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Gacha Life hairstyles – A couple of choices for the ladies and gentlemen

You lot’ll await cute as a ladybug with these fancy Gacha Life hairstyles

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We’re going to check out some of the best
Gacha Life hairstyles, for both female and male person characters today. Let’s make you look fashionable!

Gacha Life is a favourite of many and for all the right reasons. It’s such a compelling and fun game that it’s impossible not to allow yourself be drawn by all the customisation options available. You can create your very own character, clothes them upwardly with endless unique outfits, and even style their pilus in various funky ways.

How to choose the right Gacha Life hairstyle for your character?

The main aspect we need to wait at when creating a graphic symbol, quite obviously, is what you’re trying to achieve. If you lot want a sleek expect, and so y’all want to stay abroad from messy hairstyles. Color likewise plays an important role when choosing a hairstyle, since information technology can make your character popular.

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Brand sure to ever consider your clothes when creating a character, because some hairstyles will fit ameliorate than others. For instance, if you’re trying to create an OC
(‘OC’ meaning ‘original character’)
with a formal look, you should cull a hairstyle that doesn’t have whatsoever loose or messy hairs – that will contradict the look. On the other mitt, if yous’re trying to create a
character, you’re gratis to choose a hairstyle as messy as it gets.

Where to edit the hairstyle?

You can observe the hairstyle in the Dress Up section. There, y’all’ll exist able to see a push button that reads ‘Hair’. Tap on it and you lot’ll be able to alter your OC’due south look. When you first open the game and create your very starting time graphic symbol, this selection will be located on the bottom side of the screen.

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With that in mind, each hairstyle in Gacha Life has several sections, allowing for quite literally countless options. Here they are:

  • Rear hair (the “main” section of the pilus, at the peak/dorsum of the head)
  • Back hair (the department of the hairstyle that you’ll run across behind the neck/caput, besides where you select the long or short hairstyles)
  • Forepart hair (or the ‘bangs’ – this section tin cover your character’s face and eyes too)
  • Ponytail (if you want your character to have an extra ponytail or only a ponytail)
  • Hair tip (one of several strands of pilus sporting from the elevation of your character’s caput)

How to change the colour?

There is also a number of means you can color your pilus, and so feel free to get equally artistic as you want. Don’t worry about making a correct or wrong choice, because any colour combination is unique and can work – given you accept into consideration the outfit colours too!

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Since the game doesn’t exactly explicate how you tin change the colour of specific items, here are a few tips on how you lot can achieve your desired await:

  • Base of operations
    colour: this will cover the majority of your head, and if you choose to combine information technology with a dissimilar “Fade” color, it will blend naturally, causing a beautiful fade betwixt the two.
  • Fade
    colour: this volition exist the color roofing the middle section of your head; if y’all have long hair, it volition exist more than visible, just if you have short hair, it’ll look like the tips of the hair are unlike.
  • Tips: these are basically solid highlights in your bangs (Front pilus).
  • Acc. (Accessory) colour: if you take whatever pilus accessories, this will change their colour into a solid color of your choice.
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That beingness said, you should now have a improve agreement of how yous tin can customise your character’s hairstyle. Below, nosotros’ve covered some fun and unique hairstyles and hair colours that should give yous an idea of what you can achieve with a piffling bit of time and creativity. Feel free to check these Gacha Life hairstyles below and let us know your thoughts! Which is your favourite?

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Gacha Life Female Hairstyles

The female hairstyles I’ve chosen vary quite a lot. They tin be used in a variety of ways and with countless outfit options, and then feel free to get creative and come up with your very own fix of accessories and apparel to match them!

Hairstyle #i – Minty Casual

Rear Hair: 72
Dorsum Hair: 45
Front Pilus: 81
Ponytail: 0
Pilus Tip: 0

Hairstyle #1 - Minty Casual

Hairstyle #2 – Gorgeous Princess Locks

Rear Pilus: 16
Back Hair: 63
Front Hair: 135
Ponytail: 62
Pilus Tip: 32

Hairstyle #2 - Gorgeous Princess Locks

Hairstyle #3 – Wolfy

Rear Hair: 43
Back Hair: 53
Forepart Pilus: 37
Ponytail: 0
Hair Tip: xix

Hairstyle #3 - Wolfy

Hairstyle #4 – Lioness Mane

Rear Hair: 30
Dorsum Hair: 64
Front Hair: 8
Ponytail: 56
Pilus Tip: 0

Hairstyle #4 - Lioness Mane

Hairstyle #5 – Cute Cat Maid

Rear Hair: 39
Dorsum Hair: 56
Front Pilus: ten
Ponytail: 0
Hair Tip: 0

Hairstyle #5 - Cute Cat Maid

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Hairstyle #vi – Pinky Ponytail

Rear Hair: 116
Back Hair: 62
Forepart Hair: 71
Ponytail: 49
Hair Tip: 11

Pinky Ponytail

Hairstyle #7 – Goth Lolita

Rear Hair: 114
Back Pilus: 54
Forepart Hair: 135
Ponytail: 54
Pilus Tip: 46

Goth Lolita

Hairstyle #8 – Stunning Short Bob

Rear Pilus: 3
Back Hair: 36
Front Hair: 58
Ponytail: 0
Pilus Tip: 0

Stunning Short Bob

Hairstyle #nine – Messy Ponytail

Rear Hair: nine
Back Hair: 29
Forepart Hair: 111
Ponytail: sixteen
Hair Tip: 15

Messy Ponytail

Hairstyle #ten – Long Wavy Pilus and Side Ponytails (Mage Look)

Rear Hair: 93
Back Hair: 59
Forepart Hair: 91
Ponytail: vii
Hair Tip: 4

Long Wavy Hair and Side Ponytails


Gacha Life Male person Hairstyles

These hairstyles are some of my favourites for male characters. Since we decided to keep this list adequately compact, we haven’t added a whole lot. Of course, you can create unique ones such as Samurai, or fifty-fifty ane that will resemble Lelouch – if you’re looking for more, let usa know downward in the comments beneath!

Hairstyle #1 – Cool true cat

Rear Pilus:243
Back Hair: 2
Front end Hair:250
Ponytail: 0
Hair Tip: 26

Gacha Life hairstyle #1 - Cool cat

Hairstyle #two – Moonshine Absurd True cat

This is a second variant of the Cool Cat, since I couldn’t decide which one was better.

Rear Hair: 243
Back Hair: 2
Front Hair: 225
Ponytail: 0
Hair Tip: 24

Gacha Life hairstyle #2 - Moonshine Cool Cat

Hairstyle #three – Rebel Duo-tone

Rear Hair: 215
Back Hair: one
Front end Hair: 250
Ponytail: 0
Hair Tip: 39

Rebel Duo-tone

Hairstyle #4 – Side Part Vamp-wolf

Rear Hair: 241
Back Hair: 2
Front Hair: 249
Ponytail: 0
Hair Tip: 9

Hairstyle #v – Sleek Mid-part (or ‘The Villain Look’)

Rear Hair: 207
Back Hair: ii
Forepart Hair: 258
Ponytail: 0
Hair Tip: 27

Sleek Mid-part

Hairstyle #6 – Base Buzz Cut

Rear Hair: 235
Dorsum Hair: 2
Front Hair: 242
Ponytail: 0
Hair Tip: 44

Base Buzz Cut

Hairstyle #7 – Vampire

Rear Hair: 201
Back Hair: one
Front end Hair: 208
Ponytail: 0
Pilus Tip: 0

Gacha Life Vampire hairstyle

Hairstyle #eight – Kuma Bear

Rear Hair: 254
Back Pilus: 2
Forepart Hair: 292
Ponytail: 0
Hair Tip: 27

Kuma Bear

Hairstyle #nine – The Gamer Hairstyle

*Uses Headset accessory

Rear Hair: 241
Back Hair: 2
Forepart Hair: 208
Ponytail: 0
Hair Tip: 41

The Gamer Hairstyle

Hairstyle #10 – Sleek Long Hair

Rear Pilus: 207
Dorsum Hair: 73
Front Hair: 289
Ponytail: 0
Hair Tip: 0

Sleek Long Hair

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