5 Ways to Curl Short Hair with Flat Iron and Curling Wand in 2022

I love to curl my brusk hair. I can do information technology on Monday and typically vesture the curls until at to the lowest degree Fri. Throughout the years, with a pixie haircut, I’ve learned a lot of tricks for curling very brusk hair. Go along reading to learn about my iii favorite hair-crimper tools and the multitude of means that I use them to accomplish my curly hairstyles. Tutorials are included.

Go Prepare to Curl Your Short Hair

Whatever technique you cull to curl your short hair, y’all will need to showtime with dry hair. Whenever I demand to prep my clean hair, this is what I do. After shampooing, I employ a get out-in conditioner and a styling mousse. Then, blow dry out, smoothing with a round brush a bit. One time my hair is completely dry, I apply a exit-in serum as a heat protectant. This final step is important: do not forget to use a product to protect your hair from the heat.

Virtually hot tools come with a temperature gauge. When choosing the proper heat setting, remember about the quality of your hair and what estrus setting yous volition demand to style it. Hard-to-manage, or thick hair, will need a college temperature compared to hair that’south fine and fragile. If your pilus is none of these extremes, pre-heating your iron to a medium heat setting (360 F) should suffice.

Size matters, so you must find the correct-diameter tool for the length of your hair. The size of the iron will determine curl size and the tool size you will need for your hair length. For example, if your hair is 1-inch long, a wand that’s ane inch or larger won’t be of use to you lot.

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Curlicue Short Hair with a Wand

I propose choosing a crimper wand that comes with a heat-protective glove to go along from burning your fingers. In the attached video tutorial, I use this Eva-NYC Healthy Heat Clip Gratuitous Curler. It comes with a glove and has an adjustable digital temperature setting.

Curling wands are pretty simple to utilize. Section the hair and then it’s easy to manage, showtime from the bottom taking 1-inch sections, wrapping the pilus around the wand, and concord for almost 5-x seconds. Then, remove the wand. Allow the curl to absurd and set completely if yous are going for a curl wait.

Slightly pull each curl later release for a looser gyre. To keep some length to your brusque hair, you can exit the ends out and keep them straight. Wrap pilus away from your face in the front end, only throughout the dorsum, y’all tin can (optionally) wrap in unlike directions. Spray your pilus to terminate off the manner.

If yous want to learn exactly how to ringlet your short hair with a wand, check out the video beneath.

Curl Brusque Hair with a Flat Iron

I frequently use a flat iron to twist my strands and achieve piecey, perfect waves (one of my fave hairstyles, btw). Keep in mind that for curling short pilus, you’ll need a smaller apartment iron. My selection is the Schmedium Flat Iron by Stylecraft as function of their travel duo. This fe gets upwardly to 410F, making information technology perfect for techniques that crave the fe to keep moving through the pilus.


Take a small, 1-inch section of hair clamping the straightener at the roots. And then, smoothen the pilus a little, and so, if yous don’t have enough length to wrap the hair effectually the flat iron, just twist the iron 180 degrees and slide down for a embankment wave. Pull the curl a bit with your fingers to relax the curl a chip farther, if you prefer. Leave out the tips for this technique, as well, to give a longer advent.

In this video that shows how to scroll short hair with a flat fe, I utilise two techniques. I apply the beach-wave technique in the front on my long bangs that were created with extensions. In the back, I used the tilt-and-slide technique to create body and volume.

Curl Curt Hair with a Crimper Fe

If you want to add together some volume, take small-scale sections using a larger fe barrel. Separating the hair into sections volition give a more-divers roll. This will besides create a more polished-looking curl. If you lot desire to learn how to curl your short hair with a curling iron, check out each of the videos below.

For the ringlet look, roll the hair vertically and back, away from your face. Allow to cool, then set with hairspray. Ringlets are great for sleeping on because they become loose waves later several days of sleeping on them.

If you’re going for a natural look, there’due south no demand to create such uniform sections. You can also alternate the management of the curls so that they don’t appear equally compatible. Pulling the ends of the curls while even so warm volition also give a more than natural advent. Later on all pieces of hair have cooled down and set, gently run your fingers, or a pick, through the curls and mist with your favorite hairspray.

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All the irons I used are made past Stylecraft. I utilize all iii sizes of their Manner Stix to create dissimilar styles.

As you lot can come across, having short hair does non limit your manner possibilities. With the proper hot tools and techniques, you can master a lot of ways to whorl short hair. Follow me on Instagram for additional brusque-hair styling inspiration videos.

5 Ways to Curl Short Hair with Flat Iron and Curling Wand in 2022

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