Many a times do we look for hairstyles that will make the states look unique, lovely and standout in a crowd of many ladies with dissimilar hairstyles?
Cornrow hairstyles
are the best and most adorable hairstyles that y’all are certain will make yous look cute and elegant.

Cute cornrow braided hairstyles

Cornrow hairstyles; are kind of hairstyles which involves braiding hair to the scalp in a series of rows.

The hair is divided into cornrow sections arranged into rows. Cornrows hairstyles are kind of protective braided hairstyles that are often used to prevent hair breakage.

Cornrows were traditionally styled past African women and fiddling girls in simple straight lines but at present they are styled by Africans, African Americans, white (men and women) in both direct lines and or in complex symmetrical or curvy designs.

Many younger ladies prefer cornrows hairstyles considering they are like shooting fish in a barrel to maintain. When you wash your hair carefully and oil the scalp regularly, cornrows hairstyles tin be worn on your head for several weeks.

cornrow braided hairstyles



cornrow braided hairstyles

  • Cornrows take a wide variety of styles from which you are sure you lot won’t neglect to choose one that works for you lot. Personally I am a fun of Big and minor cornrows mixed because they make me look like an African American princess. Notwithstanding, there are other styles such as cornrow braided updo hairstyles, cornrow tree braids, cornrows with twists, amidst others as we are nonetheless to see detailed in this post.
  • Cornrows Hairstyles are easy to maintain equally they require merely washing and regular oiling of the scalp. And I believe this is true for any braided hairstyles as they all need low Maintenance. And so if y’all have been looking for a braided hairstyle that requires low Maintenance, look no further coz cornrow hairstyles will be the all-time choice for you lot.
  • The other thing that I similar about cornrows hairstyles is that they looks nifty on almost anybody irrespective of your gender and age. This ways that cornrows tin be worn past both men and women; Africans, African American and white ladies; younger girls or teenager boys, mature ladies or youthful gentlemen.
  • Are versatile meaning you can vesture them to different occasions! The occasion y’all are dressing for volition determine which cornrows hairstyle to opt for. In this write-upwardly, we have complied for yous over xl of the all-time cornrow hairstyles that volition brand you standout, charm your looks and volition plow heads.
  • Just like near of the braids, cornrows can too be washed on natural hair or hair with extensions. For ladies with medium length or long hair, yous won’t demand extensions as cornrows will look perfectly elegant on you when done on your natural hair.
  • Retains hair growth. Braided hairstyles are known for retaining hair growth. Cornrow hairstyles are one of the protective braided hairstyles that will retain the growth of your hair.
  • Saves on time for styling most peculiarly during blitz hours. It used to be a little challenging to me when I hadn’t plaited my hair to beautiful cornrows. Choosing which hairstyle to wear more so in the morning when rushing to work was a bang-up challenge to me. But after discovering or knowing the trick of cornrows, now I need not to worry any more coz these versatile cornrow hairstyles solved everything.

Still, it should be noted that irrespective of the numerous advantages cornrow hairstyles accept over other hairstyles; they take time during the styling process and since it involves braiding hair to the scalp in a series of rows, may exist painful during and afterward the styling procedure.


cornrow braided hairstyles

Learning how to do cornrows is that elementary. All you need is to know the basics or principles to follow when doing any cornrow hairstyles. We have provided the basic principles that will guide you lot in a pace by step direction on how to exercise cornrows.

when learning how to braid, just focus on learning or mastering the technique and don’t worry well-nigh how the braids will wait coz the more you practice the better your braids will expect.

  • Brainstorm by preparing your pilus so that it’southward prepare for styling. If you haven’t washed your hair in a long fourth dimension; kindly wash it with clean h2o and then shampoo to remove product residues which might have accumulated on the scalp. Rinse your hair with clean water then place a clean dry towel around your head to absorb the excess water. In instance you’re not in a rush or hurry, allow your pilus to naturally air dry out past sitting under a shade else employ a blow dryer to speedily dry your hair.
  • Now utilize styling products to your hair such equally hair moisturizer,among others. The styling products y’all apply to your hair will depend on the texture of your hair and the mode you want to wearable.
  • Part a section of hair from the hairline to the nape so Section off a small-scale portion of hair at the front.
  • Start with 3 pieces of hair strands
  • Have the hair strand on the left under the middle department and to the correct.
  • Take the middle section and wrap information technology across the left department. Now your left section is now the new centre section and the 1 which was in the middle is now the left section.
  • Accept a petty bit of hair from behind the parted section and add together it to the new middle section. Split it with your index finger then take the hair on the right under the middle section and to the left. Go along picking up your hair as you go to the dorsum moving from the left to the right.
  • Echo the above process till when all your pilus on your head is styled into beautiful cornrows and you volition be skillful to go brand heads turn and necks curve.


Well, well, when information technology comes to choosing cornrow hairstyles that will piece of work for you lot irrespective of the occasion you are dressing for? We have made the search narrow for you lot. Here beneath are the best five cornrow hairstyles that we would recommend you to vesture on different or diverse occasions and will brand you lot expect gorgeous, outstanding and definitely make heads plow and necks bend. Walk with me as we explore our best 5 recommended cornrow hairstyles of all seasons.


cornrow braided hairstyles

There are some cornrow hairstyles which you lot are sure will definitely charm your looks. This is one of those few cornrows hairstyles that volition charm your looks and brand you await adorable, lovely and fashionable. This kind of charming cornrow hairstyle can be worn by both white ladies and African women. Your gender and race doesn’t matter when information technology come to this cornrows hairstyle as it looks great on booth men and women.

The white lady featured above featured a charming cornrow hairstyle with cornrows running from the front hairline all the style to the dorsum of her neck. The braids are left to hang freely at the back which adds style to her over whole expect.

If you find conspicuously the colour of her hair perfectly matched with the tone of her skin and the outfits she wore. You lot as well can go a few styling tips from this beautiful lady to come upwards with your own unique and fashionable charming cornrow hairstyle that will make heads turn.

cornrow braided hairstyles

Y’all encounter there are many Cornrow Braids Hairstyles but this detail one stood out for us. It’s easy to recreate and fashion yet it looks incredibly astonishing to African women and African Americans. We would recommend this kind of amazing Cornrow Braids Hairstyles to be worn by just ladies (women) coz it brings out their awesome beauty and gorgeousness.

Well some people might think that or actually some ladies say that cornrow hairstyles look corking on all ladies with different face shapes! I doubt that isn’t true for this kind of Cornrow Braids Hairstyles; we would recommend it to ladies with long face shapes such as oval, heart, ellipsoidal, diamond, among others. For ladies with confront shapes that are wider that they are long, worry not we have featured a multifariousness of many different Cornrow Hairstyles that will friction match with your face shape and brand y’all look adorable.

Her makeup, accessories and outfit perfectly match with the hairstyle. Want to look even much prettier than her; go a few stylish tips from this lady featuring Cornrow Braids Hairstyles to come up up with your ain unique Cornrow Braids Hairstyles for women.

COLORFUL CORNROW HAIRSTYLESColored-Cornrow-Braids-Hairstyles-Ideas

Are you a black woman or African American who likes colorful cornrow hairstyles? Then this is the best selection to make your cornrows colorful. Sometimes colors add together style, decoration and attractiveness to the braids especially when you choose colors that matches with and Complements the color of your pare.

The African American lady above features a colorful braided cornrow hairstyles which features three colors (black, gold, and brown) that perfectly match with and Complements the tone of her skin.

With this kind of hairstyle, you might choose to use hair extensions with colors or choose to color and then equally yous desire. Alternatively, some ladies opt to colour their hair. With kind of option, I would recommend using temporally hair dyes to which can be washed off easily other than using permanent hair dyes that might impairment your hair permanently.

You tin can wear this kind of cornrow hairstyles when going to all occasions be it formal occasions ( office, work, business organization meetings, church) or Coincidental occasions ( evening walks, weekend tours, embankment, mention them).

Since this kind of cornrow hairstyles involves removing all the hair and braids abroad from your confront to the back, it will look swell on ladies with long face up shapes.

CUTE CORNROW STYLEScornrow braided hairstyles

There are thousands and thousands of cornrow styles but this 1 stood out for us and we would like to recommend it to any lady that wants to standout in a oversupply of many other ladies with unlike blackness braided hairstyles. This particular cornrow style worked out for me during my teenage historic period as I used to catch people’south attention well-nigh everywhere I went equally whoever spotted me would gap and stare at me.

You might choose to use colorful braids such as brown, golden or any other color of your choice that best suits your test and preferences. For light-skinned African Americans, brown or black will work for you and for dark-skinned African American, we would recommend brown and black combined.

Expect at how adorable, awesome and stylish the African American lady featured in a higher place looks. Y’all too can look adorable and much more sophisticated than her by learning a few styling tips from her to come up with your own unique cornrow way design that volition amuse your looks.

cornrow braided hairstyles

Quite frankly at that place are some hairstyles which volition make you lose words to draw them. This lovely, elegant and cutest cornrows hairstyles is one of those braided hairstyles that has always made me speechless.

She fabricated a part upward to around the crown department then braided her hair into cute cornrows that run from her the front to the back of her neck.

I just can’t take off my optics off this beautiful lady with gorgeous eyes. The makeup just puts me off and run out of words. Why don’t yous take some styling tips from this younger gorgeous to recreate your ain cornrows hairstyles.


We didn’t want to limit y’all to only 5 choices as cornrow hairstyles are versatile and so yous have a wide variety of styles, designs to choose from and come across one that looks bang-up on you and works for yous according to your taste and preference. Here beneath are over xxx all-time cornrow hairstyles for women and men. The collections includes cornrow hairstyles for African women, African Americans, and white ladies.

cornrow braided hairstyles

African ladies are you in that location? Can I hear a proficient shout of Amen from you? Wow African ladies look dandy, gorgeous with hair styled into braids more especially when its styled into cornrows. African cornrows bring out that beautiful black beauty look for most all African ladies.

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The crawly and charming African lady above features an African cornrows hairstyle where her natural hair was braided to the scalp in a series of rows that run from her confront to the back in in simple symmetrical and curvy designs. a deep parting was done which made the designs look keen on her.

This African Cornrows hairstyle tin can exist styled by black women with medium length pilus or long natural hair. I guess even ladies with short hair tin can give information technology a endeavor provided their natural hair isn’t too short.

Is this kind of cornrow hairstyle express to only African ladies? Absolutely not; it can be styled by white ladies and African Americans. All you need is to cull a design that will work for you depending on the occasion or event you are dressing for.

This is ane of the easiest cornrows hairstyle which you can practice information technology yourself. Just follow the step by step directions that we shared in this mail service in a higher place. Match the hairstyle with the right attires, accessories and you lot will be proficient to become stone an African cornrow hairstyle.


Alicia Keys is eminent for her infrequent cornrow hairstyles which surely expect keen on her at all times. Are y’all looking for cornrow hairstyles which yous tin can wear to function, concern meetings, formal occasions or special occasions? Alicia keys cornrows will be the best choice for yous to choose from. In this post we accept featured but one of her several cornrows hairstyles for Alicia keys; but we have an independent mail service featuring the 20 best Alicia keys cornrows that will look smashing on any African American.

In the movie featured to a higher place, Alicia keys features i of her favorite cornrows hairstyle that works for her at all occasions. This kind of cornrows hairstyle can be worn when dressing for formal occasions such as work, weddings, or any special occasion such as being invited to a function as a special guest or guest of honor.

In this cornrow hairstyle, she features small cornrows braided to the scalp with directly designs running from her forehead to the back. With this kind of cornrow hairstyle, you have a multifariousness of designs or styles to make it new and unique every time you habiliment it. You may opt to do ponytails (High ponytail, depression ponytail, side ponytail, or 2 side ponytails), buns (High bun, low bun, side bun, or ii side, depression or high buns) which ever works for you depending on the occasion your dressing for.

Complement the hairstyle with matching or the right jewelries and terminate the look with the attires that non only match with the hairstyle simply as well match with the occasion you’re dressing for and yous will be skillful to go.

BIG SMALL & CORNROWSsmall and big cornrows

Sometimes it’s fun to have a mixture of pocket-size and big cornrows on your head. They bring out a fun and fancy look that will make you look unique and eminent. Cornrows hairstyles with big and pocket-sized cornrows are quite unique and trust when you choose one pattern that complements your facial features; be rest assured to standout in a crowd of many other ladies with unlike braided hairstyles.

The beautiful lady in a higher place features big small cornrows hairstyle with two sets of colors black and golden. The mixture or combination of the two colors create a stunning and glittering look which volition draw attention to your head.

To achieve this kind of cornrow hairstyle, yous will need to use some colorful hair extensions. Personally I would recommend going to a professional hairstylist to practice this kind of cornrow hairstyle coz it’due south not as simple and easy as it might expect.

The rest of her hair was styled into a beautiful colorful bun creating a cornrow braided bun hairstyle that y’all can wear to both formal and special occasions.

However, you lot might make up one’s mind to leave the braids to hang at the back just similar in the 2nd image featured above. But to us, styling your pilus into a bun or into an updo making the hairstyle to look formal every bit compared to leaving the big modest braids to hand freely over your shoulder. You may opt for the later when dressing for casual occasions similar evening walks, weekend tours or when going for shopping.


We all have dissimilar preferences when information technology comes to the size of braids that we would dear to wear to various occasions. Some might adopt big cornrows braids, some pocket-sized or tinny cornrow braids or a combination of both small and big cornrows braids, which ever works for you at that time is what yous will opt for I judge. Nevertheless, irrespective of your preference, you might just want to change to a different style and size which will call for irresolute the size of the cornrows braids.

In this case we shall wait at big cornrows braids for women that non only look cracking on them but also makes them look elegant and super sexy drawing all the attention towards their pretty confront.

The lady in the above picture features big cornrows braids that run from the front of her head towards the dorsum. The big cornrows braids are well spaced making it easy to maintain when washing and applying oil to the scalp.

The braids towards the nape of her neck were styled into a circular coiled pattern forming a coiled bun at the back of her head. A fancy hair accessory inform of a blossom was added correct at the pinnacle of the bun to add more dazzler and attractiveness to the hairstyle. Yous might add together or accessorize with any accompaniment of your choice provided information technology suits with the hairstyle and complements the overall look.

This large cornrows braids hairstyle work well for both coincidental and formal occasions. Meaning y’all can mode and wear it on all occasions. The design at the back (the bun) and the accessory you team with this cornrow hairstyle will decide the occasion on which it all-time suits.

Black Cornrow Braided Hairstyles

Black women look incredibly awesome with their hair braided into cute cornrows. Blackness cornrow braided hairstyles is i of the best cornrow hairstyles for blackness women which nosotros are sure will look great on near every black lady.

The beautiful black lady in the picture in a higher place features an crawly blackness cornrow braided hairstyles with medium size cornrows which are well spaced exposing the scalp for easy maintenance when there is demand for oiling and careful washing.

This kind of cornrow hairstyle tin can exist styled and worn when going to formal and special occasions such as weddings, work, office, mention them all. Information technology’due south quite piece of cake to style and reach this kind of cornrow braided hairstyle. All you need to do is to follow the step by step directions on how to practise cornrow hairstyles share in this post above.

Some men might as well effort out these kind of braided cornrow hairstyle and will look incredibly super handsome. Await at how pretty, elegant and adorable the black woman featured in the moving picture above is? You too can look that awesome; all you need is to get a few styling tips from her to come up or recreate your own unique and eminent black cornrow braided hairstyles.

Cornrows Mohawk Hairstyles

Cornrows Mohawk Hairstyles

Many younger ladies like to expect unique and outstanding amongst their peers when it comes to the blazon and blueprint of hairstyle they article of clothing on their caput. This in turn will make them to be recognized, making them feel special and loved. Cornrows Mohawk Hairstyles will exist one of the hairstyles that volition help you lot achieve such.

Cornrows Mohawk Hairstyles comes in many different styles and designs in that you lot might choose to braid but the sides into cornrows and leave the middle section to be styled into any other design as y’all opt to. Alternative some ladies might prefer have a cornrow braided Mohawk hairstyle where by all their hair is braided then styled into a braided Mohawk.

Whichever instance works for you lot, the choice is always yours. Like for this African American lady, she features a cornrow hairstyle were her hair in the sides was braided into cute cornrows and then the eye section was styled into voluminous curls to create a Mohawk like structure hence creating a Cornrows Mohawk Hairstyle.

It looks dandy on all ladies with medium length hairs just it can as well be styled by women with brusque or long hair. You lot tin can clothes like this when going to special events like homecoming, prom or any other special or formal occasion.

Cornrows With Twists

Cornrows With Twists

A combination of cornrows plus twists will create an awesome and super fun braided hairstyle that will not but charm your looks but will make heads turn and necks bend. Twists expect awesome and amazing most especially when they are in small or medium size designs.

The lady in the film above features a combination of both cornrows at the forepart and twist at the back. To reach this kind of cornrow hairstyle, you will need to add in some pilus extensions with color that friction match with your natural pilus. We would recommend using human hair extensions as they easily blend into your natural hair.

Then do cornrows up to around the crown of your caput and so leave the rest of the hair styled into tinny or small twists. The twists can be styled to the back or to the sides making it the best hairstyle to be styled past ladies with circular faces as the twists in the sides tin cover-upwards the round corners of their faces making it expect a little longer than its broad.

Doesn’t this African American lady expect lovely and incredibly adorable? Yous likewise tin look even fur much ambrosial every bit compared to her. All you demand to practice is to go a few styling tips from her to come upwardly with your own unique cornrows with twists.

Cornrows With Bangs

Cornrows With Bangs

Bangs are one of the means to brand your hairstyle unique and different. It’southward quite a rear style to find cornrows with bangs so I gauge you lot might need to pay close attention to kind of unique and one of its kind cornrow hairstyle.

Begin by deciding which side would you like your bangs to be then department off a small section of hair about two inches from the hairline. This is the section you’re going to style into bangs.

Now with the residuum of the hair, style them into cornrows running all the way from the front to the dorsum. Some ladies usually prefer leaving the bangs unplaited or unbraided simply to us, we recall braiding the bangs with this kind of braided hairstyle will be the all-time choice every bit they volition surely match with the rest of the cornrows braids.

The lovely African lady higher up features Cornrows with bangs were she had her hair plaited to the scalp into a series of cornrows running straight to the back of her head.

A department at the front was styled into braided bangs that were swept to the right create that unique and awesome look on her face. Instead of braiding the bangs, I like information technology near when the bangs were turned into modest or tinny twists.

It might seem to be an like shooting fish in a barrel cornrow hairstyle that y’all might think of doing it yourself but we would recommend if you aren’t sure that you can do it yourself, kindly visit your professional hairstylist to practice information technology for you for an crawly and one in a 1000000 look.

White Daughter Cornrows

White Girl Cornrows

Earlier, I used to think that cornrows hairstyles look swell on only black girls till anytime I come across this beautiful young girl wearing cornrows and she was looking all that gorgeous and stunning. Now I know that cornrows tin can also be styled by white girls and will absolutely expect great on them when they choose the correct design and style that matches with and complements their facial features.


A good example is this beautiful young white girl featured in the image above. She features white girl cornrows with cute colorful pilus accessories similar hair ribbons, beads to make information technology attractive and playful.

You lot tin can requite your girl a fun and playful await with this kind of cornrow hairstyle that will make her look attractive and cute hence standing out amid her swain girls.

Cornrows For Kids

Cornrows For Kids

Almost all braided hairstyles look stylish, trendy and beautiful on kids. Braided hairstyles most especially cornrows give the kids that pretty and beautiful look making them look beautiful and endearing. Cornrows for kids look cute, sexy, and trendy thus recommending them to exist worn by almost whatsoever kid be it African, African American or white kids. Your gender doesn’t matter with this kind of cornrows braided hairstyle; this means that even boys tin can as well clothing this kind of Cornrows for kids and will definitely look handsome.

The African American kid featured in the above prototype features beautiful Cornrows for kids were her hair was styled into well-spaced cornrows that run direct up to around the crown section then the remaining or remainder of the hair is braided into 3 strand braids and allowed to gently fall behind her dorsum.

You are in position to style the remaining braids effectually your confront making this kind of Cornrows for kids to exist the best for kids with round face shapes every bit the braids can be used to camouflage the round corners of their confront. Pair the hairstyle with the right outfits or attires and your kid volition be good to go.

Cornrows Mohawk With Extensions

Cornrows Mohawk With Extensions 22

Doing a cornrow hairstyle with a Mohawk may not be that simple more than especially when your pilus is short or of medium length. This calls for hair extensions to add on the length of your pilus to make the Mohawk possible.

In this particular postal service, nosotros have featured i of the all-time Cornrows Mohawk with extensions were this beautiful younger lady had her hair braided into cornrows running from the sides to the middle section of her head.

Hair extensions were added into the ends of the complect at the centre section as shown above and then secured in identify with pilus elastic of the aforementioned color similar that of her natural hair.

Remember information technology looks skilful when you apply human pilus extensions that blends into your natural hair. Personally, I would recommend opting for human pilus extensions of the same color as that of your natural hair. This volition create a uniformity making the hairstyle to look natural and bonny.

You lot might decide to exit the hair extensions just the manner she styled them to be. Nevertheless, in case you want to wait unique and fashionable, you might want to try out some other style for the extensions that create the Mohawk. For instance, you might choose to braid the extensions to create a cornrows braided Mohawk hairstyle with extensions.

Cornrow Updo Hairstyles

Cornrow Updo Hairstyles

Another unique and fashionable way to mode your cornrows and make them look unique is by styling them into cute updos. Cornrow Updo Hairstyles are quite many and it might exist a little challenging choosing which updo hairstyle to endeavour on your cornrows.

Hither below we have simplified things for y’all and we would like you to explore our collection of the best Cornrow Updo Hairstyles for women that will make you lot await unique and standout amid your pears.

In most cases you might need to add in human being hair extensions to your hair to create unique and outstanding Updo hairstyle with cornrows.

The cute black lady featured higher up portrays an example of Cornrow Updo Hairstyles for ladies which we believe it’south unique and will make you standout in a oversupply on many ladies with unlike updos.

She had her pilus braided into cornrows running from the sides to the heart section. The extension was braided into twists then fastened to the cornrows at the midsection. The twists were tacked into the braids to create a beautiful Mohawk like updo. Several bobby pins and hair pins were used to secure the twists and braids in identify.

How awesome she looks! Doesn’t she? Get a few tips from her style to create your ain unique and remarkable Cornrow Updo Hairstyle that volition brand heads turn and necks bend.

Cornrows Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Cornrows Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Natural hair is a cute slice to try on cornrows equally they surely look amazing and super cute more so when you try on pocket-size cornrows in different styles and shapes.

There are quite several styles and means in which you lot tin style your natural hair into beautiful cornrows. The African princess featured above features Cornrows Hairstyles for natural hair. Her hair was styled into appealing cornrows and then into twists for the remaining pilus at the middle section.

Nonetheless, instead of styling the remaining pilus at the centre section into twists, why don’t you try to create Bantu knots so that you may expect unique from others! Bantu knots are easy to create and we believe not many ladies will retrieve about it and effort it on their caput.

This kind of Cornrows Hairstyles for natural hair tin exist styled by ladies with curt or medium length natural hair to bring out that stylish and chichi await. Most teenagers am sure will opt for this kind of cornrows hairstyle coz surely information technology will brand them wait chic, sexy and prettier.

Since this Cornrows Hairstyles for natural pilus involves removing all the hair from effectually the face, nosotros wouldn’t recommend information technology for ladies with round faces equally their round corners will be exposed making their faces await much more winder that it’south long.

Cornrows For Men

Cornrows For Men

There are some Cornrows braids which will certainly look great on all genders (both men and women). This in detail stood out for men of all ages. Are you tired of your long pilus and the different styles which are unremarkably worn by about all men? If this is you, then these Cornrows for men will exist the best pick for you every bit they will undeniably brand heads turn and volition make you look prettier and handsome.

When my cousin had long pilus and wasn’t sure which kind of hairstyle to try on for summer? Well I kindly advised him to try 1 of these Cornrows for men and approximate what, he looked super handsome and attracted many ladies as the hairstyle fabricated him stand out among his associates.

The admirer presented in the above picture, features i of the best and spectacular Cornrows for men. He had his hair braided into beautiful cornrows that run in straight lines in complex symmetrical designs.

This might be quite an easy cornrow hairstyle for men in that y’all can Do It Yourself (DIY) and if you aren’t in position to effort information technology out on your head, you lot might need assistance from a friend whom yous are sure will be in position to do information technology for you perfectly.

Yous might do different complex symmetrical or curvy designs depending on the look you want to create. All you lot need is to make up one’s mind the cornrow designs that volition look cracking on you co-ordinate to your facial features.

Cornrows To The Back

Cornrows To The Back

There are thousands and thousands of different ways to mode cornrows. Some people my prefer styling the cornrows into a bun, or styling them into a Mohawk or any other Updo mode equally we shall see when you read this post till the end.

Nevertheless; many persons, styling cornrows to the back is 1 of the best and favorite style among both men and women be it young or mature. This is because cornrows to the dorsum look great on virtually ladies and they complement their facial features hence making them wait prettier and attractive.

The African American lady in the flick to a higher place features one of the various cornrows to the back hairstyle with straight lines running in a symmetrical design to the back. In example the cornrows are long enough to go past the shoulders or to the shoulder length, you may way them around your face so that they complement your facial features.

Most of the cornrows to the back involve removing almost all the pilus ( braids) away from the face which makes information technology best suitable for ladies with long faces such equally oblong, oval, eye, diamond, amid others. For ladies with round faces were their faces are wider that they are long, well this wouldn’t be the best hairstyle for yous.

We have featured in this mail some of the cornrow hairstyles that we believe volition work for you. Among them are; cornrow tree braids, Cornrows with Bangs, Big Cornrows, Cornrows Hairstyles, cornrows braids, among others.

Cornrow Tree Braids

Cornrow Tree Braids

Give your hair a new look this season with tree cornrow braids at the front up to around the crown department of your head. Tree braids expect completely great, fantastic and super cute on all ladies with various or different face up shapes coz they can be styled effectually their faces so that their unwanted facial features are covered.

To all-time achieve cornrow tree braids, well we would recommend adding in human being pilus extensions of the same color as your nature pilus so that it can easily blend into your natural hair. Just equally portrayed past the cute black lady in the prototype above.

She features beautiful cornrow tree braids were her hair at the front up to around the crown was braided into cornrows in a tree like design hence the name cornrow tree braids. A expert amount of man pilus extension was used to make her pilus look voluminous and fuller.

Afterward achieving your cornrow tree braids, y’all can mode the rest of the hair in any style you lot adopt that will complement your facial features and the occasion you are dressing for. For instance, y’all may opt to mode it sleek shine, curly or wavy depending on your preference and occasion or function you’re dressing for.

For the beautiful blackness lady featured in the image above opted to manner the rest of her hair into sleek smoothen and allowed it to hang freely around her face ( cheeks ) complementing her looks and bringing out that chichi and sexy look.

Wouldn’t you lot love to await adorable, appealing, elegant and lovely? If that’s you, then this cornrow tree braids hairstyle will be the all-time choice for yous. For ladies with round faces, this will exist the most appropriate cornrows hairstyle that will brand you look elegant, classy every bit it will comprehend up the circular corners of your face making your face look a little longer that it’s wide.

Cornrow Hairstyles for African American Women

Sometime when I was still a younger girl in my early ten’due south, I used to think that Cornrow Hairstyles were for African American Women only coz in the community were we grew up from, almost all ladies with cornrow hairstyles were blackness women. I approximate many of us used to retrieve but equally I did many years ago.

But things were not equally I idea they were coz when I reached Loftier School, there were many white girls and mature ladies who had their hair braided into cornrows and they looked totally fashionable and gorgeous.

As we can all see this cute African American Woman in the picture above features a cornrow hairstyle with big and pocket-size braids.

This is one of the unique and elegant cornrow hairstyles for African American which volition make you wait eye-catching, and standout in a crowd of many ladies with different cornrows hairstyles.

You can style and were this kind of Cornrow Hairstyles for African American Women when going to work, part, formal occasions, special occasions, business concern meetings because it’southward both a formal and casual hairstyle thus making it suitable also for some coincidental occasions, such equally evening walks, weekends, shopping, proper noun it all.

This Cornrow Hairstyles for African American Women isn’t that easy to fashion on your own thus would recommend using a professional hairstylist to achieve the best and perfect look.

Look gorgeous this flavor with the near stunning, unique and one in a million Cornrow Hairstyle for African American Women which we take featured in this post. This Cornrow Hairstyle for African American Women volition make heads turn and necks bend. Get a few styling or stylish tips from this lady to recreate your own unique cornrow hairstyle with big and small braids.


Cornrows Braids styles

Cornrows Braids styles

Quite a variety of Cornrows Braids styles which women can choose from when it comes to choosing which cornrow hairstyle to habiliment that will match with the function or occasion she is dressing for. Honestly with the versatility that cornrows have, trust me you can’t fail to get a Cornrows Braids style that will wait great on you and work for you to complement your facial features.

In this particular mail, we featured over xxx best cornrow hairstyles from which we are completely sure that many will take hold of your centre or attention and worthy trying on your hair.

The lady in the picture above features 1 of the latest and stunning Cornrows Braids style that will not but make you look elegant simply besides it will brand y’all look adorable and attractive. This is one of the best braided hairstyles for women that charms your looks.

She features large cornrow braids that are well spaced (making it easy to maintain when oiling the scalp and washing when demand be.) and run in straight lines to the back. The braids are then left to hang freely over i side of her shoulder.

Pair the hairstyle with the right attires for the occasion your dressing for and you lot will be good to go make heads plow and necks bend. Personally, this is i of my favorite Cornrows Braids style that truly await dandy, fantastic and super cute on me more so when am going for casual parties with my friends.

This we believe that when you try this Cornrows Braids style on you, it will surely look great on y’all. Get a few tips from the African American lady featured in the above picture to recreate your own unique and stylish Cornrows Braids styles.

Cornrows Hairstyles for black hair

Cornrows Braids styles

Blackness hair is one of the best type of pilus which many ladies have and like more and so when information technology’s still in its natural state. Blackness hair looks great on every woman no matter the length (short, medium length, long) or texture (fine, thin, thick) as it matches with the color of the skin that God naturally gifted each i of us. We all know that black is a neutral color meaning it volition definitely friction match with nearly anything that you pair it with.

Though some ladies might have naturally brownish hair, grayness hair or blonde hair, blackness hair is the most pop among all people. This calls for the every lady with black pilus to opt for a hairstyle that will suit her hair according to its length and texture.

Well as for us today, we have brought to you lot one of the best Cornrows Hairstyles for black pilus that we hope that it will look bully on almost all ladies with black pilus more than so those with long faces.

Withal, notwithstanding in this very post nosotros features over xxx best cornrows hairstyles from which nosotros believe you will also discover many Cornrows Hairstyles for black hair that will grab your optics making them worthy trying on your head.

Your girl above features Cornrows Hairstyles for black hair which was accessorized with beads to brand the hairstyle colorful and unique. Equally nigh of us know well that kids like some accessorizes in their hair to play with and make their hairstyle unique, beads are one of those accessorizes that y’all tin add to her hair to requite her that elegant await that she deserves.

Cornrows With Weave Hairstyles

Cornrows With Weave Hairstyles

Practice y’all desire to requite your pilus a fuller and voluminous look with cornrows? If this is you so cornrows with weave hairstyle will exist the best choice for yous. This kind of hairstyle will requite you that look of having thick and voluminous hair on your head.

Note: This cornrows hairstyle can exist styled by ladies with all or different face shapes because the styling options aren’t limited. For ladies with round faces can manner the remaining hair of the weave around their faces and then that it covers their cheek bones making their face look longer that information technology’south wide.

Section off a small department of pilus at the front which you volition use to create cornrows. Then do minor or tinny cornrows up to effectually the crown department and secure them in place using a couple of bobby pins.

With the balance of the hair, information technology’s time to give it a fuller and voluminous look. You may use a curling atomic number 26 to create those beautiful and bouncy weaves or opt for rollers equally they too can piece of work and you will achieve the same look.

Style the weaves all circular your face in a way that all-time suits and complements your facial features. Since this cornrow hairstyle is voluminous, y’all might need to article of clothing big bracelets such as earrings and then that they are visible.

Wear the correct makeup and attires that friction match with and complements the occasion y’all are dressing for and you will be good to go rock cornrows with beautiful bouncy weave. I guess you lot can clothing this kind of cornrow hairstyle when going to diverse occasions as information technology can conform almost every occasion.

Two Cornrows

Two Cornrows

Many a times do we look for quick hairstyles more peculiarly when in a blitz or a bustle. Waking up in the morning time knowing that you’re supposed to be at work by a detail time simply this time round may be yous were too tired, slept late or you lot just over slept and woke-up late and now y’all can’t even figure out which hairstyle to wear that volition brand nevertheless wait fashionable and sophisticated.

Well here we come with this quick and easy to manner cornrow hairstyle. Two cornrows hairstyle is an like shooting fish in a barrel and quick hairstyle that you can wear to your work place and will still expect stylish and classy.

The hairstyle is all about parting your hair in the heart and then create two cornrows running to the back. As you go to the back go along adding in hair into your braid which will eventually expect like a Dutch braid. Go on braiding till the nape of your neck and then the remaining pilus into a big single braid.

Do the aforementioned for the section on the other side and you will eventually have your ii cornrows. You lot may opt to accessories your braids with fancy hair accessorizes to make it wait more attractive and elegant.

Choose the right outfit, habiliment the right makeup and finish the outfit with the matching earrings and necklace and you volition exist practiced to go. Ooh don’t forget your wallet, clutch bag or handbag whatever you had planned to behave.

Cornrow Braided Updo Hairstyles

Cornrow Braided Updo Hairstyles

Updo hairstyles are kind of hairstyles which are opted by many ladies coz they await keen on them and can be worn to special occasions such as prom parties or homecoming parties. Therefore if you have been looking for a hairstyle to clothing to your special event or function, well these gorgeous cornrow braided updo hairstyles will be the best choice for you as they will give you lot that new look you lot have been looking for.

Cornrow braided updo hairstyles can be achieved or styled in various different styles and ways. Many ladies prefer styling their braids into a bun while others may opt for a Mohawk, High ponytail or whatsoever other different style as we are yet to see.

The African American women in the to a higher place picture show portray cornrow braided updo hairstyles were one styled the braids into a Mohawk while the other into a beautiful bun. The style you choose will entirely depend on your preference and the effect you’re dressing for.

You may opt to accessorize your updo with matching hair accessories such as bun screw, claw clips, and dome clip, amidst others. Now since updo hairstyles involve removing almost all the hair away from the face up, y’all can habiliment short necklace and earrings coz they can exist visible.

Most of the cornrow braided updo hairstyles look neat on ladies with long face shapes such every bit heart, oblong, oval, diamond, triangular. For ladies with foursquare or circular faces, cornrow braided updo hairstyles wouldn’t exist the best choice for you lot coz the round corners of your face volition be exposed making your face look more wider than its actual width. However, there some other cornrows hairstyles that we have featured in this post that will look not bad on your round or square face. Such cornrows hairstyles include; cornrows with weave hairstyles, cornrow tree braids, cornrows to the dorsum, among others.

Cornrow Braids For Kids

Cornrow Braids For Kids

Kids are a gift from God Omnipotent who loves us all (Psalm 136). When God has given you the gift of a kid, you need to treasure him or her much more than the style yous treasure your earthly gifts. One way to reach this is by caring for them in all aspects of their lives.

For girls, you might want to give them that smile that runs from ear to ear with a wonderful and mannerly hairstyle that volition brand her experience loved, cared for and also make her look bonny and charming. One of the best hairstyle for kids that will assist you achieve that will be cornrow braids for kids.

Cornrow braids for kids look cute, trendy and super stylish more than so when styled on girls. The picayune daughter featured in the above image features i of the best cornrow braids for kids were past her hair was braided into unproblematic cornrows that run directly to the back. Nevertheless, you lot might want to create your own unique pattern of the cornrow braids to make her standout and wait unique.

You can at present accessorize with fancy hair accessories such every bit beads to add bewitchery and uniqueness to her cornrow braids. Apparel her in the appropriate attires depending on the outcome or occasion she is going to and she will be expert to go accept fun with her friends.

Cornrow Braids


Cornrow braids are lovely and truly look great on all ladies only to some of us we still retrieve they look greatest on blackness women. Look at this African American lady featuring gorgeous cornrow braids; wow doesn’t she wait stunning with those cornrow braids?

Quite bluntly, this cornrow braids hairstyle has made me speechless as it looks stunning, chichi and sexy. All I accept to say is that you too can wait stylish, chic and sexy similar this beautiful black lady. Get a few tips from her hairstyle that volition aid you to create your own super cute and unique cornrow braids hairstyle that will turn heads.

Let me conclude past saying that surely and truly the cornrow hairstyles featured in this post are the all-time that will wait great on you, amuse your looks and definitely make heads plough. The choice is now in your hands to choose which cornrow hairstyle among our best collection of over 30 cornrow hairstyles that will complement your facial features and adapt the occasion that yous are dressing for.


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