50 Classy Short Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles with Bangs

When it comes to short hairstyles, a mentum-length bob with bangs is unquestionably the i that celebrities take loved over the years. If your hair is short and you are looking for some inspiring images, you are in the right place! Besides, if you withal have longer locks and recall of cutting them short, here we’ve sorted out some of the hottest bob looks in 2022.

Curt Bob with Bangs

Bank check the following examples, and you’ll see it’s a worthy option for your next cut.

#1: Copper Layered Bob with Bangs

A chin length bob is an ideal manner to showcase abrupt angular features similar these striking cheekbones. For ladies with thin hair, this inclement cutting is a neat manner to add together texture and fullness without curls. The thin highlights, also known every bit babylights, add together a glimmer of color throughout the fashion every bit opposed to the heavy, streaky highlights of the by.

#ii: Wispy Bob with Calorie-free Layers and Bangs

A bob with lightweight, wispy layers is great for anyone with thicker hair who doesn’t want to experience weighed downwardly. Making the shortest layers at the dorsum of the crown the same length as your bangs upwards front also helps to create an overall sense of balance.

#3: Inverted Bob with Ombrè

An easy mode to add length effectually the face is with an inverted bob that moves from the dorsum of the neck to the shoulder considering it draws the eye downwardly. Soften the astringent cut with a mix of subtle blonde ombrè highlights that brighten nighttime chocolate locks. This stunning look is polished plenty for work and fairly sexy for the weekend.

#4: Medium Messy Waves with Side Bangs

As Beyoncé says, “I woke up similar this.” Bed head is the ultimate sexy texture for a blunt or textured shoulder length cut. Wispy side bangs blend seamlessly into the messy waves for a carefree look that invokes the mysterious yet approachable nature of the “girl next door.” This hairstyle works best with fine and medium thick hair textures.

#v: Cute Tousled Brusk Brown Bob

If you’re worried about a jaw length cutting feeling similar no hair at all, effort a bob with bangs that’s got thickness and book upward at the crown. Skip piecey layers and lightweight bangs and get all in with total front bangs and an almost bowl-similar shape — retrieve Beatles, but elevated and prepare-to-wearable.

#6: Edgeless and Layered Caramel Brown Bob

A bob cutting that’s chopped directly across at the bottom is unique and looks best when worn straight to emphasize the sharp line. Upwardly top, go for a deep centre part right through the bangs to mirror the blunt bottom, and let caramel highlights add a picayune life to an otherwise linear stop.

#7: Blunt Bob with Side Bangs

A super chichi, no-nonsense straight bob works best when hair is just above the shoulder length and cut at an angle towards the face up. Rather than opting for forepart-facing bangs, try out their cooler older sister: a long, layered side bang. Accident dry your bang to sweep away from your frame towards the back of the head for a little contrast.

#8: Chin-Length Choppy Ash Blonde Bob

To make a bob with side bangs feel grungier, ask your stylist for razor-cut choppy layers scattered haphazardly throughout the head. Don’t stop when it comes to the bangs: have them equally unkempt. This messy approach works best with mentum-length hairstyles, equally too much length tin can counterbalance it down.

#nine: Sliced Lob with Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs

Longer bangs tin can really complement pilus that’southward medium length overall. Have them cut so they fall just beneath the brows, and ask for longer razored layers throughout the rest of the lob. Use a large-barreled curling iron to curl sections of hair around the head, then shake it out for a loose wave that looks effortless.

#10: Short Textured Bob with Choppy Bangs

Nil enhances a layered haircut quite similar a contrasting color, and this lavander shade actually makes a statement confronting a darker base of operations. Go for a mentum length with super choppy layers, and comb a polish serum through strands for a piecey wet-look finish that’s edgy and sleek.

#11: Classy A-Line Bob with Fringy Edges

When bob haircuts with bangs experience particularly perfected and coiffed, they tin can give off serious Anna Wintour, magazine-editor, boss baby vibes. Talk about a power cut! For this accept, ask your hair stylist to keep it A-line, and so add together in a frame effectually the face and straight across bangs that hit right at the brows.

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#12: Wavy Dominicus-Kissed Bob with Bangs

When you lot accept curly or wavy hair texture, a layered bob tin can really enhance your pilus’s natural body. If you’ve got stick-straight strands and want to create mermaid hair of your own, wrap large sections loosely around a 1”curling wand, and spritz the finished wait with some sea salt spray for an added beachy finish.

#thirteen: Sliced Blonde Bob with Curt Bangs

While in your childhood you might have been terrified of a haircut with bangs of a also short length, the French consider cropped bangs to be quite cute and fashionable. To continue the cut intentional and avoid the run a risk of looking childish, make things edgy with sliced layers and a slightly A-line shape.

#14: Shaggy Chocolate-brown Layers

Cute with a side of sass, this is what happens when a bob meets a shag. Super modern and super playful, this cut would work peculiarly well with naturally wavy hair: blow out the bangs, scrunch in some production, and then become along and be sexy.

#15: Cropped Flipped Out Bob

While many short bobs with bangs feature cured under ends, flipped out tips are a unique and playful alternative. To style a flip that feels fun and not overdramatic, use a flat iron to curve the lesser of the hair slightly outward. Paired with fringe, the style is certainly youthful, so stick to a solid pilus color throughout.

#16: Brusk Messy Brunette Bob with Bangs

Who says very short hair tin can’t be styled? While you might not want to curl a crazy short bob, using a texturizing paste to add some wave can generate volume and move for a simple, short cut. Take some product and use your fingers to piece of work it through the hair, twisting and scrunching to accomplish a carefree, lived-in await.

#17: Tousled Bob with Jagged Fringe

Ever since Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso sported her micro bangs, they’ve stayed on-trend. This version is choppy and uneven, creating a quirky and playful await that’south coinciding with the tousled bob.

#18: Inclement Rounded Blonde Bob

If an angular cut isn’t your matter, ask your stylist to use face up-framing layers to create what’s referred to every bit a rounded bob. The overall shape should exist somewhat circular, with the layers slightly choppy to avoid appearing blocky. Get for directly-across front end bangs to suspension things up a flake.

#19: White Bob with Bangs and Pastel Pink Ends

Since bob hairstyles with bangs are so classy, they allow for tons of freedom to play around with statement colors. This take features an almost-white platinum blonde up top, and dip-dyed tips gone pastel pink. When the pink fades out, experience gratis to proceed dying the bottom fun new shades, as the light blonde will have to dyes with ease.

#20: Jaw-Length Choppy Chocolate Brown Bob

Why contour your jawline when your haircut can do it for yous? This shape features a super-precipitous length that hits right at the jaw, coupled with some softer, shorter layers and bangs up height. The combination results in a look that’s fierce withal flirty; plus, your jawline guideline volition help you lot notice when it’s time for a trim.

#21: Side-Parted Jagged Brown Bob

A deep side role is essential for achieving those dramatic, in-your-face up side-swept bangs. If you notice at starting time that yous can’t make the bangs stay in place, train them over time by using a bobby pivot to help them maintain their dive. Pair the bangs with messy long layers and cease with some dry shampoo for a grungy touch.

#22: Medium Two-Tier Duo-Color Shag

Short pilus with side bangs can be specially absurd when the transition from bangs-to-layers is seamless. A shaggy lob with two-tiered layers, the higher of which blends right into the bangs, creates a style that’s impossibly cool. Complete the choppy cut with a two-tone color and consider yourself rockstar-gear up.

#23: Flawless Rounded Brunette Bob

A sleek, rounded bob is a hit for about hair types thanks to its power to exist easily styled. Merely take hold of a apartment fe and become over the strands until pin straight, letting the shape of the layers mould a curve from the nape of the cervix towards the chin. Finish by spritzing a dry oil all over for some bonus polish.

#24: Short Sculpted Brown Bob

An updated shape of the classic bob can be sculpted with two-tier layers. The best layers piece of work with your bone structure, non confronting information technology, so a consultation with your stylist before the large chop is a must. Ask for lines that compliment your facial features to brand sure the final production is wearable for you.

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#25: Cute Wavy Messy Bob Crop

A layered bob with bangs gets particularly dreamy when feathered waves and sunday-kissed highlights are added into the mix. The combination of texture and light oozes an ethereal vibe, while the chin-length chop prevents that princessy look. Lock in agree with some lightweight hairspray to maintain the hairstyle bouncy all twenty-four hour period.

#26: Salt and Pepper Blunt Cut

With its precipitous lines and blunt ends, this haircut is perfect for someone who refuses to be messed with. This masterful ombre gradually moves from soft black to smoky grey for a look that is anything just average; an on-tendency argent hairstyle that manages to appear incredibly youthful rather than mature.

#27: Tortoiseshell Layered Bob

Tortoiseshell hair, or ecaille, is a mix of brown and blonde shades to create the color and texture that has depth and movement. Made popular past the supermodel Gisele, this way uses messy waves and cute sun-kissed strands that seem and so fit for the ultimate beach babe.

#28: Shaggy Layered Haircut

This standard A-line haircut is elevated by messy layers and blonde highlights sprinkled throughout the medium brown color. The wait is perfect for a night out at the social club with your friends. It’due south a slap-up sassy way to plough heads and gain some admirers.

#29: Angled Bob with Shades of Brownish

A great mode to find the perfect balance between a long and a short hairstyle is with an angled bob. This works particularly well for thick pilus that can become also heavy. The short back keeps the hair off of your neck while adding length around your face. Add an extra dial with dyed ends.

#30: Super Curt Bangs with Pink Highlights

Somewhere in betwixt a pixie and a chin-length cut, this bob hairstyle with bangs definitely works best for women with oval face shape, equally information technology highlights the widest part of the visage. Super brusque bangs can be hard to pull off, but when they are executed correctly, they add a cute gamine touch on to the expect. Pink highlights are a fun way to show off a spunky personality.

#31: Coffee-Colored Bob with Caramel Highlights

Care for your hair color similar your favorite morning drink! A rich assuming coffee colored hue is much more enjoyable with caramel highlights drizzled throughout. Layered locks of such a-line bob provide motion and spunk to the classic colour combination.

#32: 2-Tone Bob with Undercut

The style manages to blend 2 different hair colors and 2 dissimilar cuts for an interesting and creative result. A closely cropped shorter hair in the back mixes with longer blonde layers at the tiptop for a style that is the perfect balance between tomboy and feminine. This edgy look is perfect for a girl who takes a casual arroyo to mode.

#33: Glamorous Vintage Inspired Cut

The 1920s will always be a favorite decade among the fashionable crowd, every bit it was total of glitz and glamour. This polished, advisedly-coifed inverted bob with bangs is similar to the signature style of the ever popular flappers. If you are a woman who appreciates vintage charm, effort this wait and finish with major mascara and a classic red lip.

#34: Medium Bob with Heavy Bangs

Black women who want to protect their strands tin effort a sleek bob with extensions and silk closures. This allows you lot to experiment with a multifariousness of dissimilar styles without the damage due to ambitious elements or repeated use of hot tools.

#35: Messy Pastel Curls

What’south the all-time fashion to take a sugariness angled bob and get in fifty-fifty sweeter? Add tousled curls, and layers upon layers of succulent looking pastel colors.

#36: Babe Bangs for Fine Hair

An athwart, choppy shape; brusk, blunt bangs; a absurd platinum shade – this bob with bangs isn’t just modern, information technology’s futuristic. Keen for fine or thin hair, try information technology out at present and you’ll exist light years ahead of the mode game.

#37: Flaming Bob with Long Bangs

Help! This bob is on fire! Await closely at this brilliant red coif and yous’ll find subtle strawberry blonde highlights, creating a truly fiery wait that is particularly astonishing when ready against blue or green eyes. The long bangs requite a flirty and playful feel.

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#38: Vintage Vixen Hairstyle

Some short haircuts with bangs volition never become out of style, and this is one of them. The shape of this wavy, slightly angled bob calls to mind visions of babes from the past, merely its side swept bangs and tousled curls requite it a more modernistic experience. Side notation: it’due south likewise the perfect bob for girls who like to *twirl* their pilus!

#39: Curly Bob for Redheads

Red hair and green eyes is a winning combination, every bit the colors truly complement each other. To keep your mid-length curls from existence also polished and proper, run your fingers through them to create wild, shattered waves. Drag your look with accessories similar a trendy septum ring — opt for a prune on options, so that it can come and become every bit yous prefer.

#40: Edgeless Bob with Full Bangs

A natural color, crisp edges, and a nice angle, this is a modern take on Pulp Fiction’south Mia Wallace. AKA: this angled chin length bob is for the coolest of cool girls. Pair information technology with a tranquility confidence and an air of mystery for all-time results.

#41: Short Bob with Angled Bangs

Kathleen Rose Perkins has tried probably the most stunning style of all bob haircuts with side bangs! It’s soft and edgy at the same fourth dimension. Kathleen’southward locks have been parted with a deep side parting to let the bangs sweep across the forehead for the overall soft and romantic experience.

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

#42: Tousled Hairstyle with Sweeping Fringe

There’due south a misconception well-nigh curt hairstyles worn simply straight. Some women believe that straightened hair is the optimal way to wear a bob. Evangeline Lilly’southward gorgeous tousled await with layers proves us that a more relaxed and slightly messy bob hairstyle is no less interesting and stylish.

wavy bob with bangs

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#43: Short Bob with Side Bangs

Sometimes sweeping bangs tin can really make a brusque bob hairstyle. Constance Zimmer has accomplished a stunning style with finely chopped bangs that fall to 1 side. Her bob is styled with imperfect flicks for a funkier feel.

Disconnected bob with bangs

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#44: Androgynous Bob

Feminine meets masculine with this short pilus with bangs. No time or desire to roll and fluff? The multiple layered levels create some added visual involvement, plus go far quick and like shooting fish in a barrel to style…for the babe who means business.

#45: Medium Bob for Wavy Hair

Mia Wasikowska gives us a proficient portion of inspiration for a short wavy bob with a lot of movement. Her hairstyle is very relaxed and casual, with a trendy bedhead affect to it. It’due south a great selection for most face shapes.

Cool bob with bangs

AndreaRaffin / Shutterstock.com

#46: Wavy Emerald Hair

Softly layered, with sweeping side bangs, this wavy bob doesn’t demand any assistance to stand out on its own, but it gets it anyways with a rich, emerald hue. If y’all rock this lush cut and vibrant color philharmonic, be fix – your friends will exist green with envy!

#47: Layered Bangs for Natural Hair

Layers are typically located through the length of the pilus, but this cut makes its ain rules. Having layered bangs adds height and motion around the face up, not to mention speedily sweeping them back with your fingers when they fall into your eyes is kind of sexy. Could this be the perfect date night cut?

#48: Classic Bob with Side Bangs

The shiniest short bob in the bunch, chopping your locks into a fresh, sleek bob like this 1 easily styled with a round-brush, promises a polished advent…and a damn adorable one, too!

#49: Stacked and Layered Bob

Cute bobs are often fabricated cuter with killer colour, and here’south the perfect example of that. This layered bob with bangs was a fun mode to brainstorm with, but after being balayaged with a deep plum hue, the added depth makes those layers really stand out. So perfectly moody!

#fifty: The Betty Page Hairstyle

Had Betty Page lived at present and wanted to try a short bob with bangs, this is definitely what she would take looked like. Baby bangs, slightly wavy lengths, a little wispy and uneven overall, this is a expect that says “I’m sexy without trying besides hard.”

A brusque bob with bangs is a perfect haircut for a modernistic lady on the get. Fashion it straight and sleek for a special occasion or scrunched and slightly wavy for coincidental habiliment. Looking fashionable with brusque pilus has never been easier!

50 Classy Short Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles with Bangs

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