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I’ve had a number of people ask me to write a post on
Natural Hair Dye Ideas. The reason being that these people know how toxic the typical hair dyes tend to be and they are searching for a healthy alternative.

Most hair dyes that y’all volition find in a box or in a salon have:

  1. hydrogen peroxide
  2. ammonia – responsible for the strong olfactory property, ammonia opens the shaft and has been shown to weaken pilus.
  3. PPD (para-phenylenediamine) – coloring agent. EPA warns of many harmful effects like asthma, tremors, and coma!
  4. Parabens – preservative
  5. Resourcinol – coloring agent, considered toxic, harms immune organization

I could go on, but you get the picture. Dying your hair can be fun and make you feel younger, fresh, and beautiful. The swell matter is, you lot don’t have to give up dying your hair.

I have a number of natural hair dye ideas that give vibrant, wonderful results. In fact, they’re not just beautiful and safety, but they are fifty-fifty super salubrious for your hair! My friend tells me that Suvarna provides a range of organic hair dyes. It is worth checking out if y’all’re interested.

I first want to talk about Henna, considering it tin can be used with a combination of herbs to create many dissimilar colors. It is peachy for your hair! For more specific information about henna, encounter my post
Henna Benefits and Uses.

Henna Natural Pilus Dye Ideas

Henna is usually sold in a powder. Pure henna is simply leaves that have been dried and crushed and is oft called Scarlet henna considering pure henna will requite an orange/scarlet color, though this varies depending on your natural pilus color.

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Other types of henna really mean that it is a natural pilus dye that may accept henna in it – combined with other ingredients.
This is where yous must exist conscientious if you’re looking for a natural hair dye.

Some companies who sell henna hair dyes
will add preservatives and dye enhancers that are toxic. In that location are cute natural choices out there though! I get mine from Starwest Botanicals for this very reason.

Scarlet Henna (Notice Here)

Pure Red Henna Powder

Neutral Henna (Discover Hither)

Ofttimes used to obtain like henna conditioning benefits. Though it’due south called nautral henna, it is not henna! Information technology’due south actually


, or Senna. A wonderful herb for the hair, but not henna. They’re not trying to pull a fast one on you. Information technology’s just ordinarily called neutral henna in natural hair dying circles.

Blonde Henna (Detect Hither)

Neutral Henna Powder, Chamomile Flower Powder, Cherry Henna Powder, Goldenseal Root Powder

Brown Henna (Discover Here)

Red Henna Powder, Indigo Powder, and Coffee Powder

Black Henna (Find Here)

No henna, it’s actually Indigo powder (commonly chosen black henna in pilus dye circles)

Mahogany Henna (Find Here)

a combination of Red Henna Powder and Indigo Pulverisation

9 Natural Hair Dye Ideas from Simple Life Mom

Other Herbal Natural Pilus Dye Ideas

Other herbs tin can be used in the hair with a very subtle issue that takes place slowly over months of rinsing. I have used some of these and felt like they made my pilus seem richer and more vibrant, merely there was no noticeable colour alter. Y’all’re not going to change your pilus from light brownish to super nighttime, or from brown to cherry-red highlights. Instead, like I mentioned above, you’ll proceeds a richness to your own hair color.

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Many of u.s.a. who are around or past the age of 40 kickoff to see a alter in pilus color. As hormones change, pilus can become dull, losing it’south luster. These herb rinses aid. For more Herbal Hair rinses see my post: ten Herbal Organic Hair Rinses.

Herbal Instructions

Y’all can easily buy these herbs in bulk and brand “teas” with them that volition enrich your hair over time. Simply steep ane Tbsp of the herb in a loving cup of hot water. Allow it to cool and utilize in combination with other ingredients or teas.

Feel free to add other herbs for various highlights. For example, if you lot have dark pilus and would similar to add lighter tones, use the herbs for blonde hair. If you lot’d like ruby-red highlights or to enrich your blonde tones, add together herbs for red pilus.

For Blondes:

  • Utilise Equal parts
    lemon juice
    calendula tea, and goldenseal tea
    (or add 2 Tbsp of each herb to 2 cups water
  • Wash hair normally and and so rinse with the lemon juice and calendula tea. Permit sit for as long as possible.
  • Because of the acidity of the lemon yous will desire to rinse your hair somewhen. If you only use the calendula you lot tin can leave it in without rinsing.

For Brunette and Black Hair:

This should add richness to your hair whether you are a lighter brown or darker.

  • Use 2 tea bags and steep in hot water to make very dark tea.
  • Or make coffee and add together coffee or espresso powder.
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For Red Heads:

  • Use Hibiscus tea, or a beet root or alkanet root hot water infusion (make equally you would tea)
  • Wash pilus ordinarily and apply the rinse. Leave on hair.

I like to employ henna. My red pilus was beginning to lose its vibrancy and red henna on my red pilus makes it peppery and I LOVE it!

I am writing upwardly a consummate how to dye your hair with henna, pace by step, and will get it to you in a few days in case you desire to take the leap and go some really beautiful natural colors. As noted above, you tin utilise henna and a combination of herbs for permanent colors of all shades.