years, the retro coif is a quirky expression of style. The cutting uses your natural curls to dilate the volume of the look. Just role your hair, tease the roots of the height section and gently brush back your strands to achieve this polished hairstyle.

#thirty: Curly Shadow Fade

Those who don’t like whatsoever limitations should endeavour unabashedly assuming haircuts for curly hair. Men volition appreciate volume and dimension from the fourth dimension they stride out of the shower until they striking the sack. With a good cutting, you don’t have to worry well-nigh how to style it once yous go out the barber. If you lot discover a piffling frizz, merely use a spritz of water for the curls to bounce dorsum.

#31: Brusk to Medium Cut with Bangs

For night pilus, short curly hairstyles mask the unruliness that comes across as unkempt. Men with thick curly hair who go on it brusque-to-medium and styled with a product can change styles chop-chop – making this look piece of cake to clothes downwards for a band practice or wearing apparel upward for a blackness tie event. Information technology’s perfect for when you’re out all solar day.

#32: Voluminous Layered Hairstyle

This wild one can’t be tamed! Not all curly hairstyles (like this one) actually require haircuts, though y’all might desire to manner this look with a curling iron or a whorl enhancer. When it comes to curly pilus, men with long, thin faces are the all-time candidates to pull off this amount of book and texture.

#33: Platinum Blonde Undercut

Grey hair isn’t just for grandpas – it’s for men with curly hair also! Going with a lite grey dye job on the pinnacle and your natural pilus color with your facial hair gives you the best of both worlds. Yous tin have long and short hair (and this loftier fashion look ways you’re gear up to walk the runway at any time).

#34: Brushed Back Romantic Hairstye

Over-teased mens curly haircuts can actually be a proficient thing! If done the correct manner, guys with curly hair can remainder a steamy book embrace look with real world capabilities. Picayune to no facial pilus is best (equally the focus volition be on the sheen and book of your long pilus), and relaxed fashions are best besides with the mood of this wait.

#35: Slicked Back Wavy Hair

Let the focus be on your face! Re-create one of the cutest men curly hairstyles from this commodity: comb out your long curls, brush them back and behind your ears, and so trim your facial pilus into an impressive-looking beard. With your hair out of the style, the focus tin be on your optics – then brand certain to proceed your eyebrows well-maintained also.

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#36: Make clean Look for Curly Pilus

A male person undercut hairstyle for curly hair is a way to habiliment beautiful curls on meridian, while your sides remain super clean, beingness clipped to #1 or #2. It’s optimal to wear your curls textured with hair mousse or cream for curly pilus. The products remove frizz, highlight the lovely shape of the scroll and provide the right degree of fixation without the effect of stiff, rigid hair.

Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

#37: Hairstyle with a Wet Await

Adrian Grenier appeared at the MTV Flick Awards with the ideal curly hairstyle for men who like to attract attention. His brusque-to-medium cut with smoothly tapered sides let the curls reveal on height. Adrian styled them to one side, using gel. Gelled hairstyles with varied degrees of “wetness” are in trend this flavour.

cute curly men's hirstyle

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#38: Medium Length Gelled Curls

Medium curly hair on men looks very romantic. At the aforementioned time, medium curls seem manlier if combined with a neat facial hairstyle. One of the hottest actors of “Game Of Thrones” Kit Harington wins the hearts of his female person fans not only with his talent, only his super cute and cool curls as well.

medium curly hairstyle for men

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

#39: Blonde Hairstyle with Curly Hair

Simon Baker wears classic blackness frame glasses to brand his look stricter, considering hairstyles for men with curly hair of blonde shade are ordinarily associated with affections curls. A good way to devious from this association is to style your curls chaotically. But annotation that yous need a relatively fresh cut in society not to look also messy.

blonde curly hairstyle for men

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#40: Short Disheveled Curls

Adam Brody is then cute with his wind-stirred hair! Disheveled curls with a matt finish look natural and spontaneous. These are styled with a gyre enhancer, applied to wet hair. Scrunch your hair with the production and blow dry out or let information technology air dry out. Do not rummage your pilus – neither before application or the production, nor after!

mens disheveled curly hairstyle

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#41: Short Ringlets with a Beard

Ofttimes people underestimate their natural hair texture and try to straighten curls or curl directly strands. Just when information technology’s yours, it looks harmonious on you and often as your almost flattering option. Danny Masterson doesn’t shy away from his tight ringlets and pairs them with the all-time masculine “mountain human being” facial hairstyle.

mens short curly hairstyle

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

#42: Male Hairstyle with a Cool Quiff

James Franco likes to wear cool mens curly hairstyles with elongated pinnacle. In this case the fun curly texture of his pilus only begins to reveal at the sides, while on meridian it shapes the cutest full-value curls. The hairstyle should be styled to a side with wax, pomade or cream for curly hair. Information technology tin also be paired with a beard and mustache brew-up.

mens curly hairstyle with a quiff

Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com

#43: Curt Tapered Haircut with Curls

Not every pilus type gives a beautiful roll shape naturally. If your pilus sticks out to all sides instead of giving shapely waves, spirals or ringlets, get a tapered haircut with short sides and slightly elongated meridian. Tom Hiddleston’due south hair looks pretty squeamish, doesn’t it?

short curly hairstyle for men

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

#44: Black Curly Hairstyle with Undercut

Miguel Jontel plays on the contrasts of lengths and textures and wins a super stylish wait. The curls styled high in a higher place the forehead are counterbalanced by the meticulously clipped facial hairstyle.

black men's curly hairstyle

JStone / Shutterstock.com

#45: Curt to Medium Curly Haircut

The best hairstyles for curly hair men tin easy maintain are created from the simplest universal cut with the length that lets the curls reveal their texture. The result from usage of any sophisticated haircut techniques or finishes on curly hair won’t match your expectations, because it’south the texture that is principal in such hairstyles.

medium to short curly hairstyle for men

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

The look of your curly locks depends on what blazon your hair belongs to. Blazon 2, type 3 and blazon four give absolutely different kinds of curls. Every hair blazon needs special hair care products and styling solutions. Detect them: cull a flattering haircut and interesting curly hairstyles for men from our article, and you’ll never have problems with your curls.

45 Best Curly Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men 2022

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