50 Stylish Undercut Hairstyles for Men to Try in 2022

Basically men shouldn’t utilise many accents in their looks because in that location’s always a take chances to sideslip into something gaudy. That’southward why every detail plays an important role. The classic undercut hairstyle men used to habiliment several decades agone is and so versatile today that you tin can easily make your await brighter and more individual without going over the edge.

Men’s undercut works for any hair blazon and hair color. The only instance when undercuts volition not piece of work for you is if you have very fine off-white hair or if you are going bald on the crown. In this case the shortest haircut will wait best on you. At the same time, if you are dealing only with a receding hairline, an undercut can become a very good solution. The corners of your forehead with thinning pilus can be cut very short or shaved, while the quiff would be grown longer and swept dorsum.

Men’s Undercut Hairstyles

Undercuts are good not just in young age. It’due south okay to wearable an undercut hairstyle after 40. Besides, there are many kinds of undercut hairstyles, some of which are rather modest and others would turn heads. Look through our review and choose an undercut style y’all believe you can easily pull off and feel comfortable with.

#ane: Double Layer Undercut

This undercut style features a short trimmed part under the main, longer pilus part, and some other shaved hairline under the short trimmed one. This creates a double layer effect which is particularly impactful if you pair it with a full long beard.

#2: Wild and Curly Undercut Style

Hipster girls dig this stuff. Drinkers of green juices appreciate pilus that is natural too. So, maybe in the 3rd form you didn’t know what to practice with your curly locks. That’s no reason to discard an undercut (and possibly some extra attention) now.

#iii: Natural Fro Undercut

The beauty of the undercut is that it works on all hair textures. Black men rock this look fiercely. To get the acme of this wait, the styling is mostly au naturale. Become a couple shades lighter on top for extra personality.

#4: Curly Undercut Hair

Anything goes with an undercut. Sure, y’all can accident dry it all back when you’re feeling actress saucy, but truthfully: y’all don’t accept to. Piece of work a small dollop of mousse into clammy hair, crunching and twisting it to fall forward onto your forehead. Air dry out and walk on.

#5: Straight Vintage Hairstyle

Are you Boardwalk Empire obsessed? Or peradventure you’re but the type of guy who was into the whole arts and crafts beer movement ages ago and has moved on to seeking out local whiskey distilleries. If that’s you, so is this long vintage hairstyle.

#six: Romantic Rockstar Undercut

It’s a good thing boy bands are dorsum. No really. They make for great hair inspiration. This haircut for men would be right at dwelling house on phase in front of millions of shrieking fans. The central to the wait? Tousled volume and dreamy texture.

#vii: Side Undercut with Fade

This mode is a blend of undercut and fade, upgraded with a shaved part and facial hairstyle. To maintain the style, you shouldn’t habiliment the upper office as well long, and e’er comb it back and to the side (revealing the divers part line).

#viii: Bold and Brash Undercut

Channel your inner rockstar with a hairstyle for men who are merely mortals. You just demand to exist epic enough to pull off this look. This undercut’southward side-swept length verges towards a militarist.

#9: Silver Fox Undercut

The versatility of this hairstyle for men isn’t just near texture (direct, wavy, curly, or kinky). It’s also near age. Middle aged, young, and probably even your grandpa can rock this. Wait, definitely your gramps. Information technology is vintage, after all. Anyways, it’due south cool to show off gray streaking in a modern fashion.

#10: Natural Curly Undercut

If your pilus is naturally curly, then this may actually exist very like shooting fish in a barrel for you. Just get a barber to do the undercut, then style your hair with a niggling gel or another fixing pilus product each morning, in club to highlight your curls. A slightly wet look is also appropriate. This men’southward undercut hairstyle works peculiarly well with night pilus.

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#11: High Fade Undercut

This long undercut features buzzed sides and a non-layered meridian. For a dapper finish, wear slicked and polish. The cool vintage cut is reminiscent of the 1920s. Styling with pomade or foam wax creates a glossy—not crunchy—stop.

#12: Asymmetrical Half-Shaved Pompadour

This undercut hairstyle is evenly short on one side with a uniformly layered tiptop. Use a hairdryer to sculpt up and in, creating a polished silhouette. Some men shy abroad from heat styling, viewing information technology as feminine, but there’s no meliorate manner to achieve this smooth volume.

#thirteen: Man Bun with Taper

Long hair on men feels confident and sexy. This neat samurai-style man bun is a gimmicky and refined manner to style length. Favored by soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, information technology expresses commanding self-assurance. The fade adds a masculine touch, as does the total beard.

#14: Curt to Long Undercut

For a cool, contemporary feeling, endeavour this tousled and textured look. A carefree rumpled effect is provided by the chopped layers, while the tapered sides add together construction. Flick the forepart to one side to keep bangs out of the face.

#15: Fade Cut with Waves

Natural movement adds an individualized twist to the pompadour. This undercut for men boasts structural curls for a virile await that doesn’t accept to be straightened. Use gel to the long top after showering and you lot’re gear up to go.

#16: Classic Undercut Hairstyle

Undercuts aren’t simply for the way-frontwards and avant-garde; this quintessential disconnection is traditional and timeless. Dandy barbering and make clean lines make an understated silhouette. The buzzed outline removes bulk, making this a potent pick for coarse and thick hair types.

#17: Line-Upwards Quiff

If your aesthetic is bold and sophisticated, endeavor this gravity-defying style with a quiff. Drying ends upwardly and in arranges wavy strands into a perfect form; crisply shaved angles add detail. Rake styling cream through with fingers to split and define dense lengths.

#18: Long Flowing Undercut

Longer pilus doesn’t have to be slicked dorsum or sculpted to expect masculine. This mens undercut features a long height worn loosely and tossed to 1 side. The free-flowing motility doesn’t require any stiff hold product and gives the wearer a casual, piece of cake-going appeal.

#xix: Textured Brush Back

Give your strands an urban artful with this curly pilus undercut. The carved function line and sculpted edges add sporty detailing to the cropped sides. Kinks upwards top are brushed into a squiggly pompadour, controlling—only non eliminating—natural move.

#20: Asunder Undercut

Contrast a archetype low fade with luxurious brushed-back lengths to creating an intriguing contradiction. For guys, there are fewer haircut options, merely you can make something unique past integrating unexpected combinations. Subtle highlights through the front emphasize the dissimilarity.

#21: Men’s Summit Knot

Men with tightly coiled hair tin can gain command over their manes with an undercut style. The high fade offers structure while the top lengths are pulled into an organic knot. Natural coils shine through, but stay neatly contained and free of flyaways.

#22: Faded Faux Hawk

For the male who likes a way-forwards cut, this faux hawk is a perfect hybrid of civility and rebelliousness. Neatly hewed borders contrast the bristling interior. Employ a generous dab of foam wax or pomade to elevate and accentuate the spiky tips.

#23: Tri-Level Cut

Usually men’s pilus looks are synthetic from ii singled-out zones. Here, three detached designs intersect at the parietal and occipital ridges. The crisply etched line defines the lower convergence where the disconnection is subtler. The top lengths are worn smooth and voluminous, creating an architectural shape.

#24: Long Brush Back

You don’t accept to go extremely brusque to try ane of the trendy mens undercut hairstyles. This look features an evenly shaved underside topped with a mantle of long pilus. Using a light-agree foam to push hair back gives a sleek satin finish and reduces volume.

#25: Curly Top with Design Line

This curly undercut combines a mid taper fade and clean shaven periphery with a free-form afro mode height. Add bespoke detailing with a well-baked stripe etched into the front hairline. The blended and precise cut requires virtually no styling, simply wash and become!

#26: Classy Side Office

If you remember disconnected cuts take to be edgy, consider this make clean and dapper variation. The curt undercut with a neatly gelled and combed top looks timeless yet trendy. The trimmed beard adds a touch of du jour to the Mad-Men-evoking contours.

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#27: Comb Over with Difficult Part

Cleanly barbered undercut hair with comb over emphasizes bone structure for a flattering, chiseled consequence. A shaved part line accentuates the precision of the form. The confident, able-bodied vibe makes it a favorite of soccer pros. Way with a paddle brush and strong concur wax.

#28: Peel Fade Mohawk

Thick, direct hair is perfect for this faded undercut with a towering pinnacle. If you utilise wax to clammy hair earlier drying, information technology will create a pliable hold equally it encounters heat. And then, lock strands in place with a few pumps of spray.

#29: Gelled Back Undercut

Undercut haircuts often have a retro feel, like this streamlined shape with shaved sides and stiff corners. Shaped with gel and fingers instead of a rummage, this look is controlled, but not stiff, great for men who like a mixture of contemporary and traditional.

#30: Men’s Surf Way

The crested shape of this undercut haircut evokes the curvature of an ocean wave. The shorter sides are cropped instead of buzzed for a less extreme version of a tidy outside. Allow natural patterns and cowlicks to dictate the shape’s menstruum.

#31: Preppy Long Quiff Style

This fashion basically looks just like a college boy hairstyle simply gone slightly off the map into street style due to the preppy feel. It’s simple enough to attain if your pilus is slightly long upward top: just tell your barber to preserve the length in the upper office and and so make sure y’all comb it dorsum with a little bit of styling product.

#32: Short and Sweet Undercut Hair

Here’s an example of short undercut hair, proving that men who aren’t into long pilus can still bask the supreme level of stylishness. With a well-groomed bristles that is clean-shaven on the cheeks, the overall impression is archetype and modernistic without having to try too difficult.

#33: Long and Spiky Undercut

For a showy manner that volition assistance you stand out in a club (and maybe aid you cross the half-dozen foot mark), blow long hair direct up. Don’t think you tin get away with using just 1 product. Detect a heat styling foam to use before, then a texturizing pomade after. Finish up with hairspray for lasting volume.

#34: Wavy and Clean Haircut

Male hairstyles are all about showing your personality. They should complement who yous are, your wardrobe, and what y’all’re into. This look is really unique considering of the clean fade, the perfect hairline edges, and the long waves.

#35: Faded Undercut with Mini Dreads

Heck yes, this is another undercut hairstyle, men! For those of us in the hairstyling world, we can totally handle this. Ever seen a dreaded mullet? Or a dreaded Mohawk? We have. A dreaded undercut makes the states smile. Dreads should accept many lives!

#36: Undercut Hair with Hipster Appeal

This retro style is for your little hipster soul. Long layers are balanced by a total beard. If y’all go for this manner, don’t get lazy! Groom your long beard to perfection, combing information technology every morning. And hit hair with a blow dryer whenever you wash it.

#37: Retro Chichi Hairstyle

This undercut is so practiced. Insert expletives. The long hair is styled in a blowback that is anything but ordinary. And then the short sides taper down and dorsum to perfection. No matter what y’all clothing in your day to twenty-four hour period life, you’ll look five thousand times cooler.

#38: Undercut Pomp with Frosted Tips

This undercut hairstyle is going for it. The super curt sides, crazy peak on superlative, and spiky bleached tips. If you’ve got the manner and swagger to pull this off, you should. Need to grow your hair out first? The wait will exist worth it.

#39: Short and Sleek Undercut

Information technology’s important to note that under cut pilus does non have to exist long. If y’all’ve got short to medium pilus and you’re ready for a change (something to aid you lot stand out amend) go for this style and work with the length you’ve already got.

#xl: Long All-Around Undercut

This is definitely an undercut for immature men, since information technology goes very well with beautiful boyish features. Get an undercut that can be not extremely curt, by the way, and article of clothing the longer department swept to one side or gathered into a man bun. Make sure yous use a shampoo for volume, and if y’all as well feel the need to utilize something to fix it in place, apply invisible, minimal quantities of a styling production.

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#41: Wavy Top and Fade Undercut

This is a very stylish male undercut way, platonic for men who are commonly conscientious with their clothing choices. As you lot can see, this look works well with a brusque beard besides, and we can totally run into this as a successful, partially shaved spin on the famous lumbersexual style. Manner the acme section dorsum in long and wavy strands. You can likewise consider subtle highlights for this style.

#42: Faded Undercut for Long Pilus

Here is something bold and exceptional you can practice with long thick hair. The faded side and nape undercuts are good to separate the long beard and longer hair upwards top. If you have dense naturally curly hair, it will piece of work fine with this manner.

#43: Afro Undercut for Men

This style features Afro pilus on the natural side. The clear-cut line and the angled temples are the main strengths and the charm of this haircut.

#44: Shaved Sides Men’southward Haircut

As for this type of undercut hairstyle, men choose information technology when they want a low-maintenance yet stylish wait. The closely clipped sides and back requite enough infinite for shaved designs – unproblematic lines or more than complicated patterns.

#45: Undercut Haircut in Military Style

As any celebrity, Brad Pitt changes his images, varying haircuts and hairstyles, which permit him expect unlike and e’er stylish. Here is Brad Pitt’south cool men’s undercut from the American war film “Fury”. A nice transition from medium length pilus to the manly hairstyle with perfect side undercuts!

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#46: Edgy Undercut for Special Occasions

Siva Kaneswaran’s haircut reminds a high smoothly done fade. His thick dark hair on top is razored for the fantastic edgy finish that looks its best when styled upwards with lots of texture and extra definition. If yous opt for this haircut, you’ll easily style it with wax and a blow dryer for the maximum volume.

mens undercut for thick hair

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

#47: Absurd Edgy Undercut Haircut with Foursquare Angles

A foursquare top looks very showy in men’southward undercut hairstyles. Add the jagged ends and subtle highlights similar Adam Lambert’s, and you’ll get a super cool wait that plow heads. Now the question is are y’all fix to handle some extra attention to your personality?

men’s undercut with highlights

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

#48: Undercut Hairstyle Men with Longer Top volition Like

Undercuts that are high in temple level assistance to heighten visually the thickness of your hair, especially if you choose to clothing information technology elongated on top. Colin Farrell demonstrates a dandy example that is likewise very easy to way with whatever medium hold production y’all prefer.

short sides long top mens undercut

JaguarPS / Shutterstock.com

#49: Edgy Undercut Hairstyle

An edgy haircut with a prominent texture will look even sharper if you opt to include temple undercuts. Josh Duhamel has thick direct pilus. Information technology looks fabulous with point cut ends and smooth tapering of length at the sides and back.

undercut hairstyle for men with short sides

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#fifty: Neat Undercut and Facial Hairstyle

Undercut hairstyle men from Justine Timberlake’s looks can boldly copy, is the one you see in this picture. He demonstrates a expert thought of short men’s undercut that features elegant lines and a beautiful dissimilarity of textures. His undercut blends with his facial hairstyle – an easy way to await stylish without a demand to shave every day.

preppy undercut hairstyle for men

JaguarPS / Shutterstock.com

In the end it should be mentioned that standard undercut hairstyle men used to run into everywhere now has much more than variations. Celebs show you, that you lot tin maintain and style this haircut differently almost every mean solar day. You volition need to visit the barber every 2-three weeks to keep your undercut in its perfect shape. The all-time styling products for men’southward undercut hairstyles include pomades, styling creams, gels and hair mousses. A accident dryer is applied for the maximal volume. Just it’southward okay to way your undercut with simply a bit of styling production, shaping the texture with your fingers.

50 Stylish Undercut Hairstyles for Men to Try in 2022

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