Selena Gomez Hairstyles – 20 Best Hair Ideas for Thick Hair

The number of Selena’southward fans has been chop-chop growing, same every bit the number of Internet sources where her style is discussed. Well, Selena is a famous cutie, and so, yes, nosotros desire to know what she is wearing, how she is styling her hair and what make up trends she finds inspiring. In this article, we are going to concentrate on Selena’s most stylish hairstyles and haircuts. Nobody will reproach yous if yous steal her expect, considering when you mimic someone’due south fashion, it’south hard to accomplish the absolute re-create, but it’s not the goal, anyway, is it?

The Best Hairstyles And Haircuts Of Selena Gomez

Depict inspiration from the latest hairstyles of Selena Gomez in club to get new ideas on how you can accentuate your own individuality!

#1: Sleek Low Pony With An Authentic Side Office

Selena’s look from the 3rd Annual Unlikely Heroes Awards Dinner shows us that the immature glory is ready for the new flavour from caput to toe. She tries on the brightest new trends – the low pony with a side part and the fringe trend in outfits.

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#2: Smoothen And Silky Side-Parted Tresses

While a sleek depression pony appears rather strict and reserved, its counterpart – the free-flowing hairstyle conveys your look the glamorous vibe that makes you stand up out from the crowd at whatsoever big event. Here’south Selena’s gorgeous and easy hairstyle from the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Selena Gomez long straight hairstyle

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#3: Long Straight Tresses Off The Face

Ischia Global Movie & Music Fest is a setting where you want to experience unconstrained and indulge in expert movies and quality music. One of Selena’south looks from the concluding yr fest features the stylish ease with a sexy bear on, expressed in the simple straight hairstyle and floor-length denim print gown with assuming slits.

#4: Super Voluminous Waves With Ombre

When you style your thick long hair in waves, it’s getting extremely voluminous and may seem rather bulky. Pin up a few side locks at the back to forbid them from falling forrad and getting onto your confront. Leave face-framing locks and do not effort to accomplish a perfect hairstyle. Currently it should look rather spontaneous to succeed.

Long curly hairstyle for thick hair

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#5: Selena Gomez Hairstyle – Beach Waves

Beach waves are a cool hairstyle for summer, especially for long pilus of any thickness. You can rock them messy and natural-looking or with an added shine terminate. Selena Gomez has a round face shape, so here she as well includes long side bangs.

#6: Messy Side Braid

A messy braid is a trendy and effortless solution to complete your coincidental looks. If you have long hair, outset your braid low to preserve the flattering volume around your face. Practise not plait besides tightly and pull gently at your braid when it’s finished, to go far chunkier. Every bit we see, Selena has got the cute low-cal brown highlights on the dark base – a great hair color idea for brunettes.

#7: Lush Hollywood Curls

Chichi polished curls ever work well on the days when you need to look stunning. Selena’s stylists advise the A-line asymmetric downdo with luxurious curls from mid-shaft to ends. We love their buttery texture, fabulous shine and the charming caramel highlights through the tips.

Hollywood waves of Selena Gomez

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#viii: Very Light Long Waves And Tawny Dark-brown Highlights

When your healthy thick locks are long plenty to practically reach your waist-line, you are tempted to wear them loose. A skilful haircut for long hair is every bit important as it is for medium or brusque locks. Long layers at your confront volition return your tresses the enjoyable feel of bounce and movement. You may accentuate them with delicate highlights, harmonious for your pare tone.

#9: Depression Braided Bun

Selena Gomez graced the 2014 American Music Awards, rocking a classy braided bun and a floor-length black gown with a sexy back cut. The accurate middle function and great sleekness of her hairstyle were balanced by the intricate knots at the nape. The random streaks, sticking out of the ‘do should be viewed a absurd modern twist in the context of the popular today messy hair trend.

#10: Messy Knot At The Nape

Here’due south a like updo that, still, features a greater degree of messiness. Selena’s messy knot from the 2014 Ischia Global Film & Music Fest is “falling apart”, and nosotros love its sloppy effortless look at the back, while in front end information technology’due south a neat updo that could have been formal.

#11: Nice Evening Updo With Adorable Face-Framing Waves

Selena Gomez has a very beautiful confront that seems to do good from any hairstyle, but those with bangs or face-framing waves are particularly flattering, because they additionally produce an elongated effect. Here’southward a fantastic example of a sensuous updo for circular faces.

#12: French Twist With A Bouffant And Depression Bun

Thick long hair is meant for eye-catching, sophisticated updos, and here Selena Gomez is pleasing us with a new breathtaking updo idea. The most beautiful hairstyles are born when you lot succeed in blending 2 different ‘dos into a single whole, for example, an upside down French knot and a low bun.

#thirteen: Shoulder-Length Haircut For Straight Hair With Point Cutting Ends

In her younger years:), Selena Gomez preferred shorter lengths. Such beautiful pilus as hers is difficult to spoil, and these poker straight shoulder-length tresses, thinned out at the ends wait pretty amazing. The slanting bangs describe attention to Selena’southward optics and work as the “wow” factor of this charming manner.

Selena Gomez long bob haircut with bangs

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#14: Selena Gomez Haircut – Statement Lob For Thick Hair

It’due south a pity to chop off waist-long locks, merely when you are rocking them for years, you require for a change. Pilus will grow out over again, and with a new haircut you can savour some fresh inspiring looks that will permit you perceive your epitome from a new angle. Selena’s lob is special with its face up-framing layers which are a flattering matter for thick hair.

#15: Long Edgeless Bob With Side Bangs

This is probably the shortest length Selena has ever rocked since she became popular. Her straight edgeless bob looks invariably stylish. It tin can be sported as a chic straight peek-a-boo on a daily basis or transformed into a romantic wavy hairstyle for a engagement or a nighttime out with friends.

#16: Selena Gomez Short Hair With Ombre

A bob without bangs tin too have a slimming result if it’s styled straight and features below-the-chin length. Additionally, Selena Gomez tries a subtle ombre that sets off the warm chocolate-brown colour of her eyes. A smoothen-boosting product is highly recommended to encourage the hair colors to reveal their depth.

#17: Medium-Length Edgy Waves

When your perfect smooth waves are textured with an edgy bear upon, they require a more modern sounding. Add a tint of imperfection to your coincidental and evening hairstyles for an extra chichi feel. Play with highlights or ombre in the hues, flattering for your skin tone or the color of your optics.

#18: A-Line Wavy Hairstyle With Swoopy Bangs

Here is another example of messy waves which, are still unlike from everything nosotros have seen before. Large loose waves, styled abroad from your face up always piece of work excellently for medium and long hair. Allow your swoopy bangs be perfect as a dissimilarity to your tousled waves.

#19: Updo With Side Curls

Selena is sweet in any flick. We bet her hair looks dandy even without styling. So, she doesn’t need any sophisticated hair constructions to look her best. Here is a simple and elegant updo with polished curls on the sides – a prissy thought for a bride with medium hair, by the way.

Selena Gomez curly updo

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#20: Swept-Back Medium Waves

Swept-back hairstyles with some volume at the roots also become round faces. In summertime when we all strive for quick, effortless hairstyles, it’south skilful to experiment with texture. Styling creams, pomades and fluids may offer unexpectedly cool results. You just demand to selection the hair products that work the best for your hair type.

It’s a true pleasance to keep track of Selena Gomez style. She doesn’t seem to go over the edge in her desire to impress u.s.a.. Equally a dominion, everything she wears in terms of outfits and hairstyles becomes her. Even if it’s not her merit solely, good taste ever deserves recognition and the highest praise.

Selena Gomez Hairstyles – 20 Best Hair Ideas for Thick Hair