10 Best Hair Dryers For Fine Hair

What’s The Best Hairdryer For Thin, Fine Hair?

Dealing with sparse / fine pilus can be tricky because information technology gets damaged easily and we all know that hair dryers use heat to remove backlog water from your hair – so you lot have to be very conscientious when choosing a blow dryer for your hair. One thing you take to annotation is heat & wattage. Thin pilus is too light – then it needs less heat when drying it. Opt for a dryer with a reasonable wattage of nigh thousand – 2200 watts – this will give you quick results without causing harm to your hair. But don’t forget to utilise a oestrus protector serum before using that blower. Below are some of the things you should look out for when buying a blow dryer for fine hair.

  • Low temperatures and wattage:
    if y’all take this kind of pilus, you will have to brand sure you lot buy a hair dryer that contains depression temperature and wattage. The problem is the most common mistake that almost people will brand while they are blow drying the hair is likewise utilise very high estrus levels. The matter with hotter air speeds is that it can exist very damaging especially on the thin, finer hair types. Many of the hair dryers are promoted on their ability to reach loftier temperature but call up that volcanic heat is non essential when one is choosing a hair dryer for sparse, fine hair. Even so if you happen to exist in a hurry to dry your mane then it’due south a lot better to increase on the air stream and not on the heat. But be reminded that you don’t require a lot of ability in this department also because if the wattage is very loftier then it tin can hands lead to tangles in the hair. The best kind of hair dryers that those that contain adjustable temperature levels and power as it volition work best for people with sparse, fine hair texture.
  • Ceramic hair dryers:
    the ceramic hair dryers have the reward of being beneficial to almost all the different hair types but specially to the sparse, fine pilus textures. This is considering they have the power to regulate their temperature meliorate so every bit to make the rut less harsh equally compared to the other types. Like for instance the traditional hair dryers unevenly distribute heat on the hair thus leading to over-drying on some sections establish in the hair and leaving others damp and also prone to frizzing. And so if you want you’re thin, fine hair to dry evenly then you volition have to make use of the ceramic hair dryer.
  • Use a nozzle on limp locks:
    the purpose of the nozzle is to concentrate the air stream then that y’all volition be able to focus on lifting the roots of the pilus. If the hair dryer doesn’t take a nozzle and then the air flow will not be evenly distributed and y’all will have less command over the finished look. In that location are some hair dryers that volition take an additional narrow nozzle so as to provide an even directional air stream.
  • Cool shot button:
    the purpose of this button is to driblet the temperature right abroad and it will assist you to lock in your set style. This fashion you volition non take flyaways and frizz and then take a volume that is maintained all day long.


  1. Velecta Paramount TGR 4000i with Complimentary shine

    – Check price on Amazon*****

  2. Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Ceramic Pilus Dryer

    – Cheque price on Amazon

  3. Rusk W8less Lightweight Ceramic Tourmaline Professional Dryer

    – Check price on Amazon

  4. Sedu Revolution Professional person Pilus Dryer (4000i)

    – Check cost on Amazon

  5. Babyliss Pro Carrera2 Ceramic Dryer

    – Bank check price on Amazon

  6. T3 Featherweight2 Blow Dryer

    – Cheque toll on Amazon

  7. Solano Superlative Power 3200 Professional person

    – Check price on Amazon

  8. Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer

    – Check cost on Amazon

  9. Revlon RV544PKF Ultra Lightweight Tourmaline Ceramic Dryer

    – Check toll on Amazon

  10. Conair Infiniti Pro 1875 Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Pilus Dryer

     – Check cost on Amazon


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What Heat Setting Should I Use For My Hairdryer?

At present if you take noticed already, most of the new hairdryers will brag well-nigh having the hottest temperature ever and besides its natural to settle towards the peak models for faster pilus drying but however there is a limit to how much your hair texture can take. The brands will extremely loftier temperatures can cause a very long lasting damage to your hair that yous will regret for the rest of your life.

You should be aware that while you are using a hair dryer, the oestrus that is emitted will identify pressure on the pilus shaft thus leaving information technology weaker and even more than prone to breakages equally well as spilt ends. Strange plenty but this is also true even when it comes to using low heat although the good role is that it will be to a lesser caste.

The fine hair textures are ordinarily more susceptible to the heat damage because its strands are naturally weaker and even more breakage decumbent to first with. Then if you know you have fine hair then you should never utilise your hairdryer at a heat setting that is higher up medium. Make sure that you lot purchase hair dryer with adjustable temperatures.

And so of you lot know you lot have thick or coarse hair and so yous will also take to be conscientious with the temperatures of the dryer. This is because even these hairstyles cannot endure the extreme loftier temperatures that some pilus dryer’s models emit.

In conclusion, in spite of the type of your hair, you should never apply a very hot hair dryer temperature that is very hot for the manus palm. If you want to have a faster drying and so make utilize of a loftier-voltage dryer and also increment the airstream instead rather than the temperature.

What Can I Practise To Avoid Heat Damage From Blow-Drying?

In gild to avoid estrus harm while you are blow drying your hair, you will have to make sure that y’all first wrap up your hair while it’s withal wet in a towel that contains super absorbent microfiber for a few minutes. After that make sure to permit the hair air dry for a few more minutes and and so attend to the other stuff before you turn on the hair dryer.

Besides you should endeavor to e’er first apply a heat protectant to the hair whether you are using a medium or low temperature setting. This is very important specially when you are going to make use of hot tools once the hair has been blow dried.

What causes heat damage?

Now the number one cause to oestrus damages to the hair is acquired through putting pressure onto the shafts if the hair as it will weaken the strand and make the hair liable to breakage. Permit me tell you something, fifty-fifty the best ceramic, tourmaline and ionic hair dryers will still exist able to emit rut that tin can break hair though its minimized.


Some other cause to heat impairment is using a hair dryer to the hair on a daily because it continually puts a lot of pressure on the shafts of the hair thus leaving you with  frizzy and broken pilus that is very liable to spilt ends. In order to get assistance, you volition have to correct the technique yous employ for drying and then fifty-fifty use protectants and treatments. Notwithstanding the most reliable is to stay away for daily blow drying.

Products you can use to make the most out of my blowout?

there are recommended products like evo Mister Fantastic Blowout Spray or Kevin Murphy  Trunk Builder that are splendid for prepping the hair for a drying procedure. After that y’all can use the cool shot push button so as to seal the cuticles as well equally fix the styles in identify.

A dry shampoo should be your g0-to styling because it has the ability to provide you with volume and a less build-up. We recommend a very light mist of hairspray like ghd Final Fix hairspray then as to prolong the life of your fashion.

What you lot can do with your hair on non-blow-dry days?

Information technology doesn’t matter if you launder your pilus on a daily or that the kind of hair dryer you are using doesn’t look like it’s salon-worthy on in-between days because you can still find other means in which you tin accept the estrus off your hair.

You tin can try experimenting the up-dos! If you accept braids so y’all should be aware that they look better when the pilus is unwashed considering you take more texture to work with. Ane of the all-time ways you can disguise your second day hair is through a classic ponytail. However if you font like upward-dos then you can try the unheated rollers to assistance boost some lift back into your hair dry.

Preferably y’all tin can make use of a dry shampoo along with a paddle brush to assist you lessen and detangle the frizz plus distribute the natural oils. As for the fringe, you tin can just try washing the parts that are afflicted by the oil and sweat. In near times, utilise a dry shampoo and then quickly wash the fringe and and then impact up the places that require a flat fe.

I know it might be enticing to blow dry your hair everyday simply your pilus will be happy if you minimize yourself to at about iii to 4 in a week. This is because if you lot apply lesser heat to your pilus then you will definitely have a healthier mane as well. No amount of great bow dry out tin can e’er be able to fix hair that is either damaged or broken.


  1. Velecta Paramount TGR 4000i with Costless shine


  • 1875 Watts
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Technology
  • ii heat settings
  • A powerful airflow of 80mph or 130km/h
  • two speed settings
  • Weighs 18.34 oz
  • A absurd shot button
  • Ii nozzles
  • Long life Professional Air conditioning motor
  • Voltage Air-conditioning 110V 60Hz
  • Embedded handle switches
  • 1 yr warranty
  • Ergonomic patented handle


Velecta Paramount TGR 4000i pilus dryer that is created for fine hair is one of the few that you will run into that comes with a Free shine. Its performance can all-time be described equally high quality considering of the technologies that has been used to make it. It features the tourmaline ceramic engineering science that operates through emitting far-infrared estrus and negative ions then as to preserve all the natural moisture in your hair. This style the amount of drying fourth dimension will be cutting short to 59% as compared to the traditional hair dryers. It produces very hot heat and yet with an extremely powerful airflow that is up to 80mph or 130km/h. it is very prophylactic for home use as information technology contains up to 1875 watts. It performs with ii heat settings and two speed settings that y’all can easily make use of to dry your fine hair and and then finally lock in the style using the cool shot button. It’s built with a balanced ergonomic design that feels ‘Gyroscopic’ when held and information technology will let the user to accept a gratuitous movement with a very comfy stance. It is packed with ii nozzles in it that is created for additional styling versatility. This Velecta Paramount TGR 4000i pilus dryer as well contains embedded handle switches that lets yous hands male person adjustments when need exist as  you are creating an ultimate shine in your hair.


  • Tourmaline Ceramic Technology:
    to have such a technology on your pilus dryer is to have the best of both worlds that is the tourmaline and ceramic and lucky for you we take this Velecta Paramount TGR 4000i hair dryer that features both. Showtime of all a tourmaline hair dryer is the kind that has the capacity to emit infrared oestrus and negative ions then equally to make the heat a lot gentler on the hair once you lot are styling so that you get shiner and less frizzy results. Most importantly this tourmaline will let the hair to endure very high levels of heat without developing amercement. On the other hand the ceramic is a perfect choice for shine and besides protecting hair from damages and protecting it from frizz. It makes this possible through sealing the wet that is within the hair thus leaving hair shinny. So a combination of the 2 makes a perfect finish at all times.
  • Absurd shot button:
    this Velecta Paramount TGR 4000i hair dryer is too built with a absurd shot button which is very important once you lot have finished drying your fine textured hair. What is button does is that it locks in the mode perfectly through releasing a cakewalk or cold air into the hair.


  • Produces loud sound:
    the only matter that is at that place not to like about this Velecta Paramount TGR 4000i hair dryer is that information technology is not entirely tranquility while information technology is being used. It will produce some loud sound that can exist and then annoying especially when y’all want to accept a serenity moment or not wake up your house mate.
  1. Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Ceramic Pilus Dryer


  • 2000 Watt Italian AC motor
  • An ionic-ceramic system
  • Advanced Italian engineering
  • An ergonomic pattern handle
  • 2 nozzle attachment
  • Quite
  • Lightweight
  • A Cold Air button
  • 1 x eight.5 ten three.5 inches in dimensions
  • Lifetime warranty


Well, Elchim 3900 Hair Dryer is basically a salubrious or ceramic turbo dryer that has been constructed using an advanced Italian technology method. Beginning of all this is an ionic and ceramic hair dryer which means that it has the ability to create millions of negative ions allowing it exist able to break down the water molecule thus pilus is dried much faster. This ceramic dryer is able to emit non-damaging infrared rut that volition gently dry the pilus and then every bit to provide an added protection. Its performance is also attributed to the very powerful and long lasting 2000 watt Italian AC motor that is placed in it. Information technology synthetic with an ergonomic design that volition make sure that you have a balanced ease of utilise while doing away with carpal tunnel in the wrist. It also contains two integrated hair concentrators that had a quick lock arrangement that has been optimized for high temperatures. At present one of the nozzles is created to provide precision styling while the other created for brushing of the hair. It is able to produce the perfect combination of air period, ability and rut allowing it to minimize the amount of drying time by up to 30%. This is 1 of the pilus dryers that contain a quiet and lightweight performance letting you lot enjoy its usage. Finally information technology comes with a lifetime warranty that is important considering it brings well-nigh security and even comfort to all its users.


  • Ionic-ceramic engineering science:
    this Elchim 3900 Hair Dryer has been built with this ionic-ceramic applied science which means that information technology will be able to properly nourish the pilus and make it a lot shinier also as very hydrated in a mode that the traditional hair dryers can’t do. Information technology contains far infrared heat that is able to protect the pilus from becoming over heat which makes it the best for people with fine and delicate hair textures. The best part about this ionic ceramic system is that it is able to provide an air catamenia that volition not only hydrate the pilus just too make information technology sleeky and thereby getting rid of static electricity.
  • Ii concentrator attachments:
    the importance of concentrators in a hair dryer is that they are able to not but direct simply besides focus the air output when you are styling the hair so as to control on the frizz and the event of the style. You have to make certain that you hold it closely to the hair with only some few inches in the eye. In this case, this Elchim 3900 Hair Dryer contains two integrated hair nozzles with a quick lock organization. I nozzle volition assist provide yous with precision styling while the other is for brushing the hair.
  • Ergonomic handle:
    one of the reasons that made u.s. fall in love with this Elchim 3900 Pilus Dryer from the word go was its ergonomic handle that is built with a raised hemisphere so that the user tin exist able to always obtain a better grip. Due to its ergonomic design, you will exist able to have a lot of ease while using it considering it will eliminate the carpal tunnel in the wrist
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  • No diffuser attachment:
    one of the things I don’t like about this Elchim 3900 Hair Dryer is that it doesn’t contain a diffuser attachment which is very important when it comes to hair drying. Rather they instead provide you lot with the option of purchasing a 2 in 1 Cocoon diffuser separately to assist you lot with styling yous hair.
  1. Rusk W8less Lightweight Ceramic Tourmaline Professional Dryer


  • 2000-watt
  • 7 Heat/Speed Settings
  • A ceramic and tourmaline dryer engineering
  • Cool Shot push
  • Removable Rear Filter
  • 8′ Cord length
  • Concentrator Nozzle
  • Featherweight design
  • 5 x 10.4 ten 10.5 inches in measurements


Rusk W8less Professional person Hair Dryer is a 2000 watt pilus dryer that has been infused with not only the ceramic technology but also the tourmaline technology as well. A combination of those tow are what makes this hair dryer over the top. Now, the tourmaline technology is able to emit far infrared heat too as millions of negative ions that make the heat produced a lot gentler on the hair while styling so as to provide shinier and less frizzy hair. In other words the hair will exist able to suffer much college levels of heat without crating damages on it. What the negative ions practise is be able to pause down the water molecules that are found in the hair while the far infrared heat is able to penetrate the hair while using a deep gentle heat that dramatically reduces the amount of drying time. On the other hand, the ceramic technology is able to emit very gentle and not damaging heat that is able to dry the hair very gently so equally to provide added heat protection. Information technology’south for that reason why it is very ideal to use to the fine hair texture of whatever length. It is built with upward to 7 heat/speed settings that you can choose from to way the pilus and finally you tin conclude by locking the way while making use of the cool shot button. I really like the fact that the cord measures upward to 8 inches in length meaning you won’t have to be glued to the wall as you work out your hair. The removable rear filter volition permit y’all hands clean and maintain information technology while the concentrator nozzle will assist direct and focus the air output.


  • vii heat and speed settings:
    I actually find it amazing that this Rusk W8less Professional person Hair Dryer has been built with up to heat and speed settings that y’all tin make sure of to style and dry your fine textured hair. However it is best for you to use the lower heat settings especially if you have hair that is fine textured and and then when the hair has been dried to up to eighty% so yous ought to stop and use the cool shot button to assistance y’all lock in the style.
  • Removable rear filter:
    this Rusk W8less Professional person Hair Dryer is able constructed with a rear filter that can be completely removed out for the purpose of making its cleaning and maintenance very like shooting fish in a barrel. All yous have to do is remove the rear filter and clean it from all hairs, oil and other debris and so your pilus dryer will be able to perform well without and slow downwardly in speed or other complications. Make sure you dry and place it back in well after you have finished cleaning it thoroughly.
  • Long cord:
    the beauty about having a hair dryer with along string is that you get you enjoy the freedom and flexibility of motion while yous are drying the hair. In other words you don’t have to exist locked to the wall only but rather even dry it for beyond the room peculiarly if you are a professional that doesn’t accept to remain simply in 1 identify because of the different client seats.


  • Poor location of the controls: it is unfortunate that the control buttons have been poorly located when information technology comes to this Rusk W8less Professional Hair Dryer. This means that you can accidently press it and then brand adjustments or even turn it off while you are in the middle of hair drying and styling. They are located in the part where your fingers get to residue while yous are holding it making it piece of cake to accidently make changes.
  1. Sedu Revolution Professional person Pilus Dryer (4000i)


  • Long-life 1875W Air-conditioning motor
  • Ion Generator switch
  • A Cold shot push button
  • vi speed and temperature settings
  • A patented ergonomic handle
  • 9-human foot professional person length string
  • 2 concentrator nozzles
  • An Optimal weight distribution
  • 2-year warranty
  • Handmade in France


Sedu Revolution Professional Hair Dryer (4000i) has been congenital with the needs of a professional hair stylist in mind and that information technology why it but features essentials assuasive it to strike an ideal remainder between a hassle free results and high performance. Beginning of its power level is 60% more as compared to the other comparable dryers and then information technology is able to reduce on the amount of drying time by upwards to 70% plus minimize frizz and static by upward to 90%.this is helped by the ceramic component that   is built on it. What makes all this possible is the ion generator switch that it contains that yet information technology’s not pop in most ionic dryers. You can make use of this switch by turning it on for a much smoother and sleek style or yous can switch information technology off and so as to build maximum book mainly at the roots. Information technology is for that reason why information technology’s best for the people with fine texture hair. It contains a professional long life 1875 watt ACA motor that is safe for dwelling use by anyone. What I liked nearly nigh this Sedu Revolution Professional Hair Dryer (4000i) is the vi speed and temperature settings that makes it perfect for every kind of hair type then besides the optimal weight distribution along with the patented ergonomic handle that is created for ultimate comfort and usability. Feel gratuitous to lock in the fashion while using the common cold shot button for a long lasting look. Finally it is fastened with ii concentrator nozzles and has been handmade in French republic proving quality.


  • Ionic technology:
    if you didn’t know that there is scientific discipline behind the kind of hair dryer that you lot choose like this Sedu Revolution Professional Hair Dryer (4000i) then at present is the fourth dimension to know. The hair that you accept contains a positive charger that is due to the loftier amount of eater content it contains. That is why this ionic technology is created to provide a balance for the neutral charge that lets you lot have a quicker drying time with very minimal damage to the pilus. It does this through reducing on the frizz and static in the hair and then it will seal in the moisture and then afterward be able to completely dry out your hair from the within out so every bit to keep it properly healthy and hydrated. This boosted moisture is mainly important in the common cold and dry wintertime weather and volition make your hair stronger all yr long.
  • Optimal weight distribution:
    some other advantage to this Sedu Revolution Professional Hair Dryer (4000i) is that it is able to provide an optimal weight distribution the user which is not mutual in other hair dryers because one side specially the head side is usually much heavier than the lower side of the handle. Information technology has also been built with a patented ergonomic handle that will provide you with an ultimate comfort also as usability.
  • 9 pes cord:
    it very important to buy a hair dryer that is congenital with a long string and that is why this Sedu Revolution Professional Hair Dryer (4000i) contains a 9 pes professional length cord. The importance of a long cord is that it provides you lot the user whether it’s a do information technology yourself at home or you are a professional in a salon to accept the freedom of free motion and and then reach every corner of the head without having to bend to the wall.
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  • Very loud:
    if but the noise that was produced past this Sedu Revolution Professional Pilus Dryer (4000i) was low or not there then this would be considered a perfect hair dryer. Notwithstanding that is unfortunate because it is very loud and y’all might consider owing a noise protector peculiarly if you are a professional and looking towards using it regularly on your clients.

5.    Babyliss Pro Carrera2 Ceramic Dryer


  • Rubberized housing
  • A premium 1900-watt dryer
  • Ionic technology
  • half-dozen heat/speed settings
  • Porcelain ceramic organisation
  • Extremely narrow slide-on concentrator
  • Weight of 2.2 pounds
  • Cold shot push
  • Size of ix 10 three.five x 9.8 inches


Babyliss Pro Carrera2 Ceramic Dryer is basically a combination of loftier heat as well as powerful air pressure that is equally a result of the ionic technology. This ionic technology is able to provide gratuitous electrons or negative ions that are able to break up all the water molecules so that the hair volition easily dry quicker. Remember it will also exit the hair more hydrated and less expected to tangle and frizz. On the other hand, it besides contains the ceramic engineering science that is able to emit not-damaging infrared heat that will dry gently the hair for an additional protection. Ane of the near likable things most this Babyliss Pro Carrera2 Ceramic Dryer starts from the very outer design that is constructed using a rubberized housing so that it will never slip off from your palms especially when it’south oily or moisture. Then followed by the concentrator that contains an extremely narrow slide on design allowing you easily attach information technology to the hair dryer. You volition make sure of the 6 heat and speed settings to aid you lot manner the pilus depending on its texture however id the texture is fine and then make sure to utilise the lower rut settings. Later on that you tin can make use of the cold shot button to lock in the style longer. It is a powerful 1900 watt dryer with a long lasting life. Finally this hair dryer is easy to carry because of its low weight of only 2.2 pounds.


  • Rubberized housing:
    ane of the things I like most about this Babyliss Pro Carrera2 Ceramic Dryer is that information technology has been built with a rubberized housing. This ways that start of all, the housing volition provide you with a soft touch which is very important to forestall the palms from fiction especially when you are styling the hair for a longer time. Another reason to appreciate this rubberized housing is that it is nonslip which means that there are lower chances of it slipping off from your easily even when it’southward oily or wet. Finally this rubberized housing volition prevent information technology from hands getting damaged when it falls considering it will just bounce and not get cracked in the other pilus dryers that don’t have a rubberized housing making this Babyliss Pro Carrera2 Ceramic Dryer more durable.
  • Quicker drying: another pro to this Babyliss Pro Carrera2 Ceramic Dryer is that information technology will dry your hair much faster regardless of its texture similar thick, fine, coarse and delicate. It does this through the unsurpassed air speed that is able to cut downwards the corporeality of drying time by up to 70% as compared to other competitors.
  • Protects hair:
    it is non advisable to use a lot of estrus to the hair because of its damaging effects merely if you are using a hair dryer that is able to protect the hair from this heat like this Babyliss Pro Carrera2 Ceramic Dryer then you need worry not! This is considering it has been constricted with the ceramic applied science on it that is able to emit the non damaging infrared heat then that the pilus can exist dried very gently and then that it has an added protection. This way your volition exist sure that the hair volition not have damages or information technology will incur very minimal amercement every bit compared to the hair dryers that don’t accept this applied science.


  • Burning smoke smell:
    one of the things nosotros didn’t like near this Babyliss Pro Carrera2 Ceramic Dryer as nosotros were reviewing information technology was the fact that information technology contains a burning smoke smell. This kind of scent tin be noticed after a few minutes of using it similar let’s say 3 to five minutes into drying the hair. Now the problem is that near times it might likewise leave your hair smelling this way. The good affair is that this smell is just usually there in the start of use after purchase but stops after a while.


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10 Best Hair Dryers For Fine Hair

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