60 Versatile Men’s Hairstyles and Haircuts

The fourth dimension when a men’s haircut had to exist uncomplicated and pocket-sized is over. Today’south styles for guys feature dramatic contrasts of length and textures, as well as interesting styling – wet look, tousled hair, spikes, etc. The following 60 hairstyles volition requite yous a charge of inspiration for your next trip to the salon.

Upwardly-to-the-Minute Men’south Hairstyles and Haircuts

Fades, undercuts, swank pompadours, slicked dorsum gelled styles, cool quiffs, side parts, shaved designs, long acme short sides cuts and edgy fauxhawks are something that is extremely popular right now in men’s hairstyles. Below you’ll detect all these in multiple variations.

#one: Side-Swept Undercut

The undercut is, without whatsoever doubt, ane of the almost popular mens hairstyles through the recent seasons. The all-time proof that its appeal is annihilation but temporary is the many variations on this theme. This variant features a blend of fade and undercut with neatly buzzed hair on the sides and halfway up the head in the back, set off by the longer, side-parted top.

#two: Dramatic Quiff Accomplished with Thin Hair

Partly Mohawk, partly pompadour, completed with faded sides, this is a very daring look for younger men and boys. The top is all Elvis, while the sides bring in the punk entreatment. The end-outcome requires some gel upwardly top, for styling purposes, but it definitely has enough swag to recoup.

#three: Long Relaxed Style For Bohemians

Tin information technology get whatsoever simpler, as far as styling is concerned? Nope. If your hair is reasonably thick, slightly wavy, and with no divide ends, go for this hairstyle. All it requires is keeping the locks make clean and conditioned. As a bonus, the length of the pilus will also allow you to experiment with ponytails, braids, and man-buns.

#4: Edgy Spiky Fauxhawk

This is one of those hairstyles for men that perfectly mixes several style influences. It is both reminiscent of 80s stars like Morrissey, too as of 70s disco glitz, in the vein of Elvis. To achieve information technology, the hair was fade-shaved at the lesser, then chopped into several layers. The top layer is long enough to be swept over to ane side, but also spiky. To style it, add a spritz of holding hairspray in the front, and some gel at the dorsum for the wet look effect.

#5: Classic Wet Look With Thick Hair

Men with thick hair tin easily pull off this Meridional vibe. Sweep the top, frontal part of the pilus upwardly, and so slick it back. Create a abrupt side part with a fine-toothed comb, and add a dollop of gel. Work it into your pilus, and yous’re all done. The 5 o’clock shadow makes this style await even more than genuine and sophisticated.

#6: Quiff with Shaved Sides

Pair this look with a goatee that has some sharp outlines—they volition be mirrored by the angles at your hairline. The secret to achieving this style is to shave all the style up, to the crown of the caput, on both sides. Go out the hair brusque in the back, and allow the frontal summit part to feature the contrasting length. Slick information technology back with some gel and that’south all, folks!

#7: Layered Tapered Haircut For Wavy Hair

A tapered haircut is probably the well-nigh frequently encountered mens haircut. It suits both straight and wavy pilus. Pair it with a neatly trimmed bristles and a meat moustache for a modern twist on the classic mode.

#eight: Typical Curt Sides, Long Top Cut For Blondes

Lite colored hair will beautifully show off this hairstyle. The top section is significantly longer than the sides, which are accurately buzzed toward the bottom. Meanwhile, the top is too layered, and gelled, to reach a sexy, slick look. It’s a perfect mode for hitting the clubs on weekends.

#ix: Wavy Pompadour with Highlights

As far equally haircuts for men go, the Pompadour is a classic, inspired by the 17th century puffed up wigs. Information technology was established in its contemporary form in the 1980s, which loved hairstyles with volume, for both men and women. This update on the traditional style throws highlights into the mix—we beloved how the sunny blond strands at the front end dissimilarity with the model’southward very night hair.

#10: Curly and Messy Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair

This model looks like he just woke up similar this, and chances are, he might accept. It’s piece of cake to style this look on naturally curly (or at least wavy hair). You’ll need a good conditioner to avoid frizz, plus a small-scale amount of a curl boost production or mousse to ascertain curls. Work the product into the hair i inch away from the roots and towards the ends.

#eleven: Tapered Afro Superlative

This look for African-American men is ideal for very curly, even kinky or nappy hair. It’s based on a haircut with tapered sides and extra length at the top. The model’s curly pilus makes the peak part look like it defies gravity. If your hair is not that kinky, add a bit of production for concord and volume.

#12: Tapered Pompadour

Here is one of the classiest and neatest haircut styles for men. It’s a serious look for a professional environment but we tin can also picture it at a formal event. Keep the top properly combed, not messy, and feel free to style it with a peanut-sized amount of gel or some pomade.

#13: Fade Haircut with an Ultra-Long Superlative

Now, if y’all’re later a totally hip look, you might similar the fashion in this photo. It features a radical difference in length and texture between the sides and the peak. The acme is kept long, with the pilus tossed in a circular direction. Midway down the head, there’s a faded undercut that makes the transition between the upper role and the lower half. The haircut is finished off with a shaved bottom line.

#14: Authentic Military Cut

This would exist your average, very curt military cut. What sets it apart and makes it very trendy is the razor-sharp hairline. The frontal line, besides as the narrow sideburns, frame the face with precise geometric lines.

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#xv: Upswept Spiky Fauxhawk Style

Celebrities are the best inspiration for cool male hairstyles, and this one definitely channels Jim Carrey in the 1990s. The hair is shorn short at the sides, while the central section that runs towards the nape is left long and chopped into spikes. To style, add some spray or gel for hold, and sweep the top upward with your fingers, defining the ends.

#16: Medium Length Retro Quiff

This hairstyle makes the model look like a 1950s dreamboat. The longer hair at the hairline and the crown is swept gently upward and to i side. It is also dyed a lighter shade than the hair on the sides, to highlight the fashion itself. Finally, pomade adds a sophisticated polished touch to the concluding look.

#17: Messy and Carefree Medium Cutting for Thick Hair

Men with thick hair take a lot of manner options at their disposal. One is this layered look, with a long, side-swept fringe and spiky strands framing the temples. While the sides are not trimmed very short, like in many of the other styles featured here, they have been cutting shorter than the acme nonetheless.

#eighteen: Dyed Style With Layered Fringe And Undercut

Hither’s another androgynous look, ideal for thick hair. Bangs and dyed hair don’t feature too often in mens hairstyles, merely when they exercise, they create unforgettable effects. To attain this look, you need to go chopped bangs with dyed strands, and top it all off with a side undershave, sideburns included.

#19: Gelled Quiff Hairstyle

These days, a lot of good haircuts for men feature very curt trims. Not this one, which is based on near medium-length hair, sleekly swept to the dorsum. Equally it tin can be noticed, styling it requires a lot of hair gel. What sets this look apart is the deep side departing and the sculptured quiff.

#20: Men’due south Medium Length Hairstyle with Highlights

Sleek, long-ish hair has been popular with celebrities, since the days of Johnny Weissmuller (the first histrion who played Tarzan). More recently, dear tennis player Andre Agassi sported a similar look. Most of the hair is swept up and over the top of the head, while the narrow highlights stand in stark contrast with the model’due south natural hair color.

#21: Short Haircut With Shaved Lines

These days, hairstyles for men are condign more than and more creative. If you seek new ideas, know that y’all can ever opt for shaved patterns and geometric shapes in your hair. This style prominently features a double wavy line, which follows the natural contours of the scalp and the cut outlines. To kick, the section between the two lines has been partially shaved to enhance the visual interest of the hairstyle.

#22: Modern Side Swept Manner with Shaved Sides

This is a manner that will remind you of the Great Gatsby, mainly for the remarkable fashion in which it uses styling with pomade. The longer pilus at the height has been slicked to ane side, merely the sides are faded for a contemporary experience. It’s a modernistic, yet timeless look, and it’south likewise very easy to mode!

#23: 360 Waves for Black Men

Black men tin wear dread locks and Afros, simply sometimes they, too, prefer more classic curt styles. Hither is a popular variety with 360 waves. The frontal hairline and the temple angles take been shorn with great precision. Cheers to the short length, this style is very practical in terms of upkeep.

#24: Popular Side Function with Trimmed Beard

This is 1 of the about frequently encountered of all the mens haircuts on our list. And that’s considering it’south unproblematic to achieve and like shooting fish in a barrel to maintain. The hair has been cut fairly curt, with a bit of added length for the height section. The side part and side-swept section create a sophisticated, yet demure look.

#25: New Updated Mohawk

Punk is not what it used to be, that’s for certain. Yes, mohawks and fauxhauks are notwithstanding trendy, merely a truly edgy look present also needs a funky pattern. This hairstyle features a voluminous top, a trimmed undercut with design, plus a lot of attitude!

#26: Spiky Pompadour with a Goatee

Pairing stylish haircuts with facial hair styles is all the rage these days. To illustrate, bank check out the updated, upswept pompadour on this photo. The model has chosen to complement it with a trimmed goatee. In plow, his jawline is enhanced by perfectly angled facial pilus, shorn to simply the right length. In order to sport this wait, designed for men with thick pilus, you may demand to employ some volumizing hair mousse or spray.

#27: Short Tapered Quiff for Balding Men

When you’ve got long, thick hair anything is possible. Simply what about haircuts for men with a receding hairline? Good news! They, too, can sport quiffs, provided they utilize some styling products and keep the length in check with regular visits to their hairstylist.

#28: Undercut for Long Messy Pilus

This fun fashion looks different from the others, but features the cut with the same pop concept – closely clipped sides with a top that has been allowed to abound out. The model has naturally wavy pilus, which he has styled with some gel, to become the moisture look. Nosotros dear that the outcome is carefree, yet still stylish and well-groomed.

#29: Fashionable Long Quiff with a Side Function

This romantic, layered look is perfect for ellipsoidal faces. It is based on an undercut, with long pilus at the superlative. The pilus should exist long plenty to accommodate a ponytail. Instead of tying information technology back, y’all may besides sweep it to one side.

#30: Long Wavy Hairstyle for a Round Face

Many haircut styles for men put those with a strong jawline at an advantage. Merely what exercise you do when you’ve got natural waves, an oval or round confront, and a hippie personality? You choose this style with the lesser line that frames your face past hitting at the correct angle. Styling suggests awarding of some curlicue-defining production.

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#31: Modern Business Wait for Thick Hair

If y’all’ve got thick hair, you tin opt for this product-free sexy hairstyle. Since the cut follows the natural lines of your hair and scalp, all you’ll need to do is to keep your hair clean and regularly trimmed. The rest volition just fall into place by itself, without any gel or spray. Avoid creating a side part and keep those sideburns neat.

#32: Fade Haircut for Curly Hair

Among the main contemporary types of haircuts, a fade is the uncrowned rex. Information technology has literally been adapted for every hair texture and length. Today, we feature the short and curly variant on our list of top mens hairstyles. It’due south perfect for black men who want to keep their style every bit depression maintenance as possible.

#33: Perfect Fizz Cut for Round Faces

Dissimilar styles for women, male hairstyles don’t always take face shapes into consideration. This may make you cease upwardly with a cut that brings out features you’d much rather hide, similar an overly rotund face. To avert this, opt for a crew cutting with a directly and narrow frontal hairline. Pair information technology with a trimmed goatee, to depict focus on your chin, not your soft jawline.

#34: Trendy Shaved Sides Cut for Long Faces

Got an oval or oblong face up? Then you’re going to desire to avert calculation book at the top. That’south normally the effect that shaved side cuts attain. Even so, to side-footstep this unwanted consequence, you can simply slick back the longer section of your pilus, with the aid of your favorite hair product.

#35: Prissy Elongated Tapered Haircut

Such layered cuts are great for men with brusque to medium pilus. This style features direct hair with some length to it, likewise equally a narrow undercut department well-nigh the hairline. For budget, make certain to shampoo your hair regularly, and to rummage it on a daily basis. Avoid creating a side part for this style.

#36: Spiky Yet Professional Style

Exaggerated tops, which require a lot of styling and hair products, may be fun. However, they are not always advisable for the workplace. For a more demure, still trendy look, you tin can get inspired by this look. The model’s hairstyle features closely clipped sides with the superlative section that’southward only slightly longer. The extra length at the top still allows him to style the hair into short spikes, with a bit of gel for hold and actress definition.

#37: Absurd Messy Hairstyle with Beard

This look is both contemporary and demure, fun and piece of cake to maintain. It features short, trimmed hair on the sides and the choppy, slightly longer top. To style it, work some product into your dry hair. Finger-sweep the fringe to one side and you’re good to go.

#38: Hipster Version of ‘Short Sides, Long Superlative’

Are yous up for a very dramatic, trendy wait? This one sports closely clipped faded sides, blended into carefully trimmed facial hair and contrasted by extra long elevation section. The tiptop should be long plenty for you to exist able to put it up in a ponytail, if the mood strikes. Finally, yous can add some blond highlights and sweep the acme back, with pomade or whatsoever other product of your option for perfect hold.

#39: Long Top Short Sides for African American Men

Not all black guys will feel comfortable sporting a ‘fro, and that’s totally understandable. If you lot want to continue your hair more low-fundamental and low maintenance, try the look you meet here. The sides have been trimmed very short, while the medium length top features naturally wavy hair.

#40: Spiky Cutting with Beard

One of the biggest trends in mens hairstyles nowadays is to coordinate facial hair with what’s upwards top. Case in bespeak, this fun spiky look, complemented by the classical style of beard. While the beard and mustache accept been properly trimmed, the spikes add together a touch of spunk to the model’southward overall look.

Best Mens Hairstyles To Flatter A Round Face

How to choose the all-time hairstyle for a circular face? Your face shape is the chief choice criterion when information technology comes to the correct hairstyles. The most flattering hairstyles for a circular face up are those, elongating it visually, i.e. with an added volume on top and extra short sides. But first yous need a decent base for your hairstyles. Y’all may go for tapered haircuts, fades and cuts with an elongated side quiff. Here are the most fashionable haircuts and hairstyles for men with circular faces from celebrities. They will help you to make the right pick.

#41: Crewcut + Facial Hairstyle

Men choose an extra brusk haircut for dissimilar reasons: thinning hair, low maintenance or a desire to take a clean expect without whatever styling routines. Aaron Paul’s crewcut is slightly elongated on pinnacle. This niggling extra volume and the clean-cut facial hairstyle with predominance of diagonal and vertical lines define your facial contours and elongate your face visually.

JaguarPS / Shutterstock.com

#42: Short Haircut With A Side Quiff

Many men with healthy, thick hair prefer to wear it slightly longer than the common crewcut length. It’s okay for a round face up if you know how to avert certain pitfalls. A straight brusque quiff is a no-no option for a round face. Instead, opt for a side quiff, like Adam Scott’south.

quiff hairstyle for men with round face

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#43: Brusque Haircut With An Elongated Nape Section

Men with curly hair also don’t mind elongated short haircuts. Blake Shelton, for instance, has a very beautiful gyre design to show off. His easy backswept hairstyle provides a nice lift above the forehead and crawly texture.

short hairstyle for men with round face

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#44: Trendy Edgy Haircut For Round Faces Men

The haircut of Freddy Rodriguez meets all possible requirements. It looks cool, fits into any fashion of apparel and corrects proportions of a circular confront. The point cutting ends add a precipitous twist to this style, and it certainly benefits from the maximal volume on top.

short edgy haircut for men with round face

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#45: Ascetic Haircut Of The Agent 007

Amanuensis 007 has no time to manner his hair with a blow-drier. He needs a quick, neat and professional person self-styling option. Then, Daniel Craig goes for a uncomplicated classic cut. Well, every actor has his hair styled by a professional person to step on the reddish carpeting, but we tin picture this cut looking no less clean and accurate in everyday life.

simple short mens haircut for round face

PiotrZajac / Shutterstock.com

#46: All-time Haircut For Men With Circular Faces

All haircuts and hairstyles for men with round faces have no volume at the temples, because it makes a round face announced fifty-fifty wider. Blake Lewis chooses a haircut of the right silhouette. Information technology features the smooth tapering of length at the temples, side function and long point cut pilus on top. This is the best variant of a haircut and hairstyle for a round face.

cool haircut for men with round face

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

#47: Men’due south Medium Edgy Haircut

A stylish medium length haircut is a cool choice for younger guys with a round face. Thomas Dekker’s tapered medium haircut with angled streaks has very wide styling opportunities from dorsum swept straight and wavy hairstyles to grunge, messy styles like in the photo.

medium haircut for men with round face

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

#48: Short-To-Medium Haircut For A Round Confront

Looking peachy for a man with medium hair is non such a large challenge. If you prefer to wear your hair slicked back, you lot may cull a uncomplicated straight curt-to-medium haircut, similar David Spade’s. Information technology looks elegant and flatters a round confront if styled with a root rift above the forehead. Consider besides pairing it with a facial hairstyle to enhance the contours of your chin and jawline.

hairstyle for men with round face

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#49: Black Mens Haircut For Circular Faces

Kanye Due west has a round face. His time-tested choice is a buzz cut and a flattering facial hairstyle – a mustache and highly styled circle beard with super sharp lines.

black haircut for men with round face

EverettCollection / Shutterstock.com

#l: Curt And Neat Men’s Haircut

Elijah Wood’s square face is luck for a man, but same like a round face, it still needs some elongation to guess its proportions to the ideal ones. Elijah opts for a short neat cut with a minor quiff, brushed to 1 side, and creating thus the A-shaped hairline. In combination with some volume on top it gives the desired event.

short haircut for men

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#51: Disheveled Mens Hairstyle

Disheveled men’s looks allow creating trendy hairstyles with the maximal volume on the top of your head. Niall Horan has gone further and tried a absurd ombre look with his natural dark brown hair color being washed into a chic silver blonde tone. Well, Niall, at least now you lot know how you lot’ll expect when you are an former man!:)

edgy men's hairstyle for round face

Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

#52: Elegant Preppy Hairstyle For A Round Face

Disheveled looks are a delightful trend, no doubts, simply if you are not a celebrity, they are not quite appropriate in any setting, whereas preppy hairstyles are among men’s invariable favorites. Matt Lanter looks very confident and stylish with his preppy mode gelled look.

preppy mens hairstyle for round face

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#53: Textured Pilus + Facial Hairstyle

Gerard Butler’s classic men’s haircut needs a special approach to brand it maximally flattering for a round face. Heave the volume and enhance the texture of your pilus with a styling production. Mode the quiff and hair on top with your fingers.

short hairstyle for men with round face

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#54: Slicked Back Hairstyle For Round Faces Men

Leonardo Di Caprio is an instance of a celebrity with romantic looks. Every bit a rule, men of this type have a round face shape and pull off retro looks hands. The thespian combines this effortless slicked dorsum hairstyle with the right type of facial hairstyle, flattering for a round face up – a moustache and a circle bristles.

short slecked back men's hairstyle for round face

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

#55: Tousled Hair For A Round Confront

Disheveled, tousled, and curly short men’s hairstyles ever heighten texture and volume which is a large advantage for men with round faces. Emile Hirsch tries a great hairstyle of this kind. Note that his sides are neatly slicked down.

edgy short men's hairstyle for round face

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

#56: Circular Face Hairstyle – Pompadour

Spencer Boldman has a perfect face shape with angular jawline. We are list his photo hither because he presents a trendy pompadour hairstyle that is likewise very flattering for a circular confront. The book of the quiff styled up with wax or pomade and the short sides residuum the proportions of a confront that needs visual elongation.

men's pompadour hairstyle

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#57: Popular Mens Hairstyle For Round Faces

Jesse McCartney opts for a flattering tapered haircut, but the right styling is no less important to succeed with an excellent look. Depending on the chosen styling product, your hairstyle will look each fourth dimension dissimilar. Pomade is practical for the perfect smooth, texturizing spray adds volume, and wax is good when you demand some actress definition.

tapered men's haircut for round face

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#58: Stylish Casual Hairstyle With Enhanced Texture

Olly Murs decides on a high fade haircut with a prissy length on acme. Styling crème will let yous lift and define the hair on the summit of your head. Piece of work the product with your fingers, paying particular attention to the ends.

casual hairstyle for men with round face

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

#59: Edgy Hairstyle With Acicular Texture

David Paetkau’s sharp style will look cool on thick and medium-to-thick hair. The cool spikes lifted at the roots and sticking to all sides offer a nifty optical illusion for a circular face that begins to look edgier and manlier thanks to the right hairstyle selection.

mens adgy hairstyle for round face

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#lx: Cool Squared Style

A flattering hairstyle is a potent tool to improve the proportions of your face and right its shape visually. Kenny Wormald’south haircut features closely cut sides which create vertical lines and right angles with the pilus on top. Now you just demand to elevator it with a root volumizer.

best hairstyle for men with round face

DFree / Shutterstock.com

Men with round faces should focus on edgy haircuts and hairstyles with closely clipped sides and book above the forehead. The right short or brusk-to-medium hairstyle will ever flatter a man with a round face more medium or long hair. Facial hairstyles also work bully to define the contours of your face. Avert wide sideburns and facial hairstyles with predominance of horizontal lines.

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These were our top 60 trendy hairstyles for men. Be open to try new cuts and styles! Call back that hair is probably the nearly of import component of your overall manner.

Source: https://therighthairstyles.com/20-flattering-hairstyles-for-men-with-round-faces/