15 Best Bleached Hair Ideas for Men – The Right Hairstyles

Experimenting with hair shapes and colors is idea to exist more typical for women than men. However, the trend tends to shift lately. Men have started experimenting with bleached hair every so often. More and more of them are striving to make their hair platinum blonde or ash blonde – these shades take become specially pop.

The Best Ideas of Bleached Hair Men Experiment With

Having fallen victims to blonde fever, men turn to bleach pulverisation even more often than women. Take a look at a option of 15 all-time bleached hairstyles for men – from platinum to warm summer blonde.

#one: Fashionable Platinum Blonde Makeover

A trendy silver hairstyle creates a sharp dissimilarity with hair roots and the beard. The ice-cold effect of the bleached pilus volition probably fade over fourth dimension. Merely come to think well-nigh it, all short hairstyles require frequent refreshments. Besides, a purple shampoo will come in handy to make this shade of blonde more lasting.

#two: Nighttime Hair with Top Bleached White

Direct lines and the airbrush effect make this bleached hair undercut look like a masterpiece. However, this is definitely not a expect for every day. Both the shape and the trendy platinum blonde color are quite difficult to maintain. Don’t try to repeat it yourself. If you lot want to bleach your hair like that, visit a professional.

#three: Ice King

A smoothen form between the skin tone and bleached hair creates an illusion of existent snowfall. The straight forehead line sets off masculinity. Information technology looks like the Ice King has really escaped from his fairytale. As you can see, bleach pilus can be a perfect choice for men with darker pare tones.

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#4: Quick and Fascinating

Men do not unremarkably like spending hours at a pilus stylist’s chair equally they ever blitz to conquer the world. But information technology is easier to be a conqueror with a perfect hairstyle. This platinum blonde undercut with darker roots looks really fascinating.

#5: Perfect Silver

Curt hair is perfect for experiments with silvery and ash blonde hair. The hair grows dorsum in no fourth dimension even if you fail to become a perfect bleached blonde. Too, it takes much less effort to maintain the tricky platinum blonde equally perfect equally right after visiting the hairstylist.

#6: Summer Blonde Pilus Bleached

We accept become so fascinated with silver and ice that we have forgotten how adorable a sunny-warm blonde can be. But this Prince Charming can give a head offset to whatsoever Ice King, tin can’t he? Besides, the bleaching process for warm shades is less complicated than for platinum blonde.

#7: Bleached Pompadour with a Design Line

This undercut pompadour haircut with the front pilus rolled back, and the side hair up is an excellent culling for men tired of classic French cuts and fades. Pay attention to the line that divides the bleached hair from the night one, thus mixing modernity and classic.

#viii: Platinum Blonde Pilus High Fade

If you want to make something minimalistic yet up-to-appointment, this bleached high fade with a quiff is what you demand. With this hairstyle, your straight bleached hair will expect more textured and softer.

#9: Bleached Crew Cutting

A classic crew cutting pairs well with a bleached hair color making the hairstyle wait catching and fashionable. Thank you to the peachy look, this haircut will suit most face up shapes, and a natural platinum blonde colour adds uniqueness to the style.

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#10: False Hawk with Bleached Pilus

A faux hawk, long on top, with a short back and sides, is a modernistic and more than vesture version of the mohawk haircut. Bleached hair strands make it more than stylish and heart-catching, thus attracting more admiring glances to its holder.

#xi: White Blonde Fringe Crop

This hairstyle is a perfect example of how a minimalistic straight French crop with a neat fade and fringe tin turn into a stunning cutting. With bleached pilus, this haircut looks much more unique and modern.

#12: Platinum Fade with a Quiff

This bleached loftier fade haircut with a quiff creates extraordinary contrast with this high simply short beard in natural color. Such a hairstyle is an excellent solution for those looking for unusual and centre-communicable designs for platinum pilus.

#13: Bleached Undercut in Sunny Blonde

This sunny bleached hair looks very natural with darker roots and the lord’s day-faded upshot. The colour is easy to achieve and maintain. You can even try bleaching your hair at home. Utilize a handling conditioner to make your hair look softer and healthier.

#xiv: Brutally-Looking Haircut for Platinum Hair

A bleached hair crop with sharp fringe line looks quite manfully. Bleaching your pilus like that might not be easy, and the color will wash out in no time. Only this brutal and masculine style is definitely worth the endeavour.

#15: Matching the Optics with Bleached Hair

This sharp-fringed crop with an extraordinary blueish greyness shade can perfectly highlight the eye color, making it even brighter and deeper. This daring look with darker roots combines a classical shape with an outstanding color solution.

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Nowadays, male hairstyles fascinate with their diversity – from variability in haircuts to multiple shades of color. Bleached hair ideas take their rightful place in male style as they give men numerous opportunities to highlight their style and individuality.

15 Best Bleached Hair Ideas for Men – The Right Hairstyles

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