Only similar long hair, medium hair also has quite a diversity of many different and numerous braided hairstyles which look bang-up on ladies with both natural hair and relaxed hair. Sometimes braided hairstyles for long hair might a little be heavy or bulky when wearing it down or up on your head which might cause a strain on your hair strands more especially when not feeling fine.

Braided Hairstyles For Medium Pilus But for braided hairstyles for medium hair, the length is relative and information technology won’t matter whether you wearable it upward into

diverse braided updo hairstyles or downwardly but every bit many ladies would like to wear it and it will crusade less or no weight or heaviness of wearing your braids as compared to long pilus.

Amidst these braided hairstyles for medium hair, there are those remarkable ones that will requite an awe-inspiring wait on ladies with circular faces. Though in that location are many braided hairstyles for blackness women with round faces, these 1 which we accept highlighted in this post volition for certain beautify your face up as they will disguise the undesirable features of your face up and bring out the attractive features on your pretty confront.

On your medium length hair which sometimes is chosen shoulder length hair, y’all can install black braided hairstyles such as box braided hairstyles, cornrow hairstyles, braided bob hairstyles, crochet braids, apartment twist braids hairstyles, among others.

Allow me invite you to this astonishing adventure as we explore the best and most stunning braided hairstyles for medium hair which volition wait groovy on ladies with shoulder length natural or relaxed hair.




When it comes to choosing a braided hairstyle for medium length hair which you can easily frame around your face for an elegant and stylish expect, bob braided hairstyles for medium hair volition exist the ultimate choice for you.

Bob braided hairstyles for medium hair are piece of cake and await super chichi when installed into small-scale or medium size braids. Yous can do any kind or style of braids such as box braids, two strand braids or may be two strand twists and then style them around your face in a bob style.

This young blackness lady in the above image highlighted one of the all-time bob braided hairstyle that looks corking on all ladies with different confront types. Every bit you lot can meet, the braids were styled around the corners of her cheeks which volition for sure brings forward all the beauty in her face. This is a absurd braided hairstyle for black women which is ideal for all official and special occasions.

You can wear the attires that suits the occasion you lot are dressing for and confidently you volition exist good to go make heads turn and necks bend just as depicted past this good-looking black woman in the featured image.



If there is any braided hairstyle that has defenseless the attention of many black women on the market; information technology is none other than box braids for black women. Box braids are protective braided hairstyles styled mostly by African Americans on either medium length or long hair.

The pattern of the braids alone makes them irresistible to many black women and the various styles or ways in which you tin style them around and across your face up give them resourceful looks from one person to another.

Let’s take a look at this beautiful and eye-communicable box braided hairstyles for medium hair. Her pilus was installed into dainty and gorgeous box braids in black and purple colors. The majestic color and the chaplet (hair accessorizes) that were added to her braids fabricated the hair mode to wait much more attractive and appealing.

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You lot tin dress this kind of box braided hairstyles for medium pilus when going to prom parties, homecoming parties, weddings, business meetings or any official occasion that yous might recollect about.


Similarly this awesome blackness woman as well highlighted i of the all-time black braided hairstyle for ladies with long faces. She brought out box braids that were installed in inimitable designs and later accessorized to add together attractiveness to the individual braids.

I like the way she designed (framed) the box braids around the corners of her face. Information technology elongated her face bring out all the beautiful features of her face. Y’all also can install box braids hairstyles on your medium hair and style them in a similar manner and you volition look endearing for whatsoever occasion.



In that location are some braided hairstyles which are more than less effortless to install and style on your head withal they volition give you that classy and sophisticated looks on your face which in turn makes you lot feel loved and favored. I of the effortless or quick braided hairstyle for black women is this braided hairstyle for medium hair with ponytail. All y’all need is to brand sure that your hair is prepare for styling.

Though information technology looks great on relaxed hair, you lot tin can besides style it on natural hair. Make sure your hair is clean, nourished and moisturized at all times. For ladies who might take taken a month or two without washing their pilus, it’s time to give your hair a fresh feeling by washing it with make clean water.

Some ladies might prefer using cold h2o every bit it doesn’t deprive hair of its moisture while others might prefer using warm h2o which nosotros besides would recommend as information technology volition remove all product residues in your pilus and that which might have accumulated on the scalp of your head.

Genteelly rinse the pilus with warm h2o to remove shampoo for a new fresh look. With your head facing upside downward, allow the excess water to drip off from your hair then gently place a clean dry out towel to blot the remaining excess h2o from your hair.

If your hair is thick and voluminous, information technology might take it a while to naturally air dry by setting nether a shade or near a fun which might call for a hairdryer for quick drying of your hair. When your hair is dry to a recommended caste, applying styling products (similar hair moisturizer) to make your hair soft, nourished and moisturized. Comb through to evenly distribute the products and remove whatever tangles or knots.

Starting at the front, go a pocket-size section of hair and and so twist it along the hairline to the other side of the head. Get some other department next to the previous one and flat twist information technology in the aforementioned direction every bit the previous one. Continue doing this till when all the pilus on one side from the front to the back is apartment twisted to the other side.

Gather the remaining hair strands from each twist to create a side ponytail. Fasten the ponytail in place using a ponytail holder. With the hair in the ponytail, you can now mode it in any way that you think will make you await irreplaceable. Y’all can style them into curly or wavy styles then end off with small-scale amounts of hairspray to hold the curls in their designs.

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At this moment look closely in the mirror and see how awesome, astonishing and stunning you are with this unproblematic braided hairstyles for medium pilus with ponytail. Pullout your party clothes and you volition be good to go turn heads on that political party you’re dressing for.


Some ladies more than so black women want to wear braided hairstyles in more than one style at once. This can exist done by wearing some braids upward and styling the remaining braids in the sides or simply wearing them down.

This enchanting black lady brings out one of the ways in which yous can wear your braids into more than one style. She brings out a braided hairstyle for medium length hair were her hair was installed into colorful loose twists. The twists features both brownish and black color that complements the tone of her skin making it the perfect braided hairstyle for chocolate skinned or light-skinned blackness women.

The twists on her head were then styled into an half upward half down braided hairstyle. Twist braids at the front on one side were pulled and pinned at the back while those at the front on the other side were swept beyond her face to create (form) braided bangs (fringes). Voluminous amounts of twist braids was then left to freely hang in the dorsum and the sides which finished her expect creative in the way she styles her braids on her caput.



Braided hairstyles for shoulder length hair with directly ends looks interesting and charming on most black women. If y’all are that kind of African American lady who would prefer to wear your hair with one-half braids and directly ends, then y’all better give this braided hairstyles for shoulder length pilus an attempt as information technology volition amuse your looks and make you the about ambrosial and noticeable beautiful black lady in the building.

This adorable braided hairstyles for shoulder length pilus with straight ends can be installed and worn by both girls (kids) and mature black women. In fact if yous are over 40’s this besides will be ane of the alternative braided hairstyles for black women over 40’southward which you can install on your medium length hair and wear it to diverse formal, official, casual or special occasions.

Information technology’s easy and quick to install on your caput and it will take you lot less fourth dimension to accept a finished look equally compared to other braided hairstyles for black girls. Here beneath, we highlighted one of the nigh heady braided hairstyles for shoulder length hair with straight ends.

Her hair was installed into micro braids (small braids) running up to around the ears and then the remaining hair strands were left unplaited but rather apartment ironed straight sleek and smooth. Apply pocket-sized amounts of hairspray to the straight ends to hold the fashion in place.

You may at present style the braids effectually or across your face up in a fashion that complements your facial features like your confront type or shape amidst others. Since the hairstyle is of medium or shoulder length, you might demand to clothing slightly big earrings and beautiful medium length necklace so that your bracelets are visible. This is an ideal braided hairstyles for black women for an part mean solar day, a dinner or engagement with your fiance, special occasions such as weddings or exclusive parties, mention it all.



Long hair, medium length (shoulder length) hair or short hair can be installed into colorful and charming braids so styled into braided updo hairstyles. The blueprint of the braids that you install on your hair will define how unique, or distinctive your updo will expect similar.

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Some ladies if not most of us will go for easy braided hairstyles such equally box braids, two strand twists, three strand twists or braids simply if you lot can; there are those other so called “circuitous” braided hairstyles such as kinky twists, Marley twists, sister locks, micro braids, amidst others which will make you lot accept an irreplaceable updo hairstyle which in plough making you standout in a crowd of many ladies with different braided updo hairstyles.

Nosotros present to you this beautiful black adult female bringing out a glance of one of the all-time braided updo hairstyles for medium pilus were her pilus was installed into two strand twists featuring dark-brown and black colors. The color mixture of the twists complemented the tone of this black daughter’southward skin.

Afterwards installing the twists, get together them on top of your head as if you are going to create a high ponytail. Secure the twists using pilus elastic or any artificial hair strands and and so allow the ends of the twists to menstruum back so that they cover-upward the pilus rubberband that you used to fasten the twist braids.

This in turn will create some kind of an updo inform of a loftier bun and y’all will exist washed and expert to become. May be you lot can add some hair decorates like a bow hair tie, blossom hairpins, amongst others to make the braided hairstyle await more attractive and appealing.



It’s time to give your natural medium length pilus a tree like manner past installing tree braids to your hair and then styling the ends into whatsoever style you feel like. Wait at this indescribable tree braided hairstyle for medium hair is, wow the black lady looks gorgeous with stunning eyes and a pretty smile on her face.

I guess you too tin also have such stunning, pretty endearing looks on your confront past installing a somewhat similar tree braided hairstyles for medium pilus similar the i highlighted by this awesome black lady. Get the basics you need to know about tree braided hairstyles so that you will exist in position to create your own sectional tree braided hairstyles for medium hair that will amuse your looks and turn heads.


shoulder length braided hairstyles for black women

Finally, nosotros nowadays to you this shoulder length braided hairstyles featuring dreadlocks. For ladies who are into locks, well this shoulder length braided hairstyles with dreadlocks will look great when styled on your medium length pilus.

All you need is to visit a professional hairstylist whom you are certain that volition exist in position to install the dreadlocks on yous in the right way and design every bit in when the dreadlocks aren’t correctly installed on your head, information technology may lead to pilus breakage triggering pilus loose in a long while.

Determine on the size of the dreadlocks which looks peachy on you merely if you aren’t decided, allow the hairstylist to choose for you ( yous should always remember that beauty lays in the easily of the beholder so medium size dreadlocks will be platonic for you).

After installing the dreadlocks, you can at this moment wear and so around your face in styles that complement your facial features and you lot will be good to get to any formal, official or casual happenings that you plan to attend or be part of.


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