50 Superior Hairstyles and Haircuts for Teenage Guys in 2022

Hairstyles for teenage guys are an endless field for creativity. They can be a bit over the edge and that’southward just fine. When else in your life will yous try something truly mind-blowing and even crazy? Oh, well, there are certain school regulations. The following hairstyles volition help you to fit in them and nevertheless observe the hairstyle that expresses your mood!

Best Hairstyles for Teenage Boys

Here are hairstyles and haircuts that make yous go “wow”. Tapers, fades, spiky cuts, gelatinous looks, preppy styles… Now is the best fourth dimension to opt for something trendy!

#one: Abrupt Side Part for Boys

A sharp side part can totally transform an otherwise typical hairstyle. Basically, the barber will shave off a thick line of hair to actually brand the part standout. The rest of the hair can remain medium length or very short.

#two: Cristiano Ronaldo-Inspired Boys Cutting

Soccer actor Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his skills and his killer haircuts. A teen guy will dearest copying his locks, particularly a short and jagged pompadour like this one.

#iii: Traditional Castor-Cut Hairstyle

With tapered sides and a textured front, this classic cut is universally flattering and age-appropriate on boys and men alike. This hair style for boys works best for fine-to-medium hair textures.

#iv: Undercut Hairstyle for Teenage Guys

This style mixes concern with fun by combining a more than bourgeois layered mode on top with the funky shaved sides. Perfect for aguywho likes to test out his wait before fully committing. If yous want to requite the await a “hipster” vibe simply gather the longer strands into a tiny ponytail or a “man-bun.”

#5: Soft Taper with Texture Cut

When it comes to guys haircuts, we’re seeing more designs that combine a polished mane with some texture. Wavy hair can be created using tools if information technology doesn’t come natural. Keeping the top brushed back is where you’ll get that dapperness.

#vi: Textured Pinnacle and Temple Undershave

If you’re looking for a way that is masculine and modern, attempt a cool undercut haircut with a short textured pinnacle. This look is about two inches at the longest, and then be certain to tell your hairdresser the verbal length y’all want, or ask his opinion on what will work best for you.

#7: Slicked Style for Boys

Boys haircuts can (and should!) be just every bit stylish as the many options for men. Y’all don’t have to expect till you’re older to experiment with new looks. This nice cut features a shaved side role and slicked hair with spikes in the front end. The line up makes it look super clean!

#8: Boys Long Undercut

This European hairstyle is now condign popular all over the earth, and nosotros tin can totally empathise why. You lot become the perfect mix of suave layers and masculine buzzed hair. To style, blow dry out the hair straight upward and dorsum, working a texturizing pomade in.

#ix: Brusque Teenage Cut

Good haircuts for teens should still be fuss-complimentary. This mid taper style has been brushed forrad and allowed to air dry. While this teen has straight pilus, his cut volition work great with wavy and curly textures likewise, because the closely cropped sides hope a corking look any way.

#10: Side Blown Undercut

For fashionable boys hairstyles, turn to the undercut for inspiration. Long pilus on top and brusk hair on the sides and back is totally trendy right now. Ane of the best things nigh this look is how versatile it is to style. You tin blow it dorsum, create a pompadour, or part it on the side.

#eleven: Curt Fade Haircut for Boys

This clean and fresh style is neat for showing off pretty curls in a boyish way. The keys to nailing this await are a smooth fade and a line upwards. When you kickoff get a fade, enquire for information technology to beginning low. Then if you like the wait, you tin can later experiment with a high fade.

#12: Cool Haircut for Curls

Natural texture is in right at present, non just for girls simply for boys as well. If you want to piece of work with your natural curls and waves, then don’t cutting them as well brusque. Instead permit them be the star of your new wait. Brushing your hair frontward instead of dorsum, cuts down on volume for a slicker style.

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#thirteen: Textured Waves with Low Fade

If you want to find easy to style haircuts for boys, and so choose something that doesn’t have to be blown out or treated with products. Keeping the length at less than two inches is the safest option if you want to be able to launder and go.

#fourteen: Teen Haircut for Thick Wavy Pilus

The temple fade manner is a favorite for teenage guys with wavy pilus. By having the fade start lower on your head, you preserve more than of that gorgeous texture! Fading out to peel at the ears and the nape offers a clean, modern finish.

#15: Popular Side Office Cut

What’due south the coolest mode to rock the long-on-top trend? Definitely a side part. This chichi style is fashionable and a fiddling bit subversive all at the same fourth dimension. You want your hair to look sleek, but not too perfect, so attempt blow drying it smooth just keep your production utilise spare.

#16: Cool Boys Pompadour

Trendy hairstyles for boys are all about transforming retro styles into something more than modern. This expect features a soft, touchable pompadour that is i or 2 shades lighter than the natural base of operations color. To keep this look in place, endeavor a hairspray that is dry, non pasty.

#17: Ivy League for Teenagers

The Ivy League is a perfect boys hair cut. Information technology is stylish enough to print your friends and something your family volition dearest too. This version looks especially absurd considering of the cute lilliputian pompadour. For styling that is structured and not strong, try using mousse and rut protectant before y’all blow dry, and skip the products later.

#18: Popular Cut with Long Elevation Layers

Here’due south a style that volition enhance the style factor of any outfit. To go on information technology looking super cool, style your hair to the side every morning but don’t make information technology overly perfect. Instead, accident dry out your pilus only half dry (but enough to mold in the necessary direction) and and so let your natural texture come through.

#xix: Spiky Fauxhawk for Boys

Every niggling boy has dreamt of having a fauxhawk or a mohawk at some betoken, right? There’s no better mode to show off a punky, boyish spirit. This is a groovy version of fauxhawk, because it is not also out there—this is still a expect that is school-appropriate.

#20: Side Part Teenage Hairstyle

For guy haircuts that give off a sharp, polished vibe, go for a side slicked look. To keep it modern, flip the front part back to frame the confront better. Get a line up and shaved side part. These will upgrade the retro manner with a more than urban edge.

#21: Modern Long Peak Fade

Nosotros can think of a few celebrities who would exist jealous if they saw this haircut. This is almost too adorable to stand. Someone has a lot of swagger for his age! To recreate this look, opt for a designed side part and cool, piecey locks on acme.

#22: Short and Slicked Back

Who doesn’t love teen hairstyles that exude confidence? Whatever new look you determine to try, make certain information technology’s something you’re comfortable with. This style—with medium-length pilus on top—is a great alternative to the long pinnacle undercut because it is then much easier to pull off and mode every day.

#23: Boys Undercut Ponytail

If y’all want to become for super long pilus on top, don’t forget one of the coolest styling options available to you: the ponytail. Guys with ponytails on top and shaved hair on the sides pretty much always look astonishing. You tin also endeavour a elementary bun to switch things up.

#24: Perfect Haircut for Teen Guys

Best haircut ever. Really, this is fine barbering. The blend of a side pompadour and taper fade with a not bad line up…well, information technology’due south impressive. If you’re curious near trying this, the easiest way to ask for the cutting volition be to share this moving picture with your barber.

#25: Handsome Layers with Shaved Sides

Some of the about fashionable haircuts for teenage guys feature long layers on top. While many guys habiliment comb overs and slicked dorsum hairstyles, you tin make your own statement with a chopped cutting brushed onto the forehead.

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#26: Modern Pompadour

Pompadours were huge in the 1950s and 1960s. Today they are slowly but surely making a comeback. To give this classic manner a modern twist, all you have to practise is effort something interesting with the sides. Trimming them super short will actually elevate the Pomp.

#27: Undercut for Boys

Versatility is important when it comes to boys haircuts. That’s why something like the undercut is perfect for the young and the old. While some parts are brusque, the top has a squeamish height, making information technology ideal for boys and teens who aren’t ready to go total on fizz cut. An undercut of this blazon works for all pilus types except fine hair, then keep that in mind.

#28: James Deen Boys Pilus

Was there anyone more fashionable than James Deen? Probably not. Endeavour copying his hairstyle merely calculation a contemporary accent such as cuts on the side. Teenage hair that is medium, thick, wavy, or curly tin pull this off. Just be sure to tell your stylist to keep the sides short.

#29: Straight Mohawk with Fade

There seems to exist no limit when it comes to haircuts for boys with directly hair. Withal, a curt mohawk with a fade for a boy who is about 10 or xi years old will be near historic period appropriate. Since it’due south on the shorter side, it’s suitable for school, but the fade adds some fun and flare.

#xxx: Razor Upwards-Sweep Mohawk

Teenage guys with longer hair will love an up-sweep mohawk, especially if it has a more naturally vertical form every bit opposed to putting a whole bunch of hair gel to get it to stay in place. This expect has dimension considering it’s long on top, medium in the eye and super brusque on the bottom.

#31: Depression Fade for Thick Teenage Hair

Teen hairstyles that cater to thicker locks are great. This one in particular will appeal to guys who are looking for a medium cutting with just a very subtle pare fade by the ears. It’due south smooth in appearance, but doesn’t have any edgeless cuts on top so information technology’s a much more relaxed.

#32: Fade with Brusk Front Flip

Yous don’t run into many front flips on young teenage boys. But it’south a super cool option which, when combined with a depression fade and a shaved line in the middle, is so unique. Y’all don’t have to copy this exact design, but if a front flip is what you’re later, ask your hairstylist what else you can do to add together a lilliputian something extra to the whole look.

#33: Medium Teen False Hawk

False hawks are ane of the near popular guys hairstyles. Hither, you lot see that the summit is thick with even length all the style to the back of the caput. Information technology and then gets shorter downwardly the neck and on the sides. It’s of import to annotation that the sides aren’t super short, allowing for faster growth if a boy wants to change things upwards shortly.

#34: Teen Edge Up

An edge up hair cut involves the hairdresser straightening the hair line. Normally the hair is cut much shorter than this, but keeping the pinnacle medium or long allows for some youth that is found in most boys hairstyles.

#35: Boys Hedgehog Style

Hedgehog hairdos ordinarily imply that the hair volition be a bit spiky. It’s a good skater boy option for teens who aren’t excited virtually the idea of going too short. Just remember, this is going to require some hair product.

#36: Teen Peel Fade with Layers

Hairstyles for boys who want layers and shorter pilus are few and far between, but hither you accept that trendy skin fade with a lot of range thanks to the dissimilar lengths on top. The up-swept bang adds extra body as well.

#37: Classic Comb Over

You can refer to this as a classic side part or a rummage over. The tapered hair is an elegant choice for guys. When it comes to school photos, prom, and other special occasions, you lot really tin can’t go wrong.

#38: Modern Wet Look Hairstyle for Boys

Hair products aren’t just for girls. This sleek fashion uses gel to create a moisture, “surfer” await. It’due south pretty much the clean-cut guy’s equivalent to the “wash and get.” You may want to load up on the product so that the way stays wet-looking throughout the day.

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#39: Haircut with A Side Part

A archetype wait, this side function hairstyle with volume is a good option for boys with rounder face shapes equally it adds the length. Plus it is piece of cake to primary, just comb over wet hair to create a bump and you’re good to go. This go-to “heartbreaker” look was highly sought subsequently in the 90s based on the characters like Zach Morris from Saved by the Bong—a nifty retro look now that the styles of that decade are becoming a trend again.

#forty: Side Bang And Side Undercuts

A keen style to residual out a longer bang is to shave the sides to brand it the focal point of the look. This haircut is perfect for young men with fine hair.

#41: Spiked Guys Haircut

If you usually spike your pilus, dive it slightly to the side for an instantly different look. In this example, the more gel the better to help the fashion to maintain its acme and shape. A groovy selection for a guy who is particular about his look and enjoys beingness stylish.

#42: Facial Hair with Shaved Sides and Spikes

Standard beards are then final year! Testify off your facial hair with a shaved strip in front of the ear and a seriously spiked top. This guys haircut is age-appropriate without seeming childish.

#43: Fade Haircut For Boys

Another instance of a brush cut, this selection brushes hair forrard for a more than natural wait. Paired with a smooth fade on the sides and back, it offers a statement boys hairstyle that doesn’t require whatsoever item styling.

#44: Reverse Layered Cut

Take the thought of a basic haircut and elevate it simply by brushing your hair in the opposite direction. Long layers on top provide versatility—yous tin can brush forward for a blindside or mode a back sweep in a sort of pompadour. The faded sides provide a slight edge for a no-nonsense teen who likes options.

#45: Cool Fauxhawk Boy`south Haircut

This style has major attitude, especially paired with attending-grabbing red hair. Kids volition dearest this style every bit it has a similarity to the pop Marvin the Martian cartoon for a fun, carefree await.

#46: Stone Star Guys Hairstyle

This heavily layered messy style is extremely popular with the lead singers of popular rock bands making it the perfect wait for a teenage male child looking to enter the cool crowd in loftier schoolhouse. For those that don’t mind actress maintenance, ask your stylist for subtle highlights throughout the cut to add dimension to the layers.

#47: Laconic Hairstyle

Immature English player Asa Butterfield appeared at the “Ender’s Game” premiere, dressed and styled similar an elegant dandy. The stylish suit and white shirt were completed with a fashionable hairstyle. Asa’s nape and temples were cut brusque, and his bangs were lifted and combed to i side. The cut and way flatter the young actor and complement his evening await ideally.

Jaguar PS/ Shutterstock.com

#48: Preppy Mod Look

Justine Bieber changes hairstyles when his moods change. 1 of his all-time formal looks is into preppy mode. A dive to one side and medium length piece of work wonderful for Justine. His sleeked upward hair features great shine and looks super neat.

Justine Bieber formal hairstyle

Jaguar PS/ Shutterstock.com

#49: Popular Hairstyle for Wavy Pilus

Ansel Elgort’s pilus is cut with approximately the same length at the sides and top and styled with definition to bring out his wavy texture. We’d say the length is critical in this pic. If you abound out your pilus a bit longer on the sides, y’all chance getting an untidy look. Spray wax is a worthy product to accomplish the texture like Elgort’due south.

short textured hairstyle for teen boys

HelgaEsteb/ Shutterstock.com

#50: Short-To-Medium Boy Haircut

Guys with fine straight hair, who do not like very short haircuts, can follow Joel Courtney’s example. The haircuts with bangs that are worn loose and a fleck messy are extremely pop among teenagers. Adding a lite wet effect achieved with wax, you’ll easily come up upwardly with a absurd hairstyle similar Joel’s.

medium haircut for teenage guys

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

50 Superior Hairstyles and Haircuts for Teenage Guys in 2022

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