20 Cute Prom Braid Hairstyles to Try for Medium and Long Hair

Looking for inspiration for prom, homecoming, or your next formal result? Emily from @emshairdiary had collected xx of her favorite braided prom hairstyles just for y’all (all styles were created past her!). Plus, she’ll be sharing some tips, tricks, and how-tos to make sure you tin create a hairstyle equally stunning as the gown you’ll exist wearing. Whether you’re looking for an elegant updo or a carefree downdo, she’due south got you covered!

20 Braided Prom Hairstyles to Recreate or Show Your Stylist

Ready for inspiring pics and useful tips? This listing of prom hairstyles will help you choose ane elegant updo you’ll fall in love with!

#1: Textured French Complect Updo

If you want braided prom hair, and so this textured updo is the perfect style to upstyle a french braid. To create this style:

  1. Start by curling your hair.
  2. And then, complect a french braid downward to only below your ears and pin it in place. To get extra texture, gently pull small sections of the french braid to loosen it.
  3. Pin the remaining curls upward into a low, curly bun.

Textured French Braid Updo

Textured French Braid Updo

#ii: Dutch Fishtail Crown Braid

Prom is your fourth dimension to wearing apparel like a princess, so why not add a crown, right? I dear the soft look of this dutch fishtail crown braid. To create this braid:

  1. Outset a dutch fishtail braid right backside your ear and braid upwards across the top of your head and all away around to the other side.
  2. Pin any extra complect underneath the summit braid to create a seamless circle. The flim-flam to get the nice volume for this style is to use bobby pins in a line all the way effectually the braid and and so to pull the braid to loosen it.
  3. Pull out a few strands around the front and sides for a truly fairy-tale vibe.

Dutch Fishtail Crown Braid

Dutch Fishtail Crown Complect

#iii: Festival Queen Braid

Since some formal dresses are very groomed, it tin be prissy to contrast that with a messy prom braid hairstyle. Interesting braids shouldn’t exist limited to the festival grounds — this center dutch braid going into a messy fishtail volition be a standout style on the trip the light fantastic toe floor. Pair this complect mode with a black dress and statement piece of jewelry.

Festival Queen Braid

Festival Queen Braid

#4: Triple Twist Ponytail

Commonly when I run across lists of prom braids, they’re limited to french braids or fishtails, but don’t forget about rope braids! These puffy rope braids are unique and flattering. To create this style:

  1. Separate your hair into three sections down the back of your head.
  2. Braid each section into a rope braid, and gently pull on each section of the rope braid to loosen it.
  3. Then, bobby pin the rope braids in place in the back to keep them together.
  4. Accept the ends of the rope braids and loosely braid them together and secure the ends with an elastic.

Triple Twist Ponytail

Triple Twist Ponytail

#5: One-half-Upwards Crown Braid

Have long hair and can’t make up one’s mind if you want to wear information technology upwards or down? This one-half-upwards crown complect might be the style for you. From the front, this style looks like a braid headband, and from the back it looks like a crown complect worthy of Juliet herself. To create this style:

  1. Braid a dutch lace braid across the sides and front of your hair, and braid a regular three-strand braid with the remaining pilus.
  2. Then, tuck the end of the braid under the commencement of the complect.

This style would be lovely with a flowy gown.

Half-Up Crown Braid

Half-Upwards Crown Complect

#half-dozen: Romantic Twists

These romantic twists are a unique take on the classic curly updo. This fashion is created from stacked topsy tails pinned up into a bun, with a rope braid accent. An updo like this is a great choice if you take clothes with beautiful detailing on the back. It will allow people to admire your hairstyle, without information technology interfering with your dress way!

Romantic Twists

Romantic Twists

#seven: Whimsical Braided Updo

Want to know a hugger-mugger? This dreamy updo is merely an extremely pulled-out french braid! The trick to taking your french complect from weekday to whimsical is to showtime with lots of texture.

  1. For the base of this style, whorl your pilus and add hairspray for hold.
  2. Then, tease the top of the pilus for book.
  3. Next, create a loose dutch braid downwards the back of your pilus and secure with an elastic.
  4. Starting from the acme department of the braid, pull out the braid equally far as you can then pin it in place.
  5. Repeat this all the way down the braid then remove the elastic and pin the remaining pilus up and under the pulled-out complect.

Whimsical Braided Updo

Whimsical Braided Updo

#8: Asymmetrical Complect and Bun

Asymmetrical styles are a great pairing with asymmetrical dresses. If you have your heart on a ane-strap apparel, complement it with a side hairstyle like this dutch french complect and low bun. Place the complect on the aforementioned side as the strap and the low bun on the strapless side to add rest to your look.

Asymmetrical Braid and Bun

Asymmetrical Braid and Bun

#9: Creative Philharmonic Complect

Accept a dress that’southward stunning, but simple? Add detail with your upstyle. An piece of cake fashion to add together visual involvement to a braided fashion is to create a combo braid. This style is a combination of a rope braid, an infinity braid, and a chimera ponytail. Tip: Wrap a modest piece of pilus around each elastic you utilize and pivot it in place to add an extra layer of particular.

Creative Combo Braid

Creative Combo Complect

#10: Edgy Loftier Bun

Who says a high bun has to be preppy? If you’re looking for prom pilus with some added edge, try this braided part bun.

  1. Begin by sectioning out a half-inch department of hair along a side function line.
  2. Starting from the back of your head, braid that section into a modest dutch complect going toward your face, and go along braiding to the stop of your hair.
  3. Tuck this braid behind your ear and bobby pin it in place.
  4. Finally, create a high bun to complete the look.

Edgy High Bun

Edgy High Bun

#eleven: Elegant Braided Updo

Braids can exist the primary star of your hairstyle, or they can play a supporting office. This depression, curly bun is transformed into an elegant braided hairstyle by simply adding a few accent braids to the sides of the way. If yous’re seeking a classic way to go with a formal gown, this choice is charming.

Elegant Braided Updo

Elegant Braided Updo

#12: Twist-Top Ponytail

Dance the night away without your pilus getting in the mode (and however await fabled)! Fancify your ponytail by calculation a rope braid to the superlative of your hair. Wrap a small-scale piece of hair effectually your hair tie to finish the look. Tip: Yous can tease your ponytail to give information technology some actress book.

Twist-Top Ponytail

Twist-Top Ponytail

#13: Boho Office Braid

Sometimes less is more. This boho part braid is all y’all need to have your prom braid hairstyle up a notch, and it would look fantastic with a flowy, pastel dress.

  1. Separate out a one-half-inch section of pilus along where you lot would part your pilus to the side.
  2. Next, starting from the back of your caput, braid a small dutch braid from the back to the front and secure the end of the complect with an rubberband.
  3. Then, fan out the complect by pulling on each section of the braid. Pull the braid across your forehead and pin it behind your ear.

Boho Part Braid

Boho Part Complect

#14: Tousled to Infinity

If y’all similar prom plait hairstyles, simply you want to shy abroad from commonly used braids, try adding an infinity braid to your wait! Infinity braids are fabricated past wrapping a small piece of pilus in an infinity design around two strands of hair; in one case you get down the pattern, they aren’t difficult to learn. This style combines a topsy tail, an infinity complect, and a low bun for a tousled, fanciful look.

Updo With Infinity Braid

Updo with Infinity Braid

#fifteen: Interrupted Fishtail Braid

Combo braids for the win! Add a unique twist to a dutch fishtail braid by “interrupting” it with a modest infinity complect in the center and at the terminate of the braid. (You can hide a clear elastic hair necktie later on the first infinity braid to continue the way extra secure). This standout updo would mix well with a loftier-neck, low-back wearing apparel.

Interrupted Fishtail Braid

Interrupted Fishtail Braid

#16: Teased Braid Half-Updo

If y’all’re looking for french braid hairstyles for prom, this teased-braid half-updo with curls might but be for you lot. Here’s how to create this mode:

  1. Kickoff by curling your pilus.
  2. Then, lightly tease the top heart section of your hair from the front of your caput to the crown of your head.
  3. Take the section you teased and braid a french braid dorsum to the crown of your caput, and and so continue braiding a regular braid for five or six inches and secure with a clear elastic.
  4. Fan out the braid, starting from the lesser to give it extra book and texture.

Teased Braid Half-Updo

Teased Braid One-half-Updo

#17: Boho Waves and Infinity Braids

Desire a carefree look, simply with some extra style? Elevate some boho waves with small accent braids. I recommend an infinity braid or a triple infinity braid, if you really want to up your braid game. This breezy style would expect enchanting with a white lace dress.

Boho Waves and Infinity Braids

Boho Waves and Infinity Braids

#18: Fancy Fishtail Updo

This fancy dutch fishtail updo is one of my favorite fishtail braid hairstyles for prom, because it looks complex, only information technology’southward simple to practise! To recreate:

  1. Braid your hair into a dutch fishtail braid and secure the finish with a hair tie.
  2. Grab a modest slice of pilus from underneath the hair tie and pull it taut and hold firmly.
  3. Next, pinch the pilus tie with the other hand and and then slide the hair tie up the slice of hair you lot’re belongings until the braid is scrunched upwardly as high as information technology will go.
  4. So, take the end of the braid and pivot it into a depression bun.

Fancy Fishtail Updo

Fancy Fishtail Updo

#19: Messy Mermaid Braid

If you’re looking for loose braided prom hairstyles for long hair, this messy mermaid braid is a fantastic style to style your long locks. This style is made from two pulled-out french braids stacked together. Tip: To get the loose, messy wait on the bottom complect, first braiding a french braid, merely for each new section, just comprise hair from the outer part of your hair instead of incorporating the whole section of the hair into the braid. This allows yous to continue a french braiding technique beyond the nape of the cervix.

Messy Mermaid Braid

Messy Mermaid Braid

#20: Romantic Rosette

Whether y’all’re going to prom with your dream date or dancing the night away with your BFFs, you tin always add together some romance to your look with a braided rosette. This look is simple, sweet, and soft. To create a braided rose:

  1. Make a regular iii-strand braid.
  2. Then, pull out the sections on only one side of the braid — these are the rose “petals”.
  3. Starting from the end of the braid, roll the braid into a tight, apartment circle with the petals on the exterior of the circle. (The finish of the braid volition grade the eye of the rosette).
  4. Once yous have rolled the hair as much as you can, pin it flat to your head with several bobby pins.

Romantic Rosette

Romantic Rosette

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