50 Brown Hair Color Shades for Hottest Brunette Looks in 2022

Hot chocolate, iced java, cappuccino… No, this is not a coffee shop carte du jour, only exciting shades of brown hair that are worth trying.

We take sorted out the most interesting brownish pilus color ideas for brunettes, every bit well as blondes that want to go darker.

Whether y’all want to try warm brown pilus color to make your skin glow or refresh your look with rich night dark-brown hues or reddish and majestic tones, nosotros have all the ideas to choose from.

Best Brown Hair Colour Ideas

Modern brown hair shades are all most natural hues that make your brunette colour and skin tone popular. To achieve such a color, it is best to remain within two levels of your natural color, whether making it a bit lighter or darker.

Alternatively, just enrich it by sticking to your own hair color level, but choosing a chocolate-brown hair color dye with ashy, aureate, red, or majestic undertones. Scroll down for images that will make you fall in beloved with brown pilus shades.

#1: Sultry Medium Chocolate-brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Brighten up your brunette hair with warm caramel highlights to make your features pop. Ask your colorist for a money piece – the blazon of highlights that frame your confront.

#two: Rich Chocolate Brownish Pilus

Nighttime, deep chocolate-brown color hair often boasts amazing shine. It’s partly thanks to the workout components of good quality dyes and also due to the natural power of dark hair to reverberate light. Chocolate brownish is a bang-up option for natural brunettes.

#3: Cinnamon Brown with Subtle Highlights

Those warmer shades of cinnamon dark-brown are the all-time to complement olive pare tone and hazel eyes. Some lighter highlights add dimension to your pilus without compromising its condition.

#4: Espresso Brown with Caramel Highlights

Softly blended balayage gives definition to brown hair and makes an platonic base for wavy and curly blow dries. Warmer and lighter shades complement both green and hazel optics as well as soften facial features.

#5: Chestnut Brown Pilus with Aureate Balayage Highlights

Some lighter shades of brown going through the darker brunette color allows seeing the texture of the hair. This is a very versatile look that equally suits natural brunettes and those with dyed locks.

#6: Contrasting Honey Balayage

Striking chunky highlights are one of the latest trends. To go along the fresh look of this color, we recommend using products suitable for dyed pilus as well as toning masks in warm shades.

#vii: Gold Brown Medium Length Hair

Warm brown hair with gold undertones suits every skin tone: it miraculously makes the complexion expect healthy and glowy likewise as softens the features. Brand some curls using a 32 mm barrel wand to create this look.

#viii: Ash Brown with Blonde Highlights

This night brown base and brilliant blonde highlights brand a perfect contrast to grab anybody’s attention. Beware, information technology might take your colorist several hours of work to lift your natural base to such a light level.

#9: Night Hair with Calorie-free Face-Framing Pieces

The coin slice is a set of face-framing highlights that come up from the front hairline. This technique is amazing for adding dimension to your nighttime brown hair and hardly requires whatever effort to budget.

#10: Subtle Ombré on Night Dark-brown Hair

Sometimes, too many blonde highlights around your face might launder you out, so ombre is a nice alternative. Lighter ends accentuate the texture of your pilus whilst keeping the rich and deep brown color of your roots and mid-lengths.

#11: Dark Brown Curly Pilus

Those warm brown curls are everything – nosotros love the texture of the coils and the curly fringe. Use a tinted hair mask to enhance your natural brunette shade or to maintain the color between your salon appointments.

#12: Dark Auburn Balayage

This rich and velvety dark-brown pilus combines a multitude of dissimilar shades of brown that looks utterly stunning. Apply a sulfate-free shampoo to keep your auburn shade for longer.

#xiii: Cool All Over Brown Hair

The cool shade of brownish is both difficult to achieve and challenging to maintain. In addition to the regular regrowth touch-ups, you will probably need to ask your colorist to put a toner all over your hair. It’s indeed worth the attempt though – absurd brown looks so gorgeously sleeky and deep.

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#fourteen: Honey Brown Curls with Chunky Highlights

Add some highlights to your milk chocolate locks to create that sun-kissed look. Getting highlights in curls is a great way to change up your await protecting the health of the gentle pilus structure and warm light brown hair color flatters most of the peel tones.

#15: Natural Hair with Lite Brown Highlights

Having brown hair for all of your life and never trying new colors can experience monotonous. Notwithstanding, just the slightest touch of lightener can make miracles. Those barely-there highlights seriously uplevel this brunette base.

#sixteen: Night Chocolate Layered Hair

Rich and sleeky, this hair look is an utter brunette dream. Put some layers in to emphasize the texture of your nighttime brown locks.

#17: Caramel Chocolate-brown Balayage

Balayage is a perfect manner to brighten up brownish hair and create a modern and sophisticated look. Golden or caramel highlights will suit most of the skin tones and are easy to maintain.

#18: Raven Color Hair with Light Brownish Highlights

Add a touch of colour to your dark hair with face-framing balayage – some brown shade highlights volition make an accent on the fringe area and sharpen your look.

#19: Perfectly Layered Medium Brown Hair

This light chestnut color can be accomplished with a semi-permanent dye or even a pigmented hair mask. To give your brunette hair some shape, ask your hairstylist for a 2000s’ inspired layered haircut -yous’ll absolutely love it.

#xx: Anecdote Brown Hair with a Dingy Blonde Fringe

Y’all don’t have to be a Cruella to be both blonde and brunette at the same fourth dimension: ask your hairdresser to lighten a office of your frontal area and tone it absurd. Wear your pilus parted in the middle or flip the fringe over on i side.

#21: Auburn Brown

If yous accept thick, dense curls, a medium hairdo can seem heavy if it’s not cut correctly. An angled cut that’s shorter in the back and longer in the front end keeps the weight in the dorsum of your style so that your confront isn’t overpowered. Ask your stylist for a blend of copper and dark warm neutrals to create this vibrant mahogany brown.

#22: Absurd Brunette Colour with Ashy Hues

Many people believe that nighttime hair has to have warm undertones like blood-red or orange. While warm pilus is gorgeous, information technology doesn’t complement every skin tone. A absurd ash brown hair color is your all-time bet for skin with olive or golden undertones considering it will balance you out.

#23: Lite Chestnut Dark-brown

Brown hair comes in many dissimilar hues, and this silky chestnut brown is a good example of how to pull off a lighter shade. A soft ombre brightens your complexion without changing the overall natural color that can be seen at the roots.

#24: Confident in Copper

Although copper tones seem to flatter many different complexions, they notwithstanding take a lot of guts to pull off because they tend to reverberate so much lite and announced brighter. The unique mix of red, orange and brown is fashionable, subtle and makes a statement.

#25: Medium Brown Hair with Anecdote Tones

With fashion’s shift towards minimalism, the popularity of the straight blunt cut continues to ascent. Add dimension into the flat style past mixing different medium and calorie-free chocolate-brown shades. Lighter colors around the face and ends will make your skin glow and evidence off the precision of the clipped ends.

#26: Medium Chocolate Brown

Nighttime hair colors are perfect for fine hair because they brand your strands appear thicker. Other tricks are an proficient cut and mode; heavy layers create movement while loose curls add to the fullness.

#27: Brown to Toasted Caramel Colour

Encompass your carefree dazzler with extra-long flowing caramel waves. Proceed the look from dragging you down by lightening upwards. An bister ombre gives a sun-kissed embankment vibe to your hairstyle. Who doesn’t want their pilus await similar they are on vacation every day?

#28: Dark to Mocha Dark-brown Hair Color

If you can’t experiment likewise much with colour due to work or hair health reasons, there’s however a way to have fun with these dark brown hair color ideas. Ask your colorist for chunky mocha highlights that add together warmth and make soft waves look more defined. The colour is still striking while remaining subtle and sophisticated.

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#29: Mushroom Brown Pilus Colour

This is proof that yous don’t demand crazy colors to make a argument. A muted mushroom brown pilus color is the perfect complement to your camera-ready makeup and pilus that boasts major volume. A deep side function and blown out curls will have all eyes on you. Don’t distract from this major beauty moment and keep your outfit minimal with monochromatic nudes.

#xxx: Dark Brown with Mahogany Tones

When you have salubrious long brown hair, creating a stunning hairstyle comes with piffling to no effort. But become back to the basics and opt for soft curls, long layers, and a side or a middle parting.

#31: Spicy Chocolate Brown

Heighten your full, bouncy locks with an expert blend of chocolate-brown pilus colors. It makes strands appear shinier by reflecting more light, which will look especially skilful when existence photographed. If you are set to give it a try, explore even more chocolate brown pilus ideas.

#32: Gilt Brown Balayage

If at that place is one hairstyle that is universally highly-seasoned, it is lob and brunette balayage. Whether you accept a long face up shape or chubby cheeks, thick curls or pin straight strands, this style ever looks fresh and flattering. Mesomorphic beloved brown highlights volition brand the fashion more visually interesting.

#33: Brunette Espresso

The worst thing almost having a beautiful color is watching it fade. Luckily, at that place is something you lot can do to maintain the vibrancy between appointments. Ask your stylist to mix Brazilian Bond Builder into your colour to reduce breakage, prevent impairment and retain your colour longer.

#34: Medium Golden Brown Hair Color

Instead of chunky highlights throughout anecdote strands, achieve a sunny golden brownish hair colour with a sombre solution. To avoid harsh transitions and contrasting colors, the subtle technique fades from nighttime to light in soft, complementing types of brown hair color. Warm hues like this volition piece of work great for diverse skin tones with cool undertones.

#35: Dark Brown with Bronze Aureate Balayage

One of the simplest ways to transform a boring, ho-hum style is with a balayage in brighter, warmer tones. Not only does information technology create fullness, simply it too offers a new dimension to your hairstyle. Perfect for a woman with a busy schedule, as keeping the roots natural makes the hairstyle totally low-maintenance.

#36: Ravishing Chocolate Cherry Hair Color

Brownish hair comes in many different shades, and this ruddy tinted color is perfect for many different heart colors and complexions. To achieve the boisterous shoulder-length cut, enquire your stylist for round layers. The curved lines remove weight and create tons of book.

#37: Medium Copper Brown

Savour 1 of the spicier brown shades with a radiant auburn hue. Loose curls are the epitome of casual cool. To achieve the messy texture, curl your locks, alternating directions with each curl which volition allow the pieces to split up instead blending together when you lot brush them out.

#38: Black Brown Hair

Dark coffee colored strands are just as rich and assuming as a loving cup of Joe. To make this deep brunette shade stand out, endeavor making tight, bouncy curls in long hair. Aim at a natural-looking texture that doesn’t resemble large overdone pageant hair.

#39: Cappuccino Pilus with Aureate Tones

Who would have thought that this gorgeous cappuccino hair color was really accomplished with a blonde dye? Because dark hair takes so much to lighten, y’all actually accept to get a few shades lighter to become your desired color. This look was achieved with L’oreal Blonde Studio lightening paste.

#40: Chocolate-brown Ombre

A one-dimensional brown hair color in a shoulder length can seem uninspiring. Elevate your haistyle by adding highlighs in nighttime brown pilus. It works particularly well with wavy pilus because it makes the tousled texture stand out. Although yous tin can wear this color twelvemonth round, it looks particularly radiant with fall leafage.

#41: Sun-Kissed Shade of Brown Hair

Jennifer Aniston’s night chocolate-brown base is softly aureate on the very surface. Through these gorgeous dominicus-kissed notes, it’south softly connected with the face-framing dark blonde streaks. Such a complicated brown hair color harmonizes with Jennifer’southward gray eyes. Whenever the actress goes for a darker shade, she looks older. And so, the choice of pilus colour is one of your most responsible choices, indeed!

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#42: Mixed Sugariness Cappuccino and Dark Mocha Shades

Olivia Palermo opts for the cute cappuccino shade that mimics the colour of her eyes and mingles with the rich chocolate mocha streaks. Stylists claim that cappuccino shade of brown hair looks best on medium-length locks, and information technology loses its showiness on curt or extra long tresses. Too, cappuccino shade loves curly hair. A wavy downdo with actress polish from Olivia Palermo is a lovely hair style thought for cappuccino hair color.

Shades of Light Brown Hair

Everett Drove / Shutterstock.com

#43: Robust Coffee Hue

Coffee is an invigorating cool shade of brown hair that tin can exist softened with blondish or copper highlights. Jennifer Garner goes for the bronde ombre highlights on a dark brown base, and we see that her crawly brown hair color sets off her sparkling eyes and off-white pare.

Light Brown Hair with Highlights

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

#44: Chestnut Brown Hair Tone

Many women attempt to duplicate Lisa Rinna’s haircut and pilus color. The secret of her blooming look is the warm aureate anecdote shade of brownish hair, that matches the colour of her eyes. Besides, it’south non a monochromatic color. The roots of Lisa’southward locks are darkened, and in that location’southward a sprinkling of lowlights through the layers.

Layered Brown Hair with Bangs

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

#45: Brownish Shade Locks with Reddish Highlights

Golden brown pilus, undoubtedly, attracts attention. Bank check Jessica Biel’s fabulous brunette hair colour solution. Jessica has mesmerized Justin Timberlake not simply with her ambitions and lovely smile. It has been proved that hair color may have an affect on your character. Golden browns make a woman easy-going, add her cheerfulness and playfulness.

Golden and Reddish Tones in Brown Hair

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#46: The Softest Almond Hue

The rich love almond shade of brown hair is extremely natural. Information technology can exist associated with a night blonde hue. If you lot dye your blonde hair chocolate-brown, you will achieve a low-cal-to-medium nut brownish tone. And, as for dark brown hair base, almond gives it a spicy reddish-brown note. Kate Beckinsale has tried the deep velvety brown from the roots to mid-shaft with a soft transition to the honey almond chocolate-brown towards the ends.

Almond Ombre on Brown Hair

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#47: Dark Chocolate Brown with Framing Highlights

Eva Longoria is a perfect instance of an active woman who succeeds in every sphere of her life. Eva’s option is the lovely night chocolate shade of brown hair with the graceful toffee streaks through her face-framing locks. Chocolate hair color is for those who are always in movement. Maintain the health of your brunette tresses, and they volition pay y’all dorsum with an excellent look fifty-fifty in simple hairstyles.

Chocolate Brown Hair with Light Brown Face Framing

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#47: Posh Mahogany Brown

Mahogany hue stands out from other beautiful shades of dark-brown hair thanks to its saturated dark blood-red sub tone. Michelle Monaghan looks scenic with her thick mahogany copper locks cascading on her shoulders. Her red clothes is a wonderful outfit choice to ready off her hair color.

Mahogany Shade of Brown Hair

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#49: Hot Espresso with Reddish Ends

Espresso brown hair hue is deep, rich and expressive. If you want to add some spice to your expect, consider tinting the ends of your tresses in one of complimenting hair hues. Mila Kunis chooses hot cocoa-brownish hair colour because information technology harmonizes with her peel tone and the color of her eyes, doesn’t it?

Cocoa Brown Hair with Tinted Ends

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

#50: Medium Brunette with Honey Brownish Balayage

Julia’s brunette hair is upgraded with terrific ombre highlights. The lovely blend of cool and warm tones is the superlative of coloristic fine art. We tin can distinguish the pecan dark-brown tone that serves a background for the lovely caramel and flaxen blonde balayage highlights. Well, i look at the moving-picture show is worth a hundred words of its clarification.

Medium Brown with Golden Brown and Blonde Highlights

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

Who knew that brown hair could be so various? In fact, brunettes have equally many interesting choices for enhancing their color as blondes or redheads practise. Different shades of dark-brown hair are inspiring and expressive. We wish you to find your nigh flattering options!

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50 Brown Hair Color Shades for Hottest Brunette Looks in 2022

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