70 Best A-Line Bob Haircuts Screaming with Class and Style

A-line bob haircut is, probably, the most pop cutting present, and it’s not going to be out of fashion. More and more often women opt for its stacked version that may also be referred to as an inverted bob. It really flatters most face shapes and hair textures. As well, with A-line bob haircut yous may achieve a fantastic voluminous event, play with textures and layers, experiment with highlights and ombre finishes. We run across stacked haircuts and layered bobs all effectually every day, but when it comes to deciding on something for ourselves, at that place may be some sort of puzzlement. How to choose hairstyle that will be something truly classy and will enhance your natural appearance features? Below y’all will find a very versatile gallery of lxx middle-communicable images with long and brusque A-line bob haircuts, stacked haircuts, inverted bobs and hairstyle ideas for them. You are welcome to look through these photos for inspiration.

Unlimited Opportunities of A-Line Bob Hairstyles

A stacked haircut is, actually, designed to offer y’all a fuller look and a perfect volume at the back of your caput. If your pilus is naturally thick, an inverted bob volition remove the unwanted heaviness, providing sufficient movement. At the same time, the hair that would benefit from a more dimensional wait can also utilize the aforementioned idea of A-line bob haircut with layering at the back and long front end locks. The amount of layers is varied, depending on your hair thickness and the desirable event.

The styling options of A-line bob are also pretty impressive. You may go for sleek, smooth and glossy styles or try on more mischievous tousled looks. A curl of whatsoever intensity from very loose big waves to tight bouncy spirals isn’t going to impair the fascination of a stacked bob either. And the last, but not the least is y’all are free to vary the length of your favorite cutting: short stacked bobs or long A-line haircuts wait invariably classy and highly-seasoned.

Slightly or heavily stacked, wavy or flawlessly directly, blunt or edgy, sleek or texturized, extremely curt or long, A-line bob haircut is unmatched in its multifariousness of styles and artistic solutions. The following ideas in pictures have all the chances to inspire you on exciting changes. I promise they will.

A-Line Bob Cuts and Styling Ideas

A-line hairstyles are fun, different and stylish. When you’re searching for a new look without a ton of risk, an a-line is your best bet in 2022.

#i: Stacked Bob with Side Bang

Stacking in a hairstyle is actually a pretty literal term; layers are stacked on top of each other to create volume. This usually happens in the back of the style to create maximum fullness that resolves into angled pieces in the front. Lite highlights suspension up the density in the cut.

#ii: High-Low Bob Haircut

An a-line haircut is shorter in the back and gradually lengthens towards the front end. The divergence between this and an angled bob is that there typically isn’t whatever stacking in the style. Because of this, y’all can experiment with texture like waves.

#3: Wispy Dark-brown Bob with Glimpses of Blonde

The cutting’southward wispy layers are the true piece-y perfection, but the mix of warm and cool tones is what actually makes the look extra enviable. Waves showcase the refined dye task best. Create soft curls by wrapping 1-inch sections effectually a straightening fe. Run a dime-sized corporeality of light-hold pomade through the ends to help the shape stay put.

#4: Glossy Blonde Bob with Jagged Ends

The A-line bob was made to final. Balayage coloring — a technique that involves painting color onto the hair — results in a graduated lightening effect and allows for longer stretches betwixt color appointments. And thanks to the jagged ends, you can await a bit longer between haircuts too.

#five: Choppy Angled Bob for Fine Pilus

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’due south secretly low-maintenance, a medium length bob is for you lot. Choppy layers and an angled cut keep the pilus from falling flat, and face up-framing highlights and lightened ends create the illusion of added depth. It practically does the work for you. Your secret’s safe with us.

#half dozen: Angled and Layered Brunette Bob

The stacked A-line bob is equally classic as they come. Longer in the front, stacked in the back, the version shown here features layering all around. If your pilus is thick and heavy, the shorter peak layers are your new best friend. Light, long bangs add together further entreatment.

#vii: Wavy Brunette Bob with Surface Layers

The short A-line bob is the best of both worlds: the versatility of a longer cutting with the ease of a shorter i. Surface layers just add to the attraction of the mod asunder wait. Who says you can’t take it all?

#8: Angled Brunette Bob with Imperial Highlights

A cutting and color combo that are out of this world. Believe information technology or not, these fun purple highlights are surprisingly versatile. Depending on the environment, they appear to alloy back into brunette hair when seen in natural light, or stand up out as a bold statement in artificial low-cal and pictures.

#9: Asymmetrical Wavy Lob

When it comes to A-lines, asymmetry is A-OK. In fact, it’south downright attractive. If escalating length is the bob’southward first deed, asunder layering enhances the drama even more. The front layers of the cut are designed to fall longer on the right side.

#x: Textured Blonde Bob for Straight Pilus

“Shorter in the back, longer in the front” are the truthful hallmarks for the haircut, and below-the-mentum lengths are where they actually start to shine. The front-to-dorsum dissimilarity of the long A-line bob is inherent to the await and eye-catching. Later on all, there’s nothing wrong with some actress attention, correct?

#11: Wild and Red A-Line Haircut

This bob features assuming steaks of deep reddish throughout, illuminating the face up and accentuating cutting layers. Pilus should rest just below the chin line, making it a hairstyle that’s easy to handle.


#12: Rocker A-Line Hairstyle

Fine hair is non excluded from modern, trendy hairstyles. This long bob with side bangs across the unabridged brow along with multi-length layers is designed exclusively for thinner locks.

#thirteen: Blunt Glossy Poker Directly Lob

The smooth A-line cutting leaves out the layers and levels, letting the exaggerated angle and cool coloration practise the heavy lifting. Add a slightly off-center part, poker-direct styling and a good for you, glossy sheen and y’all’ve got a winning hand.

#xiv: Curly Layers

Utilize a small or medium barreled iron to pull off these loose, modern ringlets that will prove off the beautiful layers that come with your A-line bob. If yous can’t maintain the curls on a daily basis, don’t worry – this style looks merely as lovely directly or wavy.

#15: Chocolate Bob with Layers and Subtle Highlights

The extra-long forepart pieces present a whole new way to frame the face. A deep side-part and soft waves piece of work to create an ultra-romantic side-sweep that serves the wearer well. The subtle mid-blonde highlights appear more dominicus-kissed than salon-made.

#16: Brusque Edgy A-Line Bob Haircut

If you’re willing to get rather short, this bob style is ambrosial. Brand sure your stylist uses a blunt cut for the ends and leaves you some long bangs that tin be parted to the side. This is a fun, low-maintenance look that takes advantage of the A-line technique for additional body and sass.

#17: Classy Stacked Brown Bob

This A-line bob haircut features minimal front layering for a clean look. Layering is reserved for the back of the cutting, where the stacked bob and its layers work to add together volume to the crown — no teasing required. The unmarried-process color keeps it classy and classic.

#18: Directly A-Line Bob Haircut for Shoulder Length Hair

This cut is another one that works well on super straight hair, which of course can be achieved with appropriate hair products and a quality flat iron. Be sure to incorporate some side bangs to

#19: Tousled Blonde Bob with Textured Ends

What can we say? We have a soft spot for soft ends. And unless yous’re a fan of frequent salon visits, hairstyles with longevity of wear are where information technology’due south at for you lot too. To that finish, in that location’s nothing like a razor cut. Here the ends are purposefully jagged, giving the advent of a lived-in haircut from day one.

#20: Layered Lob for Thick Hair

Thick, unruly mane? Opt for a longer bob with lots of layers to get a lighter await. More tempered A-line styles are less pronounced than their more architectural counterparts, but, in keeping with its name, the layers shorten toward the dorsum of the cut.

#21: Wavy Lob with Jagged Ends

The long A-line haircut proves that statement making pilus doesn’t have to be difficult-edged. The jagged lob puts the accent on the ends which punctuate the gentle waves. The beach-day balayage, where thicker swaths of color are practical seemingly sporadically, add to the effortless air of the style.

#22: Textured Inverted Bob with Highlights

Want an A-line without the disproportion? The inverted bob is worth a closer wait. It features a slanted underlayer; from there, graduated, stacked layers are cut into the hair.

#23: Edgy Shattered Bob with Highlights

Past definition, a shattered bob takes the traditional bob cut and modernizes it, disrupting the clean lines of its original fashion. In this detail version highlights push the contrast further, with a heavier concentration of color practical toward the front and sprinkled from there.

#24: Dark to Light Bob

If your hair is straight, opt for a long bob cutting, like the long dark to light a-line bob pictured here. With this cut, your color tin start from a deeper shade and smoothly fade out to a natural sun-bleached tone, which adds a flavorful touch to your wait.

#25: Actress Long Blonde Choppy Bob

The holy grail of understated layers, ladies and gentlemen: an A-line haircut with layers that are and then well blended, they are barely perceptible at all. But take a closer look: it’s smartly feathered with the teensiest of long layers scattered throughout.

#26: Angled Brunette Bob with V-cut Layers

This style takes the V-cut technique and turns it on its head, cutting the front to culminate in a V shape. Long, blended layers give the hairstyle covetable movement and involvement at the ends. Roll the ends nether with a round brush when blow drying for a great hair mean solar day, every mean solar day.

#27: Sleek Directly Steeply Angled Bob

Slick, straight and steeply angled: now that’s what we call a triple threat. The confident cut speaks for itself. Keep it shine with a conditioning mask one time a week, and stow an anti-frizz sheet in your bag for touch ups on-the-go.

#28: Disconnected Messy Curled Lob

Asunder layers give a short A-line haircut a messy-on-purpose quality. Here textural waves and blonde highlights wait delightfully disheveled. The length is spot-on for a long bob, with the front pieces grazing the collarbone, and the back shortened to the nape of the neck.

#29: Side-Parted Sleek Bob

This style, when straightened, adds a chip more than drama to your bob and provides a nice, sleek feel of silky hair. If you also want a unique look, go for an exquisite hair color that is neither easy to describe nor copy.

#30: Side Shave Cut

To get a funky punk expect, you tin go with the side shave a-line bob cut. About whatever color will piece of work, but a blonde with a darker undercut is a great solution for such a cool asymmetrical hairstyle.

#31: Gray A Line Bob

There are women who want a more hit hairdo – a statement cut, bold styling or unusual hair color. If y’all fit into this category, y’all can always go classic with your a line bob cut and try a new mind-blowing hair color. This beautiful shade of gray should let you stand up out while you lot flaunt your tried-and-true straight hairdo.

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#32: Stacked Ombre Style

Color is the best complement to a-line haircuts, and it really kicks them up a notch. Ombre is perfect for short cuts because you tin pack a variety of hues into a small corporeality of pilus. It also will make a heavily textured style expect more lightweight.

#33: Inclement A Line Bob Cut

Like any woman, you probably like waves and curls simply don’t want look too sugariness and girly. Loose shaggy waves for a choppy bob cut would exist your ideal solution in this case. Throw in some brighter highlights, smile at yourself in the mirror and be ready to conquer the world!

#34: Side-Office Long Bob

This is probably the most pop way for fashion-focused females considering it’s classy, but information technology seems effortless at the same time. The messy curly a- line hair is sexy and undone, while a bright blonde streak around the confront brightens the daughter’s complexion.

#35: Exaggerated Angled Bob

The steeper the bending of your cut, the more volume y’all are able to achieve within the back of your line haircut. Because of the fullness, information technology’due south important to keep curls and waves to a minimum with just a slight bend throughout the ends.

#36: Ash Blonde A-line

1 of the benefits of a long a-line bob is its versatility; you tin can pull it into ponytails, curl it to add texture or slick information technology into an updo. With such a trendy haircut, you deserve an equally trendy hair color to match. Ash tones are very popular, only brand it your own with a contrasting strip of colour in the front end.

#37: Side-Parted Collarbone Haircut

Want to effort a assuming color? Choose a simple cut. This sleek side-parted lob works like a blank canvass for the cute color task with a temperature contrast. Warm brown and cool gray are not that easy to blend and pull off, merely this is definitely a success!

#38: Cropped Blonde Bob

A cutting that follows the contours of your jawline looks graphic and chichi. If you don’t want it to exist likewise strict, innovate an element of asymmetry into your cut – let one side to be a bit longer.

#39: Long Angled Cut

This bob cutting is extremely long. Information technology’south ideal for women who want to give construction to their hairstyles and keep hair as long every bit possible at the same time. Blonde balayage is still a popular hair color choice.

#40: Platinum A-line Haircut

If yous have a short light-colored cut, it tin be difficult to continue it from looking flat without layers and highlights. Thankfully, dark roots are at present a major trend within blonde hair. Not but does this cut down on your need for touch-ups every bit oftentimes, only it too adds richness to your look.

#41: Sleek and Directly A-line

Sleek side-parted styles are very popular for those who want to wear long bobs. Simply, if you have sparse hair information technology can end up looking flat without layers. An angled cut will requite you more volume, while maintaining the overall style you desire.

#42: Bob with Blunt Bangs

A stacked bob is recommended for women with fine hair considering it gives you mega volume without the need of whatever added texture. Flirty bangs are meant to testify off a classic true cat center and red lips.

#43: Highlighted A-line Pilus

The best way to get fullness into a shorter cut is with texture and color. Thin highlights will also requite nighttime pilus a bit of dimension. And layers with bangs will provide some much needed movement.

#44: Fantastic Fuchsia Stacked Bob

Feathered layers are corking to attain weightlessness inside stacked bob haircuts. This mode combines an eggplant base with bright violet tips for a coloring flim-flam that draws the eye downward and establishes length within a shorter cut.

#45: Blunt Shoulder-Length Bob

As minimalism gains popularity, people are opting for more depression maintenance cuts. Long layered hair is glamorous, but it tin also seem a flake dated. A shoulder-length edgeless hair cut is fresh and edgy, while remaining outgoing and piece of cake to maintain.

#46: Ombre A-line with Bangs

The sloping bending of this cut makes information technology a true a-line bob considering information technology’s longer in the front end and short in the back with no layers. Instead of ombre, this hairdo uses a balayage (mitt painted) technique to achieve the sunny copper colors mid-shaft to ends.

#47: Glossy Brown Bob

The angled bob haircut is great, because it works for all textures and face shapes. You lot can tailor the fashion to be the all-time fit for y’all. Those with fine straight hair should opt for a shorter cut in the back to create more fullness.

#48: Long Platinum A-line Hair Cut

Angled haircuts are perfect for round faces because they offer a structured frame for a soft, curvy chin and stubby cheeks, thus adding sharpness to the overall visage. Side bangs that cease around the cheekbones also sculpt the face farther.

#49: White Blonde Wavy Bob

With hair and then blonde that it almost looks white, information technology tin can be hard to go a lot of dimension. Ane of the all-time ways to combat a apartment expect is with brushed curls to achieve not only book, but visual intrigue and motility. Because everything else is then pale, try adding a pop of color with your lipstick.

#50: Bob with Messy Complect Crown

Just considering you take curt pilus doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a trendy style like a braid crown. To make it work, have the plait bladder in the middle of your loose mode and constrict it behind your ear to hide its ends. Highlights will really pop within the braid.

#51: A-Line Paired with Colour

A sleek and direct a-line cut looks gorgeous when spiced with a vibrant hue. If your hair is nighttime, a pale blue fade will come out amazing, but any base color and eye-popping dye volition piece of work well. Keep your hair straightened for the ultimate showcase of the chosen colour.

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#52: Short and Sassy Hairstyle

This A-line layered bob hairstyle is short, sugariness and sassy. Add in a few curls for an added textured touch or just let information technology hang freely. This style volition work all-time on thinner, straighter hair, but curly-headed girls can brand information technology expect great too.

#53: A-line for Professionals

Want a hairstyle that will piece of work for both the part and the trip the light fantastic flooring? Check out this long bob that features severely directly tresses. It goes well with professional person wear. You lot just may observe that people at present take you more seriously in the office!

#54: A-Line Haircut with Ombre

Ombre pilus is always lovely, but with this style, information technology’south presented in the best possible light! Using a deep majestic pigment against dark hair, this dye technique really brings out the layers and the silhouette of the cutting.

#55: A-Line Bob Hairstyle with a Deep Side Part

Creating a dramatically deep side part will make an A-line cut edgier and more creative. This hairstyle as well features a blunt cut to the ends, again bringing with it more mental attitude than femininity.

#56: Directly and Shaggy

This messy hairstyle features long, subtle layers on fine direct pilus. A tousled look is very popular correct now, and outside of looking trendy, yous’ll feel beautiful with this hairstyle, too. Choose ombre hair coloring to cease off the expect.

#57: Short and Sleek Brownish Blonde Bob

Business in the front, party in the back! This style is more than serious and sophisticated than other bob cuts, so if you are a girl who doesn’t similar to mess around, consider this at your side by side salon visit. Some chunky blonde highlights, worked into the bangs, will brighten up the style even more than.

#58: Wavy A-line Bob Hairstyle

If yous were born with cute beach waves, you’re one stride ahead of nearly of u.s.! Regardless, you can hands go this expect on the base of a long bob cut. But get a big-barrel crimper fe ready. Add in some fun front end highlights to brighten up the face up.

#59: Edgeless and Direct Center-Parted Cut

A edgeless A-line tin look professional person and lovely at the aforementioned time. Part your hair in the center and straighten the locks to the ends for the ultimate await. This volition wait best at the shoulder length, but you can always try it shorter or longer if you desire something a lilliputian different.

#60: Curly Fashion with Ombre Coloring

Use a curling iron to add some flair to shoulder-length hair. Ombre coloring adds dimension and body to otherwise sparse hair, and also introduces a chip more of an edge to this fun haircut.

#61: Straight Lob with Fringy Ends

Jennifer Aniston’s lob is flat-ironed with some lift at the roots to demonstrate her gorgeous layering and fringy tips. Her hairstyle is composed from hundreds of sparse pieces that provide super cute framing for her lovely face.

Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com

#62: Angled Textured Bob for Fine Hair

If your hair is straighter and thinner than y’all’d similar, then this cut is perfect for you lot. The messy yet pulled together look of this style brings the desired body and dimension to fine hair.

#63: Loose Messy Waves in A-line Bob Hairstyles

Straight and wavy hair volition fare well with this bob mode that is cut slightly higher in the dorsum. Scrunch damp hair with some curl enhancer and permit your locks to air dry out to

#64: Curly A Line Bob

One of the nice things nearly the a line bob is how ofttimes you can change your hairstyles and look dissimilar. You’re never limited to straight hair or a solid hair color, every bit you lot can meet in the picture. Why non apply your curling fe, or modify your color? Depending on your appearance and desires, there’south a lot you tin do.

#65: Tousled A-Line Bob

The stacked A-line bob flatters Victoria Beckham unbelievably! Backcombing enhances its edginess, just the look in whole makes an impression of lightness, naturalness and ease.

Victoria Beckham short bob


#66: Layered A Line Bob

In that location are women who want to convey some softness to the angled bob cut. To achieve that, add together a curl inward for the face-framing pieces. Stick with soft balayage highlights for a cute, flirty experience that is certain to attract plenty of attention.

#67: Ruby-red Shaggy Bob

Christina Hendricks’ shaggy A-line bob is the envy of all redheads. Its delicate color features just the right caste of saturation to appear sophisticated and harmonize with Christina’southward grey eyes. But what I like the well-nigh is its wispy wavy texture and ideal volume.

Christina Hendricks shaggy bob hairstyle

Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com

#68: Classic Blonde A Line Cutting

For those women who want their hair directly and absurd blonde, y’all can’t become incorrect with this medium a line haircut manner. You lot’ll certainly experience great and expect crawly in your pictures.

#69: Medium Layered Cut for Straight Pilus

If your pilus is directly, it needs some pronounced texture to avoid a plain look. Attain your goal with swoopy layers and a dimensional color. No styling is prettier for this cut and hair blazon than a archetype blowout.

#70: Long Blond Bob

Some women like a line haircuts but hesitate almost going short. If yous are one of them, call up that you do have an pick of a long bob cut, which is actually around a shoulder length, like the style seen in this picture. With bob cut of this length you tin try all the hot trends you like – choppy layers, root fade, embankment waves, etc.

Exist sure: with a stacked bob you are e’er on-trend. Consider besides pampering your hair with color: highlights or ombre for a more than impressive and prominent issue.

70 Best A-Line Bob Haircuts Screaming with Class and Style

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