How to Do a Half-Up French Braid Crown in 6 Easy Steps

A one-half-up French braid crown is a chichi mode of doing your hair in a braid. The hairstyle is a versatile half updo that gives you a professional nonetheless casual seamless wait. It refers to the top half department of the hair styled on a French complect across the crown of the caput while the bottom one-half section is freely falling over the shoulders. This style works well on both long and short hair. Whether it’s a boho style mode trend, a formal event or any casual daily wear, the half-upwards French braid crown is a wonderful way of styling naturally cute hair.

What Is the Divergence between a French and a Dutch Braid Crown?

A French braid crown is simply creating a French braid across the crown of the head. Compared to a typical braid crown, the look is more than difficult to make because a regular braid is done past simple parting the pilus 2 and braiding the pilus. The two braids are tied together at the dorsum of the head to course a crown.

While the French complect refers to adding sections of the pilus every bit the braid is overlapped, the Dutch braid is done by adding sections of pilus and crisscrossing information technology nether the complect. This creates a smoother and more prominent style over the head as compared to the French braid.

Half Up French Braid Crown

Half-Up French Braid Crown

Half-Up French Complect Crown How-To: Step-past-Step Tutorial

Step one.
Start off by departing the hairline at the center of the caput to create 2 equal portions of the hair. Grab a line of hair-following the hairline — and backcomb from the middle office of the hair all the fashion to the roots. This adds volume to extremely thin hair.

How to Do a Crown Braid: Step 1

Tease at the crown to add together volume.

Step 2.
Offset French braid past taking three parts of the hair right at the hairline — brainstorm on which is the preferred side first. Cross over the right section of the middle section and overlap the left section over the centre section. Alternatively make a crisscross blueprint by adding parts of the hair and overlapping the right over the middle section, and the left over the heart section of the hair.

How to Do a Crown Braid: Step 2

Do a French braid using just the top role of the pilus.

Pace 3.
Exercise the complect only until behind the ear, and continue braiding the hair until it reaches halfway behind the head. Go along braiding the rest of the section of the pilus in a regular braid. Secure the braid with a condom necktie and start braiding the other side of the crown.

How to Do a Crown Braid: Step 3

Go along braiding the rest of the section of the hair in a regular braid.

Step 4. Echo steps ane, two and 3 until all hair is incorporated into the complect. Equally you lot braid along, tug the patterns forth the side to create a bigger or a modified French complect. This adds volume to the hairstyle since a tight French complect would result to a sparse crown over the head.

How to Do a Crown Braid: Step 4

Make a French braid on the other side.

Pace five.
Grab both ends of the braids and wrap ane over the other, and secure them into place using bobby pins.

How to Do a Crown Braid: Step 5

Grab both ends of the braids and wrap one over the other.

Pace six.
Later on securing the braids into place, untangle the bottom department of the pilus. Take sections of the pilus and ringlet them using a apartment iron.

How to Do a Crown Braid: Step 5

Curl the rest of your pilus.

Video-Tutorial How to Exercise a Half-Up French Braid Crown

Whether you lot’re looking for a new fashion to sport your short or long hair, a half-up french complect crown is a style that works for all and for all occasions. You don’t have to go on a special occasion to look and feel feminine like a princess. This is a wonderful half-do that doesn’t crave actress accessories or extra care to go along it on the whole day. Trying on new ways of wearing your pilus is pretty unproblematic, all you need are pins and braids and yous’re off to sport a new and trendy wait.

Half Up French Braid Crown For Short Hair

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