50 Best Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Balayage pilus-color is actually French technique that is achieved using the latest pilus-dyes inorder to allow women wait more than fashionable and trendy. in fact, the goal of Balayage-technique is to generate soft, natural-looking highlights that look modernistic when compared with traditional coloring methods. On the other manus, Balayage is freehand whereby the colour is merely painted onto hair while other standard highlighting methods use foil or a cap. Additionally, you tin can even dilate the hue of Balayage hair-color from a soft-wash to vivid and bold colors depending on your personal-preference. Balayage hair-coloring can also piece of work on diverse pilus-lengths, textures and even colors thus making it a true universal and flattering coloring-method for all women. Lastly, almost women today similar Balayage hair-coloring considering of its low-maintenance levels whereby Balayage hair-colors tin concluding for up to 4-months between color-treatments. All in all, below are some of the 50 best Balayage hair-color ideas to tryout inorder to accomplish a keen and flattering look at all times.

  1. Caramel-Toned Balayage

Balayage pilus-coloring options are actually endless within the chocolate-brown palette whereby you lot can become from reddish-tones of brownish to golden-shades while varying from brownish to blonde hair-colors. So, the lady featured to a higher place is having an amazing wavy, black and caramel-toned hair-colour mixture which actually very visible starting from the mid-length while moving downwards to the hair-tips. In fact, her hair features a dark-brown color at the crown and nether-layers of the hair in the lower-sections. Additionally, as her hair moves beneath the head it changes to a calorie-free caramel-tone which becomes extremely visible at the pilus-tips. In fact, you volition really find light thin-ribbons of caramel throughout the entire length of her hair thus making her expect extremely sexy and flattering.

  1. Brunette Balayage ombre


In case yous really desire to achieve a more natural wait while using Balayage hair-colors, and so consider trying out this technique on your medium-to-long length hair similar the one featured in the image higher up. In fact, the woman featured to a higher place has natural blonde-pilus that has been painted with a brown/ombre tone at the crown-department up to the mid-sections while the rest of the hair at the tips was left in its natural blonde-color inorder to create an amazing effect. On the other hand, the brown-tone at the crown becomes lighter equally it approaches the mid-sections of her hair while the light-sparse ribbons of brown-blonde throughout her hair provide a flattering and more natural look. Lastly, the waves and layers with this brunette Balayage ombre hairstyle actually help to provide this lady with a more than natural and gentle look.

  1. Wavy Balayage Hair Color Ideas


If you really adopt wearing your hair down while having Balayage hair-colors, then a medium-to-long length layered hairstyle will work perfectly for you. So, the lady featured in the epitome above is having a assuming and wavy hairstyle with a dramatic Balayage job. In fact, the ends of her layered-hair feature much lighter shade than the pilus at the crown thus creating a more appealing look. On the other manus the hair at crown-section features a caramel-brown tone which fades to a lighter chocolate-brown-tone and blonde-tone as pilus approaches the ends. Additionally, the picayune streaks of brownish and blonde tone throughout pilus assistance to create a more appealing and natural await that every woman would love when going for piece of work, engagement or fifty-fifty a political party.

  1. Brunette Balayage Sombre

The lady featured in the epitome higher up features an amazing, textured and delicate brunette Balayage somber hairstyle that falls gently below her shoulders. In fact, this long ombre-Balayage is styled straight simply with some texturing throughout hair inorder to generate optimum book. Additionally, the hair at top-section features a nice-looking nighttime-brown tone which becomes lighter equally hair drops beneath her caput while the hair at the tips features a very light brown-tone that is next to blonde hence creating an amazing colour-effects within her hair. On the other mitt, this long bob is evenly parted at the crown-section with hair tips flipped outwards inorder to create a more than natural appearance that is perfect for whatsoever lady going for an of import occasion. Lastly, the light-chocolate-brown streaks throughout this hairstyle assistance to add together extra volume and texture to her hair making her look extremely beautiful and classic.

  1. Brusk Brunette Balayage Ombre


The lady featured above is having an astonishing chocolate-brown, caramel and blonde color-mix which makes her look extremely unique and cute. in fact, creating this amazing Balayage hair-colour mix involves starting by coloring the hair at top-section with a chocolate-dark-brown or night-burgundy tone inorder to achieve a dark-base and then employ some caramel highlights followed by blonde at the pilus-tips inorder to achieve an colorful Balayage hairstyle. On the other hand, this lady styled the hair at crown straight upwardly to the mid-length then the remainder on the hair falls over the shoulders was curled-upwardly inorder to create a playful and charming consequence within her hairstyle. Lastly, all her hair is gently textured inorder to add some actress volume to it while the calorie-free-brownish and blonde streaks within her hair aid to create an amazing Balayage effect.

  1. Brunette Balayage Ombre Direct

This long-layered, direct and brunette Balayage ombre with light-chocolate-brown and blonde highlights really makes this lady extremely beautiful and perfect for any occasion. In fact, her hair blends several coloring techniques inorder to achieve an amazing Balayage-style that is middle-catching. On the other hand, her hair is naturally-blonde merely information technology was actually toned with dark-brownish or brunette tone at the base whereby this night-brown tone was left to fade as pilus dropped beneath her head. In fact, creating dissimilar colour-tones within your hair similar this lady did isn’t an easy job but information technology can be easily done with the help of a professional hairstylist inorder to achieve dandy styling results. Lastly, the layers and rough-texture within this lady’s hair helped to create extra-book within her hair and fifty-fifty helped to enhance on the brunette Balayage ombre color-mixtures.

  1. Brunette Balayage Ash

Having a long, layered brown-blonde Balayage-style like the featured above will actually make you lot wait younger and sexier than never before. in fact, every teenage-girl is crazy about getting blonde pilus these days because of the bewitchery information technology gives someone but styling a brunette Balayage ash/blonde isn’t an easy task and may crave getting it done at the salon past a professional hairstylist. On the other hand, the lady featured in a higher place actually gave her blonde pilus to a brown-tone at the crown-section but with a fading tone towards the lower-sections of her pilus. In fact, her-tips are featuring a nice-looking ash-blonde tone which greatly contrasts with the brown-tone at the crown-section. All in all, the best and easiest way of achieving a high-quality Brunette Balayage Ash/blonde hair-color is through the use of the Balayage-technique.

  1. Brunette Balayage Medium Length Hair

This lady features a nice-looking, face-framing and medium-length brunette Balayage hairstyle that makes look extremely cute and outstanding from the crowds. In fact, the subtle brown-Balayage highlights within her hair create an intense consequence in terms of calculation texture and volume to her hair which is a groovy matter. In fact, this Balayage technique helps to botch nighttime-colors with lighter-colors evenly inorder to provide someone with a more stunning appearance. On the other hand, this lady styled the hair at the crown straight simply with some subtle texturing throughout and then the hair that fell beneath her shoulder was styled into amazing soft-waves with a messy-effect inorder to generate optimum book at the hair ends. So, the light-dark-brown color that added at the hair in the ends greatly helped to enhance on the overall hair-texture and messy-waves within this hairstyle.

  1. Chocolate-brown Balayage Ombre Hair Colour Idea


The lady in the picture to a higher place features an amazing long, wavy hairstyle with subtle Balayage highlights within a brown hair-colour.  In fact, the subtle Balayage highlights inside this hairstyle help to enhance on its texture and volume thus making this lady extremely beautiful and classic. On the other hand, the hair on the crown-section was styled shine with some footling texturing while the hair that falls beneath her head was styled into messy waves with subtle blonde and light-brown highlights inorder to create a more stunning expect that is perfect for whatsoever prom or whatever other important occasion. All in all, if you accept long-hair and you really want to tryout a simple Balayage-style on it then consider going-in for this dark-chocolate-brown Balayage with subtle-highlights throughout your hair.

  1. Brunette Balayage With Ruddy

Adding crimson color-tones to your dark-dark-brown hair will actually assistance yous to achieve a nice-looking Balayage hairstyle. in fact, the lady featured in the picture in a higher place started with direct brown hair at the crown-section which was after styled into systematic waves towards the mid-length section while the hair-tips where left messy and complimentary. Withal, the pilus that falls below the crown-section was painted with a nice-looking red-tone simply with some footling streaks of dark-brown running through inorder to create an amazing effect. So, if you really want to tryout crazy-await by calculation some bright-colors to your hair like scarlet, and so consider using the Balayage hair-coloring technique inorder to reach the best hair-styling results.

  1. Dark Brown Balayage Color Thought


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This lady features a beautiful straight and wavy hairstyle with dark-brown base mixed with some blonde Balayage-highlight thus giving her an amazing and adorable look. In fact, her hairstyle looks so natural although information technology’s composite with several colors using the Balayage-technique and this actually makes this item hairstyle perfect for ladies over thirty-years and above. so, inorder to reach this amazing dark-brown Balayage with highlights, you volition demand to showtime tone the pilus at crown-section with night-color and so utilize the lighter color-tones to hair below the crown-department beginning from the mid-section up to the hair-tips. On height of that, you will demand to add some nighttime-tones in the lighter hair at the lower-section and some lighter-tones in the dark-pilus at the crown-section inorder to create an amazing and attractive color-outcome.

  1. Blonde & Cinnamon Balayage


Messy and wavy long-pilus really looks stunning with some blonde and cinnamon Balayage color-styling done on it just similar in the picture featured to a higher place. In fact, the lady higher up has very thick long hair that is styled a bit straight at the top-department while the lower-sections are styled wavy but with a messy texture throughout. And then, for such hair to look attractive when you’re in the crowd, you lot will need to add some bright colors to it like light-brown and blonde since they can greatly dissimilarity with dark-brown tone at the base of operations. All in all, consider trying-out a Balayage coloring-technique inorder to achieve more vivid colors with your long wavy or messy hair and this hairstyle actually looks great on both young and old ladies.

  1. Honey Blonde & Caramel Balayage Hair Colour Idea

Blonde hair can really look great with some caramel Balayage hair-coloring on information technology simply like the prototype above. In fact, the lady featured above has long and natural blonde hair that she decided to style into soft-waves that fall gently below her shoulders. However, adding a caramel Balayage color-tone at the crown and some highlights inside hair in the lower-sections helps to enhance on the advent of her hair by giving it a groovy dear-blonde tone. Additionally, the Balayage colour-mixtures within this hairstyle actually helped to enhance on the natural texture of hair while calculation extra volume to it. All in all, if you really desire to wait elementary when going for whatsoever simple occasion, and so consider trying out this Balayage coloring-technique simply only if you have natural-blonde hair.

  1. Balayage On Dark Hair


The Balayage coloring-technique tin can also exist used if you want to add two or more dark-colors within your hair only like in moving picture featured above. in fact, the Balayage coloring technique helps to add dimension within your pilus so that yous tin can go a great new look that is long-lasting. So, the lady featured to some calorie-free-brown tone to her blackness-hair whereby the straight hair at the crown-section features dark-tone of blackness while the hair at lower-sections features a lighter-tone of lite-brown thus creating an amazing color-effect. Additionally, the light-brownish highlights within the hair at the crown-section actually aid to generate an crawly color-contrast that makes this lady outstanding and beautiful when on any occasion or at the workplace.

  1. Subtle Balayage On Nighttime Pilus


Applying subtle Balayage light color-tones to your dark-pilus can actually be a great technique of making your long-hair await groovy for a while. Then, the lady featured in the photo above features wavy and messy hair with a dark-brownish tone with some blonde highlights throughout but with an intense outcome towards hair-tips. All in all, if you lot’re going for whatever occasion and you don’t take enough time to style your hair then this hairstyle will work perfectly for y’all since information technology doesn’t require a lot of coloring similar Balayage colored hairstyles.

  1. Subtle Balayage


The lady featured to a higher place is having messy hair with some soft waves throughout coupled with subtle blonde Balayage coloring that is very intense towards the lower-sections. The Balayage coloring-technique really helped to add actress texture and volume to this messy hairstyle hence making this lady very beautiful and perfect to become for piece of work and any uncomplicated occasion. All in all, this subtle Balayage hair-coloring will piece of work perfectly for mostly young girls or ladies who don’t take plenty time to style their pilus.

  1. Dear Caramel Balayage Color Thought

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The lady featured in a higher place is having long straight and wavy hairstyle with a beloved-caramel Balayage color-tone over a dark-brownish base. Additionally, the dear-caramel tone keeps on fading towards the lower-sections of pilus and you can actually notice that the hair-tips are having a blonde-tone thus creating an amazing color-contrast within her hair. All in all, this hairstyle will work perfectly for a adult female who is going for every special ceremony or appointment because information technology makes some look stylish, cute and archetype.

  1. Balayage with low lights


Having long-hair with low Balayage highlights can actually give y’all a simple but stunning appearance that is just perfect for whatever anniversary. In fact, the lady characteristic in the image above had her hair toned to nighttime-brownish colour at the crown-section while the residuum of the pilus that falls below the shoulders was give a light blonde Balayage-tone.  Additionally the night-brown color-streaks that run into the hair at the lower-department create an amazing color contrast below her head making this hairstyle perfect for whatever working-class ladies.

  1. Butter Blonde Balayage Straight Hairstyle

This lady features a straight but slightly-wavy hairstyle with a butter-blonde Balayage colour-tone which looks extremely cute. In fact, her pilus has a natural platinum-blonde color which was enhanced by applying a night-brown tone at the crown that was saturated every bit hair moved below her caput. All in all, this is a simple hairstyle that every woman with blonde-pilus should tryout in case they are going for simple anniversary or when going the workplace.

  1. Chocolate Balayage Hair Color Idea:

The lady featured in the picture above is showing-off a beautiful, layered, medium-length hairstyle with chocolate and nighttime-brown Balayage pilus-colour mixture which adds extra dimension and texture to her hair. In fact, this Balayage colour-mixture looks great on medium length layered hairstyles with waves or curls thus making it a perfect pick for ladies who desire to accomplish a simple and archetype appearance when going out for piece of work and whatsoever unproblematic occasion.

  1. Inclement Layered Bob Peekaboo Balayage Highlights


The lady in the picture higher up is having choppy, layered, medium-length hairstyle with dark-brown base and blonde Balayage highlights which are very intense towards the hair-tips. In fact, night-brown base of operations was diluted with some caramel-highlights which plow to a blonde colour-tone towards the hair-tips hence creating flattering and fuse-free wait. On the other hand, the choppy and layered waves within this hairstyle help to add some dimension and extra pilus-volume thus providing this lady with a fresh and modern expect that is just perfect for whatever occasion.

  1. Chocolate Balayage on Straight Hair:


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The lady featured higher up is having a squeamish-looking straight-hairstyle with chocolate Balayage coloring. In fact, her hair feature a dark-brown base with some caramel highlights that become intense towards the lower-sections of her hair. In fact, this chocolate-Balayage hairstyle gives this lady a more natural await due to the lord’s day-faded locks within her hair. So, if you really want to look simple when going for work or any special-occasion and then consider trying out this natural-looking hairstyle with caramel and blonde highlights over dark-dark-brown hair-base.

  1. Brown Toffee Balayage


This chocolate-brown-toffee Balayage colored hairstyle is actually a popular choice for brownish-Balayage coloring and that’s why nearly ladies over 30-years like coloring style because it gives them a simple and beautiful wait that is just perfect for whatever occasion. In fact, the lady featured higher up even had her hair styled straight at the crown-section up to the mid-sections while the hair in lower-sections was styled into messy waves with caramel and toffee Balayage highlights that helped to create a beautiful color-contrast with the chocolate-chocolate-brown base at the crown-department.

  1. Ash brown hair with blonde highlights


Golden-blonde Balayage highlights can actually look great over an ash-brown base but like seen in image above. in fact, this lady had her long-hair styled into amazing beach-waves that were left to drib gently over her back making her look extremely sexy and archetype for whatsoever occasion. On the other mitt, the slightly tousled waves helped to add actress-volume and dimension to her hair-locks thus giving her an appealing look that is pleasing to the eyes of the viewers. So, if you have long hair and you demand to try out a elementary merely classic hairstyle with some amazing Balayage coloring then consider going for hairstyle featured in the moving picture above.

  1. Brunette Balayage Highlights


Blonde Balayage highlights actually await swell on ladies with naturally brunette hair just like seen in the motion-picture show above. In fact, this lady is having healthy long brown-locks which were painted with astonishing blonde highlights thus creating a vivid and beautiful appearance.  In fact, her nighttime-brown pilus got some amazing colour-dissimilarity after adding the blonde-highlights allover while the rough hair-texture helped to increase on her hair-volume. All in all, this is a peachy and simple highlighted brunette hairstyle that will perfectly for ladies of all ages when going for work or whatsoever occasion.

Balayage Hair in Brown to Caramel Tone


This lady is having a nice-looking medium-length hairstyle with caramel Balayage highlights over a dark-brown base-color thus giving her a more appealing and sexy await that is just perfect for work or any special-occasion. In fact, caramel and blonde highlights within dark-chocolate-brown hair create the sweetest hair-colour combination that every archetype lady would love to achieve. On the other hand, manus the tousled waves within this hairstyle helped to give this lady an extremely simple but beautiful wait while calculation optimum-volume to her natural-hair.

  1. Brunette Natural Balayage

The lady featured in a higher place is having natural brunette hair with blonde Balayage highlights allover which help to create a bang-up color contrast that is appealing to the eyes. In fact, this lady had long-hair styled straight and you can as well notice that in the second picture she decided to add together a elementary ponytail at the back of her head by pulling some hair at the crown-section whereby this helped her go a fresh and sexy look that every young girl would dear to tryout. So, if yous are a kind of girl or adult female who loves trying out sexy hairstyles on multi-colored hair and then this item hairstyle will work perfectly for you and it’s even like shooting fish in a barrel to fashion while at home.

  1. Wavy Brunette Balayage Hairstyle


This lady is having long and good for you hair that has been styled into soft beach-waves that drib gently over the dorsum hence giving her an astonishing, romantic look that is simply perfect for whatever prom or special-occasion. in fact, her long, wavy and soft pilus-locks where lightened-upward with caramel and blonde tones inorder to create an eye-catching appeal while the tousled waves within the lower-sections of her hair helped to add extra dimension and volume to the overall hairstyle. in conclusion, if you really honey looking great while having long-hair and then consider trying out this multi-colour Balayage hairstyle with a tousled wavy-look.

  1. Perfect Short Wavy Balayage Hairstyle


Embankment-waves actually await great on medium-length hair and fifty-fifty adding some caramel and blonde highlight to a night hair-base will help to heighten on the effects of the style within your hair. So, the lady you see in the picture above styled her medium length pilus into beautiful embankment-waves with a more tousled look at the hair-tips while the hair the crown was styled directly thus giving her an attractive and romantic await that is just perfect for any classic lady. in fact, the colour-contrast created by the blonde-highlights within the nighttime-brown base of operations helped to heighten on the texture of her wavy hairstyle while adding extra hair-book.

  1. Blended Brunette Balayage Highlights


brunette hair actually looks peachy with some Balayage highlights of blonde or caramel and this implies that you will need embrace multiple colors within your brunette hair inorder to achieve an astonishing new wait. In fact, the lady featured in picture in a higher place decided to get her long-hair styles into soft and luxurious waves with squeamish-looking Balayage blonde-highlights on dark-dark-brown base thus giving her an extremely new and fresh look. Additionally, tousled texture helped to add together some dimension and volume to the hairstyle giving her a strong, classic expect that is perfect for any special-party like a wedding.

  1. Ashy Brunette Highlights


Ash-brown Balayage colour mixtures tin can really look swell on medium-to-long length hair that has been styled into amazing waves or curls. In fact, lady featured in the prototype above decided to add some sexy ash-blonde Balayage highlights into her dark-brown hair hence creating an awesome and unique colour-contrast. In fact, an ash-brunette or ash-dark-brown Balayage color-mixture is very rare amongst women but information technology can actually give someone a simple, sexy and appealing wait that is only perfect for several special-occasions. Yet, it’s recommended to keep the natural root-color and then add some few lighter-tones on ash-blonde over a dark base of operations-colour inorder to attain that stunning, sexy look that eye-catching.

  1. Smokey Brunette


This lady is having a natural-looking, long, wavy hairstyle with a unique jet-black colour tone at the crown coupled with a caramel Balayage highlight in the mid-sections up to the hair-tips that create a stunning and clear color-dissimilarity that is sexy and eye-catching. In fact, this lady had her long-hair parted into 2-sections and left to drop onto the sides past the shoulders while the interlocked embankment-waves helped to add some extra-book and texture to her long-hair. Additionally, the simple side-swept added to this unique hairstyle help to frame-out her long-face thus making her look extremely cute and perfect to go for any prom-part.

  1. Chocolate Balayage On Dark Hair:


This lady is having thick, long hair with a nice-looking black-color coupled with chocolate Balayage highlights throughout inorder to add some light to the dark hair-color. On the other manus, this hairstyle featured a deep-side parting with a huge side-bang that helps to frame-out her round face-shape while the soft, embankment waves that look a bit tousled help to add some volume inside her hair. Additionally, the choppy pilus-tips besides helped to add a luxurious look making this lady perfect to go for any special-occasion like a wedding, engagement or whatsoever other special party.

  1. Hot Chocolate Balayage:

This lady is having a hot-chocolate Balayage hairstyle with red-violet highlights thus giving this lady a unique but bonny look. Additionally, this lady had her hair styled direct in upper-sections with a nice-looking side swept bangs covering one-eye inorder to frame-out her square-shaped confront while the lower-sections of her hair accept been styled into large-curls with a tousled look throughout inorder to add optimum-book within her hair. And so, if you lot take long hair and you actually demand to achieve an amazing, colorful and center-communicable appearance then consider trying-out this hairstyle with a hot-chocolate base and violet-ruby-red highlights throughout.

  1. Pinkish Balayage:


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This woman is featuring a curt-to-medium length, tousled, wavy hairstyle with a nighttime-brown base coupled with pink Balayage highlights that are very intense towards the lower-sections of her hair. In fact, the lite-pink highlights help to create a great colour-contrast that is unique and gives this lady a unproblematic and beautiful appearance. On the other hand, this lady styled the hair at the crown-section into straight with deep-side departing coupled with a elementary side-swept fringe while the hair that falls beneath the head was styled into twisted soft-waves with tousled look inorder to raise on her hair volume and texture.

  1. Chocolate Balayage Highlights:


The picture featured above is showing lady with an elegant and nice-looking long-hairstyle with voluminous, soft waves that driblet gently beneath her back with inclement, curled hair-tips. In fact, her pilus characteristic a natural black-color which is enhanced with chocolate Balayage highlights throughout thus giving her an amazing new-look that is perfect for any special-party. All in all, this unproblematic hairstyle can really make a great selection of older women who don’t need to add striking Balayage-colors inside their natural black, long-pilus.

  1. Balayage On Blackness Permed Hair


This white-lady actually had her long, black-hair styled straight with caramel Balayage highlights that are very intense towards the lower-sections of her pilus. In fact, the caramel Balayage highlights help to create simple colour-contrast over a black hair-base thus giving her an outstanding and beautiful advent. On top of that, the long side-swept bangs on one-side of the face helps to frame out her oval-shaped face while the soft-waves with tousled look in the lower-sections help to add some dimension and book to the unabridged hairstyle.

38.Nighttime brunette Balayage highlights


The lady y’all see in the flick above had her black hair toned with dark-brunette Balayage highlight that became dilute as hair approached the tips to lower-sections. In fact, this hairstyle is feature 3 different colors that tin be observed in layered as hair flows below the head thus giving this lady a more natural and elegant await that every woman would love to tryout. On the other hand, this lady styled her hair straight beginning from the crown upward to the mid-section while the hair that falls below the head was styled into soft, tousled waves with messy hair-tips.

  1. Copper Balayage Hair Color Idea

This lady had her black-hair toned with copper and golden Balayage highlights that are very intense beginning from the mid-sections up to the hair-tips. In fact, wavy and curly texture inside this hairstyle helped to enhance various the Balayage color-highlights giving this lady a unique and elegant appearance that is just perfect for that special-occasion.

  1. Curly Brown Bob With Caramel Highlights


Curled brown-hair tin can likewise wait great if yous add together some caramel Balayage highlights to information technology only similar in photo featured in a higher place. In fact, color-mixture within this hairstyle enabled this lady to achieve a more stunning and beautiful await that can work perfectly for working-grade ladies with short-to-medium length hair.

  1. Chocolate Balayage Brusque Hair:

It’s only with the Balayage coloring technique that a lady can attain a nice-looking hairstyle with vibrant-colors that can final for inside hair for some good time. And then, the lady you see in the photo above had her night-brown, inclement, wavy and medium-length hair toned with chocolate and blonde Balayage highlights that helped to generate a simple simply astonishing colour effect throughout thus giving this lady a perfect working-grade look.

  1. Blonde Balayage on dark-brown hair

This lady had her dark-brown hair painted outset with blonde Balayage highlights throughout and later styled it into a messy hairstyle with tousled, voluminous waves with a messy ponytail coupled with a simple side-swept fringe that helped to frame out her oval face up-shape. All in all, this hairstyle is a great option for working-class ladies and ladies going for a simple occasion like a engagement or friends-party.

  1. Nighttime Brown Bob With Caramel Highlights


this lady is featuring medium-length, wavy bob-haircut with an amazing tousled texture coupled with nighttime hair-base with caramel and blonde Balayage highlights that create an amazing effect throughout the entire hairstyle.

  1. Cream and butter Balayage highlights

This lady’s hair features a dark-brown base with a cream and butter Balayage highlights that fade to a blonde-tone as her hair approaches the tips. Additionally, the tousled texture helped to enhance on her hair volume and move throughout thus giving her an amazing look that is just perfect for ladies that love to announced casual.

  1. Diamond Balayage


The lady you lot come across in image above has natural blonde hair with some dark-brown Balayage-highlights at the crown which help to add extra dimension to her wavy hairstyle thus giving this lady an appealing look that is simply perfect for any casual or special occasion.

46. Caramel Balayage on black long hair


The woman seen in the picture higher up is having long black-hair that has been toned with caramel and blonde highlights throughout creating an astonishing and color effect. In fact, this hairstyle volition work perfectly for ladies who love applying multiple colors within their long-hair.

47.  Dusty Rose Balayage


Balayage colour-mixture can really expect great on long hair and in the photo featured in a higher place you tin can actually notice a white-lady having long, dark-brown hair with caramel and blonde Balayage highlights which make her hairstyle await very attractive with lots of move, volume and dimension.

48.Sunkissed Blonde Balayage


  1. Neon Balayage Long Wavy Hair


fifty.Caramel Latte Balayage

51.Soft Blonde Balayage


52. Rosé Pinkish Balayage


This marks the finish of our Balayage Pilus Colour Ideas Collection.

50 Best Balayage Hair Color Ideas

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