Gacha Club Boy Hair Color Ideas

I was not able to download it likewise yous basically scammed me because information technology is not downloading to my IPad

¿Puedes hacer esto para Android y otros teléfonos? Te lo agradecería mmucho/can yous pls brand this for Androids and other phones I would actually appreciate it PLS pls pls

It does not work I take an android nexus and I actually am interested in this app tin you pls make information technology so everyone tin play it 🤗🤗

I actually really really really really really really really actually really really really really really really really really actually really actually really actually wanted to download this app but I couldn’t it wouldn’t open 😢😢😢😢😢😢

tell  me if i post the code

yas am making new oc with adjust 😀

Westwardowie! I Rlly love this

mod! It’s so skilful! Tho, I don’t Accept it notwithstanding my mom commencement needs to practise stuff on family link, but I tried on my sis’s tablet and it’s  and so good!

assistance me download gacha order edition 😫😫

PUT IT ON IPAD TO At present fifty 0/0 of united states of america do play on iPad and it's unfair >:(

Arctic out :/ I understand where you’re coming from, merely you lot don’t need to be so rude.

Not working =(.  Tin can Somebody help me please? I’m on an IPad

It’s for pc if you downloaded the zip file

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Same thing with me 🙁 practice you know if it doesn’t work on I pad

yaaaaas gratis strawberry cowww

yn|??|??|ur profile


thanks! I made her with the outfit

I observe is then funny that there are like serious characters and the effects are just ” SENPAI!! ” “KAWAII” XD

How exercise yous put new hairs in within the game? asking for a friend

it keeps saying that the path is besides long, can someone help me??

Tin can someone please help me? This is what happens when I try to download it. Personally, I don’t wanna utilise emulator because I don’t want to download a virus and so if there is zero, I tin do please tell me.

Maybe this video tin solve your problem

Thank you! I’ll definitely try it! I’ll let yous know if information technology works!

can someone teach me how to play I waited for a twelvemonth

i continue having this adobe fault i dont know how to fix information technology does anyone know how it pops up everytime i try to run the gameImage

double click the file and press extract all so double click on the game

Maybe this video tin solve your problem

Exercise I delete Gacha society or no

NOPE. it downloads like app!

   This is my oc :U

Did you like it :D?

Ooooh they’re so pretty/handsome/beautiful!

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information technology’due south not letting me go the app even when I printing download =(

Probably endeavor to re-download the file if you nevertheless have the file delete it and re-download it.

If you have gacha studio yous have to delete it to get this aye I ran into the same problem kinda

I paid and I even so haven’t gotten my app like where’south my app like it’southward honestly upsetting cuz I demand this app to help my YouTube aqueduct similar where’s my app?

oh, you actually didn’t have to pay

but since y’all did, the money you paid was to support the developer

so you lot only had to click on the text saying: no thank you, just have me to the downloads

y’all don’t need to pay. Impact the no thanks accept me to downloads do that

Been busy need juul http membe much meet jeez membe membe back because demand been decorated juul

awww homo i click exe get-go dosent work

its actually dont know why the karacter like that

well I actually don’t know how to install it

can someone tell me how to exercise information technology???

Hihi!!! I was wondering if someone could assistance me install this mod/g.

Everytime I try to install information technology this pops up. I’m on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite if that helps!!

I want to download this for sure, but is it ok with IOS and Apple?? I don’t wanna download a virus(( please reply

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it  does not work for IOS i tryed it, 😔😔

How you lot edit that pic with not main OC??

ik kan het niet downlaoden kan iemand me helpen?