60 Cute Short Pixie Haircuts – Femininity and Practicality

Rocking a brusque fashion can be difficult sometimes. The conditions may crusade your hair to frizz and look unpolished or you may find that the overall aesthetic is not girly enough for your flirty feminine style. Just, there is no denying the ease of a short pixie cutting, as information technology truly takes the guesswork out of the classic question of how y’all should fashion your hair each morning. The looks below range from curly and cute to sleek and spunky with enough options to suit whatever woman’s mode.

Versatile and Cute Short Pixie Cuts

Pixie works for whatsoever hair type – straight or curly, thin or thick. Here are nice ideas on versatile pixie cuts and hairstyles nosotros are sure yous’ll want to endeavor.

#ane: Icy Curt Pixie Cutting

Sometimes a deep smoky pilus color can overshadow or darken your features, which tin be unflattering peculiarly for smaller faces. This does not mean that you must skip out on the gray tendency for your super brusk cut. Attempt an icy gray-blue hue to instantly brighten and inject a much needed dose of coolness and chic into your await.

#ii: Messy Ash Blonde Pixie Undercut

If you like your hair to exist launder and wear, this tousled hairdo will conform you just fine! Undercut on the sides and at the nape of the cervix, the straight and messy ashen-blonde locks just “pop” off the crown of your head in a new and provocative arrangement each fourth dimension you wash and style it.

#3: Brusk Spiky Cutting

It’s a proficient idea for a pixie haircut to heave the upshot from layers with an undercut, especially for a cut that’s actually short. It lifts layers and allows for tousled, messy spikes, inherent to a laid-back, devil-may-care kind of haircut.

#4: Fluffy Gray Hairstyle with Undershave

Only the most confident woman is willing to blend ii extremes in one style: pixie cutting with shaved sides and gray pilus. The sides and back are shaved to the skin, and the longer, graduated layers burst up and around the crown to contrast the undershave and consummate this fun, quirky way.

#5: Nigh a Faux Militarist

Faking a faux hawk is piece of cake with very curt hair. This ‘practise relies on textured layers styled in spikes on top and slicked on the sides to create the needed shape. Styling wax or gel helps with this chore. It must be mentioned that platinum blonde color is on-point with such assuming hairstyles.

#6: Half Blonde One-half Blackness Brusque Pixie

Can’t decide if yous want to get blonde or black? No need to! The short 2-toned pixie is the perfect solution. When y’all bleach a very brusque cut partially, leaving your roots natural it’s optimal for dimension and maintenance. And with this high dissimilarity of colors, it’south a real head turner!

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#7: Edgy Asymmetrical Haircut

This hair cut represents the best of both worlds: existence long in front and on top, it’s short and stacked in the dorsum. The latter creates much-needed volume in the back, while the former frames the face and highlights the eyes. A divergence in lengths within a cut is very of-the-moment, and it offers a perfect opportunity to add together some color to highlight the layers, such equally platinum blonde or some bright shade of your choice.

#8: Undercut Pixie Haircut

This hair is equally pale and soft equally dandelion fluff! Information technology’due south closely cropped, almost shaved on the sides and chopped on pinnacle with the length increasing towards the quiff. Well, information technology’s a cool androgynous cut.

#ix: Choppy Crop

Inspiring brusk pixie haircuts are easy to find and recreate. To brand a short haircut stand up out, a little disproportion always helps. The bangs are jagged and cut at an angle. Uneven bangs add both interest and a fun frame to styles like this.

#x: Very Short Textured Ash Blonde Cut

A fabulous example of how brusque you tin can go with a pixie-cutting and still stay youthful and feminine. Boyish, (but not masculine past whatsoever means); a very short textured back and neat sides requite style to a flounce of tamed blonde locks at the top.

#xi: Bedhead Look

Brusk tousled hairstyles are and then beautiful, plus, they’re extraordinarily easy to achieve. This haircut looks incredible on women with wavy or curly hair. Styling is as fast and effortless as a simple comb of the fingers. Just make sure to enquire for a cutting that’s a bit longer on acme and shorter on the sides.

#12: Chichi Textured and Undercut Pixie Cut

Womanly and highly fashionable, ane of the all-time examples of short pixie haircuts looks fabled in an ashen blonde with a pink undertone. The contrast of textures and lengths lets your hair make a statement of its own.

#13: Short Spiky Pixie Brushed Forward

Can we go a “Hail Caesar?” Say hello to the brushed-forward pixie hairstyle that looks like information technology walked correct out of Aboriginal Rome. However, a white blonde frosting over a mousy-brown base color really modernizes this classic look. Straight, pointed sideburns are a wonderful choice to accent the cheekbones.

#xiv: Short Cut with Feathered Baby Bangs

Face-framing babe bangs and triangular sideburns are the hallmarks of a brusk pixie cut. These classic hairstyles look not bad on women who are confident and don’t mind wearing their tresses in a super brusque cut.

#15: Neat Textured Boyish Haircut

Very short haircuts for women provide a adolescent advent. The cut in this length is easy to style and doesn’t require anything but a towel dry.

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#sixteen: Very Brusk Spiky Blonde Cutting

Modernistic, assuming, and edgy — very brusque pixie haircuts are a variant you lot can’t miss. Bright blond spikes cropped close to the head, barely-there bangs, and the abrupt emphasis of dark eyebrows brand this cut a stylish combination that is great for nights out at the club, and totally appropriate for days at the office.

#17: Rich Brunette Pixie for Wavy Hair

This is a timeless pixie-do for the feminine adult female who has been blessed with natural wavy locks. A slightly longer variation of the popular short cutting, you’ll be able to piece of work with your waves instead of fighting against them. Just a finger-pick and a tousle on top, and you’re on your fashion!

#18: Hepburn-Inspired Pixie Haircut

Picture Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina after she returns from Paris with flawless cooking skills, killer confidence, and a sophisticated haircut. Audrey brought pixie haircuts for women into mainstream, making them the most indelible brusque styles. This soft, confront-framing ‘do is definitely Audrey-inspired, and information technology’s a must for doe-eyed beauties with a stunning os structure.

#19: Spiky Brownish and Greyness Pixie

Here is a textured pixie cut that anyone tin can take fun with! The long bangs tin can be worn swept to ane side, combed over or spiked up. The nape is squared off and perfected. The greyness-brown color palette adds to the visual interest of the trendy urban hairstyle.

#20: Sliced Tousled Pixie with Brusk Sides

If short hair is sexy, then very brusk pixie haircuts are even sexier! The side-swept bangs add dynamics, and the tousled crown department brings some extra texture and height. The closely cropped sides and white blonde highlights contribute to the bold look that shows off the ears and your swanlike cervix.

#21: Bright White Textured Crop

The brilliant white colour of this super brusque pilus is just a small part of its appeal. The fluffy texture of the closely cropped pixie helps each piece stand out and provides a sense of fullness around the head. The baby bangs and micro sideburns frame the face and ooze modernistic edginess.

#22: Black Messy Tousled Pixie

When you are because brusque and sassy haircuts, you might be thinking of the one with a messy tousled tiptop and slap-up, tapered sides. You’d be correct! A archetype pixie that works for textured hair of whatsoever color, the art is in the messiness. Who says windy days have to be a hassle for your hair?

#23: Sleek Silverish Undercut Pixie

If y’all have directly hair only want to stay abroad from very short haircuts because you lot think they look also boyish, consider a more feminine pixie with lots of long layers roofing the undercut. The back has a lot of fullness and book.

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#24: Sleek Tapered Pixie with Bangs

The side-parted pixie has tons of feminine appeal and works great for thick, direct hair. The dorsum and sides are cropped close to the scalp, and the sideburns are shaved into perfect triangles. It’s a hairstyle that tin look corporate and edgy, and it’s super easy to style.

#25: Piece-y Blonde Pixie for Textured Hair

If you lot’re blessed with thicker textured pilus that tends to have a mind of its ain, you’ll honey the way our “piece-y” pixie works with your waves. Consummate it with a fairly bright and glimmering metallic blonde and get gear up to be bombarded with “Who does your hair?” questions wherever you become.

#26: Silverish Undercut with Long Choppy Layers

Bouncy and eye-grabbing, the very short undercut around the sides and back sets off the full, long, pointed layers of the crown department. To pull off this look, you need to accept confidence and let your hair be the star of the prove.

#27: Short Androgynous Cut for Girls

Unassuming, neat, and way-forward, going the androgynous route is a trendy style to pay homage to the super short haircuts of today. The sharply angled and closely shaven undercut certainly lends itself to adolescent vibes, while the free-flowing longer locks boldly state: “I’k all girl!”

#28: Absurd Finely Chopped Spiky Pixie

If yous have very fine, directly hair, yous might want to consider this spiky pixie hairstyle that increases the acme and depth of your brusque pilus by shaggy layers. A little bit of product helps to volumize and go along the crisscrossed strands but where you want them. Blonde babylights make the hairstyle look calorie-free and natural.

#29: Textured Blonde Pixie Crop

The side-swept baby bangs and the radiant grayness blonde hair color create a soft and sophisticated hairstyle that is perfect for professional women who desire to keep things natural and piece of cake to maintain. A super short pixie brushed forrad also helps to disguise fine hair that may be thinning according to female pattern hair loss .

#30: Very Short Textured Grey Hairstyle

If y’all’ve decided to cut your hair really short merely you still desire to retain texture and volume, castor information technology forward. Thin hair will await thicker, and the short bangs and triangular sideburns add a hint of youthful femininity.

#31: Playful Pixie with Angled Locks

Sami Gayle looks wonderful with her pixie cutting. Short hair is a visiting card of the immature actress. Her image of a fragile teenage girl is simply adorable! The angled locks create wonderful texture. Besides, the offered variant, you may also style those feathers spiky or brushed backwards with a lift at the roots.

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#32: Fluffy Razored Brunette Pixie

The spiky top and side-swept baby bangs give an urban, mod experience to brusque pixie haircuts. Match your dark dark-brown hair color to your eyebrows to raise the chic and dramatic flair of your look. The long, athwart sideburns are frail and feminine.

#33: Easy Version of Elegant Pixie Hairstyle

And Kellie Pickler’s hairstyle can be easily re-created at home if you lot take fourth dimension and desire. Yous need to blow dry your locks with a round castor and rummage them back with a styling production. Information technology’south amend to utilise wax or pomade.

short pixie haircut styled elegantly

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

#34: Short and Sexy

The popular cropped pixie can be worn slicked, swooped or spiked — the possibilities are countless. If book is what you lot are after, one of the best ways to get a textured cut is with choppy layers. They create movement and volume within the longer sections of your hairdo.

#35: Short Shaggy Pixie

This cute brusque shaggy pixie features triangular sideburns and short spiky layers that proceed it looking crisp and edgy. The partial highlights give depth and make the extra-short fashion more than visually interesting.

#36: Neat Curt Pixie with Glasses

For girls who like to wear their hair short and groovy, a simple pixie cutting is the way to go. The ash blonde cutting is parted on the side and combed smooth on the top, so there are no flyaways. You can tuck a few strands backside the ears and habiliment a pair of oversized glasses for a trendy look.

#37: Women’s Blonde Fade Cut

The shaved sides of the brusque pixie fade cutting give it a masculine edge, just the crisscrossed locks imitating a braid are feminine. Braiding looks incredible even on the shortest hairstyles. Bright blonde with night roots is an attractive color combination that looks fantastic on most skin tones.

#38: Women’due south Fade with a Side Blueprint

This is an epic pixie undercut, to say the least. The color is fierce, especially the style the silver locks contrast with the dark base of operations. The real attention-grabber is the shaved, arrow-inspired line. Undercuts and fades offer enough of space for creative designs.

#39: Super Short Pixie with Darkened Roots

Morena Baccarin has archetype facial features and a foursquare face up shape that, luckily, lacks very pronounced angles. Such a confront looks good with haircuts of any length, and a very short cut is not an exception. If you cartel to chop off your locks very brusk, think of an interesting hair color idea. With short hair you lot tin hands unleash your fantasy!

short pixie haircut for blonde hair

Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

#40: Pixie Brushed to 1 Side

Blonde hair and blue eyes make a winning combo. Swept to the side, the bangs both stand out and frame the face up, making the cut look feminine and pretty in spite of existence so brusque.

#41: Highlighted Pixie

The pixie with a razored end is fresh and edgy, so information technology’s definitely going to make you look younger. The highlights bring this ‘practise to the next level of sassy, lightening and brightening the longer strands on top.

#42: Brusk Work of Art

Short pixie cuts are universally highly-seasoned, which means they volition never go out of mode. Merely, sometimes y’all need to shake things upwards and refresh the wait if you lot accept been wearing information technology for a while. Considering there is not a lot of length to work with, try painting a pattern into the flat section of your way that can easily be done out at the end of the day.

#43: Hawk-Like Hairstyle

This is a fabulous fake mohawk, right downward to the silver shade. Information technology’s one of the most popular pixie haircuts – in the archetype faux militarist manner, it’s long on top and tapered on the sides. It takes a production with first-class hold to maintain those loftier spikes. Go for a wax or a powerful hairspray, simply avoid anything that leaves a sticky residual.

#44: Chic Choppy Pixie for Round Faces

Recollect a short pixie haircut won’t piece of work with your round face? Call up again! If you opt for a textured cutting that builds an additional height on the crown of your head, it will visually elongate and slim a full face.

#45: Curt Pixie with Long Layers

Notice the way the bangs are feathered forward in sharply angled layers. The “points” of hair on the brow and temples are signature details for this ‘practice. Nosotros believe such refined short pixie cuts brand the wearer look similar an actual pixie!

#46: Pretty Punk Cut

Jagged, uneven pixie hairstyles take a definite punk feel. This is an example of extreme asymmetry that leaves several long locks framing the face. Everything else is super brusk, which creates a stunning, eye-catching contrast of lengths.

#47: Brusque Pixie with Side Undercuts

Short pixie hairstyles with undercuts are a perfect choice for assuming, artistic, or playful women who enjoy having fun with their hairstyles. In improver to the fabulous fade of the undercut sections, there’due south a definite mohawk vibe going on here, fabricated even more daring past the lovely lilac color.

#48: Chic Short Style

Everything about this cutting is tres chic. The sides and back are closely shorn similar in the professional person men’s cuts. To contrast the extra short sides, this fashion is long on top and softly feathered forwards. This is a modern update for the classic cut.

#49: Burgundy Spice Pixie

Pixie haircuts for women are a must-take for ladies with big eyes and chiseled cheekbones that they are dying to show off. If yous want to experiment with colour in the chilly months, this is a expert pick because information technology’southward vibrant while still being absurd toned — although information technology tin can definitely work year circular. Bonus points for matching your lipstick in a similar wine shade.

#50: Classy Side-Parted Tapered Pixie

A “fine” choice for women with infant-fine hair, the side-parted brusque pixie uses athwart styling and direct lines to create a wispy, professional appearance. A slight spikiness on the crown offers only the right amount of frivolity and youthfulness.

#51: Messy Chopped Pixie with Blonde Balayage

If you ask most women who prefer beautiful pixie haircuts why they similar them, they commonly answer: “They’re fast and like shooting fish in a barrel to style.” We couldn’t agree more! This messy, tousled bronde balayage hairstyle offers the best of both worlds: sophistication and maturity combined with the wash and wear convenience.

#52: A-Line Pixie Hairstyle with Highlighted Texture

Julianne Hough is a gorgeous blonde with bluish eyes. The curt cutting makes her advent even brighter than it is naturally. The exquisite highlights raise the texture and add a dimensional event. All it takes to look ravishing is to make a simple A-line hairstyle with your favorite styling product.

a-line hairstyle for short pixie haircut

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#53: Cool-Toned Cut

Smoke toned hair colors are extremely pop this year, just it’south of import to consult a professional then that your colour does not look like gray box dye. The hue above is a circuitous mix of silvery, imperial and nighttime dark-brown at the base of operations to create depth. This is perfect for women with thin strands who desire to make their short cuts look thicker.

#54: Copper Red Pixie With Bangs

For some women, crazy haircuts and colors may not work in the role environment (or they simply aren’t your style). If this is your case, sophisticated layers in a rich vibrant color are your all-time bet to stand out while still existence conservative.

#55: White Blonde with Inclement Layers

White blonde is a more creative spin on the standard blonde pixie cut. The bleached color and sharp layers are an edgy dissimilarity to sweet facial features.

#56: Edgy Blonde Cutting for Oval Faces

While people may look at blondes as cute and bubbly, with the right brusk pixie cut, blonde hair can actually come off as tough and help y’all channel your inner bad girl. The central is to look for matte shades with relatively minimal highlights.

#57: Silvery and Shaggy

While a few greyness strands may exist a sign of getting older (and wiser), a full-on smoky greyness look shows off your playful, youthful side. Thick, luscious waves on top provide an effortless, “I woke upwardly like this” vibe that embodies coincidental chic. The perfect curt pixie haircut for a creative collegiate.

#58: Deep Red Haircut with Wavy Bangs

If you have a pale complexion, play off of it by contrasting your pare tone with a fiery red hue. The color stands out by itself, but it might seem also vivid and edgy for some when styled with straight or spiky strands. Past calculation waves to your short layered haircut, you lot can maintain a soft romanticism within your style.

#59: Edgy Pixie with Lots of Texture and Highlighted Bangs

If your hair is thin, choose with your stylist a book-boosting hair color solution with darkened roots and sun-bleached ends. Mode your pixie with lots of texture. Mia Wasikowska shares with u.s. a very cute “bedhead” pixie look. We love!

short pixie haircut with ombre

JaguarPS / Shutterstock.com

#lx: Brusk Pixie Hairstyle and Shaved Mohawk

If yous feel that your overall look is too boring, a Mohawk is a skillful way to testify off your creative side through your haircut. With such a statement look, keep your color simple with a subtle ash blonde hue.

Looking through the pictures of curt pixie haircuts, you have probably noticed that they are very versatile. This ways chances are high there’s a cut and way which flatter y’all ideally. You only need to find it. Perhaps our ideas have given you some nutrient for idea. And if you lot are still unsure, consult a good stylist. Expert luck to you in searches of your individual style!

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