4 Stylish Bun Hairstyles in Easy Video Tutorials

From a workout in the gym to your best friend’s wedding – a stylish bun is versatile and tin exist the right hairstyle for pretty much any occasion.

While you may rock your usual bun like a queen, just like with any hairstyle, things can become boring and may demand spicing up every in one case in a while.

But don’t worry – there are enough of stylish bun hairstyles to choose from, and we volition show you how you can master 4 new depression bun hairstyles today. With our like shooting fish in a barrel-to-follow video tutorials, you’ll learn how to create these unique and stylish updos in just a few easy steps.

Depression Braided Bun

There isn’t a better way to add a bit of elegance to your updo than by braiding information technology first. This super sophisticated loose braided bun tin can be created in a simply few easy steps, with the help of a few hair pins and elastics.

Step 1.
Start off by teasing your roots with a fine-toothed comb to give your updo more height and book. Put your heart into information technology – the more you backcomb, the longer it volition terminal!

Step 2.
Bring back the top role of your hair and fix it with a modest hair tie. Use your fingers to make a hole right to a higher place the hair band, making sure it’s in the center of the back of your head. Now, let’south ‘topsy tail’ your ponytail – flip it over and into this gap.

Pace 3.
It’s time to do some braiding! Create ii equal portions of the pilus, and braid them into two loose braids. Start pulling the braids apart slightly to give it a lush, fuller wait – even muss information technology up a little fleck. Full looking braids are guaranteed to give your bun more than volume and elegance. Finally, secure both braids with pocket-sized elastics.

Step 4.
Once the braids are done, insert the left braid into the hair you’ve tied at the top of your head, and secure information technology with a pin. Repeat that with the correct braid and secure it with a few more than pins. Are you fix for the compliments?

Low Chignon Bun

Always wondered what made iconic Brigitte Bardot await so sophisticated? It was the low chignon bun, of course.

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Low Chignon Bun

Step 1.
But similar with the depression braided bun, start off by teasing your roots to add together some much-desired height and volume.

Footstep 2.
Section off the superlative layer of your pilus, leaving all the pilus that’s underneath for now. Secure it with a small hair tie, then brand a pigsty in the eye and ‘topsy tail’ it. Pull the braids apart carefully to create a more voluminous look.

Step 3.
Accept the pilus from the sides of your head and tie information technology below the showtime ponytail, once more making a hole in a center and pulling it through. Tease the hair that’due south down to create more volume.

Step 4.
Finally, insert the untied hair into the hair you’ve tied at the top, and secure it with a few u-pins. And – voila!

Depression Pull-Through Bun

If you’ve been wondering what the most glamorous hairstyle looks similar – nosotros nowadays to yous the pull-through bun. Information technology may seem a little more than complicated at first, merely our step-by-pace tutorial will assistance you master this stylish hairstyle quicker than you think.

Low Pull Through Bun

Step 1.
Take a small section of your pilus on the left side of your head, and tie it with a small elastic band, just an inch or 2 above your cervix. Pull the hair you’ve tied apart slightly to avoid it looking flat and lifeless.

Step ii.
Take some other small section of your hair towards the correct side of your head – and tie that with another elastic band. Over again, pull the tied pilus apart very slightly to give it a fuller await.

Pace 3.
In one case you have the ii small ponytails, divide the get-go ane into two parts, and pull the second ponytail through the middle. It may exist helpful to clip information technology to the height of your head to get it out of the way.

Footstep 4.
Separate some other small section of the hair moving to the right side of your head, simply this time add together the hair from the get-go ponytail into that section – and secure it with an elastic band. And then, pull the pilus autonomously on both sides to add together more book.

Step five.
Unclip the pilus from the meridian and do the same thing with the second ponytail: separate it into two equal parts, and pull the ponytail through, clipping the hair to the pinnacle. Repeat this until you use up all the pilus as you movement to the right. We normally do half dozen or 7 ponytails – merely you can exercise every bit many or equally few equally yous like!

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Step six.
Once you have secured the last piece of pilus on the right with a articulate elastic band, pull the hair apart to add volume. Then, braid the remaining hair into a loose braid, mussing it upwardly as you go.

Step 7.
Finally, grab the stop of the complect and slide it under the bun on the left side, fixing it in place with one or 2 hair pins. And now – enjoy looking wonderful!

French Complect Low Bun

Another chic and quick hairstyle is the French braid depression bun. What we love about this depression bun updo with braid is that it’s very elementary – yet and so classy.

French Braid Low Bun

Step 1.
Showtime off by braiding your pilus on the left-mitt side into a French braid. A reminder for those who haven’t done this in a while: pick up a pocket-size section of hair and divide information technology into three equal parts. Cross the right strand of hair over the middle, and then the left strand. Now cross the correct strand over the middle, forth with a new section of hair – and then the left strand, forth with a new department of hair. Continue with the braid downward to the centre of your neck and secure information technology with an rubberband band, leaving some hair on the left side unbraided.

Step two.
Pull the braid apart slightly to create the illusion of fullness. Brand sure you pull on the looped sections, so that information technology doesn’t autumn apart.

Step 3.
At present, let’s piece of work with the hair that’s left united nations-braided on the correct side. Take one strand of the hair and twist it, then bring in and twist the second hair strand. Finally, twist in the third strand – and identify the twisted pilus on acme of where you lot secured the French complect previously.

Step 4.
Carefully pull at the twisted hair to give the side some more volume. Secure the pilus to the French braid at the center of your caput with a few hairpins, and set up it all together with an rubberband. Make certain the hair tie isn’t visible – that should be easier to exercise if you use a pocket-sized elastic.


Footstep v.
In one case information technology’s fixed, twist your pilus from the right side to the left, and pull it autonomously slightly to requite it the illusion of more book. Twist your hair into a relaxed bun, tugging the ends underneath. Use a few hair pins to fix information technology in place – ideally, one on the correct, and one on the left side – but y’all can use a few more if you have thicker pilus. Then uncomplicated, nevertheless so sophisticated!

Cull the Correct Toolkit

To create these fashionable bun hairstyles – and to make them last longer – you may want a little help from the professionals. At that place are several products that will help y’all achieve the look, and here are a few of our absolute favorites:

  • Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme. Before you begin working on your bun hairstyle, you’ll want to make sure that your hair is prepped and ready to look its all-time. Use a drop of Bumble and Bumble Styling Creme earlier you accident-dry your hair to control flyaways besides as add volume and body to your updo.
  • Kerastase VIP Spray. To help your pilus maintain the ‘oomph!’ for longer, you’ll want to utilize the Kerastase VIP Spray before teasing. Information technology’s an instant backcomb event book powder, which gives an updo visibly more than volume.
  • Andalou Naturals Sunflower & Citrus Hair Spray. What’s the fun in mastering a bun if information technology doesn’t stay in identify? Finish off your bun hairstyle with this beautifully citrussy pilus spray from Andalou Naturals. Non only volition it give you lot the concur you’re later on – but volition give your locks the nourishment they deserve!

You lot really don’t need to be a stylist to primary these trendy bun hairstyles – our footstep-by-stride guidance will help you lot achieve these trendy updos in but a few minutes. They’re perfect for those who don’t have much time to play effectually, but love looking glam for hours.

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