50 Cute Long Layered Haircuts with Bangs for 2022

Long layered hairstyles with bangs are now in great demand. Why? Everyone wants a flattering hairstyle, that’s also trendy, effortless-looking and convenient. When you wish to show off your beautiful long locks, attempt a layered haircut. Layers make long hair more manageable and eliminate the irritating cistron of longer strands getting in the way or falling into your confront every at present and then. If yous as well desire to rock your long hair without a single pin, become some straight-cutting or layered bangs.

Diversity of Long Hairstyles

Layered hairstyles for long hair are non all akin, and you should attempt dissimilar textures and types of bangs for some multifariousness and likewise in social club to find your most flattering options. Here are trendy ideas for wavy and straight, shaggy and sleek, balayage and ombre long hairstyles with layers and bangs.

#1: Long Feathered Layers

A feathered look on long layered pilus is always classy. With heavy trunk on top and thinned out ends, this mane has plenty of dimension. If ash blonde isn’t your color, become for caramel or champagne to complement your skin tone. You’re certain to stun.

#2: Long Layers with Heart-Brow Grazing Bangs

Shoulder length hair can also do good from layers, every bit is exemplified by the photograph below. If your pilus is thinner, then layers can add texture and way. Long bangs that graze by the eyebrows soften the entire look of Taylor Swift.

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

#3: Long Choppy Shag with Bangs

This choppy shag with fringe is oozing major flirty vibes. Midshaft waves add to the dimension created by the balayage and give plenty of beauty for admirers to ogle at.

#4: Long Side-Parted Feathered Cut

Bangs don’t have to grit your eyebrows, specially if yous’re nervous to try them out for the start time. Layered bangs at the chin length are swell for hairstyles in transition. Long pilus with side bangs is perfectly proportional for a feathery cut.

#5: Long Feathered Cut with Razored Bangs

Long layered hair is beautiful on its own, but long layers with bangs? Even better. At that place’re several options. Popular now infant bangs, wispy choppy bangs, and blunt asymmetrical or straight across the eyes bangs to consummate this cute long cut.

#6: Long Tousled Style with V-cut Layers

V-cut layers are for the bombshell in all of us! If you oftentimes accident out your hair, a v-cut is perfect for adding movement to your already gorgeously tousled locks. For this look, bangs with long hair should be a scrap longer to appropriately blend in with the length of your locks.

#seven: Long Thick Cut with Face-Framing Layers

Face framing bangs are everyone’south best friend. If y’all have thick hair, get for a style with side bangs, and they will work with your cut to give yous a flattering look no one tin resist. Bonus: highlights brand sure your hair packs a punch.

#8: Brunette Shag with Swoopy Bangs

The different levels of length within this long pilus with bangs assistance to get in versatile and fit your personality. Out running errands? Pull hair into a pony and let bangs be a trivial messy!

#9: Long Golden Brown Shag with a Fringe

A thick beautiful shag like this deserves to be worn past you! With fringe topping off long layered hair and luscious waves for days, you lot’ll look like you’ve just stepped off a runway! Don’t be agape to add some subtle highlights.

#10: Long Layered A-Silhouette Cut

Who says that bangs and layers take to be blunt? Rock a flattering A-silhouette to give pilus movement and pause up a longer face shape.

#11: Long Directly Cut with Blunt Bangs

Blunt straight bangs are a compliment to a blonde bombshell. If you are sporting a hairstyle like this through summer, the sun is certain to show off your highlights. For a night out, coil a few random pieces to add soft, feminine touches.

#12: Rich Brunette Shag with Dynamic Waves

Rich layered bangs always assist you save time in front of the mirror in the morning. Instead of spending precious fourth dimension styling your bangs with a spray or a apartment iron, make an extra loving cup of coffee to take with you to the office.

#13: Shattered Bronde Shag with Bangs

Let us exist the get-go to declare: long layered haircuts with long bangs are dorsum! This sexy shaggy hairstyle with texture all over is bringing the style back. With bounce and fullness at their max, you’ll be running your fingers through your pilus every now so.

#14: Long Cut with Fragile Confront-Framing

Spice upward your long layers with a fringe. Bangs don’t have to be dramatic and can be subtly cut to frame your face, starting at the cheekbones.

#15: Layered Haircut for Thick Wavy Hair

Layered hair and parted bangs go together like two peas in a pod. Do a dramatic smokey eye for a nighttime look or sport those fun sunglasses at the embankment to complete the await.

#sixteen: Sexy Layered Cut with Long Peekaboo Bangs

If you’ve got long and thick hair, then peek-a-boo bangs were made for y’all! Long layers with bangs proceeds instant sexual practice appeal when swept to the side. Make sure your stylist keeps the length of the bangs long, preferably starting your fringe at the chin.

#17: Dramatic Long Brunette Shag with Waves

How can you take your long layered hair with bangs to the next level? Add a footling kink with a agglomeration of shorter layers. Curt, thinned out bangs tin can exist pinned dorsum for a night out or worn loose over the forehead for a relaxed look.

#18: Long Cut with Feathered and Highlighted Ends

Layered hair with feathered ends and highlights couldn’t be any prettier. If the look you’re going for this summer is fun and flirty, feathered is for y’all. With face up framing bangs to accentuate your eyes, there’s no dubiousness you’ll exist the one to observe.

#19: Brunette Balayage for Thick Hair

In this gorgeous hairstyle the full bangs are balanced with light brown balayage highlights that are getting fuller towards the ends. That’s a pretty idea of how to brand your hair adequately bright but not likewise in your confront.

#xx: Gorgeous Layered Cut for Thick Long Hair

Sweeping bangs are ideal for layered hair as they keep the entire await quite seamless and natural. Thick hair can handle the way best as you’ll demand some volume for back-up.

#21: Long Messy Haircut with Bangs and Highlights

Front bangs are for the beauties who want to draw attention to their eyes! Don’t worry about keeping things perfect, messy is amend hither! You tin ease upwards the transition from longer locks to a short crop of bangs by keeping some pieces along the sides of your face chin-length and shorter. Dust off the wait with some light brownish balayage and proceed things fresh and only a little sexy.

#22: Lovely Layers for Soft Curls

Practice y’all have curly or textured hair? Swept bangs with a side part will suit the natural movement of your locks (or even if yous love crimper your hair with an iron). Straight beyond bangs can work if you likewise scroll them under for long hairstyles with bangs, simply soft curls look best with a fringe that touches the tops of your cheekbones.

#23: Long Hair with Feathered Face-Framing Layers

Layered hair with side bangs looks even more gorgeous with a dramatic side function. The extra book on summit not simply adds dimension, but the appearance of thicker hair as well. Permit the ends curl on their own or use a curling iron to top off the wait.

#24: Voluminous Longer Layered Hairstyle

We dear long hairstyles with bangs that let the trunk exercise the talking. When wavy hair is amped up with maximum texture, cute bangs like these are a sweet finishing touch. Brand sure to proceed them on the thinner side so they tin just graze your gorgeous eyes.

#25: Straight Long Cutting with Feathered Layers

Arched straight bangs could be your secret weapon in showing off your eyes and cheekbones. Play peek-a-boo with fringe that’s on the thin side or pick a thick blunt bang for maximum drama. The feathered ends hold all the texture y’all need for this uncomplicated stunner.

#26: Straight Layered Haircut for Long Hair

Summer isn’t only for short hair anymore! Be the blonde bombshell of the embankment with long layered hair. When long bangs get in the way, braid them back and pin into place with a cute barrette for a cute weekend way.

#27: Long Choppy Cutting with Swoopy Bangs

The long layered hair with bangs swept to the side is giving us major Marissa Cooper, The OC vibes. Incorporating highlights will evidence off your layers even more than. Bonus: when you lot put your pilus up, the uneven pieces will fall in a flattering style around your confront.

#28: Icy Blonde Straight Layers

But because yous have luscious long locks doesn’t mean you have to gyre them. Long, layered bangs haircuts can exist just every bit striking when left sleek and straight, and specially when upgraded by a cool color.

#29: Long Haircut with Rounded Plumage-Similar Layers

Add instant dimension to a longer face shape with rounded layers that sweep away from your face up. This manner is platonic if yous’re craving to try one of today’s trendy layered haircuts with bangs without having to cover your forehead.

#30: Mermaid Ombre’ed Hair

For women who don’t like to spend a lot of time or money on their locks, one of the all-time cut and color combos is long ombre layers. While y’all may need to trim your bangs monthly, you’ll be able to let the residue of your pilus grow out for as long as yous please while still looking trendy.

#31: Contemporary Long Shag with Bangs

Looking to add some interest to your longer-layered shag hair style? Cut a cute fringe and office it as you will – longer bangs tin can be swept to the side or parted down the eye, lending an air of nostalgia to a more mod fashion.

#32: Messy Ash Blonde Shag for Long Pilus

Ooze the appeal of a surfer babe without the brassiness from the sun! Lengthy layers topped with a rocker fringe wait great in a shag, especially if you’re sporting fresh color like an ash blonde. This look is all nigh effortlessness, non perfection, and a longer, wispy fringe emulates that style.

#33: Long Subtle Layers and Highlights

Long layers are gorgeous and easy to get, but when you add a multi-tonal hair colour, you lot will adore the dimension that instantly breathes in a new life into your long tresses. Don’t forget to add side bangs to the layers for the face framing dazzler that leaves the states and everyone around speechless!

long layered haircut with side bangs

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#34: Inclement Blonde Lob for Straight Hair

It’s astonishing how chopped ends instantly lend a fresh vibe to a lob. The sliced layers and bangs to lucifer requite off a modern all the same relaxed attitude. Whether your hair is beachy blonde or a rich chocolate brown, a inclement lob is ideal for whatsoever stylish infant who wants that textured length but also some fresh bangs!

#35: Two-Tiered Fringe and Tousled Layers

Though these layered bangs are long, they look weightless thanks to the texturizing cut and balayage color. The coloring creates the appearance of a ii-tiered fringe that can be your special personal detail.

#36: Long Swooping Bangs

Looking for long hairstyles with bangs that are both bombshell-worthy and quick to style? Consider this stunning blonde coif. Long layers and gorgeous swooping side bangs go from shower to accident-dry out to fix. The but tool you lot’ll need is a large round castor to shape your ends, and accident your bangs abroad from your face.

#37: Modern Brigitte Bardot

Channel fashion icon Brigitte Bardot with this updated version of her look. Thick bangs with voluminous layers round-brushed or curled into a big, bouncy coif are the ultimate in sexy bang hairstyles. Pair with a solid black color for a rocker-chichi vibe.

#38: Sombre Hair with Long Light Bangs

This brown soft ombre boasts shaggy layers throughout and actress long low-cal bangs that you may want to pin upward or to the side when doing any sort of action. You’ll as well easily braid them into a crown or milkmaid braid updo, or wear freely hanging and carelessly twirled by the current of air.

#39: Long Ombre Hairstyle with Bangs

Layered bangs are a bang-up option for women with thick hair. Instead of a traditional fringe that risks falling too heavy and uneven, a layered technique will lighten the load, assuasive the bangs to lie softly in place.

#40: Mahogany Hairstyle with Long Layers

This exquisite mahogany shade gives but a light scarlet tint to the dark brown locks. A classy pilus colour suggests a classy cut, and this gorgeous layered style with long face-framing layers and thick bangs easily scores the maximum number of mode points.

#41: Blunt Bangs with Long Waves

A great mode to refine a gratuitous-flowing coif like this one is to add together structured bangs with long hair. A blunt fringe creates a clean, straight line that contrasts beautifully against the wavy blonde locks.

#42: Rose Gilt Curls

In this meticulously crafted and voluminous coif, the curls were left lively and flowing, and the side swept bangs were carefully sprayed in identify to maintain those flattering swoopy lines. This results in a polished, refined look that’due south fit for a beauty pageant contestant.

#43: Modernistic Farrah Fawcett

In the 1970‘s, anybody went crazy for Farrah Fawcett’due south feathered, flippy ‘do, and with a few pocket-sized tweaks you lot tin can also achieve the Charlie’southward Angel’south sexiness! Less but long balayage layers is all it takes to modernize the iconic fashion.

#44: Contouring Hairstyle

For a serious contour consequence, pair this: a balayage colour and long biconvex bangs that are shorter in the centre and longer on the ends. The rounded bangs and darkness towards the front end create a hit, confront-framing effect that puts your features on brandish.

#45: Flaring Layers and Sweeping Bangs

Sometimes when yous hear “long layers with bangs”, it might not sound similar such an exciting hairstyle, only if you use this layered haircut with a side fringe as a reference, y’all may feel differently. With soft, side bangs and golden blonde pilus colour being the showtime things which take hold of the eye, this long wait also includes tiered layers that both flatter and frame the face.

#46: Caramel Balayage Layers

This coif is a perfect case of how properly placed highlights brand a cut standout. These undone layers and fringe are super sultry on their own, but the strategically placed caramel color shows off the various layers and texture, and adds motility.

#47: Tapered Layers with Parted Bangs

Only because you like to role your hair downwardly the centre doesn’t mean you have to skip bangs. These long hair bangs are center-parted, and a smashing selection for rounder face shapes thank you to their slimming effect.

#48: Formal Long Hairstyle

If you have been invited to a formal event, wearing your pilus loose and long tin can be just as beautiful equally an updo – and a lot simpler also! Blowdry your pilus with a round brush and whorl where necessary. Don’t forget to accessorize with bold earrings and pair your hair with a strapless gown to depict more attention to your gorgeous layers.

long layered haircut with bangs for blonde hair

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#49: Textured Bangs and Dramatic Highlights

Add in lowlights, highlights and multiple dimensions of blonde when you’re striving to go a cute new look to otherwise humdrum hair. Shoulder length hair will look especially lovely with various hues, located in any sections you wish.

long layered haircut with bangs and drammatic downlights

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#50: Curly Layers for Older Women

As women grow older, the variety of hairstyles becomes more limited. With layers, you have many more options, including lite curls in shoulder length styles. Add some bangs to go on your face looking youthful.

long layered haircut with bangs for older women

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

Long layered haircuts are fashionable, versatile and a lot of fun to show off. Next fourth dimension y’all head off to the salon, consider adding some long layers to update your electric current mode.

50 Cute Long Layered Haircuts with Bangs for 2022

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