50 Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Girls of All Ages

Not every daughter dares to have her long locks chopped off, but actually some girls look much better with short haircuts than with long hair. Check pictures of Coco Rocha and Carey Mulligan, for example. Information technology’south obvious that short haircuts make them brighter and chicer. If you remember of a shorter length, but feel uncertain about extremely short haircuts, you lot may begin from short-to-medium bobs, like those of Vanessa Hudgens, Lily Collins, Sasha Luss, Naomi Watts, etc. (see the pictures below). We have prepared a selection of 50 haircuts and hairstyles for girls of different ages. This fourth dimension short girl’due south hair is in the spotlight.

Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Girls

Short pilus is easy to style, and it’s always associated with an active lifestyle. An stance that with short hair you’ll have to wear the same hairstyle every day is just a myth. Most short haircuts tin be easily transformed from day time casual ‘dos into stylish evening hairstyles. Looking sweet and girly with brusque hair is not only possible, information technology’s easy. Allow’s see the best ideas for girls of all ages – from 3 year to 13 and fifteen year old ones. Every girl has to look cracking despite the historic period, if she is a little princess, a teenager or nearly an adult!

#1: Short and Sweet Pixie

Intricate braids and buns can be fun, but no-nonsense girls will benefit from this cute short style. Short hairstyles for girls can be coifed to the side for a cool fashionable flair. This cutting will work every bit well both for whatsoever on-the-go toddler and for 9 twelvemonth olds, for example.

#2: Short Cuts for Wavy Pilus

If your little girl has naturally thick hair that leans on the wavy side of life, endeavor kids short haircuts with angles which feature a slightly longer length on the side. Add in some bangs to soften the way also.

#3: A Modern Curt Cut

Sleek and straight, girls curt hairstyles are sometimes inspired by the emo vibe exemplified past large sis. This style uses blunt edges and subtle layering, then with straight pilus information technology’s very beautiful and simple to maintain.

#4: Vintage Bob Cut

Many of us rocked a short mode similar this one when we were immature, and now it’due south popular over again with today’south little girls. Both young and teenage girls will look lovely with this layered, “basin cut” style that leaves locks longer on top and features an undercut below.

#v: Updo with Twists

You can requite the illusion of longer pilus while however sporting a short hairstyle for girls – pull it back into an updo with braids or twists and a bun. Add in a bloom or a large bow to secure loose strands that try to autumn out when shorter hair is worked into a classic long-hair style.

#half dozen: Cool and Artistic Updo

This style is fun to vesture and also fun to create! It actually makes your daughter’due south locks look longer than they are by using hair elastics and embellishments to bring hair upwards and fancy.

#7: Cropped Feathered Cut for Girls

Girls who honey really short hair will enjoy this style that keeps things incredibly simple to maintain. All-time of all, stylists accept been creating this type of pixie hairstyles for girls with curt pilus for generations – it never goes out of style.

#8: Shorter Twists for African American Girls

Natural hair can go frizzy and unmanageable when it grows too long, which is why it’due south smashing to have a look that doesn’t require long hair. This hairdo nonetheless incorporates twists and ponytails fiddling girls honey.

#9: Punk Hair for New Generation

Left long on one side, this thin pilus style features designs on the shorter side of the caput. While it’s not for everyone, if your petty girl likes to take a walk on the wild side, this manner may be a not bad selection when it comes to the selection of eye-communicable brusk haircuts for girls.

#10: Easy Side Complect

Cute and unproblematic, simply French braid or twist a small side portion of the hair. Secure with a bow above the ear and you’re washed! Best of all, since this hairstyle is so quick, information technology’s perfect for busy, active toddlers who have no interest in holding even so in the name of cute pilus.

#11: Layered Mohawk

Created with carefully layered hair up top, this style can be made even edgier with an middle-catching hue like pastel pink, majestic or blue. Curt haircuts for trivial girls like this i will work well for older girls with thick hair, but actually they can be pulled off with whatsoever pilus type.


#12: Messy Short Hairstyle with Braid

You may notice this style in a magazine pin up, as it’south very popular for those who want a no-nonsense look that’south nevertheless jam-packed with style. While it may seem odd to older generations, contemporary young people are dying their hair gray. This only adds to the uniqueness of today’due south manner options.

#thirteen: Absurd Short Hair

At a loss as to how to style your hair? Work information technology out with a actually short cutting that includes a design into the side and spikes all over. And if you lot beloved it, retrieve that hairstyles for petty girls tin can work on 18 year olds likewise!

#14: Artistic Hair Hues

Brusque pilus tin can expect great wavy or straight in a creatively colored mode. Dye hair blackness and add in bleached tips or an ombre front section. It may non be what you pictured when she was a trivial baby girl, only now as a immature woman, it is sure to await awesome.

#15: Brusk Punk Hairstyle with Deep Side Part

Sleek, straight, choppy and taking advantage of a deep side part, this style is cutting into cool layers and angles for a truly unique look. When it comes to curt haircuts for girls with thicker hair, this is a pretty keen one.

#16: Short and Simple Bob

This is a unproblematic and easy cut that is very natural and flattering for all face shapes. Since it’s perfect for whatever age, a girl can enjoy this hairstyle from preschool through high schoolhouse graduation without ever growing weary of it.

#17: Short Choppy Cut for Thick Hair

Forget the hassle of braids or a bun. Brusque haircuts for girls should be like shooting fish in a barrel to maintain. Piece of work in some very short bangs for a unique wait that is pretty and self-styling. Using layers, this cut works best for thick hair.

#18: Color that Counts

Taking a cue from the older gear up, little girls can sport a brusk manner just equally well. If y’all have a tween daughter, she will love the thought of adding in some highlights to make hair really popular. If her hair is curly, this style tin be worn both natural and straightened.

#19: Beautiful Cuts for Black Pilus

Black girl brusque hairstyles are a vast field for inventiveness. This hairstyle is ideal for thick hair that doesn’t like to behave. Cut very short on i side, it’south allowed to remain slightly longer on the other side with a shaven diagonal dividing line. Quick to style and lovely to wear, this is pop with African-American girls but also suitable for other ethnicities.

#twenty: Directly Bob with Bangs

Lilliputian daughter cuts are often inspired by big girl fashion. While you may not want to dye your little one’southward hair platinum blonde, you tin can all the same take a cue from this sleek, directly bob that includes some fun bangs. The best part of this manner is that information technology’s not super short, assuasive for a compromise if your kid prefers short hair merely you still desire a more than feminine look for her.

Short Hairstyles for Girls

#21: Cute Brusque Hairstyle

Kiernan Shipka, a young star of the “Mad Men” series, demonstrates us an excellent and easy hairstyle idea for girls. Such a simple item as long back-swept bangs draws attending to Kiernan’south expressive facial features and transforms a simple brusque-to-medium haircut into a fashionable hairstyle for a solar day out.

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#22: Graphic Bob

Zendaya Coleman said bye to her gorgeous long locks, and we saw this pace wasn’t in vain. Her graphic bob with cropped horizontal bangs has accurate edges and looks its best on dark hair. The biggest plus of this haircut is that information technology doesn’t imply complicated styling routines, but elementary flat ironing.

Zendaya Coleman bob with bangs for girls

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#23: Neat and Sleek Hairstyle

Popular pixie haircuts can look then different, depending on how yous way your cropped locks. Shailene Woodley achieves the ideal sleekness and incredible polish with ceramic-plated apartment irons. Tucking your perfectly straight strands behind the ears, you come up up with a classy evening hairstyle.

Shailene Woodley short hairstyle for girls

JaguarPS / Shutterstock.com

#24: Fluffy Short Locks

We are used to seeing Joey King with bangs, only this unhackneyed curt hairstyle is a good alternative ‘do. Try backcombing that you wouldn’t cover with sleek locks, as you unremarkably practice when you fashion a bouffant. Let this deliberate mess become the zest of your look.

 Joey King short hairstyle for girls

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#25: A Short Layered Hairstyle

Chelsea Kane knows how to be in trend. Her hairstyle for brusk pilus makes a bang-up impression and looks extremely chic. Chelsea’s graded haircut with textured ends is accentuated with pink highlights on the platinum blonde base of operations. It’southward a wonderful idea for girls with short hair who don’t listen a pop of color in their locks.

Chelsea Kane short layered hairstyle

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#26: Messy Romantic Curls

The beneath-the-chin length perfectly accentuates Italia’south delicate facial features. Italia Ricci uses highlights and a messy finish to upgrade her uncomplicated hairstyle on the base of a graded bob haircut. This ‘do will ideally arrange the girls with brusk curly hair. If your hair is straight, you’ll easily shape random curls with a big-butt crimper iron and get a no less appealing effect.

Italia Ricci bob hairstyle

JaguarPS / Shutterstock.com

#27: Short Bright Hairstyle

Kylie Jenner is assuming plenty to get for an improvident hair color. Thanks to the faded blue ombre she doesn’t take to intermission her head over what hairstyle to do. Her shoulder-grazing bob looks cool and chic with a simple side part and straightened disconnected ends.

Kylie Jenner bob

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#28: Ingenious Idea for Very Short Pilus

Miley Cyrus opts for a tomboy haircut, because it’s not going to lose its popularity in 2022. But this time Miley doesn’t get for a punk stone manner with elevation locks sticking upwards. She defines the texture of the top tresses instead and styles them diagonally. As a result, we can enjoy a new look, something different from rebellious Miley.

Miley Cyrus short hairstyle

JaguarPS / Shutterstock.com

#29: Wavy Short Hairstyle

The short hairstyle of the young actress seems careless and a bit sloppy at first sight. But we know there’s a reason for this sloppiness. Emma’south blonde locks have been quickened with natural-looking waves and styled with a sweep to i side. As a result, she has got nice volume and cute texture. We beloved!

Emma Roberts short wavy hairstyle for girls

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

Brusk Hairstyles for Little Girls

#30: Super Cute Hairstyle

The vii-year one-time cutie has an celestial face and fair curly hair. A thin braid instead of a headband is a simple and lovely idea of how yous tin can way lilliputian girls haircuts. Alyvia Alyn Lind looks like a real immature fashionista!

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Short Hairstyle For Little Girls

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#31: Tender Floral Headband in Soft Child’s Curls

Kids Fashion Week in New York is a gamble not but to take a peek at children’south mode, but go ideas of cute hairstyles for kids as well. Cutie Sasha shows us tender curls and a lovely floral headband. What a sweetness combination and an effortless hairstyle idea for your fiddling girl!

medium curly hairstyle for little girls

OvidiuHrubaru / Shutterstock.com

#32: Unproblematic Hairstyle with a Clip

If your baby girl’s pilus is not thick plenty yet, it’due south better to go on it short. Cute wispy flicks and a fancy picayune hair prune will add charm to your kid’due south short hairstyle. Wow, that’s a actually sugariness movie of mom and daughter – nosotros are melting with emotion!

litlle girls hairstyle

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

Short Hairstyles for Black Girls

#33: Short Spiky Hairstyle

Will Smith’s daughter Willow, has inherited her dad’s amuse and good taste. That’s why she has get a mode icon for teenagers. So, if you lot wonder what to do with your short kinks, consider Willow’south extravagant look. Straighten your curls and endeavor an edgy Fauxhawk.

short hairstyle for 14 years old girls

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

#34: One More Blooming Wait

Stubborn black curls need special care, simply if they get plenty moisturizing, y’all won’t accept issues with styling. Quvenzhane Wallis, who starred in “Beasts of the Southern Wild” shows off an easy yet stylish hairstyle with lifted up black curls and bright fabric flowers.

short black hairstyle for 10 years olds

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#35: A Bouffant Medium Hairstyle

Yara Shahidi is rocking a voluminous bow updo that looks cool on black curly pilus. This hairstyle tin can be coincidental or evening, depending on what kind of headband y’all choose.

 Black Hairstyle for 12 Year Olds

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Curt Haircuts for Girls

#36: A Simple Brusk Haircut

Julianne Hough keeps upwardly with the times, so it’s not a problem for her to go for a shorter length or to try a new coloristic solution. A short bob flatters practically all girls and suits whatever outfit. Highlights and a absurd hairstyle will add together style points to your look.

Julianne Hough short blonde haircut with highlights

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#37: Blonde Layered Bob

A layered bob haircut for blonde pilus volition let you experiment with hairstyles and await invariably chic. Rita Ora decides on the voluminous ‘do and neutral makeup with an emphasis on centre-brows. Despite the simplicity of this look, it makes a argument and draws attention.

Rita Ora faux bob

landmarkmedia / Shutterstock.com

#38: Grunge Curt Haircut

We are used to Kelly Osbourne’due south unusual hair colors, extravagant haircuts, and heed-bravado hairstyles. Although Kelly is 30, her dear for creativity in hairstyles can get a smashing source of inspiration for teenage girls who strive for self-expression through flamboyant looks.

Kelly Osbourne Mohawk

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#39: Short Asymmetric Haircut

Kristen Stewart has finally come dorsum to her natural hair color that looks pretty at-home, but her haircuts and hairstyles practise not stop surprising us in a proficient fashion. This brusque layered asymmetric haircut looks both edgy and groovy, stylish and unpretentious.

short edgy haircut for girls

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#40: Shoulder-Skimming Layered Bob Haircut

Lily Collins looks mannerly with her shoulder-grazing bob that features textured ends. No bangs and the center part will flatter girls with oval, long and triangular face shapes. We dearest how Lily’south bob combines with her bright red lips, but it will work excellently with a nude makeup too.

Lily Collins bob haircut for girls

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#41: Naughty Bob

Vanessa Hudgens is another glory who is non agape to cut long pilus. Her “Bye mermaid” photograph from Instagram has gained broad popularity. And her new textured bob with ombre has become the inspiration for many girls worldwide.

Vanessa Hudgens bob with ombre

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#42: Simple Brusk Haircut

Jennifer Lawrence explained her last desperate change of hair length past the need to get rid of the over-processed locks. Well, after all, Jennifer’due south haircut flatters her, and it will flatter most girls with fine pilus likewise.

 Jennifer Lawrence short haircut

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#43: Short Inclement Curls

The short haircut of Audrey Tautou has become an essential part of her image. If you have curly hair and think of a short haircut, pay attention to this lovely variant. It will make y’all stand out from the crowd and reduce to minimum your difficulties with styling of stubborn curls.

Audrey Tautou short haircut for curly hair

JaguarPS / Shutterstock.com

#44: Brusk Elvish Haircut

The mysterious beauty of Canadian top model Coco Rocha has been aptly accentuated by her brusk haircut. Information technology doesn’t distract attending from Coco’s sculpted face up with expressive features, serving it as a great background.

Coco Rocha short haircut

DebbyWong / Shutterstock.com

#45: Classy Short Haircut

Another model Sasha Luss isn’t afraid of image changes either. The short chin-length haircut in a dirty blonde hue instead of platinum blonde long locks? Why not? If you want to return to your natural hair color, a curt haircut will also assist yous to get rid of dry out ends, damaged past dyes and styling procedures.

Sasha Luss short haircut for girls

OvidiuHrubaru / Shutterstock.com

Short Haircuts for Little Girls

#46: Super-Sugariness Brusk Haircut

Mothers oftentimes worry when their daughters’ hair doesn’t grow as quickly as they wish. Be patient, moms, and follow examples of glory mothers! When Honor Marie Warren’due south locks were short and sparse, Jessica Alba made her beautiful hairstyles with tiny bangs and cute hair clips.

 Jessica Alba's Daughter

EverettCollection / Shutterstock.com

#47: Awesome Bob from Kids Style Calendar week

The chichi blonde bob with elongated front pieces from the final New York Kids Manner Week has encouraged many petty girls to become a short haircut. It’southward going to look as expert on directly and curly hair, causing no problems with maintenance or styling. You can compliment your bob with a fancy headband.

girls bob haircut for 11 year olds

OvidiuHrubaru / Shutterstock.com

#48: Brusk Graded Bob

Chic blonde Naomi Watts decides on the shoulder-skimming bob with light layers and elongated bangs. The layering will boost the volume and raise texture of fine pilus. Employ a round brush when blow-drying in order to lift your locks at the roots and flip the ends inside.

Naomi Watts lob for girls

levradin / Shutterstock.com

#49: Low-cal and Tender Short Layered Haircut

A layered haircut is the best way to convey your locks volume and lightness. Michelle Williams knows these tricks, that’due south why she opts for a short layered haircut with long side bangs. Wax or styling crème can exist used to ascertain the texture.

Michelle Williams short blonde haircut

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

#50: Short Haircut with Textured Ends

Carey Mulligan looks crawly with short haircuts. The short bangs and lovely flicks on the sides of her confront accentuate the beautiful heart shape of her face. The textured ends are the spice of this look. So, make sure you define them when styling your brusque locks.

Carey Mulligan short haircut for girls

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

Well, our selection of photos demonstrates that a short haircut tin can wait super beautiful and girly with the right hairstyle. And then, if you want to renew your look and get rid of damaged ends, consider a short haircut as a change of your cocky-epitome. Just sort out the images you similar and make an date with an experienced hairstylist.

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50 Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Girls of All Ages

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