How to Create Perfect Hollywood Waves – The Right Hairstyles

Vintage classics never get out of fashion! Heighten your hairstyling skills today and larn with me how to make perfect Hollywood waves, i of the most requested bridal and evening hairstyles. This feminine and sleeky hairstyle doesn’t miss any red-carpet occasion! Read the stride-by-stride tutorial with how-to videos and lots of tips and tricks!

#1: Prep Your Hair

If yous start on damp hair, use some volumizing heat protector before blow drying. Using a heat protection is always a must before blow drying and curling.

Smoothen any frizz on mid lengths and ends using cream, lightweight anti-frizz product. If you lot don’t struggle with frizzy hair, you can skip this step.

#2: Section and Blow Dry

If you desire to brand your wave in a very archetype way, brand a parting on a deep side part. Blow dry your hair with a circular brush section by department.

#3: Clip In the Extensions

For maximum support and longer longevity of the hairstyle, I suggest adding a full gear up of prune-in man hair extensions for every type of hair. Even if the hair is dense and long plenty! The extensions volition create this base that’due south going to comport the wave. It creates the class for such a defined and glossy style.

#4: Apply Cream to Smooth Hair Length

Make sure that you smooth mid-lengths and ends with cream anti-frizz product once again before applying heat. This step is very important every bit frizzy ends never look glam. Every inch of hair should be prepared and curled precisely without any mess or flyaways. Also, avoid using likewise much of cream production, a few drops are usually enough!

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#v: Curl Your Pilus

At that place are some important tips that will help yous get those cute Hollywood waves. First, scroll all the pilus starting at the bottom. I start almost 1 inch from the nape. All sections need to exist divided properly and curled in the same direction and size.

Take pilus sections of approx. 1 inch, as pilus needs to be warmed up completely. For that, it shouldn’t be too heavy or likewise thin. I prefer to apply a one- or 1.5-inch curling atomic number 26 for more divers waves and set a temperature nigh 180 – 190 of Celsius for most types of hair. Information technology is good to try how the temperature setting works for yous on a outset strand and then determine if you need temperature to exist higher or lower.

Curling TIP FOR EXTRA DEEP HOLLYWOOD WAVES: Wrap that department flat around the barrel at first. And so, you’re really going to twist the hair as you move it along the barrel.

Sometimes, I similar to use my flat iron which creates lose and a bit less defined, natural waves. Information technology is much faster way and then it is convenient to practise before a photoshoot for instance. If you use your apartment iron for this, you lot accept to exist sure you tin make all curls the same; otherwise, e’er apply a curling iron. Here is how to use the two hot tools:

#half dozen: Pivot the Curls

For easier work with brushing and longer lasting wave, pin all curls in its direction using temporary aluminum pins and wait at least x minutes (it can exist definitely more!) before brushing. I add together this pace every fourth dimension the pilus is very straight and I see it could autumn down soon.

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#vii: Brush and Spray

Brush your pilus with a brush or a tangle teeser for a super shine terminate or with a broad-molar comb for more than natural advent. Don’t freak out if the wave doesn’t wait perfect immediately. It needs a little fleck of time to course itself and settle down. Besides, castor pilus from underneath. Use a hairspray while combing to lock the waves in place layer by layer. Avoid using too much hairspray! We don’t want to get in expect rigid.

Finish with mist of setting light or medium hold hairspray of your choice and tame remaining flyaways. Spray some polish spray to your lengths to express gloss and reflections in wave.

Voila! This classic and timeless expect is finished! It is beautiful on its own, as well every bit with some added accessory. If you are a helpmate-to-be, information technology could be cute to add together some pilus vine like this.

And the side comb is just love:

Desire to change it for dark? Brand a ponytail as my colleague did!

Tips for Very Straight, Thin and Fine Hair

  1. If you’re afraid that waves can fall, you can use curling iron with a smaller barrel. It is also possible to buy a curling fe with changeable barrels so yous can cull which size works for you lot.
  2. For a more divers moving ridge, ever utilize a curling fe and a twist wrap curling method.
  3. E’er add a thick human being clip-in hair. It works as a scaffolding for your ain hair so information technology will concluding much longer.

Tip for a Pro

Brand a photo of this hairstyle on straight sunlight. It makes special 3D reflection effect at the photo and it looks absolutely gorgeous! Information technology works the best on brunette models!

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I hope you loved my tips for perfect Hollywood waves! Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram @martinajagr for more hairstyling tips and inspirations!

How to Create Perfect Hollywood Waves – The Right Hairstyles